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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mental Health Day well spent

Yesterday morning, the Mr was resting on the couch after breakfast and before it was time to put on his clothes.  He's got a big work project to work on today and it's been weighing on him because it shouldn't be this hard but of course it's getting to be a pain in his side.  He mentioned he thought about taking the day off but he probably shouldn't.  After knowing him for almost 22 years, I know this is code for "if you say I should take the day off, I will."  It took a gentle nudge to talk him into a mental health day since he'll likely be a twitching, hissing mess when he gets home tonight, assuming he's home tonight and not the wee hours of the morning. 

I suggested we go to the park for our workout since it was a nice day so off we went.  It was a nice day.  The sun was shining, not many clouds in the sky, leaves crunching underfoot and the smell of scat wafting in the brisk air.

I decided that we should alternate between push ups and tricep dips for every park bench we passed.  So we'd do ten push ups, then the next bench, ten dips.  It was a nice way to get in a little extra pump.

The Mr, of course had to run up the stairs.  I followed behind knowing that is never in the cards for me.  Run on Mr, run on.

We enjoyed holding hands going downhill so if my ankles decided to seize up on me I'd have him to catch me if I fell.  Ahh to feel crippled in your 30's.

We enjoyed the tippy tap of the woodpecker...

...and watching the squirrels frolic near the water and on the logs.

We took in all of the surroundings and felt thankful to be alive.

When we were done, it was time to hit the swings.  The Mr enjoyed swinging high and later jumping off the moving swing thereby satisfying his inner 10 year old.

I didn't bother hooking up the HRM so I know I burned 600ish calories based on previous burns.  This was about being together, getting in some exercise and enjoying the last whispers of fall before the snow falls.

Do you get out to your local park for a walk?  How often?

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  1. Man what a great day! I really needed that walk in the sun. I don't even mind the cool temps, they make you feel alive as far as I'm concerned. It was just great to get out and enjoy the day. Definitely worth taking some time off. I highly recommend it. It's so choice!

    1. It was a great day. I was so glad you took off so we could enjoy that time and lounge a bit later. It is definitely choice.

  2. What a beautiful walk. I walked at the local park when I can, but it's not like that park. It's your typical city park with a pond, playground and some grassy space with a 2/3 mile walking loop around it. I only wish I had a place nearby as nice as what you posted.

    Sometimes a mental health day is just needed - especially after a trying weekend. I almost took one yesterday too, but talked myself out of it because I only have to get through next Tuesday and then I have the rest of the week off for Thanksgiving. I think I can make it that far.

    I'm glad you guys took the time to enjoy the park, the weather, and each other.

    1. We are blessed that is literally in our backyard but city parks are nice diversions as well! This mental health day was definitely needed especially with today's work pressure for him. Hang in week left for you!

  3. Beautiful photos. I love getting out for walks in the crisp fall air. Best time. :)

  4. thats fun..>i need a day like that...

  5. I love walking in the park. It looks like you two had a great walk together!

  6. What a great mental health day! The pics are beautiful. My favorite is of you two holding hands. :)

  7. I wish we had a park like that around here. :/ Chris has never called in sick to work ever. Every once in a while, I'll be like, "Take a day off! Let's go out and do something!" But he won't. No fun!

  8. The local park is my favorite place to walk. There are hills and pine trees with gazebos scattered about and a gorgeous lake that is encircled by the entire path, so you have an awesome view wherever you are. I try to get there at least once a week and I really like going early in the morning with the dogs, who are in their glory, sniffing and watching for squirrels. Considering the damage that blew through here on Sunday with the tornadoes, it's a blessing to still have it (clean up not withstanding).

  9. Beautiful photos and I am a firm believer in mental health days! What a lovely couple you are!!


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