Friday, January 30, 2015

Damn! and what I'm reading this week

I am SOOO late writing this.

Damn you VRBO!  Damn you unscrupulous realty companies!  Damn you Parenthood finale!  Damn you icy roads I'm going to have to drive on today since the chiro called in sick yesterday!  Damn you face crud not clearing up to my liking!  Damn, now I have to think of something happy to write about today for my one happy year!

While I'm damning it all to hell, why don't you guys check out...

11 Things Top Trainers Wish They'd Known Before Their First Workout

11 Budget-Friendly Valentine's Day Crafts  (It'll be here before ya know it!)

12 Foods Nutritionists Say You Should Splurge On  (I think I splurge on many of these)

9 Ways Your Hair Is Aging You   (But I don't wanna change mah hair.  It was enough I stopped using Aqua Net)

41 Guilt-Free Super Bowl Snacks  (I'll be honest, I didn't know this was on this weekend)

Obama "Sings" Uptown Funk  (I love these especially when they do Brian Williams)

19 Small Changes You Can Make to Improve Your Health  (Baby steps, y'all)

Rowlf leads Muppet cover of Biz Markie's 'Just a Friend'  (Told ya, obsessed with these)

Clothing Organization Ideas: Why I’m Obsessed With Folding My Clothes Vertically  (I think I may have to do this!)

34 Times “Parenthood” Made You Sob Uncontrollably  (Farewell Braverman family!)

14 Things You Might Not Know About Puppy Bowl  (Now THIS will be on in the house!)

What are you guys up to this weekend?  Super Bowl or Puppy Bowl or Kitty Bowl?

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Egg brain, numbers and wandering criminal minds

Remember the old 'this is your brain on drugs' PSA's from the 80's?


Well, that is my brain on VRBO.  I have scoured it for the past two days day and night and I swear if I look at one more listing, my brain will slide out of my nose like a runny egg.  I used to like looking at vacation listings.  Then I was forced to book a vacation not fully planned on the fly with only 25% availability.  Try telling a control freak she can't have the rental she would've chosen had all of her options been available to her.  


You know, I don't get how I walk almost 40 miles one week and then come back, do yoga, Walk Away the Pounds, a free weight session and a Gilad (low impact) workout and feel like I've been dragged behind a truck.  I go see the chiro today so he can ward off whatever way I screwed my legs on this trip in addition to the way I screwed them from the trip before.  Ahh, the mysteries of the body.  But I can take him the coffee I picked up for him in Chicago and maybe he'll give me a few extra squeezes on the house.  

Last night we did Gilad in Jerusalem.  I'm not tracking numbers this week.  Just getting back into regular exercise and regular healthy eating before I start the numbers game back up again.  It makes me feel like I have some kind of control over things.  I know, weird.

Dinner was orange roughy over quinoa duo.

Did anyone else watch Criminal Minds last night?  So sad.  But I must say, I thought Ben Savage did a great job!  I'm also a fan of the length of Reid's hair.  I don't know why I like him better with longer hair.

Sorry, my mind wandered.

As you were.

How far in advance do you typically plan vacations?

What's your favorite long running TV show?

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Our Chicago Hotel

A few people asked where we stayed when we went to Chicago so I thought I'd give ya a little tour of our room.  We stayed at the Omni Hotel on Michigan Avenue.  We are Select Members (totally free program, sign up for it for free internet and free drinks delivered to you every morning!) so I think because of that they stuck us in one of the newly remodeled rooms.

We got a corner suite that overlooked Michigan Avenue.

Those pillows were SOOOO fluffy.  I was so tired from lack of sleep the night before that after dinner, I totally dove into a pile of pillows and we napped for three hours.

They have blackout blinds which come in handy.  They are on chains on the side windows and the ones behind the bed are push button so you feel fancy pants.

The living area had a nice work desk if you're into that sort of thing.

They had a sleeper sofa with some cool local art on the wall and new light.  I can attest while the couch is a little hard, it doubles nicely as a bed.  Someone snored...a LOT.

A nice mini bar with a 2 mug coffee maker, coffee and tea fixins, a little sink and of course your overpriced snacks just waiting for you to screw up.  Walgreens is 2 blocks away, go there.

The bathroom is nice but that ring of florescent light around the mirror was blinding and unflattering.  Not my favorite addition.  A dimmer or off switch would've been appreciated.

The tinkletorium.

Nice toiletries refilled daily.

One of those uber close up mirrors that make your pores look like potholes.  Do not look directly into it.

Two flat screen TV's for your viewing pleasure, one in the living room and one in the bedroom.

Looking down at my shopping option next door.

If you're celebrating a special occasion, make a note when you book the room.  ;-)

We do love this hotel for its convenient, central location on the Mag Mile.  The only thing I'd warn about is there are several hospitals and a police station close by which mean sirens, sometimes in the middle of the night and sleeping in isn't really on option if you're overlooking Michigan Avenue.  If you stay on the west side, you might fare better.  Also, get the parking included option if you drive in because overnight parking prices are insane.

Lots of great restaurants, attractions within walking distance, grocery stores (Trader Joe's and Whole Foods if ya need 'em) and not too far from the freeway if you want to hit the burbs.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The horrible, no good, poopie, first world problems day

Yesterday was not a good day.


I discovered early in the day that a cross country trip we were planning on driving would still likely be too snowy to book with any kind of confidence.  Given we usually book our trips 7-8 months out, something already didn't feel right by waiting until a few months prior.  When I started to research weather for the area, the outlook wasn't great.  I have a problem paying for a house our sedan may not even be able to get to.  Plus with us having waited so long, all of the good rentals are gone.  We don't want to wait until prime family vacation time and/or the heat of the summer.  The thought of a trip where I was sick the whole time being my only vacation for the year isn't sitting well.  This is the point in time when I'm planning the itinerary of what we're going to visit and where we're going to eat, not saying "where do you want to go?"  "I don't know, where do you want to go?"

I know... first world problems.  But we've gone somewhere every year for our anniversary and the thought of just hanging out here makes me want to scream.  (I say this as the neighbor dogs are barking like a steak is dangling in front of their window.  So yeah, my mini vacation mellow has already been harshed)

Then the fact I've bypassed my record for dealing with a viral crud (5 weeks) was eating at me even though I'm on day 6 of slightly improved well being.  I started hearing horror stories and immediately freaked out in a puddle of tears.  I told myself if I'm not better by Valentines Day, then I'll go to an ENT but right now I can't afford to go to an out of network doctor and I don't care to hunt around for an in network ENT who will stick a camera up my nose hole and say 'wait it out.  That'll be $500'  Or worse, say there's an obstruction, suggest surgery that rarely helps long term.  Yeah, you could say I'm in the desperation stage where weird chit is going to start going through my head.

I will not go on the internet...I will not go on the internet.

Oh, then my only escape in the form of the boob tube is turning into a farce.  AHS and its crap ass ending.  (Yes, I know, "turn the channel" said half of you reading that but I'm from an era where when you invest in something you see it through to the end.)  That show has burned me twice now so I'm not investing in next season even if by a miracle Jessica Lange does return.  I'm trying to hang in there with Sleepy Hollow and I know that they announced some changes for the last few episodes to make it less 'monster of the week'...I hope they get on that because it's starting to lose me and you guys know how I love that show.  Definitely won't be owning season two and hoping for a season three renewal so they can kill off the world's worst witch.  (Did her putting Ichabod in the ground suck all of her powers?)  Then Resurrection lost the Mr early in the season but I stuck with it even though it's not holding my interest as much.  I hate how they've sucked the life outta my lil nugget Jacob this season.  Sigh.

I know, I'm quite the ray of sunshine today.   There's another thing that's weighing on me but I might just blog about it tomorrow because I'm boring myself so I know it's probably more than bored y'all.

Needless to say, it was REALLY hard coming up with something that made me happy yesterday for my 'One Happy Year' entry.  It's one of those "woke up" and that's about all I could find good about yesterday.  I did manage to write that I was grateful I found out that info about the high potential for inclement weather before we booked anything and not once it was too late.

Fingers crossed for a better day today and some kind of miracle with the Furby taking up residence in the middle of my face.

On the upside, we eased back into a strength workout last night.  Dinner was spicy orange BBQ pork chop and garlic potatoes.

Your turn!  What bummed you out, ticked you off, made you cry recently? 

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Our week in the Chi

Happy Monday all!

Last week the Mr and I finally made our escape to Chicago.  We had plans to go January 4th to unwind from the holidays but my creepin' crud infested body had other plans.  Honestly, it wouldn't have been a good week to go anyway because it was like zero to 10 degrees for the high that week with 20-30 mph winds.  We would've been miserable and trapped in the hotel.  The next week was slightly better weather wise but health wise, I was not.  It kept getting pushed back and the Mr would have to change his vacation either on Friday or show up on Monday when he was not supposed to be there to say "nope, push it back another week."  I could tell he was getting frustrated and we had a small window of time left so I gave the go ahead even though I still wasn't well.

Despite having no taste for the first 3 days and minimal smell and taste for the remaining time, it was still a great trip.  The first full day we walked 12 miles from Streeterville almost to Lakeview (north Lincoln Park.)  We logged over 37 miles over that time and that included one day where we basically drove all day because my feet were so blistered from the 12 mile trek the day before I couldn't walk.  We even ended up adding an extra day because we just couldn't bear to leave and I felt decent so we logged some more miles shopping and going to Navy Pier even though it's basically closed on the pier portion.  But the ferris wheel wasn't and that's all we cared about.  I am not a fan of them but I agreed to go on it because I got a souvenir penny of Navy Pier with the wheel on it and it seemed kind of lame to have a penny of something you didn't even do.  I rode it on principle.

I was thrilled to walk the streets of Michigan Avenue all lit up.  In case you ever want to go and make sure you see some holiday lights but can't go during the holidays, they keep them up until the end of February!  I would stare at them dreamily from our hotel too.  The last night we actually sat on the floor of our dark room and stared at the John Hancock building and all of the surrounding buildings to see if we could see people living their fabulous lives overlooking the Mag Mile.  Then we hung over the headboard attached to the window and people watched.  It was the perfect time of year to go.  Cold enough to keep most people off the streets so we weren't having to dodge in and out of throngs of masses.  The hotel prices were better too.  We got to visit with friends and make new ones.

Wanna take a peek?

After walking the shoreline, a peek back at the city from the North Ave Beach parking lot at Lincoln Park

Making friends at Lincoln Park while we take a rest

Holy balls, what a walk!

Trust me, you don't want to see what's under those bandages after walking that long.  Icing the knee too.

Next day was driving the northern burbs to visit the McAlister house.  The new owners put a fence around it.

Paying our respects to John Hughes

After seeing The Wedding Ringer at the Woodstock Theater, we came out to the town square all lit up.  One year, we will come here for the Groundhog Days celebration and see the groundhog Phil.

The next day I was ready to re-blister my feet.  The Mr contemplates jumping before another 10 miler that day.

Not many people around the Bean this chilly morning.  Yay!

On our extra day, we took the liberty of being the only people on the ferris wheel at Navy Pier.  (Not a fan of these things but checked off the mini bucket list)

Our final night spent overlooking the lights of Michigan Avenue

I can't wait to go back.

Catch me up, what did you do this weekend?

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Jailbreak complete and what I'm reading this week

Sorry I've been a little less chatty this week on responses.  I took my declaration of a jail break seriously last Friday and got the hell outta Dodge to keep some spark of sanity.  The neighbors saw fit to let their a-hole demon dogs out every 20 minutes to bark for 10 minutes at a time and then the other neighbors dog would bark for 6 hours at the first time the other dogs barked.  These mongrels are turning me into a dog hater.  No actually a bad owner hater.  I want to not nice things.  Between that and another visit from the Christmas vandal who this time was messing with the snow on our lawn, I'm ready to pick up and move.

But enough of my trip to Twitchville, let's get to...

The Type-A Guide to Taking a Spontaneous Vacation  (Gave it a go this week.  I must say I prefer a bit of structure even if a rough outline)

Why Apple Cider Vinegar Needs to Be a Mainstay in Your Life  (I've been drinking it 3x day to help my body recover from those heinous antibiotics)

31 Genius Uses for Essential Oils  (I've been using these so much more over the past few months!  Love 'em!)

The Crazy Thing We Didn't Know About Burning Fat (Until Now)  (Well, I did share a similar story a few Fridays ago but in case anyone missed it.  ;-)  )

Why Did Old Phone Numbers Start With Letters?  (I wondered this when the Mr and I were binge watching The Wonder Years a few weeks ago)

Answers for 15 of Your Biggest Questions of 2015  (I don't know if they're the biggest but you know, adequate for fillers sake)

Find Substitute Ingredients  (For those times when you're halfway through a recipe and out of a major ingredient)

Why You Can’t Rely on Calorie Counts (and What to Do Instead)  (Of course we can't rely on it.  We're all basically screwed.  LOL)

See How Much the "Perfect" Female Body Has Changed in 100 Years   (I'm waiting for the roll oriented body to come back in style like Renoir's "After Bathing" portrait)

Dover Police DashCam Confessional (Shake it Off)   (Best.  Video.  Ever. in its entirety)

Whatcha got planned this weekend?

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Current Crushes

It's time to find out what I'm currently crushin' on y'all!  Some of them were Christmas gifts and others are beauty products I've recently tried.

So let's get to it!

Caldrea Rosewater Driftwood Hand Lotion

I picked some of this up at a specialty shop but it sells for the same price on Amazon.  It smells so good!  It's a very light scent and it's only got a hint of rose but has a nice, clean scent.  I could roll in a tub full of it.

The Wonder Years Complete Series

I bought this as a surprise gift for the Mr and I.  We've been waiting for this series to come out on DVD forever with all of the original music.  We binge watched the entire series from Christmas night through New Years Day.  Time Life Star Vista really did a great job packaging the series.  TONS of extras on the discs that any WY's fan would love as well as a reunion of all of the stars, a yearbook and they secured the rights to 96% of the music on this version.  (If you're watching on streaming services, you're not watching with the original score and that music was another character on the show, for sure)  Search for a coupon code, I found one online at the time of purchase for $20 off.

Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Booster

I saw Julie was recommending her favorite hair products one day and since she has like the best hair ever, I was curious to see what she used.  I went to Ulta looking for the brand of shampoo she recommended and saw this Strictly Curls Curl Booster and thought I'd give it a shot.  I love it!  It gives some great volume to my less than voluminous hair and defines my curls.  Couldn't ask for more for my naturally curly locks.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

I also saw this on Julie's list and gave it a try.  I don't know that I've been using it long enough to notice much difference in length but the shine I get now is amazing.  I love the smell of it too and how soft my hair is after I leave it on for 5 minutes.  I'm going to keep using it and review it more thoroughly later.

What are some of your current crushes?

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