Friday, July 22, 2016

What I'm Reading This Week #29

Good Friday mornin' all!

I had my massage yesterday.  Holy ball sack!  She didn't even do deep tissue apparently.  I have never been so sore in my life!  I've got two more sessions with her and she said between that and the chiro, it should be good to go within 2 weeks.  I'll hold my applause until after next week.  I am officially scared though I do like her so I guess there's that.

But enough of my sore spots, let's get to...

I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Losing a Lot of Weight  (Very interesting perspective)

8 Habits of Highly Fit People  (All good tips!)

8 Foods That Repair A Day of Unhealthy Eating  (Love most of these!)

Surprise Diet Sabotage?: A Closer Look at Almond Milk  (Rut roh!)

4 Exercises to Rev Your Metabolism As You Get Older  (Sigh, makes me sad I'm reading this crap)

12 Ways to Make Water Taste (Much) Better  (I like anything that makes water more palatable!)

Why Your Random Eating Schedule Could Be Risky for Your Health  (Hmmm)

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Be Discouraged by the Biggest Loser Study  (All excellent points)

"Fit" Women Are More At Risk for This Type of Heart Attack  (Good to know)

The Best Places to See Fall Foliage in New Hampshire   (Yes, I'm ready!)

Paget Brewster To Return As Emily Prentiss On Criminal Minds  (I'll take what I can get!)

The Last VCRs Ever Will Be Made This Month  :-(

30 Sweet and Savory Pumpkin Recipes to Get You Pumped for Fall  (Again...READY.)

It's supposed to be disgustingly hot this weekend.  I was really hoping to go for a paddle tomorrow but I don't think that's going to happen.  We've got plans the following weekend so who knows when that'll happen now.  Pfft.

What are you guys up to this weekend?

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

And just like that...

You're back on the injured list.

I was pulled from doing any kind of leg day shenanigans for the foreseeable future.  The chiro said my Achilles tendon is sending me warning shots and if I don't back off, I'm going to rupture it and that's not part of my to do list.  He told me how he treats some people who have done American Ninja Warrior and the one that blows the most Achilles is the warped wall.  You have that hyper-extension of the Achilles on the curve and BOOM!  He didn't say I couldn't do regular cardio but I'm going to be super choosy since he said any repetitive motion leg moves would not be in my best interest right now so probably Walk Away the Pounds and more strength than I can shake a stick at for at least the next week.  When I first went in, he asked how I was doing since the last visit and I said

"you ever seen Dream Warriors?  Nightmare on Elm Street?"
Thinks for a moment and smiles and says "yeah."
"You know that marionette scene?" I reply.  (DO NOT watch that link if you're squeamish!)
"Oh...yeah.  Well we don't want you living in a nightmare!"

He cleared me for today's deep tissue massage with their lady who specializes in it and giggled when I said the other lady didn't dig hard enough for my liking.  "Oh well you won't have that problem with Tonya" he smiled.  Just 10 minutes prior, a guy in the lobby said massages with her were "torture."  Yay?  But I want this feeling of everything lifting upward to go away and I think my IT bands need released in a major way and he doesn't do that kind of thing.  He said she's going to love digging into all of the knots I have.  The Mr shook his head and said I have a high tolerance for pain because sometimes he does it and I cry but tell him to keep going.  I can see past the current pain to the impending relief.  The chiro said this could give a nice push toward healing too and I'm all over that shizz!

We did an upper body Fitness Blender strength session and while I couldn't do duck walk PT, I could do my forward leans so I did what I could handle.  No balance board for me until the tendon stops pulling.  I shot backward twice the other night and it was like being shot with a BB gun in the back of the leg.  Aces.  Dinner was mahi tacos and Brussels before icing the offending foot and getting to work on some other stuff.

Patience isn't my strong suit but I know I have to be super careful and do everything he says.  When a doctor calls one of your legs a mess, you know you'd better follow orders to get it right again.  I scheduled my next appointment for Monday and I want to try to sneak in another that Friday.

Well, I suppose I should go mentally prepare for this deep tissue thing.  I'm hoping for some serious relief but I'm also thinking I'll be sore until, oh...Monday!

Have you had a deep tissue massage?  Any fun injuries to share?

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Heal already and still miss him

Good Wednesday to ya's!

When you type out the word Wednesday, do you say Wed-Nes-Day in your head so that you type it out the way it's spelled?  Just me?

Movin' on.

My legs were quite angry with me for the previous night's workout.  I told them go eff themselves in the form of my Stick roller.  I've got my chiro appointment today at 4:15pm and made one for the Mr right after me.  He needs a hit of the laser for his shoulder and heinous plantar fasciitis.  Of course he also needs to do more than randomly roll it over a squishy spiky ball on occasion but I ain't his mama.  I gots mah own foot issues to take care of.  Tomorrow I have an appointment with a different lady at the chiro for a deep tissue massage.  The one that's there most often is kind of wussy on the pressure and doesn't always spend time on the places you tell her to.  Sorry, I wasted money on two sessions with you, not going to do it again.  The other girl specializes in deep tissue massage and sports injuries so I'm hoping she will release the krackens lurking in my legs.

I got on a Christmas craft yesterday and got it mostly shot so now I just need to edit, write it up and do one more this week.  I am trying to do two December posts per week so that in two months I will have it covered.  It does start to seem weird doing Christmas crafts when temps are tippin' towards triple digits and you don't go outside for fear you'll spontaneously combust.  Dreaming of snow keeps me cool...and lots of A/C.

We did Turbo Fire 45 and my heels were not happy with me in the least when I was done.  I tried to do my balance board but any time my heels dipped low in the back, stretching the Achilles tendon, it felt like it was going to snap on the left side.  I know I've only had one treatment but when you're waiting for everything to heal up and still trying to get on with life/exercise, patience is not my strong suit.  We had BBQ chicken black bean quesadilla and Brussels for dinner and we needed to go to Trader Joe's but it hurt for me to even bend down halfway to unload the dishwasher.  The Mr was kind enough to load the dishes and go to TJ's for me to get my yogurt for the week that we forgot over the weekend.  My hero!

We settled in for the night and watched The Crow.  My god, what an amazing movie.  I always get so sad thinking of the immense talent that was Brandon Lee being lost in that film.  So much of his personality is in that character in the sweet, tender moments.  I can't watch it often because I get too emotional just like the day I saw it opening weekend but when I do, it always makes me miss a man I never even met.

Do you have any demon kracken you need released?  What movie still moves you as much as the first time you saw it?

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I've got mail

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

Yesterday was a pretty good day.  I planned on doing a holiday photo shoot but we awoke to storms all morning and then overcast skies so the light wasn't going to cooperate.  So I did what any woman obsessed with a band just over a decade her junior would do and blasted The 1975 most of the day.  I was happy to find Amazon streams the deluxe version of the first album which includes the original EP's. 

After work, the Mr dropped off a return for me and then took both cars up the street to get the oil changed.  (Reminder for those of you putting it off!  ;-)  )  So that's another thing off the check list.  

He also dropped off the mail that arrived for me.  I got not one but two cards from friends for no reason at all!  That really gave me the warm squishies inside.  It's funny but seeing the handwriting from the one from the guy instantly brought back good memories because it reminded me of postcards he used to send me when I was away for the summer or silly letters when I was in high school.  Cards are rare from him these days so I definitely make sure I keep them!  The funny thing is I sent out a card for no reason to the girl I got one from yesterday!  Great minds think alike!

It was time to get down to business.  We did a Fitness Blender barre workout and I was very careful when I was doing it because it's very leg centric.  I also got some pulsating demon knot that acted up right before we started so I rolled it and hoped for the best.  Hopefully I'm not paying for it today...the Mr was a few hours afterward.  We had dinner...

Mahi with orange zest, spinach carrot polenta and grilled zucchini.

Then we watched The Sweetest Thing (Unrated Edition of course!) because I was in the mood to laugh.  That one always does it for me for some reason.  I guess I just like to see ladies being the crude ones and I know every word to the Penis Song...which I sang.

I iced mah foot and mounted some Christmas pictures I printed out since I got my pack of 10 mats in the mail.  I told you...I'm getting a jump on it and yes, I'm listening to Christmas music.  Hee hee   We rounded off the evening with Christmas bowl of smoking bishop...err, coconut mac nut tea.

When was the last time you sent or received a card for the heck of it?

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Mac Fail, Party Triumph

Happy Monday all!

I hope you had a good weekend.  Well, our road trip to paddle didn't happen because my legs have gone screwy on me.  I jokingly told the Mr that the influx of TTS emails/messages I've been getting lately feel like God trying to smack me around.  Unfortunately, that smack came too late and last Thursday I had nerve issues which I haven't had since I had TTS as well as a horrible tugging pain on the back of my heel where a spur is.  I got in the next day to the chiro and came in with my list of things I felt contributed to this condition.  He said everything I mentioned along with being crammed in coach on the way home for basically an entire workday were the perfect storm to really do some serious damage to my legs.  He dug into my legs front and back and lasered me front and back.  All I want is for that nerve pain to go away (which it has dissipated thankfully) and that horrible pain in my heel to take a hike.  So the Mr was adamant we recover this weekend over paddling and putting more pressure on either of our aching feet.  Womp womp.

One of the things on our culinary bucket list was to try those cringeworthy Mac and Cheetos.

It looked nothing like the ads (nothing ever does) and we both took a single bite and threw them out.  That was about what we thought we'd do but yeah...not on our list of favorites.  Sorry BK.

We stopped by Hobby Lobby and I was not sad to see this....

Unfortunately no sales where that stuff was concerned but I'll bide my time.

We also saw these...

What exactly makes these "80's Glam?"  No one knows which is why they're half price.

Sunday we went to a birthday party and my adult coloring book went over well.  People saved the last 10-15 minutes to share drama...tappin' out.  I don't know what kind of reaction people think I'm going to give to things I've told them I seriously don't care about but they saw that I mean it...don't care.  Other people's issues are other people's...I have no interest and I'm glad I no longer get baited into those conversations.  Hurray for indifference!!  On a sad note, a family member who had been doing so well with weight loss for so long has gained most of the weight back.  It makes me so sad because they really worked hard and they lost the weight at a time when they had to be strong food wise because there weren't good choices in the house then.  We skipped dessert because frankly, it didn't look good so I didn't feel remotely tempted.  I just said a little prayer they get themselves in order because they've proven they can.

Thankfully we got our Tae Bo workout in in the morning before brunch and our party visit so when we got home, we didn't have anything to do.  I sat down and planned meals for the week after getting back from the grocery store while the Mr read a book.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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Friday, July 15, 2016

What I'm Reading This Week #28

I am so ready for the weekend.  Don't know why but, you know...weekend.

Let's jump right into...

10 Myths About Grains -- Totally Busted  (Like, totally)

4 Simple Ways to Prevent a Side Stitch  (That's what that's called?  I always called it "pulling a fat roll!")

Does the Sound of Chewing Piss You Off? Here's Why  ( I wouldn't say it pisses me off more than makes me ragey when my hearing goes supersonic the week before Aunt Flo.  I swear I can hear a flea fart that week.)

9 Things You Need To Know About Varicose And Spider Veins  (Cannot wait to get those bastards lasered.  Thanks a lot paternal genetics and morbid obesity!)

Estrogen Patch in Newly Postmenopausal Women May Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk  (Attention to those five to 36 months into menopause!!  Might be something to call your gynie about!)

8 Surprising Things Giving You a Headache  (Well, I'll be a monkey's aunt!)

10 Dusting Hacks That Will Make Your Home Sparkle  (I'm SO doing that blind/tong thing!)

13 Healthy Snacks to Pack for Your Next Road Trip  (Um, where is candy corn??  I mean hello...corn!)

This is How Many Calories You Actually Burn at Your Standing Desk  (This just reminded me I have a standing the a box...covered in dust.  9 calorie an hour fail)

You Asked, We Answered: Why The Olde Pink House is Pink  (That's too funny.  Now I want their seared scallops and biscuits)

Six Truly Iconic American Road Trips  (Cool to know we've done half of them!)

For the Record (PREACH IT GIRL!)

Leslie Jones Turns Heads in Red Gown at Ghostbusters Premiere After Designer Ordeal   (I seriously cried when I saw her.  She looks BEAUTIFUL and of all of the stars, she was by far the best dressed.  Go Leslie!)

19 Pictures That Will Make You Say ‘Me As A Wife’  (13 and 15)

I don't know that we have concrete plans yet for the weekend.  Aunt Flo is here and there's probably going to be chocolate involved.  I thought about a paddling road trip before the heat of the day sets in. But I somehow always end up with a wet butt when I paddle and since cotton rockets are not something I ride, a saggy raft in drawers doesn't sound too appealing either.  But I kind of still want to do it.  I believe that just went into the TMI category.  Eh...nothing you long timers probably haven't read before.  To newcomers...welcome to my brain.

What are y'all into this weekend?

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Grilled Honey Chipotle Zucchini

Just a quickie recipe for you guys today.  When we were in the country last weekend, we stopped by this farmers market that had massive zucchinis.  I'm talking these things would give Tommy Lee goals if you know what I'm sayin'.  They were 3 for $1 and I am now swimming in salami sized zukes I must use soon.  I got a start on that task last night...

I grabbed some of my Big Island Bees Chipotle Pepper Honey but Beekman 1802 also sells a similar flavor with a bit more punch depending on your spice level.  Look how that zuke takes up 3/4 of the cutting board!

I sliced off the ends and cut it lengthwise.

Then I cut those halves in slices.

I was prepping for later so I bagged 'em but you could just skip this step if you're getting right to business.

I gave a nice squirt of canola oil to the skillet.  (I use Target's canola oil that doesn't have propellants in it.  So far, so good)

I put it on medium high and added the zucchini and some fresh black pepper.

I like 'em to get that nice little crust on either side.

Now you could totally stop here and be done if you wanted to.

I didn't wanna.  So I added about 1 tablespoon of the chipotle honey.

I gave it a nice toss and it was ready to serve.

We had it with turkey tacos and I added the pinchiest pinch of salt at the end since salt draws out water.

Basically any calories comes from the honey so this side dish clocks in at about 35 calories!

Do you grow zucchini?  How do you like to prepare yours?

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