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Friday, October 18, 2019

What I'm Reading This Week #42

Happy happy Friday all!  It's been a busy week in our parts and we need a BREAK.  I had to completely pull myself off of cardio this week because my legs couldn't take anything, even majorly modified stuff so all upper body strength stuff for me.  😢  I had to cut my calories by about 300 to compensate for the lesser calorie burn which left me hangry.  My friend's mom died last night so it's been an emotional roller coaster the past few days.  We shared lots of stories, laughs, and tears.  I'm so thankful I got to see her one last time a few weeks ago.  RIP mama...and enjoy those meatballs up there!

We wanted to thank you guys for your comments and messages about the basement reno/refresh.  It took up way more summer than we planned but as usual, the end result was worth the struggles.  We learned a lot, we've got a relaxing and functional space all around and a basement that isn't shame worthy.  Gotta love that right?!

Now let's get to...

9 Magnesium Benefits That Could Save Your Life (Most of us are deficient!)

This One Phrase Helps Turn A Fight Into A Problem To Solve  (Depending on how bad it was though I could see it pushing me over from brooding to throat punch.)

Which Is the Right Oil for Baking, Frying and More?  (Good info to know)

The Best Way to Combine Strength and Cardio Into One Workout  (I can vouch, it'll kick your butt!)

20 Places to Visit On Your Next Route 100 Road Trip  (Visit ALL the places!)

30 Romantic Fall Date Ideas That Go Beyond the Pumpkin Patch  (How fun!)

How to Survive Encounters with Dangerous Animals  (GOOD info to know if you're planning any hikes this Fall!)

3 Ways Your Weight and Your Poop Are Connected  (#3 was quite surprising.  I don't have that problem though so no excuse.)

These Clever Hotel Hacks Will Upgrade Any Place You Stay  (That hanger thing...friggin genius.  Oh and I'm with Lindsay all the way.)

The Couple Who Bought the 'American Horror Story' Murder House Are, Wait For It, Living a Horror Story of Their Own  (Feel bad for these people!)

We're tipping past mid-October and that means you've got limited time to get your Fall on before you start getting pelted with holiday commercials and the beginning of the rush.  So here's hoping you've got some awesome, fun stuff planned for the weekend!

Spill it!  You're doing something great, aren't you?

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Basement Refresh Reveal Part 2

Yesterday we showed you what our workout space looks like now.  Quite a change from what we've been used to all of these years and it's so nice to have the dungeon feel gone.  But that was only one side of the basement, then we were left with the laundry side and basically vast piles of crap that had no home.

(This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.  If you buy through them, I may receive a small commission toward blog expenses.)

We didn't take before pics because this was part of that whole "scope creep" we talked about a few weeks ago.  This is what it looks like at its worst.

That was in the middle of some cleaning from shelves but the only difference is we usually had a walkway on the right to get to the washer and dryer in the back left corner and a huge 2'x2' DVD cabinet that was taking up way more space than we wanted it to just to the left of where the fan is in that pic.  It was a constant source of stress and wasted space, not serving us for 23 years.  That area always seemed to be a catch-all for everything, and enough was enough.

I tend to take over the dining room table for art/smaller DIY projects, and after a month of eating on what available table space there is, it can get frustrating for both of us.  I stumbled upon this IKEA hack for a craft table and got a wonderful, awful idea.

We could put down some peel and stick tile on that side, get a new, flatter DVD cabinet and have room for this craft table that we could use for my projects, if he got a model car or we wanted the space to finally put together that 1000 piece puzzle we bought in Stowe that took up all of the previous Christmas.  The Mr was on board, and so our new functional side of the basement was born.

Quite a few things happened.  Our full-sized ironing board used to be in front of the curtained shelves, and it was always a pain in the butt to walk around.  Not only that, but the second half of it was often a catch-all for random towels and odds and ends that neither of us put away.  So I decided if we only used the equivalent of a mini ironing board anyway, we could get one and put it on top of an IKEA Kallax and free up that space and get more storage in the process.  Score!  But more on that in a minute.  The curtains cover the visual clutter of the shelves.

You can see when they're open that it's a lot more busy to the eyes and we still have full access to everything.  It's nice to have an organized out of sight, out of mind thing while it's in my peripheral whilst working out.

Here's how that craft table turned out.

Unfortunately, I ordered the seat cushions before picking the tile pattern, but whatcha gonna do?  The Mr and I both have a saddle stool I ordered from Kohls that are plus size approved.  (Up to 300 lbs.)  They slide nicely under there, so they take up zero space.

Here's the space underneath.

Actually, here's a better view before the floor was finished...

(My new sewing machine will go in that bottom space.)

I got a Kallax drawer insert for the one spot it would fit and mocha water hyacinth baskets for other spots with a few spots open for random stuff.  The stuff I had barely takes up 1/4 of it so Hobby Lobby here I come!

We had a 23-year-old wire laundry center that was a wobbly mess.

Here's the laundry center the Mr built for me.  It's kind of a horrible pic, but you get the idea.

This one will hold a lot more and looks WAY better.

Here is that ironing center and a look at the pattern on the floor tiles.

It amazes me in 2019 that we don't have better peel and stick options.  The pattern looks more intense in pictures than it does in person though, I don't know why that is.  I'll be doing a separate post with tips if you're considering doing some on a poured concrete floor.

We've got a surge strip to plug in the iron and the task light that I installed over the craft table, but the arrangement works perfectly for our needs.   We even found a collapsible laundry basket at Home Depot that fits perfectly beside it!

The storage unit has four Kallax door inserts.  I replaced the knobs on them to bigger copper pulls from Target because the ones that came with them were teeny tiny.  I've got all of our laundry detergents, water refill bottles for the iron, vacuum soap for the steam cleaner and stuff that was basically strewn about all tucked away in here.

I'm thrilled with the space even if the tile pattern wouldn't be my first choice and can't wait to put the area to good use!  I've gotta get cracking on that sewing machine to teach myself how to sew since I have the space for one now.  I see lots of doggie collar covers for practice in my future!

I can't believe it's done!  I still have to pinch myself sometimes and my heart no longer races when Home Depot commercials come on.  I'm sure that'll change in 6 months.

The Mr cowers in fear.

Wanna shop our reno?  
Below are links to items used.  (Some are affiliate links and some aren't.)

IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit (for craft table)
IKEA Kallax Insert with Drawers  (for craft table)
IKEA Linnmon Table Top (for craft table)
IKEA Olov Adjustable Table Legs  (for craft table)
Mocha Water Hyacinth Baskets
White Counter Saddle Stools
Saddle Stool Covers (hopefully I can learn to make my own and change 'em out!)

IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit (for laundry storage)
IKEA Kallax Insert with Door (for laundry storage)
Target Copper Cabinet Knobs (for laundry storage)
Furniture Legs (for laundry storage)
Collapsible Laundry Basket

Mini Ironing Board with extra pad per reviews
Floor Pops Medina White and Grey Tiles
DVD Rack (holds up to 450)
Blackout Curtain Rods
Semi Sheer Tab Top Curtain (Ecru)
Pole Wrap

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Basement Refresh Reveal Part 1

It's finally here y'all!  The moment neither you nor we thought would come.  Let me take a moment to remind you of the embarrassing frat house workout area we had before.

Nothing had a place of its own.  Use the roller and chuck it off to the perimeter.  Stack the weights on the weight bench because they're easier to grab than using the weight rack that pinches your fingers.  Keep that equipment we paid so much for because what if we want to use it one day even though we might've used it once or twice the previous year.  Put crap off to the side and we'll deal with it later which equaled never.

This was our view on an almost daily basis as we watched TV to do our workouts.

That stud wall has been our view consistently for 10 years.  (Well, 23 but 10 of it being in the basement every day.)  We had our TV, the old DDR pads that I would use as mirrors to check my form on deadlifts and such, a crap MDF DVD unit, some pics of us doing Tae Bo with Billy Blanks back in the day and who wouldn't be motivated by former Hawaii football mascot Vili the Warrior screaming in your face?  You can also see how the string lights drooped down in your face randomly.  It wasn't pretty but it got the job done.  Certainly, nothing we'd want to show off.

Lest you think the other wall looked better...

(This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.  If you buy through them, I may get a few cents commission toward keeping the blog up and running.)

The old weight bag chains are where the Mr used to hang his sweat towel and the water rower became a nice place to lean our steps against.  We only used the scale on that wall to emotionally pound us into the ground on a weekly basis.

Here's what it looks like now.

We got a new weight rack that doesn't pinch our fingers when we pick up our weights and I got a set of battle ropes that are tucked behind it on the bottom.  I got a long mat to put down over the flooring when we do them so we don't ruin the floor faster than we already will.  The old media rack on the back of the door is going to have to stay there.  The door is open 99.9% of the time anyway so we'll never see it.

For a side by side...

Here's a look at some of the art details.

I wanted some kind of zen like art on the walls but nothing that actually had to be hung up so I chose to go the stencil route.  I painted the lotus flowers Diva Glam from Home Depot and outlined it with a copper paint pen for some depth and shine.

Then I did a tree of life.

I used Worn Penny paint from Hobby Lobby but it's a few years old so I don't know if they still sell it or not.  I love the way it turned out and it spruces up the space a little bit without being overpowering.  If we ever get tired of it, we can just paint over it.

Now the part we look at all the time...

Looks a little different from the stud wall and Vili the Warrior, eh?  The only thing missing from the pic is the scale which is now on the right but pfft to it.  We took the Brimnes collection from IKEA and hacked it a bit with new handles to replace the cheap ones they give you and I stained luan for the backer on the tall cabinet for some contrast.

On the top, we have all of our most used fitness DVD's and then some fun accents to calm the space a bit with some faux plants and some copper accent pieces to match the handles.  The drawers store a box with odds and ends in it like deodorant, shoe powder, lip balm, etc as well as our Jungle Gym suspension equipment.  The bottom drawer holds our two peanut rollers so they're not just getting chucked around.

I was pretty surprised there aren't many Brimnes hacks out there.  It seems everyone is obsessed with the Kallax and Billy pieces.  Then we pretty much just replaced the handles on the console piece.

I had those bamboo boxes left from the top of our fridge but they just held a bunch of crap we never used.  This way I could still use the backer board they gave but it kind of matches the stained luan on the other piece.  Now they hold tennis balls, The Stick, and extra gear that we need while the drawers now hold our workout clothes.  The basket on top is from IKEA and holds all of our resistance bands and sliders for 21 Day Fix workouts.  I did make my own clipboard too.  When I wasn't looking for a clipboard, I found all kinds that were cute but I had no use for them.  When I wanted one, of course, all of those cute clipboards disappeared.  So I got a plain brown clipboard and found some cute copper scrapbooking paper and made my own dammit!

I use it to hang workouts I print from here and/or measurement charts and workout calendars.  I love it.

Of course, we had to finish it off with new sweat towels too...

It's nice to have a place to put all of our stuff that was just strewn about the basement before.  It's taking some adjustment for me to get used to not having the TV right in front of me since it's about two feet over but other than that, I really love it.  The TV looks so small but it's a 28" and gets the job done.

It's calming to look at and a far cry from what we've been looking at.

The bonus feature I got from building the wall is a new place to put my wrapping paper!  Some of you might remember my tutorial for the Wrapping Paper Wrangler which worked really well.  I had it screwed into the studs on top of the wall but I wanted the wall clear now and the Mr said some might fit in between the studs.  Sure enough...

Every single roll just fit from three different wrapping paper holders!  SCORE!!!

Finally the other wall...

I know, totally blank and we want it that way.  We do wall push-ups here for Shaun T stuff and I'll finally have the ability to do wall sits if I want to.  We'll have space to hang the Jungle Gym suspension stuff if we want to do circuits like we used to as well as space to stretch out to do the battle ropes.  We've got new string lights with a vintage look to them that are properly strung and up into the rafters so we'll never hit them with weights again.

The final side by side.

It feels like an actual gym space now and it's so nice to have the foam floors on the whole thing so that we're not trying to stay in a 4x6' space.  It's so relaxing but is still a great place to kick butt.  The room we have is unreal and we don't overlap into each other's space anymore.  We do have a few of the tiles that were cut for one reason or another and use those to put our weights on so we don't put indents into the floor.  We've dealt with these tiles enough to know they won't last forever and I presume the ones with the wood grain on top will be even shorter so I got extra to replace them as they wear in our regular spots.

But wait...there's more!  Come back tomorrow to see how the other side fared!

Wanna shop our reno?  
Below are links to items used.  (Some are affiliate links and some aren't.)

IKEA Brimnes Combo
Copper Drawer Pulls
Wood Wall Planks
Tree of Life Stencil
Lotus Flower Stencil
Bamboo 5/8" Floor Foam Tiles
Marcy 3 Tiered Dumbbell Rack
30 ft. Pro Battle Ropes with protective cover
IKEA Fejka Succulents
IKEA White Orchid
Cloudnola Copper Alarm Clock
Rosegold Tissue Box
IKEA Fladis Basket
You and Me Metal Infinity Sign

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Basement Refresh Step by Step

I can't believe it but I can finally say it...the basement is actually done!!!

It took half the summer but it was worth it.  Obviously, if we'd worked at it night and day, we could've gotten it done much sooner but you know, life was happening as well so, I'm good with how long it took.  This was the catch-all space and at times, there was barely enough room for us to workout except on our little 4x6' space we each had on our mats.  The walls were gray cement brick, we had a stud wall the builder put up on the side of the under the stairs portion of the basement.  When we started working out as part of our lifestyle almost 10 years ago, we didn't think we needed more than a spot big enough to do Tae Bo and a shelf screwed into the studs to put a small TV and DVR player.  It was all we needed but it wasn't necessarily a zen den.  It felt more like a dungeon but you know, trainers pay to make their space look like a torture chamber.  I felt like we deserved a nice space to reward ourselves for 10 years dedication on the lifestyle front.  When I mentioned this to Mr., I'm sure he had no clue what he was signing up for.  There was a lot more to tackle than we realized.  I have to say, the before pictures are something out of a nightmare looking back.

(This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.  Should you buy through them, I may receive a nominal commission for blog expenses.)

Brace yourself, it looked like a frat house.

Wouldn't you love working out in that space?  The lighting was horrible because, in a desperate attempt for it to look less cave-like on the light front, I strung some C9's up that we had from Christmas.  They hung down and I randomly masking taped them to the joists and we'd crack them with our weights from time to time.  String lights are the best option in the space but you know, actually taking the time to string them out of the way would've been a nice touch.  One of the first things we did was get rid of the Total Trainers, Water Rower, weight bench and A-frame weight rack.  They either weren't getting used, were now off-limits to the Mr or were going to get replaced so off they went to Goodwill.

One of the biggest challenges was we couldn't build a ceiling.  In order for us to do shoulder presses, tricep extensions and any overhead weight movements, even a drop ceiling wasn't an option as we regularly go past the joists for those moves.  I blew the dust off of on my Pinterest account and tried to see what our options were.  We thought we'd found it when I stumbled across glue up styrofoam ceiling tiles.  They sell these styrofoam ceiling tiles that were almost the width between our joists.  I decided to get a sample pack of three designs that appealed to us the most.

As you can see, they really are styrofoam, just like the plates.  You can paint them or if you go direct, pay to have them painted for an extra $2 per tile, I think.  They have all sorts of cool designs, even tin tile looks.  They are perfect solutions if you have popcorn ceilings that you can't afford to have ripped out and redone yet.

We held them up to the area to see what they'd look like.

(Sitting in there kinda wonky so we could both see it but you can see the plywood ceilings we had before.)

We weren't convinced it would be worth the trouble for our space.  Given we'd have to make a trim track on either side of the tile so there wasn't a sunken track beside the tiles and the joists were not even from end to end, we chose to avoid that nightmare.  So we decided to just paint the subfloor and the ugly metal attachments.  Is it glamorous?  No, but it brightened the space SO much that it instantly felt better down there.

I wanted to stain the joists so they wouldn't just have 23-year-old mud, and scuffs from the construction crew still staring at us.  I sanded and stained them and while I loved the initial stain on one side of the first beam, the stain took lighter on the rest of them.  When I needed to buy Old English for something else, I checked to see if it would darken the beams to match the first patch and it did!  I could not go through the staining process again because the fumes were giving me migraines every day.  When that part was done, it was time to drywall the stud skeleton they left us.  This thing was nowhere near square, level or anything that would make it easy on us.  We took a few days to watch some YouTube videos to get a feel for the common theme even though every contractor has their own methods.  You can read about that process here.

When that was finally done, we were moving into the dreaded wall plank part of the refresh.  The entire perimeter of our basement had this drywall situation between the joists but without the wires on 85% of them.

(Bright white ceilings now too!)

Not pretty and I had to drywall the side above the stud wall to match that so we'd have something other than voids with insulation.  While we could've lived with it or just painted them white, the Mr pointed out these wood wall planks in passing at a flooring store.  I think if he knew that saying he liked them would transpire into "hey, let's buy them when we're ready and cut these wood planks with no real power tools of high quality" he would've kept his mouth shut.  But as usual, I was like a starved dog with a bone and we were loading them in the truckster a week later.  That part of things was very tedious because not only did straight cuts need to be made using little more than a jigsaw but we then had to "frankenboard" them together to fit into the spaces we needed them to go.  This took chiseling the hardwood planks off one by one, fashioning a backboard to glue them onto that didn't exist and waiting for everything to dry before being able to hang them.  Needless to say, we went through a lot of Titebond Wood Glue and Liquid Nails but look at the difference it made over the drywall nightmare above!

We hung the shelf back up to finally be able to do workouts without squinting because, you know, this only works for so long.

(Workouts from the tablet on a ladder...mininalism.)
I painted the wall and frankly, it turned out horrible.  Sanding the hump as smooth as you can, proved a formidable task for me but I wasn't going to fix it.  Literally, no one but us will see it and if someone buys the house, it will hopefully be too late for them to notice and they can rebuild the damn thing!  I attempted to reuse the MDF shelf we had down there for 20 years.  I used chalk paint since I read you don't have to prime even with MDF stuff.  I then remembered why I had an almost full quart of Rustoleum's chalk paint left from the bathroom project...Annie Sloan, it is not.  It took 4 coats before I began raging and slapped a coat of primer and the latex paint from painting the cement wall on top to be done.  I'd replaced the flimsy, warped cardboard backing with luan that I stained and made it much stronger.  The problem was the shelves now needed a harder press to get them back into place and I HATED the marble contact paper with the stained back.  Oh yeah, and the paint ripped off all the way down to the black surface I started with in several places.

(FML...and that's before the BIG rip)

As if that wasn't bad enough, I somehow thought since it would fit under the shelf that it would look okay against that wall.  All it did was look pathetic!

I set it aside with a lesson learned and began justifying the need to replace it whilst browsing IKEA.  I wasn't a fan of IKEA before and I just figured it was a fancy name for crap.   Well, mama needed some "crap" to fill that seemingly massive bare wall.  I stumbled up the Brimnes set and it seemed like it would be the perfect fit for our space.  We needed the storage and I knew I could hack it and make it my own.  That gets me to the friggin' wormhole know as IKEA hacks.  I must've spent 3 days looking at websites to see how people were customizing their IKEA stuff.  IKEA Hackers is a great place to start and this pin points you in the right direction too.  I found a hack for a craft table that would be about $200 and I showed it to the Mr and he was on board.  I only have one spot to craft when the urge hits and it basically consumes our dining room table for days to weeks on end.

Once we were almost done with the workout side, the other laundry side was next to get worked on and it was a challenge on its own.  You had this nice, cleaner side then turned around and saw this...

It was enough to make ya twitchy but going through the shelves, the mounds of crap stacked in the middle that was stuff we could've thrown out or donated weeks earlier opened the space up in a way that it probably hadn't been in 20 years.    That was where the new craft table would go along with a laundry center the Mr built to replace our old wire one.

Now it was just a matter of taking the steps to get it all put together.

Come back tomorrow for the big reveal!  FINALLY!

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Monday, October 14, 2019

Mr's Birthday Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend full of Fall goodness.  We certainly enjoyed the cooler temps.

It was the Mr's birthday, and we had a road trip planned to one of our favorite mom and pop restaurants.  He had his mouth set on fried chicken, but the last-minute realization that they had prime rib meant things changed.

I stuck with my turkey dinner, and it was heavenly.

We walked around the town a little, which was nice since everything was at peak fall from temps to decorations.

We went to a local grocery store before heading home, so the entire day wasn't spent on the road.  (Too late.)  I gave him his cake which the grocery store people thought I was nuts for asking for half chocolate and half white icing, but it's marble cake...he didn't want to pick icing either...get onboard people.

I wasn't super happy with the weird way they didn't center the message between the balloons or put piping around the edges so I asked the Mr if he wanted an outline of his favorite, plain M&M's and he was all for it.  After a slice of cake, it was time for presents.

The Mr has been lamenting over how hard it is to come up with ideas for birthday and Christmas.  I am not a fan of wasting money or getting stuff we could just pick up if we wanted to.  I did a little search to see if his favorite band was up to anything, and the lead singer was doing a promo tour but not in the States.  I decided "screw it," saw there were some tickets left for the Canadian show and grabbed two, and booked our hotel and dinner at our favorite restaurant in the area.  I got two things off of his wish list and wrapped the reservations separately and finally the tickets to a show in the biggest box.  It was hilarious watching him open the dinner reservation first because he knows it's out of the country, and he's like, "huh?  Oh yeah, you did say there were other locations, right?"  I went with it.  Then he unwrapped the hotel reservations, and now he knows something big must be in the next box.  So he was quite surprised that I was able to pull off a coup like that.  I think it took him a few minutes to realize what he was looking at because he was kind of quiet.  I found a trailer for the show, and he got really excited.  I told him I wasn't sure if he saw that was going on, and he said no, and he even follows them online.  Sure enough, by a stroke of luck, they did do a post, but he never saw it.  It feels nice to be able to pull off something like that, especially in middle age, where nothing excites you the way it did back in the day.  We watched a truly horrible Friday the 13th, but it's what the birthday boy wanted, so that was on him.  LOL

Sunday, I needed to get cleaning the house a bit, not just for us, but my friend was coming to town that day.  Her mom moved in with her brother last week, and he called her and said her mom's declining fast, so if she wants to see her while she's well enough to know her, she should probably come asap.  She said she will need me, so I wanted to be ready for her if she wanted to come over while she was in town.  They postponed the wedding again.  I knew when I visited her mom at the beginning of the month that the likelihood of her being here at the end of the month was going to be slim, and there was no way I was telling my friend that unless she asked.  I made out my sympathy cards to her and her brother so I could have a level head and not be immersed in my own grief.   It's good to have the house company ready.  I have a crap ton of stuff to do today and tomorrow, so I need to get on the ball because deadlines loom hard.

As promised, it's reveal week!  So stay tuned this week for the basement reveal with shopping lists at the bottom of the posts if you see anything you might want yourself! We are thrilled with how it's turned out and we're going on 3 weeks of using at least the workout space and it's been amazing.  I did my first full battle rope workout Friday and while it stinks we can't both do it at the same time, its something that wouldn't have been possible in our previous space.  I was bummed not having the old weight bag a week or so ago when I needed to punch out some aggression and the battle rope workout certainly filled that void, for sure!  I can't wait for you guys to see it!

What did you do this weekend?

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Friday, October 11, 2019

What I'm Reading This Week #41

Good Friday morning to you all!  I've had to take it easy on the exercise front this week.  My legs have been expressing their displeasure at the previous week's leg centric workouts without proper inner thigh release, then paddling, then walking the hood on asphalt.  It feels like all I'm doing lately is pushing on painful fascia in my quads and inner thighs to break things up.  

(This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.  If you buy through them, I'll get a few cents commission for blog expenses.)

We have been squeezing in some Halloween movies where we can.  We've gotten through Scream, Waxwork, Fright Night and Nightmare on Elm Street.  We're probably going to get to Halloweentown this weekend.  Fun Facts:  Did you know Marnie (Kimberly J. Brown) has an Etsy shop?  Also, did you know that she and Kal from Halloweentown 2: Kalabar's Revenge are dating in real life!?  Check out her IG for proof!

I've got a little to do and a lot of time to do it.

I need to make a to do list pronto because so much is coming due this week and I'm wiggin' yo. 

But first, let's get into... 

What Is Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease?   (This was the catalyst for our weight loss initially.)

5 Therapists Shared Their Simple Tips For Managing Anxiety If You Don't Have a Therapist   (Number 4 is a good one for sure)

Here's What Causes Charley Horses and How To Get Rid Of Them  (Those are the worst!)

7 Best Ways Get Rid of Fruit Flies in Your House, According to Bug Experts  (Speaking of the worst...)

31 Ways to Fake a Clean House   (We need all the help we can get!)

6 Reasons You Need to Get Better at Saying No  (For the Mr)

The Signpost: Searching for the Perfect Epitaph  (We do feel it's important especially since it is for those left behind in most cases.  It was very upsetting to the entire family that the only thing on grandma's stone was "loving wife."  She filled that out when she had already been diagnosed.  I put a flag on her grave that has her picture and also says "loving mom and grandma" and everyone has said how much better it makes them feel to see that.  I'm pretty sure mine will say "wife, traveler, daughter, and friend.  Lover of animals and music."  On the back, we want to take a page from someone else's we saw that said "come back and see us, we'll be here!"  ROFL)

Airplane Water Quality Is Even Worse Than Previously Believed  (Well, this is disgusting)

4 Ways Childhood Emotional Neglect Makes You Vulnerable to Workplace Bullies  (Really interesting stuff)

The Best Weekend Getaways To Go On This October  (Bye!)

Only 1980s Kids Will Remember These Restaurants   (Which was your fave?)

It's someone's birthday weekend!  We're doing a road trip to one of our favorite restaurants since we're not impressed with anything our neck of the woods has to offer.  They have a wicked fried chicken for him and I'll get their Thanksgiving dinner because I always crave that this time of year like a jackal.  Hopefully, the birthday boy likes his presents!

What are y'all up to this weekend?  

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Thank you Hump Day Poll

I met the Mr when I was 17, and I remember my future mother in law giving me a thank you note for something I did.  I thanked her for it, and she said she always sends thank you cards.  Since I was 17 years old, I never gave it a second thought as I usually thanked people at the moment for something they did or said.  I loved the feeling of knowing someone took extra time out of their day to thank someone and how nice it feels to get snail mail.  Ever since then, I've always done thank you notes.  It's second nature.

I keep all of the ones I receive because it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to see that someone appreciated something I did for them or gave them.  It kind of reinforces the desire to want to keep doing things to make people smile or make their lives easier knowing its appreciated.

Do you send thank you notes?

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