Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Our Trip to Hollywood North

When I saw we were going to Toronto, The Mr immediately said "FINALLY we get to see where Forever Knight was filmed!"  I had totally forgotten about that.

For those of you who are drawing a blank on it, it was based off of this Rick Springfield TV movie called Nick Knight in 1989.  I was glad to see Rick because he was my first concert and I loved the premise of a vampire cop trying to become human again.  In 1992, they made it into a late night series called Forever Knight and it ran basically the entire time the Mr and I dated.  On Sundays, they would play it late at night and I would talk him into staying until it was over at like 1am on a school night.  So seeing these places were very sentimental to us.

The top picture is "Nick's Loft" 

The lower left is Natalie's Medical Examiner office and the lower right is the outside of the police station in seasons 2 and 3.

Then of course when I found out Police Academy was filmed there, our first stop had to be the upper left...The Blue Oyster Bar.  (Cue the theme...you know it)  Upper right was Commandant Lassard's office on Humber College's campus.

F Building was a cadet's quarters (lower left) and Cumberland House was where the Commandant and his wife lived.

Finally, one of our favorite Christmas movies was filmed about 15 miles outside the city in Oakville...The Santa Clause.  Upper left is Carol and Neil's house which is now navy instead of gray. Can't you just see the reindeer up there?  Upper right is the establishing shot of the town.

Lower left is one of the businesses still left from the establishing shot but sadly they changed the sign which was a big beautiful 1960's type font but the archways are still the same.  Then the lower right was Scott's condo where Santa fell off the roof and he unknowingly assumed responsibility for the role.

So you can see given we were there to see a show featuring an iconic performer, I felt the itch to keep the theme alive during the whole trip.

You know how I was very worried about finding my balance where food was concerned on this trip? Well I am happy to report we didn't gain a pound from the days that were not designated high cal days.  I pre-made all of our meals for Wednesday night through Friday night knowing we had a "free" meal and dessert on show night, Thursday.  Thankfully the mini bar just fit everything I brought including a half gallon of Fairlife Skim and I still had a few cans of their crap I could've moved to the drawer if I had to...

We did a great job on that front including working out.  We did Jessica Smith's fusion band workout in the hotel Thursday morning and then our PT.  We did get in 2-3 miles walking as well at The Bluffs.

Our treat was before dinner at Bang Bang Ice Cream.  Half an ice cream sandwich.  It was really hard not to order a whole one but a half is what "normal" people order and they're fine.

Oh yeah, one thing we made sure to do when we got there was take the "mini bar" tray and stick it straight in the closet.

Outta sight, outta mind!

Thursday night we went to a steakhouse and luckily there was nutritional info but I already had my dinner planned out anyway.  What I didn't plan on was the mocha ice cream pie slice they brought us out for the occasion we were celebrating.

We thought it'd be easy to just take a bite or two and kind of mash it down to feign an attempt because we both hate coffee.  Well this was actually the most awesome thing we'd stuck in our pie holes in a while...okay, since the last ice cream we stuck in there but I digress.  We could NOT stop eating it and both felt pretty crappy about ourselves afterward and thought we were going to pay for it big time.  Thankfully we walked enough to seemingly offset everything because those days warranted us no gain on the scale.  Now Saturday, our designated high cal day was another story but even that day was a pound better than we usually do and that was with not a lot of water and driving a whole day which always bloats me like crazy.  So we are very happy that our impromptu side trip didn't cost us on the weight front.

Have you ever been to Toronto?  Do you look up movie locations when you go on vacation?

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Post trip weekend recap

Happy Monday guys!

We took a nice little trip Wednesday night...

We were there to see this amazing show...

I will review the show eventually but let me say if Patricia Ward Kelly comes anywhere near your city or close enough for a weekend trip, GO!  I have recently fallen totally in love with Gene Kelly and this was just completely amazing.  Even the Mr who really knew nothing about him came out a fan.  As I said, I'll cover more in another post but wow.  So glad to have seen this show and so much for your money as well.

We made a pit stop in Niagara on the Lake and here's a gift from Vader for you.

I hope you didn't already have one.  ;-)

It was grocery restock weekend so there went 2 1/2 hours of our evening yesterday.  We got started with our workouts when we typically finish them and the Mr came up a few minutes early to start cutting my veggies.  Then I came up and he's like "what is that noise?"  Tornado warning on the weather radio.  Of course we immediately said "it looks to hit Wakita head on."  *blows kiss to heaven*

So I heated up dinner and 3 minutes later we were eating it on our laps on folding chairs.

Does anyone else with a basement home gym think that they would likely die down there from their free weights being projectiles in a tornado/hurricane?

I will recap the Toronto trip a little more but I'm a pooped pup so I'll sign off for right now.  I must say though, we're very happy with the results on the food/weight front.  Oh yeah!  Since I didn't do Friday links, here's the recipe from last Thursday ICYMI!

What did you guys do this weekend?

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Friday, March 24, 2017

What I'm Reading This Week #12

It's Friday and that's worth celebrating with some links to help you dork off at work! 

So let's get right to...

9 Things to Cut Out of Your Life to Be Healthy  (This has nothing to do with gluten, sugar or dairy)

What's the Least Amount of Exercise You Can Do and Still Be Healthy?  (No excuses!)

How to Securely Dispose of an SSD  (It's not as easy as the old hard drives)

Six Stretches to Help Your Stiff Back Feel and Move Better  (I will do anything because my back constantly feels like crapola!)

10 Lifestyle Changes That Will Always Pay Off  (A few I still need to master)

6 Delicious Ways to Make Sweet Potato Oatmeal  (Yum!)

Here's How to Network Like an Extrovert if You're Shy  (I totally clam up)

Potatoes Are Not the Enemy; Here Are 9 Healthy Ways to Eat Them  (You could not pay me enough to cut potatoes from my diet)

7 Reasons to Do Moderate-Intensity Exercise More Often   (Point taken)

12 Dangerous Chemicals to Avoid in Everyday Products  (Well, this is kind of scary)

6 Surprising Drawbacks of Being Too Nice  (This soooo used to be the Mr!  He's still nice but no longer allows people to emotionally manipulate him.)

Two Monkeys Were Paid Unequally  (I feel ya dude, cucumbers suck!)

This Hilarious Woman Just Gave the Most Honest (NSFW) Exercise Review  (OMG, crying laughing!)

We're road tripping this weekend so I'm glad we'll be in some different scenery.

Whatchu guys got planned this weekend?

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Food Review: Chips Ahoy Cinnamon Sugar Thins

I never buy cookies to keep in the house because I don't need the temptation.  But when something is free, I can justify trying one and then sending the rest to the Mr's work for the dingoes to attack.  That's just what we did when our local grocery store was running a promotion to get these for free.

The cookie marketing people seem to think that if they put the word "thin" on the package that people will think they're getting something they can either manage or are better for them that the regular version.  I'd like to think people don't buy that but we all know someone out there is falling for it.  Let's see what the numbers say...

Four cookies for 150 calories sounds like a pretty good trade off to most people because you can have more for the same calories.  Wellll, not quite.  I mean, they're 'thins' so you're getting less.  If you have two cookies, it tastes like what one cookie would taste like and the nutritional info basically supports that.  I don't think they make this flavor in "regular" though so the cinnamon sugar and oatmeal cookies are just in the thin version.

How did they taste?

We each had one and didn't expect much going in even though cinnamon sugar is one of my favorite flavors ever.  The were good.  Too good.  We only had one...and a half since one cookie was broken.  Then I slammed the seal on them and said "take them to work, get them out of my sight!"  They would be perfect in the summer if you want to make little ice cream sandwiches for a kids party or something like that.  I could easily see myself blowing through the box on a Saturday or worse, justifying ways to "fit them into my calories" during the week and I just can't risk having them around to obsess over.  So I guess the verdict would be...delicious if you like crispy cinnamon cookies.

Just like their Oreo Thins brethren, I get that mentality of "ooh I get four!"  But when the four are gone, I'd want more.  (I have to laugh though because my mom was like "those Thins are a joke, give me CREAM!"  But the regular versions don't have much more cream than their thins counterparts these days.)

If you have the willpower, tip o' the hat to you and if you like cinnamon sugar, you'd probably like these.  Or if you want to try them, I suggest taking out a serving and then putting them on the community table at work so you don't find yourself in the corner surrounded by an empty package, crumbs on your shirt and enveloped in self hatred.

Do you like the "Thins" version of cookies or would you rather just have 2 of the regular version should you indulge on occasion?

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Ha Moment

Last Thursday, I found that The Rock has a YouTube channel.  The Mr has always wondered what kind of workouts he does, so I subscribed to it since he posts them from time to time.

We watched that video and were inspired at his intensity.  We watched another one from a different channel (NSFW-language) and while he goofs around a bit in them, his determination is jaw dropping.  Obviously you don't get to look like Dwayne Johnson without extreme commitment.  But one thing he kept doing in the second video was when he would get distracted goofing around or whatever, he'd give an angry look and yell "focus!" and go back to business.  They're all strung together so it can get a little annoying after a while but it shed a lot of light on what we think our problem may be.

The next day, we did old school Power 90.  We've done this workout probably 100 times and sometimes it kicks our butt, sometimes it doesn't.  We tended to lean strongly toward the latter over the past year or two and would throw it in when we needed a change of pace.  So we got started, muted the TV so our ears didn't bleed from the tomcheesery about to ooze from Tony and hit our current favorite playlist.  As we progressed, our intensity got higher and higher.  My kicks were higher than they've been in a long time (though some of that is due to injury), my punches were more intense and a couple of times I felt like I couldn't catch my breath.  Neither of us could.  We were drenched in sweat, breathless and truly felt those post workout endorphins they tout.  The Mr was like "holy crap, I feel like SO effin' good and healthy and motivated right now!"  He looked like he was about to rip an old school phone book in half or something.  He talked about how watching The Rock's intensity really inspired him to put forth effort into that workout and it made all the difference.  I felt the same.

When you do workouts regularly, it becomes habit...just like you always wanted it to.  The problem is it can easily just be another task to check off the list and while it's nice you get it done, you're not doing yourself any favors just going through the motions.  You have to have intensity to back it up and push yourself to that next level.  Even workouts you've been doing for almost 20 years (hi Tae Bo!) can be just as heart pumping if you put your all into it.  You don't need to break your body or anything crazy but I might as well skip the friggin' workout if I'm not going to bother putting in my full effort.  Checking something off the list with a half ass effort keeps you stuck.  I'm not saying this is our magic bullet or anything but we both did lose 2 and 3 pounds last week when upping our commitment.  Intensity has been sorely missing from our workouts and we're taking it back.  We have to.  We have to stop half assing it and go full ass!

Are you half assing your workouts?

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Walk Down Memory Lane

I was flipping through the Vermont Country Store catalog last night and of course since nostalgia is their thing, it got me, well, nostalgic.  So I thought I'd do a bit of a quiz with you based on back in the day stuff.

What kind of cologne did your dad wear?  My dad wore Brut and Old Spice and on occasion, English Leather.

Did your grandma do a once a week trip to the hairdresser?  Both of mine did.  My paternal grandma would also wear the rain bonnet to keep hers intact.

You know what soap on a rope is?  I'm pretty sure my dad got some every year from me for Christmas until I was 8.

What could you rely on getting in your Easter basket as a kid?  One of my grandma's always made sure I had one of those big ass peanut butter eggs with a little flower on the top the size of an adult fist.  I could rely on those horrible Whopper eggs as fillers being thrown in and I'd throw them out.

What telephone did you like to play with as a kid?  What is it with old school phones.  I LOVED rotary phones, the longer the number, the better.  It was like meditation.  But then again, my grandma had one of those backlit push button phones and I loved nothing more than holding the receiver down so I wasn't dialing out but still pushing the buttons.  Weirdo.

Table or TV trays as a kid?  As a kid/teen, we were always on TV trays but once I was married, it's always been dinner table.  I didn't even want a set of TV trays.

What scent reminds you of a family member?  The smell of rose lotion reminds me of my great grandma.  One time in a store, I passed a woman whose cologne had to have been hers because it made me cry.  I wish I would've asked her what it was.  White Diamonds reminds me of my grandma with dementia and if you mix it with the scent of coffee brewing, that is her.

What shampoo did you use as a kid?  I remember Prell being pretty prevalent but I also remember Agree and Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific being thrown in for good measure.

What did you consider your first adult perfume?  Probably Wind Song or Emerude when I was a pre-teen but when I was a teen, I thought Estee Lauder's White Linen, Cinnabar or Youth Dew were classy.  My Lord, if I tried to wear those now, I'd break down in an allergy laden sneeze attack!

What music did your parents listen to that they passed down to you?  Fleetwood Mac, Steve Miller Band, The Doobie Brothers, ABBA, Boston, The Eagles.

Pick 5 questions and answer them (or all of 'em if you're bored!)

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Not My Style Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone!  We both FINALLY got one in the loss column on the scale just in time for a side trip.  As long as I'm back to pre-holiday weight.  I figured since we're going to have an off schedule later this week maybe I'd cook at home for Saturday's high cal day.  The Mr was craving a grilled ham and cheese so I said I'd make that if we could split some small sides from a BBQ place that does sides well but not so much on the meats.  They came through for us so I didn't have to cook everything.  

After that we made a Sur La Table run since I had some channel related items I needed to pick up.  (You realize how crappy your own pans look on camera.)  So I got a few 9x13 pans and a couple of sweet whisks.  Yes, sad that whisks and pans make me so happy but there you have it.  Sur La Table is my spirit store.  We went to this mall where they had 4 plus size clothes stores all in a row and I swear man, there is nothing worse when you're trying to revamp your style only to not find a single thing that appeals to you.  Torrid was of course too young looking and the stuff that looked like an everyday woman would wear it was in hideous colors.  Dress Barn was not my jam.  Lane Bryant is ridiculous price wise and honestly, nothing floated my boat there either.  I went to some store called Maurice's and there were a few cute things but then upon trying them on it was like "ugh."  Since when must all of our tops be see through and end the effing jegging trend already!  I'm sorry but fat women do not look good in them, period.  When your husband sees you in a pair and is like "um, no" then you know it's not a good look for you because that man signed a piece of paper saying he had to tap that for better or for worse.

We swung by another store and got him all new shorts because his vacation go to's were pushing the decade mark.  He got some cute stuff and I'm so glad he trusts I'm not trying to turn him into Phil Mickelson when I suggest some plaid shorts.  The two I've suggested he sneers at but then likes once he tries them on.  So he's pretty set on those and we might get a pair of lighter dress pants for nicer meals out.  We have that to look forward to but need to hop to it.

Sunday was sleeping in and stuff and then brunch of course.

Since we had some leftover Honeybaked ham from the day before, I made a kick ass ham and swiss omelet that had him making caveman noises, a serving of garlic potatoes, brioche toast and a clementine for me and kiwi for him.  I also made a pot of chili to heat up for dinner later because I knew given the past few Sundays that before we know it, the day is gone.

Yesterday was no different.  We went down at 5pm, gabbed until 5:30pm and then did a strength/PT circuit for an hour.  We had our chili and then went to the grocery for produce refuel for the week.

That will bring us back to do.  Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do!

What did you do this weekend?

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