Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Temptation in da house?

Have you seen them?  They're popping up at your local grocery stores or your co-worker is relentlessly circling the office with the order form.  It's Girl Scout Cookie season!

If you've committed to a healthy lifestyle as your new years resolution, this truly is the time (6-8 weeks) that it's been proven people wave the white flag if they aren't going to stick to it.  You regular gym goers may notice you have the gym almost back to yourself.  But if Thin Mints and Samoas are your favorite, you shouldn't sweat this time of year because you can get them year round.  Keebler makes the Thin Mint equivalent called Grasshoppers and the Samoa equivalent called Coconut Dreams.  So basically their two most popular cookies are available year round with negligible taste difference.  That  means you can plan your indulgence for them any time of year instead of feeling the sense of FOMO that rolls around this time of year causing you to order more boxes than you ever would buy in the store and demolish the box(es) in a day or two and slip into a pit of regret.  Some well intentioned people will give you the advice of freezing them.  Um, they are still delicious frozen so yeah.

"But I'd feel bad not supporting the Girl Scouts."

Well guess what, they accept donations so you can give them the money, they keep the cookies or donate them to a program where others get the cookies and you now have a tax deduction!  (You do NOT get a tax deduction for buying the cookies and putting them in your own cookie hole though.)  ;-)  Donating to the cause will also keep the co-worker trying to sell the cookies off your back and you are still able to zip up your jeans!

Win win.

Seriously though, I can't even have Thin Mints in the house because the call is SO strong for no real reason other than they're available for a limited time and they taunt me from wherever they are.  They're okay but I really only want two but they force you to buy the whole box and I just don't need the temptation for cookies I'll regret eating come weigh in day.

What are your favorite Girl Scout Cookies?  Are you able to control yourself around them?

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lazy River and the classics continue

Okay so when you're drinking a lot of water, does your body ever adjust or will you be peeing a lazy river for the rest of your God given life???  I got in my 80 ounces plus another 14 in tea with dinner.  I will have probably either flooded the bed or been up every 90 minutes last night.  

It was another unseasonably warm day so we walked three laps around the neighborhood which was 3.5 miles.  The chiro has always told me asphalt is not my friend where the legs are concerned so I made sure to do some PT and light stretching when we were done.  I always should but never do so I was kind of proud to just get down there and do it.   I'll admit, it didn't seem to help much because I was still pretty tight.  Yeesh.  Fall in line, bod!

Dinner was seared ahi with tomatillo mango salsa over spinach and carrot polenta.

After dinner, I saw the DVR was recording and it was The Pirate with Gene Kelly.  He actually looked like Mandy Patinkin with that wig and faux mustache, which kind of turned me off.  But then he showed more skin than ever...big ol' muscular arms in one and these hulky legs!  His athleticism is seriously jaw dropping and I admit I'm jealous.  How awesome would it be to have that grace and strength?  He held two grown men on those legs three times during one dance number.  Is there seriously anything that man couldn't do!?  He gives me the vapors, yo.

How much water do you usually get in each day?  Can a walk around the neighborhood make you sore or is it light work for you?

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Holy Weekend Recap

Good Monday mornin' to you all!

It was a beautiful day Saturday so when lunch took us close to the family cemetery, we decided to stop by.  (So I could pee for the 570th time since I'd chugged 40 oz before 10am and was paying for it.)  Thank God the chapel was open!

The Mr freaked me out by pointing out the confessional curtain looked like it had feet under it at first glance.  There weren't but suddenly I felt like a Criminal Minds episode could've been brewing so we got the heck outta there.  (BTW, anyone see last week's Criminal Minds???  HOLY CRAP!)

Since my family are basically plotted out from the front to the back of the cemetery, I asked the Mr if he wanted to walk and he agreed.  (Though I don't think he knew he was agreeing to walk the lay of the land.  Oops!)  As we walked, we admired some of the more ornate headstones.

This Celtic knot cross was one of our favorites.  The cemetery tour in Sleepy Hollow, NY gave us a lot of information about headstones symbolism which sadly isn't thought of much these days when we pass.  The Celtic knot cross has no beginning and end which is the life interpretation and the smaller Celtic crosses represent everlasting salvation, glory and love. The circle at the center of the crosspiece symbolizes eternity.  IHS is the Holy Name of Jesus and is at the center of it all.  Pretty cool, huh?  We ended up walking 1.6 miles and while it helped work off lunch a bit, both of our legs were not happy since they were looking forward to a rest day.  Double oops!  We rented two movies that night, Cell and The Meddler.  Hmm.  Well, the Mr wanted to see Cell because he read the book and he liked it up to a certain point and the ending was pure poo in our humble opinions.  (I'll warn you, if you don't like gore and barf, just skip it.  I wish I had.)  The Meddler was okay.  It was a little draggy in places but it had a sweet story at its core.

Sunday we brunched hard because the Mr had a debilitating headache that left him fetal.

An omelet with spinach, green peppers and Orne Meadows cheese (I put some avocados on top of his for some extra healthy fats), the last of the organic kielbasa, banana sweet potato croquettes with a bit of chipotle honey and the last of the brioche bread for toast.  It was quite delish and got him about 80% better.

The day sucked down the tubes pretty quick so we went down and did our separate strength workouts.  I deemed lower body was a no go for me so I did an upper body burnout while the Mr did a plyo/lower body fest I picked out without previewing it.  I do mine from the main tv in the basement and he sets up the tablet for his and mutes it so we can still workout together even if we're not doing to same ones.  It's good for him it forces him to sharpen his attention skills.  ;-)

Then we settled in for the night and I got all of my meals planned for the week and pre-made some stuff as well so we can make dinner that much easier.  Workouts are going to be scaled back a bit this week since I've got the double strain on the hamstrings.  I can feel it getting slightly better but all PT will have to be light meaning no weights and the beginning versions of all exercises given to me and taking out calf raises altogether.  ("Taking out calf raises altogether."...points if you got the reference.)  I will continue making water my priority this week as well.

What did you guys do this weekend?  Any goals for the coming week?

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Friday, February 17, 2017

What I'm Reading This Week #7

Happy Friday y'all!

I'm so ready for a rest day tomorrow, I can't even tell you.  My legs are just so...ugh.

Let's hop right into...

8 Women Share the One Surprising Tweak That Slowed Their Hair Loss  (Interesting stuff.  I'd kill to have the hair I had before weight loss.  Uber fat but

The Privacy Enthusiast's Guide to Using Android  (Excellent tips)

9 Relaxing Stretches You Can Do in Bed  (I've been doing them this week and they are awesome!)

19 Foods Perfect for Meal-Prepping Because They Actually Last All Week  (For Sunday Prep Day)

Gluten-free diet may have 'unintended consequences' for health  (Good to be aware of if you're gluten free.)

8 Things No One Tells You About Losing Weight  (Truth)

Son films mom with dementia forgetting who he is for first time  (If you get through to the end without at minimum tearing up, you might want to check your pulse)

Struggle With Anxiety and Depression? Check Out This Nifty DIY Tracker  (This could be really handy to be able to pinpoint patterns.)

20 Hilariously Real Tweets About Trying To Be Healthy (Bwaahahaha!)

Easy Roasted Garlic Spaghetti Squash  (Low carb and super yummy!)

The Mr has his test tomorrow so if you'd like to send some good vibes his way, they'd be much appreciated.  I know we'll both be happy when it's over and we can have our nights and weekends back.

What are you guys up to this weekend?

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Gotta Have Goals

(via Pinterest)

Howdy!  A little update on this week.

My goal for this week was to get in more water.  I've been horrible at getting it in the past few years months and felt like I needed to make sure I tried to make it a habit.  At my worst, I'd get in 20 oz of water in the form of tea.  When I tried to do better I might almost make 40 oz of water.  I'd consider it a personal victory if I got a whole 40 oz bottle in.  So this week was all about getting in two bottles or 80 ounces of pure water.  I've hit goal every day so far but I know not to get cocky because the weekend is when I tank again so if when I'm able to do it daily, I'll feel like I have made true progress.  Gotta start somewhere, right?

Tuesday was my last PT appointment.  Honestly, given that she only gave me one new exercise, I felt like she kind of could've emailed me that but I did want to say goodbye to them.  It was an assisted one legged squat using moving men to glide across the carpet.  She said I could also do them on a hard floor with a sock as the slide.  I did two sets of those and by the time I got home, my butt hurt.  (With an impending groin pull the next day from going back so far.)   I had a card for my therapist with a gift card in it and I wanted to cuddle with her therapy pooch one last time too.  I requested a massage with the massage lady and we had a fun conversation and she was like "wow, what have you been doing to tighten your legs like this?"  Lower body strength ma'am.  She showed me some pressure points so I will try remember to use those after I continue with my lower body stuff especially those new moves.

It was interesting because the Mr's therapist came over and was super talkative to me and all buddy buddy but the man hasn't said boo to me the whole time.  He said he told the Mr no paddle boarding on vacation and no more falling and mentioned the cross country skiing.  He mentioned that the initial meeting and I held my tongue but he pissed me off when he said it again and I decided to set him straight.  I said "let me clarify that he wasn't waving around like an idiot and fell due to his own actions.  The fin got caught on an underwater stump and the board stopped abruptly and he fell when it did.  You would've fallen too."  He said "yeah but cross country skiing?"  I said "yeah, he hit a tree root that was hidden and went down."  He said what was wrong with sitting on the beach.  I looked him dead in the eye and said "we did not lose 200 pounds to sit our fat asses on the beach.  We WILL paddle board, that's why he's here" and one of the interns smiled and got up and had to leave so as not to laugh in his face.  He said "okay, cool. cool."    Don't mess with the bull(ette), you'll get the horns.

What goals have you been working on this week?  Ever had to set someone who just doesn't "get it" straight?

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Our Valentines Day

Some years we celebrate Valentines Day and sometimes we don't.  This year we did.

When I came home from my PT appointment, this scavenger hunt game was waiting for me.

My man knows how to get to my heart and he thought the spiky hair looked like him.

My final prize was this shirt I screamed over in the Crazy Shirts catalog and he remembered!

My gifts were kind of lame in comparison.  I rented a movie he's been wanting to see but I acted like I didn't know what he was talking about, got his favorite candy bar for movie candy (Curly Wurly! and yes, it was pre-planned in the calories) and then I made dinner.

A side salad, bacon wrapped filet mignon and caramelized onion twice baked potato.  It was heavenly.

I also bought him a Body Blade that his physical therapist had him do and he said it really felt like it was going to kick his butt so why not speed things along at home.  I plan to sneak in a few sessions on it too especially to ready myself for paddling season!

Do you guys celebrate V-day?  If so, what did you do?

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sharing is caring

(via Pinterest)

Eons ago, there was this weight loss forum I belonged to.  It's long since defunct but it was glorious because it was back in the day before everyone had a mob mentality.  You could vent about your frustrations and you didn't have to sit back and wait for someone to report you for using a "bad word" or not being positive.  I belonged to another site that had that problem and while I love many people there, the climate changed and I felt very censored and like it was a virtual school yard at times with people who didn't even know me getting their undies in a twist. That's how this blog was born!  :-)  Thankfully some people from that site choose to follow me here and I'm so grateful for that.  It's nice when you have people you click with and can share in a similar journey.

I had a group of girls I connected with on the first board and I've stayed virtually in touch with them through social media.  I even made a secret group that we could connect on so if anyone wanted to talk about weight loss, track their workouts, have an accountability partner, etc they could do that without announcing it to all of their friends and family.  We had our starts and stops when we'd be doing well and reporting in every day the first week.  Then the second week, half the people who got riled up to get back to business would check in and by week four, you might have one or two people that checked in and then radio silence for a year.  Last week, I decided to just check in and say hello and talk about where I am at with things and what frustrates me, etc.  Several people responded back and most of them talked about their own frustrations and a few who had success losing weight doing low carb stuff but then for one reason or another, gained it back.  Some got caught up in the political climate, others gave up entirely because it's just "easier to be fat."  (Their quote, not mine but I totally get the mentality.)

That tends to be how it goes for many of us on this weight loss roller coaster.  You feel so motivated one day whether it's by your own devices or being inspired by another's actions.  Then you make one bad choice or worse, a string of bad decisions and you feel ashamed.  You stop leaning on those who understand the struggle the most because you fear that they'll think you're weak or a loser when in reality we've all been there.  Why is it when we need the most support, we shrink away from those who can help us rally?  If you have a group of people who are non-judgmental and are there to give you a pick me up when you're knuckle deep in the Nutella jar, use them!

I don't know how long this wave of inspiration for our little group will last but I know two of them have now gotten back to the gym in the past 4 days, one of them who is also at her highest weight and given up went out and walked two miles and another one has committed to making small changes so as not to overwhelm herself.  That's 4 more people who are on the right track than a week ago and doing something in lieu of thinking about it.  I'm not taking credit for it or anything because you can be as inspired as you want by your comrades but if you don't get off your booty, it doesn't do a whole lot.  But sometimes if you just talk about everything from the successes and the struggles you're having, you'll see that others are able to relate and it makes them feel a little less alone.  It makes them feel like "hey, I know what I need to do so this week I'm going to make one little change to help get myself back on the right track and if I slip up, my people are there for me."

Because when it comes down to it, especially when times are tough...sharing is caring.  This Valentine's Day, give yourself and those who might be struggling the gift of re-connection and a little love whether it be a little group, commenting on their social media or sending an email just asking how they're doing.

Do you have a go to group of people to lean on when you're struggling?

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