Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Non-Typical Tuesday Recap

Happy October, y'all!

Yesterday I was awakened by the icy cold hand of death the Mr letting me know it was time to get up.  (He had freshly washed hands) I'm so not used to having breakfast at 7am, it felt weird.  Then it was time to go off to the eye doctor.

It always makes me nervous to see their equipment for some reason even though I know they're not going to do the eye puff test but use those jaundice drops.

The Mr's grandpa used to have this box in his office and I'm pretty sure this is the only reason we go to this guy.

I had to blow off a cobweb on this so either it's a prop or all of the children that visit are pure evil.  I'm going with the latter.

When that was done, we headed home to power wash the cooties off of us since one of the receptionists was sick.  So it was time for some Emergen-C and neti pot with my new salt.  Holy balls did that stuff burn!  Me thinks I might've doubled the requirement on that one since I moved from pre-packaged to loose to save moolah.  It definitely killed anything that might've been lurking.  I know I'd die if that washed over me.

Then we ran to the store, got our flu shots and did a little shopping.  To put ourselves in the category of 'guinea pigs', we felt it our duty to grab the pumpkin spice Oreos we saw.

If you can find them, I wouldn't steer you away from them but we weren't bowled over by the taste of pumpkin spice.  It was much like when we tried their rice crispy version and you couldn't actually taste the cream unless you removed the tops of two cookies and made one big mega stuff cookie out of it.  We might have two more then send them to work with the Mr.  I hate it when things are just okay versus WOW!

We had to take back a rug we got at BBB for an exchange and then it was time to peruse a few of my favorite stores.  Hello Crate and Barrel.

And Pottery Barn.

I saw the charger in the catalog and wanted to see it in person.  Meh.

I bought some birch wood logs for when it's time to switch out for winter but it's so hard to find them and I didn't think $19.95 was a bad price since I saw them going for double that price.

We figured it was time to pick up the Mr's car and as we were pulling out, I heard him honk at me and turn around.  I had to flip back around and he said that the problem wasn't fixed so he had to take it right back in.  Then they're all like "oh, I guess we'll have to pull the blower motor out and see if there's anything else down in there."  Yeah...I guess you will.  Will third time be the charm or will you need a GPS to find your ass with both hands?  I already have so little tolerance for this place and the fact we were still dealing with it when our day could've been done was not sitting well.

We couldn't help ourselves and took naps.

The Mr had to call them back  and of course they don't have the part on hand and it's 2 days out before we have to drive all the way back, come home and drive all the way back to pick it up again.  May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits, sirs.  I was not at all sorry that as I passed the woman ahead of us who was griping to us about being nickeled and dimed by these people I gave her the name of a mechanic that could give her a better price.  Pfft!

We went home and got right to the workout to get out all of that frustration...

1050 calories later and I felt better.  Old school Tae Bo baby.

Then it was time for marmalade orange roughy over spinach and carrot polenta.

485 calories of delish.

We gave two new shows we had NO intention of watching a chance...Selfie with John Cho and Mahattan Love Story.  Selfie wasn't awful which is way better than we thought.  We'll likely watch it next week to make our decision to DVR or not to DVR.   MLS was okay.  The lead character was a cutie and then she went on a blind date with a hottie Nate Fisher's little brother looking guy.  We *might* give it another chance especially when she said to herself "fist bump, the handshake of douche bags."

When was your last eye doctor appointment?  Have you given any new shows a chance that you didn't think you would? 

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Movin', groovin' and what not

How is it the last day of September?  Man, time flies!

Yesterday my hips were givin' me the business about our 3+ mile walk Sunday.  If you'd ever told me we'd walk a 5K route like as a Sunday stroll, I would've told you no friggin' way.   I'm so grateful.  I could've used the case of the creaks as an excuse to not get my rump off the couch and do the 1 mile walk I was going to do in the morning but I didn't.  I popped in my Leslie and got to walkin'.  My weight loss is staller than stalled and me sitting on my ass working from home doesn't help.  So I've made the commitment to myself to get in a little extra movement.  I don't know if it'll work or not as I have the best of intentions on that front sometimes and then the alert that pops up gets dismissed or snoozed on like all day.  So, wish me luck!

It was strength day so we did Fitness Blender's Fat Blasting Total Body Strength workout.  It doesn't look too bad when you preview it but when you're going through it, you make up some new naughty words.  

It was a protein packed day with some leftover roasted turkey breast and then a nice juicy steak for dinner.

Then it was time to run the Mr's car back to the closest dealership...again.  I cannot tell you how ticked I am that between both of our cars, we've basically taken a car in once a month in the year we've had them.  His more than mine.  I swear lemon laws need to be revised.  We will never get that brand of car again.  I don't know how you go from being a completely satisfied customer 10 years ago to one who will swear off your company forever.  Irritating.

We settled in for our favorite night of TV between The Voice and Sleepy Hollow.  While we haven't been overly impressed with the singers this year, I'm loving Gwen and Pharrell on there.  This is my dream line up and I hope they never change it.  I know they will...just let me have my dream.  When Sleepy Hollow comes on, we light the faux candles, flip off the lights and transport ourselves to Tarrytown.  So far they seem to be keeping up with expectations and we're happy with what we're seeing.  I know it's important to the writers that the Mr and I approve, so you know, we do what we can.  ;-)

We've got our eye doctor appointments this morning so we'll look like we're on narcotics when we're done.  The Mr took the day off and we're going to get some errands done that we put off over the weekend.  They say these will be the last of the hotter days before a cold front comes in over the weekend and spirits away the summer.  Good riddance.  I can't enjoy my hot cider as much when I'm engaging in flop sweat.

Speaking of flop sweat, it's big cardio day!  Not sure if we'll have a date with Chalene and Turbo Fire, Billy and old school Tae Bo or Tony on mute with Power 90 but it'd better burn some buttah!

Just a reminder, today is the last day you can enter Stayfree's giveaway of a $100 gift card from!  Click here to read the rules including how to enter by email if you can't comment on the post.  Good luck everyone!

What do your current workouts look like?  Are you ready for cooler weather?

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Chillaxin' and pumpkin explosion

We had a somewhat relaxed weekend.  Well, Saturday was really relaxed, we didn't get out much which kind of stunk but oh well.  We didn't need to be running all over the place.  But I was running all over the kitchen trying to get our lunch together and it was exhausting trying to time it all to come out right, I was hot and sweaty and in a bad mood so I didn't really enjoy my last Orange Cream Soda from North Woods like I wanted to.  So now I have to either make an all day trip back to Traverse City or hope they read this and want to send me some.  I don't foresee either happening.  Sigh.

We watched football pretty much all day...yay?  But I suppose from here on out are considered the "real" games.  I don't think many teams are having a great year so it's going to be a frustrating year to be a fan if you're like the Mr.  Me?  I could DVR it and fast forward without an issue.

Sunday was grocery day.  It was official, pumpkin everything has exploded onto every scene.

Trader Joe's had some of our favorite things we wait all year for including pumpkin pie spice (the best I've tasted), fig butter (perfect for my sweet figgy potatoes!) and we grabbed 3 jugs of spiced cider.  

Just when you settle in for cider, they like to yank it on you so if you don't buy enough for the season, you're gonna be S.O.L.  It's good until 2016 if you don't open it so technically I could fill the basement with it and be in spice cider bliss for the next 2 years.  

Then it was on to Target.  Every time I pass this big ol' picture, I squeal in a way that would make squirrels heads explode.  I cannot help myself.

I tried on a few long sleeved items and this is the one I came home with.

Note to self, wear Spanx.

The Mr picked up this pumpkin spice gum.

It tasted like pumpkin spice but also tasted like something you'd want to swallow right away and not exactly a kick of flavor, pretty subtle.

We saw this and had to pick some up since we knew it wouldn't be around long.

Oh my Lord it was amazing!  We used it for apple dip with our lunch.  I know its not "all natural" and all that crap but it's not like it's going to be our normal peanut butter.

Then it was time to walk in the crunchy Fall leaves on the crooked brick lined streets to give our hips a workout.

We needed a weekend to veg out and I'm thankful we got it before things get busy again.

How did you spend your weekend?

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Streak broken and what I'm reading this week

Welp, as predicted, I broke my streak of getting this stuff up and done two days before posting.  Matter of fact, I didn't start this at 10:00pm, I started at 10:39pm.


So no time for chit chat while I have Parenthood on in the background, let's get to...

Ichabod Crane Spills Details On The Second Season Of Sleepy Hollow  (I'll admit the first 10 minutes had me a little ticked but it made up for it.  So good to see my beloved Icky back in action!)

The Massive Fitness Trend That's Not Actually Healthy at All  (Word up.  Sometimes when I feel exhausted after workouts I wonder if I've done more harm than good)

High Schooler Gives Up Crown After Friend Was Pranked Into Thinking She Was Nominated for Homecoming Court  (Holy crap, there's hope for the future!)

Seth Rogen and James Franco Strip Down for Jimmy Fallon's Birthday Surprise  (Love Seth!  Even more since he's taken up the cause for Alzheimers)

5 Facebook settings to change now  (Thank you for showing me how to get rid of that damn video autoplay in mah feed!)

10 things retirees won’t tell you  (Ugh)

Billy Connolly on Robin Williams' suicide: He told me he loved me - he was saying goodbye  (I didn't know he was diagnosed and such a heartbreaking story)

Is this the most ridiculously looking scientific discovery of all time?  (Courtesy of the Mr who used to suffer from scary, long lasting nosebleeds like the one he got right off the plane on our honeymoon)

Living in a State of Emergency: Life Near the Path of an Active Lava Flow  (A good first hand account of what it's like to see if Madame Pele is going to show up on your doorstep or not)

6 Things You Should Never Ever Store in the Garage  (Oops!)

What Does Sleep Have to Do With Weight?  (Must get better at this!)

Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Crystal Share Stories About Robin Williams on 'The View'  (I love hearing stories from those who knew him best)

How to Stay in Awesome Shape (and Totally Sane) When You're Injured  (Good to know!)

'Jurassic World' Director Tweets Potential Huge Plot Hint  (For the Mr.  I almost poo'd myself on the first tweet!)

15 Polite GIFs to Help You Celebrate National Courtesy Month  (Let's be kind when we can and make others day!)

Dog Runs Through Water Fountain, Is Basically The Happiest Creature On Earth  (You can tell his favorite's adorable!)

16 Ways You Are Causing Road Rage  (Are you guilty?)

15 Little Ways to Make Yourself a Better Person While Watching TV Tonight  (Cool stuff!)

How to Identify a Load-Bearing Wall  (Good to know but always check with a professional before "opening up"a room lest you end up with the 2nd floor on your head.)

40 Simple Ways to Practice Kindness  (Every sweet deed counts!)

41 Things That Prove Tech in the '90s Was (Thank God I never said "" but a nice trip down memory lane!)

We have absolutely nothing on the agenda but pizza during a football game.  Everything else is open and I'm down with that after this busy month!

Busy weekend for you?  Kickin' back?  A little of both?

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

You are the company you keep


Last night was the last of our entertaining duties and it was a pleasure to end on this girl.  I have never been one of those people to take sides when people break up well, unless cheating was involved but still.  I don't believe in the whole "well, they broke up so I guess I can't be friends with the person I've known for less time."  I can name two people off the top of my head that are THE most positive people we know (stop wondering Jeff, you're one of them) and to not have the influence of these people in our lives would be a travesty just because of a break up.

The girl we had over was an ex-girlfriend of a family member and when they broke up, WE cried.  She is quite possibly the sweetest girl we know and I'll be damned if I was going to not see her anymore just because they weren't meant to be.  It's been quite a while since we've seen her because her schedule is insane.  She works and goes to school full time so we're happy for any time she can give us.

She is infectious with her ambition.  She wants to try everything and when she does, she's all in.  I'm talking both feet straight in baby even if others think she's nuts.  Her heart is so big and she's so sweet that she is always thinking of others.  We laughed and she said she hasn't smiled that much in so long her cheeks hurt.  There was never a lull in conversation, we felt like we got to pass some knowledge down for potential business and financial purposes and it was so nice to be able to not just talk about funny things but serious things and everything in between.  We're able to see how much she's grown up and we're so proud of her.

She's in a good relationship with a good man who seems to treat her well and she so deserves that.  She said what wonderful role models we are and how much she looks up to us as a couple.  She said all of the people around her are dysfunctional in some way and argue all the time.  This isn't the first time we've heard this from people both about being role models and about the misery their other couple friends seem to be in.  She laughed and wondered if we ever argued.  We assured her we did on occasion and sometimes they were about something big and other times stupid crap just like everyone else.  But the difference is we communicate and treat each other like the best friends we are.  We asked about her relationship and it sounds like they're on the right track and we offered her advice to help him adjust to a possible new career to make sure they stay on the right path.  If anyone deserves a long, healthy marriage, it's her.  I love her like she's my little sister and am getting a little misty just thinking about the gap of time that will pass before we see her again until she finishes school.

I had to laugh after yesterday's post when she brought a box of cupcakes for dessert.  I made a healthier dessert but I didn't tell her until later after we enjoyed the cupcakes she was sweet enough to bring.  Thankfully we have been really low on calories this week so I don't think it'll throw TOO much of a loop in things.  So I sent home the pumpkin cookies I made with her in a bag with some maple frosting and boxed up the rest for the Mr to take to work so we're not tempted by them.  The best laid plans, right?  *wink*

When you have people as good as she is in your life, thank your lucky stars.  These people make life feel even more blessed.  These people will inspire you and make you feel like anything is possible, you know, like you used to feel before you were jaded with the crap of life.  Surround yourself with these people, the ones that lift you up.  The ones that remind you that there are people who love, support you and even...gasp...look up to you for one reason or another.  We can get so wrapped up in the drama of others and when you have people with refreshing outlooks on life, you too get refreshed, renewed in some way.  They say you become most like the five people you spend the most time with...choose wisely.

Do you have people who do this for you?  Feel free to sing their praises!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Not up for the judgment game

We have had a very busy month and tonight is the last of our official birthday entertaining.  We said that we really want to start to watch things closer and committed to doing that long before this week came along.  I don't know what happened but some parties got their wires crossed and each thought the other invited the Mr and I to a dinner on Monday night.  There was no mention of it until the day before but we weren't up for it, had other plans that we'd been looking forward to and honestly, we didn't want to break our re-commitment to ourselves.  I was already going to seriously have to flip around some stuff for today's entertaining to stay in my calorie range and I wasn't in the mood to juggle another night at a place both of us hate.  One was trying to guilt us into it by saying it was important to them but apparently not important enough to send out a reminder a few days or a week before.  Regardless of the mix up, we were looking forward to our plans which were important to us so pffft.

It's not just the lack of thought on their part, I was in no mood to deal with the crap that tends to come along when we order the healthiest fare they offer at a restaurant.  Yes, we could've just given in, gotten salads or something like that but we're not in the mood to juggle a week night sodium fest, passing up bread baskets, being looked at like lame-o's because we're the only ones eating healthy and such.  I don't understand why some people seem to get so offended when others have committed to living a healthy lifestyle.  They don't even need to come out and say anything, it's in the uncomfortable shift in their seats when they order deep fried whatever and we order baked salmon with asparagus with no butter and water to drink.  It's the roll of the eyes when you pass up dessert or even a bite of someone else's, not because you're trying to make everyone else look bad but because you've meticulously planned your calories for the night and sticking to them is more important than making someone else feel better about their own food choices.  People seem to feel like they need to explain why they ordered what they did..."oh, I figured a night off of good eating was in order" or " I didn't eat breakfast and have been saving up all day for this."

Guess what, I don't give a crap!  I don't care why you're eating what you're eating.  Just like you shouldn't care or feel somehow shamed by us eating what we choose to eat.  Do I know the calories or fat grams on your dish?  Probably.  But not out of judging, it's because I saw it on the menu earlier and I have a stupid ability to remember the most high cal dishes on the menu just as I memorize three choices that will keep us on track.  Would I ever tell someone that?  Hell no!  They seem to be irritated enough that we know the calorie count of our own dish, no reason to heighten the paranoia about theirs.  Some people will never get it and that's fine.  I remember the days when I resented people for ordering something healthy and making me feel like a cow for ordering something I wanted regardless of the calorie count.  I don't know if that's how these people feel but it's the vibe they give off when we sit there in silence sometimes.  Or the awkward way someone grabs another roll by either trying to get one on the sly or make a comment about why they're having another one.

Eat a roll!  I promise I don't care.

That night, we had a damn fine shrimp dish that we both really loved and had a great workout and for us, that was more fulfilling.  That and not succumbing to peer pressure at the last minute when we've already done so much this month.  I'm sure I'm on someone's shit list right now but ask me if I care.  We put our health first that night both nutritionally and mentally.  I don't care if it's not the popular choice, it's the choice we made for ourselves and I can't feel anything but good about it.

Have you ever felt judged by what you ordered at a group gathering?  (Whether you ordered something healthy or not)

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Welcome Fall Door Sign

Finally I can say it...Happy Fall!!

If you have been following me for any length of time, you know I'm ALL about this time of year.  Matter of fact, I've had this project done and hung for three weeks because I've been that ready for the season!

For most of the year, we have a sign I bought from Banana Patch Studios on the door that says "Aloha."   It's kind of like a local land mark with our delivery guys so I wanted to keep the same general shape on the door so when holiday boxes started rolling in, I wouldn't confuse them.  But I also wanted to gussy up for Fall.  That's how this project came together.

When I was in an antique store, I stumbled across a few picket fence slats that had perfect weathered patina and I couldn't resist the price.  I picked a few of those bad boys up and got to work.

I knew I wanted it to say "Welcome Fall."  So I chose the fonts I wanted to use, printed them in outline form in a Word document to save on ink and I originally tried the ol' charcoal pencil on the back and trace on the front trick but it didn't work.  So just imagine me cutting the word out below and tracing with pencil onto the wood since I don't have one of those expensive cutting thingamabobs.

I did the same with the other word after I lined it up with the 'welcome' and traced it onto the wood as well.

You can see my handiwork here...

...and here.

I broke out my craft paint and began filling in the words.

I loved the way it looked so I trudged on.

I broke out other Fall themed colors for the word Fall and for shading on the welcome part.

I filled in "Fall" with a nice pumpkin orange.

Then I grabbed a toothpick and added yellow for shading to make the word pop.

I shaded the white 'welcome' with the cranberry color to make it pop.  (Ha, I said cranberry and pop.  Sorry, I flashed back to a cranberry salad recipe from my bridal shower.)

To hang the sign, I decided instead of the twine I was going to use that I had some pretty rust colored ribbon hanging around waiting to be used.

I drilled holes in either side and I put some scotch tape on the end (like a shoe lace) so I could thread it through then I knotted each end.

Then it was ready to hang.  I could have kept it plain like this, kind of the way our normal sign looks.

I had a twig wreath I usually put up with leaves tucked in and I hung the sign in front of it.

I'm so glad I was able to make this little sign to spruce up our wreath and to welcome Fall properly.  Now, bring on the cider, fuzzy socks and the distant scent of bonfires!

Happy Fall, y'all!

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