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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Sleigh All Day

Yesterday I mentioned how we saw a few flakes here and there.  When all was said and done, I was less than impressed.  I mean look at that pithy spittle on the patio...

(Still up)

I was over it.  Earlier in the year, I looked everywhere for sleigh ride farms within 4 hours of us because we just don't get any snow unless we go out of town.  A few places had notifications if they were running sleigh rides and I got one Sunday morning...mama was down.

We did a super early morning workout, grabbed a pre-packed lunch and got on the road.

We were getting a little worried but finally started seeing the white stuff.

When we got there I about squeed myself.  Just enough snow on the ground, still falling and two big ol' horsies ready to yank our butts around the woods and a field.

I think the Mr had to chisel the smile off of my face.  The jingle of the bells, the soft flakes floating on us. the dude letting us just enjoy ourselves and not forcing small talk.

The snow continued to fall for the duration of our ride and stopped when we did. 

We stopped at a small park close by once we saw the flakes were huge and fluffy.  I stood in it for a few minutes and said "all for ME!!!!"

To put it into perspective, I need winter like 98% of you need summer.  Imagine you only got one summer-like day this year and the rest was 45 degrees and no sun.  That is what winter feels like for me this year. 

While it sucked for the Mr driving, I do appreciate it so much.  It was the perfect way to spend the day, for me at least.  My heart was beyond happy and it did my soul so good.  I know I will likely get no snow the rest of the winter so I will savor that day. 

Then I went home and plugged in the Christmas tree.  😁

What does your soul good?

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Monday, January 20, 2020

This and That Weekend Recap

Happy Monday you fine folks!  I hope you had a great weekend!

At the end of last week, we blew through the final season of Grace and Frankie in two days which was pretty easy with 30-minute episodes.  Sigh.  It was okay and better than previous seasons but not a super satisfying ending on our end.  I feel they missed a real opportunity not to cast Dolly Parton in the role of Taneth played by Casey Wilson.  It would have essentially amounted to a cameo.  I know they're going to be together in the 9 to 5 movie but let's be honest, at their ages, the contracts can be signed but only the universe gets to decide if they'll get the band back together again.  These movies are delayed all of the time and I think the five minutes of screen time would've been well worth it.  But, what do I know?

(The following contains affiliate links for your convenience.  Should you buy through them, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you to keep the blog up and running.)

The Mr's work decided to push an update to refuse to let Apple watches pair with their work phones, basically bricking his $400 less than a year old purchase.  He used it to track his heart health and would run EKG's on it.  They won't make medical exceptions so he got screwed.  I was ticked because I just bought him a new dressy band for it for Christmas that he got to wear once.  I sent out an email to family/friends seeing if anyone wanted to buy it and an old co-worker said her hubby would take it.  So $250 later and he's at a $250 loss for the watch and accessories.   I feared that would happen and the morning it happened I even had the thought about what would he do if they ever took that option away...two hours later.  Must've gotten a "new CIO douchecanoe" vibe in the air.
Then, of course, because of the way it was wiped without permission, there were issues with the new owner being able to use it.  So for any of you Apple watch owners out there, if you sell yours, you have to go through a bunch of steps before you wipe it to make useable for the next owner.

Saturday, the Mr took his test and passed!  Thanks for all of the good vibes!

We swung by Walmart to grab some MCT Oil Powder.  I got some a few weeks ago when we were there on a whim and have been using it for creamer in my tea.  It made me a little more regular which I'm sure will stop now that I've said it out loud.  

We grabbed lunch then went out to get some stuff we needed.  We found ourselves close to a pet store and stopped in for some puppy time.  Instead, we got a ball of lightning that wanted nothing to do with us.

We went out to a fancy dinner to celebrate and upon our return, the Mr binged The Mandalorian since it was his treat for passing.  We'll watch the rest of The World According to Jeff Goldblum and cancel our Disney + subscription because there's nothing else on there we're interested in.  

Sunday I went down to switch clothes and saw it was spitting a few flurries but that lasted about 10 minutes if that.  I plugged in the tree to pretend it was actually winter.  Oh, wait.  In a further attempt to pretend it's winter, I made grilled cheese and soup for lunch.

We watched a few episodes of Jeff Goldblum's show before heading down to have our butts handed to us from Joel and Autumn.  L4 Full Body HIIT then Dirty 30, physical therapy and rolling/stretching.  We were done by 5ish which is when we're usually heading down.  We needed to pick up a few things at the store for the week and we got to enjoy a nice little spittle of steady snow on the way in.  For the 40th time, I picked this up.

I've always wanted to make "scrambled eggs" and said I was going to and had until March to do it.  The Mr gave me a sideways glance that said, "I'll be throwing this away again in March."  Internally, I accepted it as a challenge.  I asked him if he wanted breakfast for dinner because the mahi I had thawing just didn't sound good.  Because I watched a recipe with Ina Garten making her bran blueberry muffins, I got both of those things.  I thought I'd mix 'em in with some oat flour and make blueberry oat pancakes and a tofu scramble.

I was sad I needed to use a little salt to finally make them taste good but was still happy with them and am bummed I wasted so much tofu in the past.  I will definitely be making both in the future!

We got in a few more episodes of


Then we enjoyed a warm beverage before calling it a night to gear up for the adventure that is Monday!

What did y'all do this weekend?

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Friday, January 17, 2020

What I'm Reading This Week #3

Happy, happy Friday all!  I hope you've had a wonderful week and are looking to get into some mischief for the weekend!  We completed the first week of our Joel/Autumn hybrid.

Sun- 3 miler around the hood
Mon- 21DF Total Body Cardio/L4 wk4 Back and Bi's
Tues- 21DF Cardio Fix/L4 wk3 Chest and Tri's
Wed- 80DOb Booty (I've never cursed a trainer more)
Thurs- L4 wk 4 Shoulders/Abs
Fri-  L4 Legs

Le broken.

The Mr was in his final push this week for studying so that's always fun.  He took Thursday and Friday off to study so he's as ready as he can be.  Keep everything you have two of crossed for his test tomorrow!

Now let's test out...

This Is Why You Wake Up at the Same Time Every Night  ( clockwork.)

Vigorous Exercise Can Greatly Reduce Your Risk of Cancer, Heart Disease  (Gotta love that!)

Stop Apologizing For Being Yourself  (I think I spend more time apologizing than just saying 'eff it.'   Something else I'm working on this year.)

If You Have a Slow Metabolism, Here Are 5 Doctor-Approved Ways to Burn Belly Fat  (So basically nothing new here anyone whose been trying to lose weight doesn't really know.  I've actually been diagnosed with it on my BodPod scans and it's maddening, to say the least.)

The Older You Are, the Less Narcissistic You Tend to Be  ("Tend to be" is the operative phrase.  I know a few who buck the trend.)

Why your debit card is the least secure way to pay for goods  (We don't even have one and you'd never catch me using it if we did especially these days.)

Too Much Stuff  (Getting rid of things, it turns out, is a lot harder than acquiring them in the first place.)

How to Let Go: Learning to Deal With Loss  (Not the way you think.  A must-read!)

An Ode to Middle Age  (A good read for both those who are there and those who aren't yet but need to be given the 'what's up' on what you're in for should you be lucky enough to get there.)

The Stowaway!  (Courtesy of the Mr.  I believe the phrase the stowaway is looking for is "hoooooly shit guys!!")

The Mr has his test tomorrow morning then I think our day is pretty open. 

How are you going to spend this glorious weekend?

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Scrollin' with the Homies

Sorry for my horrible wordplay off of the famous Clueless scene.

Man, Jeremy Sisto was a fetus!  Always hot though....rawr.  I highly suggest if you happen to be a fan of him, you go on YouTube and just enter his name.  He is known for doing some friggin' hilarious NSFW YouTube vids as favors for his friends.  I Know Sisto comes to mind but it's not for prudes and the last scene always makes me cry laughing because it's super random.


I was in my browser and saw a folder of bookmarks from a laptop transfer from about 8 years ago or so.  I decided to see what kind of stuff was bookmark worthy back then if the links worked, which a lot of them didn't.

Caveman's Crib.  This was a page on Geico's website purely dedicated to the cavemen they used to use for their commercials which the Mr and I LOVED.  (Then they tried to make it into an actual show and ruined it.)  But this is still one of our favorite commercials ever with the awesome Royksopp's Remind Me as the perfect song.

Speaking of which, I also saw the AdTunes bookmark which we used in the golden age of awesome music used for commercials from about 2005-2009.    It's still up and running so if you see a commercial with a song you like and can't find it in a regular Google search, check there.

ELance is now Upwork.

Essence Furnishings is apparently defunct and I was bummed because I saw I bookmarked a sofa so I wanted to see what my style was then.  After scrolling through a list of hard no's with the same name, I stumbled upon this and it jogged my memory.  When we were turning the guest room into an office, I looked at this as a potential purchase to still have a place to sit while having the option to futon down for guests.  Our hatred of houseguests won and if you want to stay with us, I'd say "sofa city, sweetheart."  (Points if you got the reference.)

Sadly, Mr. where I used to get Maui pineapples is kaput.

I remember when we had a skunk issue and I bookmarked this.   Our HOA used the same thing to release him "in a field."  Mmm-hmm.  At least his last meal was Lucky Charms that I fed him.

OMG, I can't believe these people are still renting and that website format hasn't been updated!  I bookmarked this one for the 2 bedroom on the left.  It's the condos we usually stay at when we go.  Hmm, next year is our 25th.

I remember when I was super into bentos and I used this site for lots of great ideas.  It's not updated but a fun source especially for parents and grandparents who want to make the kids lunch fun.

I have zero idea why I bookmarked this (the link to the specific person was dead) but I was stalking some celebs outfit, I guess.  Don't ever remember doing that, I must've stumbled upon it somehow but cool if you want to try to dress like your favorite celeb (some of the stuff is actually quite affordable!) or curse the amount of disposable income they have.  More importantly, how the hell do people find out every aspect of a person's outfit?  I'd go insane doing that job!

I guess I dreamed of being a caretaker at a posh resort at one time???

A really sad folder to look at was the 25th-anniversary one.  We were going to renew our vows at the church at Coco Palms where Elvis got married in Blue Hawaii.  That has been tied up in litigation, squatters and shitty investors for over a decade now with broken promises of "soon."  Well, even if they broke ground today, it wouldn't be soon enough to be ready for us next year.  I was lamenting the other day with my friend who is getting married on Kauai in a few months how our generation got screwed.  We grew up with big parties thrown for couples celebrating their 25th anniversary.  Granted, it was usually thrown by their kids but still.  We just always assumed we'd have one.  Now, times have changed.  No one gives a crap about going to a party like that and I haven't even heard of one in well over a decade when my aunt and uncle had theirs.  I have zero desire of draining our bank account to throw a vanity party.  I always envisioned we'd renew our vows, film it and play it for a reception we'd have back here where we'd enter in the same outfits we wore that day.  But the people I'd want to party with are scattered across the country, there are complicated relationships between people we're close friends with and ignorant family members and it just wouldn't be a good time.  Couple that with people who would be all butthurt they didn't get an invite because we can't stand them.  Sigh.  We can't really go anywhere big because we'll be a few months back from VT and wouldn't be able to save up to do what we want.  I won't say dreams change, I'll just say shit happens, you get screwed and all that really matters is the Mr and I made it to 25.  (Assuming we do and the world hasn't blown up by then.)

Movin' on...

I totally forgot about Collage Video!

Oooh, I have some bananas that are ready!  This is in my future!

HA!!  There was a link to my shady ex-SIL's now banned eBay account.  She was selling family heirlooms and stuff the BIL didn't know about.  Nutbag.

Forgot about this too.  If you have too many tees that you have attachments to or a loved one has passed and you don't want to just donate their t-shirts, this place does T-shirt quilts.

Well, that's enough for one day.  I hope I haven't bored you and maybe inspired you to go back through your old bookmark folder and get rid of dead links and laugh at some stuff when you think "why the hell did I bookmark that?!"

What's the weirdest/funniest thing you've got bookmarked?

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Hump Day Poll: My Younger Self Would Cringe

It's funny when you're like 16 years old or so and you're on that cusp of legal adulthood and think your style will remain the same.  I got a bedroom set of black lacquer with gold veneer on it and thought I was the shizz.  It looked similar to this...

I thought I would always be a modern girl and love black, white and red like we had at our wedding.  I think about the potential kitchen design we're about to inquire on and think of how my younger self would be like "who ARE you!?!"

I've always loved old, hand hewn beams, New England style and stuff like that but never thought I'd decorate with it.  (These days it's interpreted as "farmhouse" but unless you're decorating with a bunch of farm animals, I don't consider it farmhouse.) 

What has changed about you as you've gotten older that your younger self would cringe over?

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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Is It Me(me)?

That moment when you realize it's 11:50pm, your proofreader is in bed and you haven't done a post yet because you got sucked into your favorite farmhouse on IG.  Whoops!

Because my day was exceptionally boring, I thought I'd go to a meme page of people who think they have it in them to create the next viral sensation and thought I'd share the ones that actually made me chuckle/cross my legs laughing and not roll my eyes.

All images from's Instagram.

Dude is a friggin' dog hero.  This is the stuff of dog lore. also.

Aww, sweetness!

Every single time.  It's still never helped me land the shot I called.

Yep!  Loving Is Easy by  Rex Orange County.   When it starts fading out, I restart it because it's too I just did. (Language)
 I'm pretty sure this clown got fired from Krispy Kreme because this is about the caliber of any "special edition" donut we used to try to buy.

I couldn't stop laughing...the struggle is real.

And finally...

I hope you got a chuckle or guffaw or two!

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Monday, January 13, 2020

Vents, Impending Wardrobe Malfunction and No Kisses Please

Good Monday morning all!  I hope you had a great weekend and took some good 'you time' and are ready to tackle another week.  Friday, I replaced our register covers downstairs.  I noticed when I put the tree skirt down that ours looked a little rusted here and there.  I wanted something a little more vintage looking so we got this one.

We blew through Trader Joe's in record time as well as Target so we had the superfluous stores done by 9pm Friday night.  Saturday we tried a new to us restaurant that was pretty good but the service was slow just like the reviews said and that was with five other tables in the whole place at 11:15am so we won't likely go back.  We had coupons with us but didn't spend enough to qualify so we left the smaller one on the table with the drink menu and gave the $10 one to the people in the booth behind us.  They seemed quite happy.  It was a rainy, record-breaking high kind of day so we headed downtown.  There was a kitchen show going on so we stopped in.  Boy, those have really gone downhill over the years.  I remember expo-y kind of shows that you'd have a huge bag of crap to go through when you got home but there was barely enough to fill an eighth of the bag.  One of the places we talked to that I actually had bookmarked was a hard no.  I got a bad vibe from what the kid was telling us and I mean KID.  I'm assuming he needed a note to get out of middle school intramurals to be there.  There was one we signed up for an appointment that was using the Home Depot name to lure people in.  I looked to see the subcontractors that would actually be doing the work and they got atrocious reviews.  All talked about being duped by the Home Depot name and how HD said they wouldn't get involved.  That was enough for us to cancel the appointment.  There's one other place we will likely set up a quote appointment with along with a mom and pop refacing company.  Just curious what that will cost now that we've gotten an idea of the process.  Prices will only go up so we want to see what we're in for.   

We saw there was some cosplay event in town so we wandered in.  I didn't think to take pics but here's an idea of what we saw.

There was one very robust woman who used cosplay as an excuse to literally wear the dumpiest, most ill-fitting bra and ratty panties in public.  You know the ones you wear in shame at home but think "eh, I'm gonna let the boobs flop with minimal support because I'm in my castle."  Nope...homegirl went for it, and only ONE hook was latched on that bra.  I didn't want to be anywhere around when the floodgates let loose Lake Boobawatchee.

Sunday the Mr studied until his brain fried.  We walked 3 miles around the hood for exercise then straight into our final two grocery runs for produce and yogurt.  He saw this cereal and we both agreed it looked NOTHING like Kisses.  We had a pretty good take on what we thought it looked like.  Tell us what you see.

On our way out, the Mr excitedly spied these...

I told him to grab them and I have to say...they tasted very...vanilla.  I hate vanilla ice cream so this was a bit of a loser for me so he can have the rest.  But it was nice to see him light up over them.  I could almost see 7-year-old Mr in that moment.  When we got home and ate dinner, he cut my veggies for the week while I started on this.

Riveting, isn't it?

What did you get into this weekend?

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