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Friday, November 16, 2018

What I'm Reading This Week #46

Happy Friday everyone!  We made it.  Do your Friday dance.  Go ahead...I'll wait.

It's been another crazy busy week and I can't wait until I don't have to say that anymore especially given we've got a lot coming up this week.  It's not just the usual holiday stuff with Thanksgiving either.  We're going to be hosting my Grandpa's wife this Tuesday for our Christmas gathering so the house needs to be cleaned like we're bringing someone with no immune system home and have the house decorated.  Before anyone says it doesn't have to be decorated...yes it does.  ;-)

But enough about that, let's jump into...

5 Yoga Stretches to Relieve Tight Calves and Shins (You know I'm all over these this week!)

Shoe-Tying Hacks  (You won't believe how much these can help!)

This Healthy Holiday Hack Will Save You So Many Calories This Season  (I can wait to try sugar cookie tea!  YUM!)

How To Solve Achilles Tendon Pain  (Mine have been real a-holes this week)

8 Ways to Improve Your Sleep (I swear if ONE MORE article tells me not to workout in the evening, I'm going to scream.  Don't workout like 30 minutes before bedtime, otherwise workout when it fits your friggin' schedule.  *nerve obviously hit*)

Feeling Dry & Itchy, Sad, Or Sick? Here's How To Help Your Body Adjust To The Cold  (word.)

The Best Way to Build Boundaries With Difficult Parents  (In case you'll be dealing with any next week)

10 Other Conversation Topics for Thanksgiving Dinner  (Some of these are good but some sound like ways to initiate a whole new shite show!)

Man who was photographed eating with a stranger hopes to have breakfast with her more often  (While I love this story, and I do hope a new friendship has been formed.  But I really wish people would stop taking pictures of strangers and posting it on social media without their permission regardless of the situation.)

Super guilty dog literally can't keep a straight face  (HILARIOUS!)

Christmas gift?  (The Mr claims he doesn't want this for Christmas but he got way too excited showing it to me for me to believe that.)

We're doing a little antiquing Saturday then probably putting up the tree.  Soooo much to do.

What are you guys into this weekend?

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

How Crappy Things Sneak Into Long Term Memory

I was reading an article a month or two ago about the effects of adrenaline and long-term memory.  This article says the same basic thing if you're interested.   It was saying how when you have an event that produces adrenaline no matter how insignificant, it will more likely stick in your long-term memory and vividly so.  This is why I can distinctly remember the day my aunt and I were in a car accident.  I was the passenger (about 12 or 13 maybe), and she went to turn left and didn't see the car hiding beside another car until it was too late.  I hit my knee pretty hard but the adrenaline was high, and I ran 1/2 mile back home to my mom who was coming out of the house to leave.  I didn't feel my knee pain at all, I remember every detail.  That is something you'd expect to stick.

I also remember being a kid and my dad yelling at me and calling me a not so nice name when I accidentally conked my little cousin on the head.  I immediately apologized to her and gave her a hug but dad yelled at me in front of my uncles, and I felt even worse and ran upstairs crying to my mom and told her what happened.  My uncle (her dad) came up and said she was fine, I didn't hurt anything, and my mom let my dad have it for what he said to me.  (A VERY big thing for her at that time.)  To this day, I remember how I felt when he called me that, and I don't know if he'd remember it if I brought it up.

Additionally, I remember something much less significant in the scheme of things, but because my adrenaline kicked into overdrive, I remember it very vividly.  My parents were in the middle of their divorce, and my mom wasn't eating at the time and was crying a lot but trying to hide it from me.  On what I can only assume was a bad day for her, I asked her if I could make a tuna fish sandwich for lunch.  She said that was fine but only use half the can.  Well, I never used half the can that's like nothing in tuna fish terms, even for a 9-year-old.  I, of course, used the whole can and added my tons of Miracle Whip as usual ala "would you like some tuna with your Miracle Whip?" and went out to watch TV beside her.  She laughed and said "God, did you use the whole can?"  Being stupid, I said yes.  Well, she went off and yelled at me saying she told me not to, and I did it anyway and why didn't I listen...blah, blah, blah.  I don't remember everything she said, but I remember how I felt.  I felt fat, I felt like I couldn't do anything right, I felt like I wasn't a good daughter because she was already going through enough and I made it worse.  I know she was probably worried about how she was going to be a single mom and support us on a retail salary, that food wasn't cheap, and we needed to make things stretch, that she didn't want me to have the same weight problems she had and all kinds of things.  She didn't handle it well, and it made an impression and is burned in there forever.  I guarantee you if she ever read that paragraph she'd tell you there's no way that ever happened.

All kinds of things stick in our heads for things that are trivial to others but become significant to us because of adrenaline.  After I knew that because of that article, we were walking on one of our last morning walks for a while.  I almost stepped on a frog, and the Mr saw it before I did and yelled at me to watch out.  It kicked up my adrenaline really high because he scared me by grabbing me when he did it.  I looked down and saw the frog on it's back in distress.  It had obviously been hit, but because of the adrenaline, I could actually feel it being seared into my mind.  (This kind of thing happens with horror movies or scenes I find disturbing like an abandoned animal that makes me cry.)  After having just learned my new factoid, I knew I did NOT want that image burned into my brain and tried very hard to calm myself but felt like it was too late.  So I tried a different approach.  I pictured the frog flipping over and hopping away.  I did this over and over again as I was still adrenalized but coming down from it.  A few days later when I saw a flat frog on another part of our walk, I thought of that frog, and you know what?  I remembered it "hopping away" more than I remembered the blood and stuff that was starting to sear in there.  This also shows how 10 people could go through the same event like say a bank robbery and all tell a different story.  You could have people that process it differently or people who start to add in things that didn't actually happen based purely on adrenaline and what they were thinking at the time.

Cool, weird and scary, huh?

What insignificant to others moment is burned into your brain because of adrenaline?

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Hump Day Poll: Gobble Til Ya Wobble

Can you believe Thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow? 

I always like to hear what people have as staples on their Thanksgiving table because so much of it is a regional thing.  Since y'all are probably going to be busy next Wednesday, I thought we'd make that this week's fun poll.

Ours is turkey, grandma's noodles, mashed potatoes (me), stuffing (me), cheeseball if someone makes it and I don't, deviled eggs (bleck),  a can or two of veggies (usually corn and/or green beans), dinner rolls, and desserts.  Someone grabs store-bought pumpkin pie because most people like that.  The Mr and I prefer my light pumpkin pie with gingersnap crust.  So I make that for us (others always dig into it though), apple pie (me) and this year I'm making dark chocolate pecan pie because I want two pieces to save back for the weekend but without the temptation of having more of it hanging around so I'll take it with us.  I bought a 3 tier pie stand last year, so it's going to get a workout this year.

I remember as a kid my great aunt made oyster dressing, and I actually loved it.  I sure do miss her.  (She is still with us but in Florida.)

What is on your Thanksgiving table?  Does it differ from what you had as a kid?  Any relatives known for a dish that makes it a holiday like my grandma's noodles?

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Step back, lady

Happy Tuesday you sassy people, you!

I got up around 8:30am and got some work in before the clouds rolled in and the Mr came down.  He was looking at some shoes and I had some stuff I wanted to look at so we decided to make it a shopping day.  We wandered around covering two miles according to my pedometer.  I got a Christmas plate and we replaced two skillets that are kaput.  I thought it was a pretty good deal getting a 10" and 12" skillet for $50.  (affiliate link)

We went to a high falootin' store after buying those at Crate and Barrel and the Mr was looking at the Calphalon sets they had there while I looked at some Christmas stuff.  I went over and we were looking to see we if got a good deal because this place sold the same sizes for $100.  Apparently, that was the woman's cue to run over and ask if we needed help.  We politely declined and she started asking if we needed pans.  I said no we'd just bought some and she started snooping in my bag and said "oh, those are the old ones, these are much better.  You should actually get these."  Um, you should actually back the eff up because I'm not above flicking someone pawing through my bag and skillet "shaming" me square in the forehead.  Step back, lady.

We came home and my legs were killing me (they are SO screwed up again now) and we hit the proverbial wall so we napped...for an hour.  Then we did some shopping online from stuff we tried on because we knew we could get cash back through Ebates.  I know I've said it before but seriously, consider Ebates if you're a big online shopper.  They don't sell your information, they just split the commission if you use their website to shop on qualifying sites.  I just got $27 yesterday and in total over the years, I've gotten $730 back.  That's money that would've gone to the merchant and not back to me!  I don't think so!  I've gotten money back when booking our hotels and property rentals too.  If you use my referral link, if you sign up, spend $25, you'll get an extra $10 back in addition to the cash back you'll get from your purchase.  Not bad!  If you're down with Cyber Monday, they ALWAYS have double cash back from a ton of merchants.  I actually got 3% cash back the other day from buying a gift card!  Stepping off my Ebates soapbox.  😆

Because we putzed around, we ate a little late but it was worth it.  Homemade fish and chips with green beans.  Then the Mr put on some classic 70's and 80's Christmas commercials because he knows how to warm my cockles.  (That's what she said.)  We watched this show called "Epic" that showed people's epic massive RV's and just how many people in this country have stupid money.  Then, before we knew it, it was 10pm and the day was gone.  Pffft.

What are your favorite classic holiday commercials?  (This is one of mine.)

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Monday, November 12, 2018

Whirlwind Weekend Recap

Good Monday morning everyone! 

My Lord, it was a busy weekend...again.  Friday was grocery night and we went to Trader Joe's and Target the first part of the late afternoon into early evening.  We picked up our turkey that I always make and that mutha was big so fitting everything into the fridge was fun.  Then we went down and worked out because we knew if we didn't, it'd be too tempting to skip.  We went down and did T25 which handed us our butts then it was time for dinner and back out for our last two grocery stores.  When we got home, we knew we had more crap that wasn't going to fit with that behemoth turkey in the fridge so I cut my veggies for our beef stew and he cut my veggies for the week.  By the time we were done, it was 11:30pm and we were ready to pass out.  I think we went up around midnight. 

OH but grandpa's wife finally gave me an idea so I'm finally DONE Christmas shopping!! 

I couldn't sleep past 6am but laid around until 8am then got up and did some work.  Even though I did a ton of prep work the night before, putting the stew together took longer than expected so we got going a little later than we wanted.  We stopped at a park along the way and enjoyed the few leaves that were hanging on.

We wandered around and found an arcade and the Mr and I played Ms. Pacman.  Before we left, the Mr did his usual.

He likes to put get change for a dollar in tokens and leave it for (hopefully) some kid to find.  We both remember how awesome it was to find a token or two in the change return as kids at the arcade.  It was like hitting the jackpot.  There were four kids in there when we left so hopefully they split it between two of them.  (Because you know, four tokens only gets you TWO games to play instead of four.  Jerks.)

We went shopping a little after lunch and when we stopped by a place to grab hot chocolate, the Mr pointed out this sign and we both cracked up which is why it's blurry.

Sunday I did a LOT of work from basically 9:30am until 5pm which kind of sucked.  The Mr pulled some dead plants up and threw them away and put up the outdoor lights since it was a nice day weather-wise.   He had a pretty nasty headache going on all day.  We had brunch in between and I also baked the monster turkey.

Look at that breast!  (That's what he said.)  Got it all cut up and will Food Save it to enjoy through the season.  (affiliate link)  Then there was no rest for the wicked and we had to go down and do our strength workout and then had dinner after and collapsed into a heap.

I have a crap ton of online work to do today so my twitch should set in soon.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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Friday, November 9, 2018

What I'm Reading This Week #45

Sorry I've been so absent this week.  It has been utterly crazy and I'm trying to cram everything in with limited time.  There was literally nothing to report so I didn't feel like basically regurgitating Monday's post two other times the only other exception being one day included a killer migraine that lasted all day.  Jealous?  😏

But enough of my crazy week, let's jump into...

The Tiny Muscle That Can Be a Pain in Your Butt, Back and Knees   (I roll this EVERY day and if you sit all day, you should too!  The Mr always laughs when I say I'm going to roll my piriformis)

Are you on your way to dead butt syndrome? Here’s how to combat it  (Hence the reason the above article is so important!)

Lifting Weights Just Once a Week Can Cut Your Heart Disease Risk in Half  (Score!)

6 Essential Oils That May Help Kick Your Cold Symptoms to the Curb  (I don't know about kicking it to the curb but the eucalyptus and peppermint oils in my diffuser made a big difference in comfort with ours.  (affiliate link))

Mega companies are investing in small, healthy food brands—are your indie faves selling out?  (*waiting with bated breath*  what a weird saying.)

Satisfying Alternatives for When You Can't Say "F**k You"  (I suppose these are okay but they don't list my favorite which all good Southern women know..."bless your heart" with a forced smile.  It is literally the same as saying eff you but classier.)

Bad Posture Isn't Why Your Back Hurts, Says This Physical Therapist  (This is VERY true)

12 things you should never do at the airport this holiday season  (For those of you traveling.)

Wash Your Hands Immediately After Touching These 8 Things at the Airport   (Basically rent a hazmat suit.  We ALWAYS wipe down the seat, seat belt buckle, window blind, armrests and tray table with wipes before we even sit down.  Between that and the air purifiers what used to be a guaranteed way to catch a cold has saved us on long haul trips. (affiliate link))

10 Turkey Myths That Could Ruin Your Thanksgiving (God love my Grandma but she put that bird in at 4:30am every year and it practically disintegrated upon being cut.)

Christkindl Markets: Old-World Charm for a Modern Christmas  (I see a few road trips in our future!)

We're going to get in some early holiday cheer this weekend and we're going shopping too.  (Window shopping, I don't need anything.)

What are you guys up to?

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Hump Day Poll: Have You Started?

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and she said she was 90% done with her Christmas shopping just like me.  Another friend was talking about the scads of Christmas shopping she was doing so I thought I'd make that today's fun poll.

Have you started holiday shopping yet?  When do you like to be done? (Or try to be done)

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