Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Peeved peepers

Oy, yesterday.

Okay, so I've been dealing with this eye issue for 5 1/2 weeks.  Two days after my allergy testing, I noticed I had what felt like an eyelash in my eye and when there was nothing there, I thought maybe a scratch so I'd give it a few days to heal.  My eye felt gritty and as the week went on, more dry.  I went to the eye doctor and he said I had several styes trying to form (couldn't see them myself), told me to do hot compresses several times a day, use an overnight ointment to keep things moist at night and in a few weeks I should be good to go.  I have been religious about it.  When a doc tells me to do something, I do it.  I'm not one of those people who does something for a few days, sees no change and stops.  He mentioned using baby shampoo to keep things clean so the Mr got some of that for me and I made my own rice bag to heat and keep on my wet washcloth to keep it warm for 10-20 minutes at a time.  At one point, when I just lost all hope and broke down in a heap of snot and tears, the Mr went to Walgreens and got me some lid scrub towelettes and I was doing it in the morning and before bed.

The whole routine left my eyelids torn to shreds.  About 2 1/2 weeks into the treatment, I noticed that I could see open pores in the inner corners of each eye with slight white surrounding it.  I took this as a good sign as it was coming to a head like a blemish.  It seemed to stall a bit and I switched ointments to a gel overnight treatment.  It looked like things were slowly moving along.  Then last week, the Mr was having trouble with his contacts, so he thought.  I jokingly said I hoped he wasn't getting what I had but we weren't told it was contagious or anything.  I thought he would've looked but he didn't.  Then the other day I saw them, he had the exact same styes I had in the inner corners but without having to go through the excruciating and tedious routine I had to endure.  I'll be honest, I was pissed.  I have been sick since December 21st with one thing or another with no break or relief and he gets what I have for one day and its Armageddon and must be dealt with asap, etc.  I kind of wanted to kick him in the nuts after having gone through my crap for 5 1/2 weeks.  But we have a road trip this weekend and I cannot drive with this dry eye being an issue and if he couldn't wear his contacts, he can't see and he hates glasses and didn't have prescription sunglasses, etc.

I told you that to tell you this.

So yesterday was getting him into the eye doc which couldn't be done until 4pm.  He called off work because if he had an infection he didn't want to spread it to co-workers.  We were going to go grab some stuff at the store and I told him he might want to swing by the doctors office and pick up his prescription and we could go to one of those one hour eyeglass places and get those in time.  He went in and a few minutes waved me in.  He was picking out frames and liked these wrap arounds so he wanted my opinion.  I was going to get some new sunglasses but never thought of getting prescriptions so we checked our benefits and bought the frames there and would get the lenses at the other place so we could get some of it covered.

We go to the other place and it's a huge to do to get the info in and by the time we get to entering the Mr's info with his frames and she looks at his prescription and is like "oh."  I had a view of myself in a mirror behind him and I see one of my stress hives starting to form on my forehead.

"Because you have an astigmatism, they have to curve the lens and then you have the curve of the wraparound lens already, we'd have to special order these.  They'd be in in 7-10 days."

Insert stress hive going blood red.  It wasn't pretty.

We tell her no and he was the whole reason we even did this, blah blah blah.  So he calls the doc back and asks if we can return the frames we bought from them and what was going on so he could pick out a flatter frame where we were.  She gives the okay and we pick out frames.  We swing back by the docs so they can start the return and call the insurance company so we don't get a bill for attempted double dipping.  We came home and had lunch, went out to the store we originally wanted to go to and back home to see if they called about the sunglasses to see if we could squeeze in a workout.  Nope.  We putz around for 20 minutes and they call, so back out we went.

Of course there was no parking so I hopped out of the car and ran in to get them.  It took a few because nothing can be simple with us.  We gassed up to kill some time then went back for his 4pm appointment.  We went back and the doc examined him and was surprised to hear I was still having issues.  He said there's obviously something that clogged both of us up and while he's not big on antibiotics, there is one that usually helps with this.  It's both an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory and is usually prescribed for acne which this is kind of like acne in the worst possible place.  I got very nervous because of the crap I was prescribed the 2nd time but he left the room and researched the side effects and this is an old school version, not the newer class that has 80 side effects.  (I wish I was exaggerating)  We'll have to be super vigilant about sunscreen when we're outside or even in the car but I'm praying to God this is what finally does it.  Suffering for almost 6 weeks with this has been a serious test of my sanity.  I just want to be normal again.

Normal for me.

I never mentioned it before now because honestly, I'm not in the mental state to take internet horror stories.

Dinner was orange shrimp over thai lime rice and mixed veggies.

Our workout was WATP Firm 30.

Looking around, I should probably get to cleaning soon.  Oy.  It never ends, y'all.

Recently had a day or minor illness chew you up and spit you out?

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Gorilla style and spring in bloom

Really?  I work my butt off last week, follow the same food plan, get in my water and I get nothing on the scale?  I had a goal for the last weigh in of the month and I was one pound away.

ONE pound.

Completely doable...no Earthly reason as to why it couldn't be hit, on paper everything said I should lose two but I wasn't going to be greedy but nothing.  (No it's not that time of the month, I usually lose that week anyway.  No I didn't lose inches, the measuring tape has actually gone up.)

THIS is why when people say sh*t like "calories in vs. calories out" or "eat less, move more, it's as simple as that" I feel that I have every right to drop kick them square in their stupid ass teeth.  It's NOT as simple as that.  You probably think I'm overreacting but let me tell you something about me and weight loss goals.  Throughout the dawn of my time on this Earth, I have never once hit the weight loss number I set out to hit in X amount of time.  I would get within 3-5 pounds of it and then nothing or gains to make it even further out of my reach for no good reason.  To be one pound away and still be laughed at by the universe feels like a slap in the face to all of my hard work.  Especially given how horrible my cravings have been over the past two weeks.  I could've totally caved and stuffed myself full of the crap I was craving but I had this goal in sight and this lack of hitting it when I was so close really hit me hard.

The only thing I can think of is I felt really beat up and maybe I should've taken a rest day in there somewhere.  I suppose I should be grateful I didn't gain anything.  That usually happens when I'm close to a goal.  The weight loss deities throw in some wild card gain that makes no sense.  Oh well, nothing I can do about it now.  I just have to calm my urge to go gorilla style on a piece of machinery.

Gorilla style- [guh-ril-uh  sty-l]- verb- to poop in your hand and throw it at the scale in disgust much like a gorilla does at the zoo to small children.

On the upside, the Mr lost 3 lbs.

He found some thing for us to do in the morning called the Tibetan Five.  Go ahead and look at it if you like.  Okay, so we did a few of them in bed (probably not where you're supposed to do them but still)  Then we got up and I spun around like 7x before collapsing on the bed in a dizzy heap for about 30 seconds.  The Mr spun around slowly 3x fell to the bed and when I came back from the bathroom 5 minutes later he was still laying on the bed ready to hurl.  The man gets sick on the swings.  So yeah, this could help him build up some tolerance or it'll make him fall the wrong way into the dresser, get amnesia and my life's purpose will change.  (Not that I apparently have a life's purpose anyway but still, this may cement it)

We went to the health food store and bought shea butter, essential oils and stuff to make homemade shave cream.  I bought the Mr an old school shaving kit because after I read about the crap in those "moisturizing strips" on razors, I was done.  They always irritate his skin anyway and I'm just done with all of these damn chemicals leeching into our bodies so I'm going to DIY as much stuff as I can from cleaners to skin care and everything in between.  I even signed up for the frequent shopper card at the health food store so hand me my boho ankle length skirt and Birkenstocks...I'm officially a crunchy granola.

Sunday we took a walk since it was so nice out and enjoyed the signs of spring in full bloom.

It always makes me sad we have these flowering beauties for so little time.  Without fail, just as blooms come out some huge windstorm comes along and blows half the petals off.  So many were scattered on the sidewalk already.  It's the same with Fall, just as the leaves turn the brilliant hues we've all been so patiently waiting for, a windy day blows them all to the ground.  It's like the best seasons with the most beauty pass by so quickly.  Sigh.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Whoopin' and what I'm reading this week

It's da weekend!  

*booty poppin' dance*

Man, this workout week really handed me a whoopin'.  Well I should say the strength training in particular.  We drug out the Total Trainers Monday and then did a lower body workout Wednesday and I just tried to load up with protein and water for muscle repair. 

But enough of that, let's get to...

34 Healthy Energy Bars You Can Make at Home  (I was seriously wondering how to make some and this popped up.  Some good recipes!)

Dr. Oz Defends Medical Advice After Calls For Dismissal From Columbia University  (I'm sorry but when a heart doctor writes a weight loss book saying how I can have any nut butter I want except peanut butter because it's so delicious I won't be able to control myself then last week tells me to load up on peanuts or 3 tbsps of peanut butter, then yeah...no trust.  Stick to fixing hearts please.)

The Top 3 Scariest, Grossest, Germiest Places in Your House  (The second I read this, I did a tub clean on the washer.  No lie)

14 Sneaky Ways to Hide Household Eyesores  (Some AWESOME ideas in here.  I'm doing a few!)

What to Do When Your Job Is Seriously Stressing You Out  (Besides quit)

Why Your Brain Doesn't Want You to Keep Weight Off—and How to Fight It  (This is so true.  I think some of us talked about this recently on Facebook)

Why a High-­Fat Diet Can Torpedo Your Metabolism  (Why did they show donuts as the picture when they're talking about cheese?)

Which Foods Actually Stain Your Teeth (and Which Don't)  (Good to know!)

How to Buy Better Produce for Less  (I'll take any penny I can get!)

See How Body Shaming Can Affect Anyone, Even Fitness Stars  (I bawled my eyes out for her)

Mindfulness as effective as pills for treating recurrent depression  (Good info for those who prefer not to take meds)

First Draft of 'Breakfast Club' Script Unearthed at Shuttered Chicago High School  (Cool!)

This Is What Plus-Size Clothes Look Like On Plus-Size Women  (Hilarious and so true.  Why do we have catalogs or websites to begin with?  Actually 10 years ago they tried to launch true to size catalogs and people didn't want to see what they would actually look like, they wanted skinnier models.  *rolling eyes*)

This Couple Kept the "Best Secret Ever" From Their Family and Friends   (The reactions are hilarious!)

Last F**kable Day with Tina Fey, Patricia Arquette, Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Amy Schumer (NSFW, full of swearing but hilarious as hell)

We've got a ton to do this weekend and no to do list to follow so I need to make that up today so I don't forget anything.  A super busy time coming up and multi-tasking isn't my strong point.  I think we're trying a new pizza place this weekend...unless my craving for my meatloaf overtakes that.  I make a mean version of Cheesecake Factory's old favorite the Mile High Meatloaf sandwich.  Actually the past two weeks, I've been craving pure crap but then come high cal day we can't think of anything.  Weirdos.

Whatchu guys up to this weekend?

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spontaneous update

About 4 years ago when I redid the bedroom, we got this armoire for my dresser from a vintage shop.

I've always loved it...until I open it.

The inside was nicked up a little and the guy who painted it did a bit of a sloppy job.  I always said I was going to paint it but you know how that goes.  When I was going upstairs, I decided to grab the sample size Duck Egg chalk paint that took up residence on the dining table.  When I got to the top of the stairs, I saw my paint brush and thought "eh, why not."

I got straight to work and didn't even bother to take my clothes out of the drawers.

I painted all of the drawer fronts and the side pieces and then decided to seal it with some wax so it would hold up for a good long while.  You can see how the wax deepens the color slightly.

Then it was all sealed and ready to not be winced at anymore when the doors are opened.

I think it probably took a total of 30-40 minutes for all coats of paint and wax.  Only took a few years to actually execute.

Have you ever done a spontaneous update of something you had no intention of doing five minutes earlier?

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Thumpin' melon

It was a pretty long day yesterday.  It's usually the Mr's telework day and I must be used to it because the day dragged on forever with him at work.  I got some scheduling done I've been putting off, following up with people dragging their feet on some things, spent the day obsessing with stats for the latest video and trying to stop my nails from throbbing after biting them all off from nerves.  Yeesh.

The Mr was kind enough to stop by the grocery on the way home and ran into several stupid people that caused him to get a flaming headache.  I was so sore from the Total Trainer session the night before I knew nothing strenuous was in the cards for me so I thought I'd see if he wanted to walk at the park.  He looked pretty beat and in pain but said he wanted to in lieu of going into the basement to workout.  It was pretty windy but I knew that would mean no sweat and I'm down with that.  We gabbed and enjoyed the sunshine.

I wish I could say that made him better but he seemed to get worse even after a neck massage from me, Excedrin migraine (his usual last resort) and dinner of chicken, sweet potato and green beans.  I felt so bad for him.  I know those days when you just have the worst headache that wants to hang on and nothing seems to help.  The only thing that seemed to slightly improve things for him was the all natural method of peppermint and olive oil rubbed on the temples.  Hopefully today will be better.

But it was good to stumble across Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back so we could hear the line "fire a warning shot into his bulbous ass."  That one got a pretty hearty chuckle from the Mr.

How do you soothe headaches that hang on?

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Let's end this together!

You all know about the struggle my grandma has been going through with dementia.  This disease is stealing her from a family who loves her and misses her despite the fact that she's sitting right next to them.  She no longer knows us and it is a fate worse than death.  It is the 6th leading cause of death and out of the top 10 causes of death, this is the ONLY one with no effective treatment or cure.  This MUST change or more of us and our loved ones will succomb to this disease.  Don't think it can't happen to you...it can and you don't have to be old to get it.  People in their 20's and 30's are being diagnosed!

I have joined a fundraiser benefitting the Alzheimer's Association in collaboration with Seth and Lauren Rogen to aid toward getting a documentary made because I think awareness to the younger generation is so important if we're going to get a cure for this disease.  People need to change their views on Alzheimers and dementia by getting educated.  This documentary puts a face to this disease from Seth and Lauren's story to the story of a 35 year old that was diagnosed to what patients in a nursing home go through every day.

Seth and Lauren Rogen have done an amazing job of bringing awareness where they can with their program Hilarity for Charity but sadly, when Seth testified before Congress, most of the seats were empty and only two senators showed up which is friggin' appalling.

Please stop by the landing page for the fundraiser and watch the YouTube video for a peek at what you'd be supporting.  Even if you can't afford to donate, please consider sharing the fundraiser page with everyone you know because when it comes down to it, we've all either been or known someone touched by Alzheimers and dementia.  If you want to honor someone you love currently suffering, someone you've lost to the disease or to show your support to a friend, co-worker or friend of the family touched by this disease...please donate.  Minimum donation toward the documentary is $10.

If you'd prefer to donate any amount no matter how small toward Alzheimers research, you can go to Hilarity for Charity which benefits the Alzheimers Association.

You guys know this is close to my heart.   Thanks for listening and considering a donation no matter the amount either to the documentary or to the charity.  I understand if you can't but please pass it along to anyone else you think may be interested!

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend giggles and eats

Happy Monday peeps!

We had a pretty decent weekend.  I was down another pound, the Mr maintained but he didn't track his food all week.  That's all I'm sayin'.  He knows not tracking leaves him high and dry on the scale every single time.

We got out and enjoyed the weather.  We got a burger for lunch, found the city was crawling with too much activity for the Mr's liking so we did a little early grocery shopping at Trader Joe's.  I was super ticked to see they yanked my parisian carrots I friggin' LOVED.  I'm pretty sure they now track our receipts to see what we buy consistently and plan what they will discontinue from that.  Jerks.

Then it was off to Target so I could see the funniest thing I would see all weekend.

Sorry Christian...no one gives a crap anymore, you're on the clearance rack.

We worked on a video and I got to bed at a decent hour whilst the Mr wasted people on his video game.

Sunday we were expecting rain but when I woke up and saw a sunny day, I roused the Mr so we could get in a hike at the park before the heavens opened.  It was a decent walk and I burned 600 calories so I can't complain.

It was a pretty good food day too.  I've been craving nachos so that's what I made us for lunch.

Garden of Eatin' No Salt tortilla chips, ground white turkey, enchilada and taco sauce, pepper jack cheese, scallions and spinach.  I'm hoping it helped quell the Mr's Taco Hell cravings.  That stuff is so nasty.  I remember the day I actually tasted each ingredient seperately instead of covered in goo or sauce.  What an eye opener and haven't had it since...like 6 years or something.

We did our produce shopping and the Mr cut up the veggies and cantaloupe for me, we worked on another video while it poured rain and then I made dinner.

Ginger BBQ pork chop and grilled asparagus with mango lemonade.  I *rarely* imbibe in caloric drinks for dinner but my God that stuff is heaven.

Later it was time to sip some hot chocolate, listen to some 80's music and plan meals for the week.

What did you guys get into this weekend?

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