Friday, July 29, 2016

What I'm Reading This Week #30

Happy Friday me lovelies!  (Apparently I speak pirate today)

I think I scared the massage therapist yesterday because I told her I was still sore in 2 places but not too bad and she backed WAY off.  She did stone massage and lots of hot towels and even massage. The hour always flies by too because we just gab away!   I do appreciate it but I really kind of wished she dug in a little more because I did Tae Bo the night before and my legs were giving me the what for.  Note to self:  Never mention soreness again, just let the doc zap any soreness with the laser the following day.  So it was rolling, scraping and shiatsu for me yesterday.  Hopefully the chiro will be able to release some stuff today since the demon is still firmly in place.

But enough about my iss-ews, let's get to...

A Dietitian Explains Why You Need to Ditch the Diet If You Want to Lose Weight  (We're kind of doing this right now)

Researchers Say Eating Chocolate Every Day Can Have Serious Health Benefits  (I literally found this whilst eating my daily 72% square o' chocolate!)

Exercising On an Empty Stomach: The Surprising Benefits  (I can't do morning workouts)

Consumer Reports Highlights Dietary Supplement Dangers   (Skip to the list of ones to avoid toward the end)

18 Things Your Optician Wishes You Knew  (All good things to keep in mind!)

I Drank Only Meal-Replacement Shakes for One Week. Here's What Happened  (Men not following directions.  LOL)

Jennifer Aniston Has Crises of Confidence Too  (She's just like us!)

Is Social Media Changing The Way We Think About Aging?  (Some really interesting observations in this!)

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Beauty Products (but should)  (Very good info especially if you're trying to clean up your beauty routine)

16 Common Household Pests and How to Get Rid of 'Em  (I swear if I see one more fly!!)

9 Tips for Living a (Semi-)Normal Life While Your Home Is Being Shown  (For anyone in the midst of selling or thinking about it soon)

28 New Uses for Things You Were Going to Throw Away  (CoffeeMate lid...mind blown)

This Couple Had The Most Cringe-Worthy Reaction When Their "Trading Spaces" Makeover Went Hilariously Wrong  (I absolutely remember this!)

We've got a road trip planned for the weekend.  I'm hoping the weather isn't going to poo poo our plans.

What do you guys have planned for the weekend?

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Goin' Deep to...

It's Thursday...the day I've been dreading since last Thursday when my new massage therapist informed me that this week she would go deep tissue on me.  Uh, so all of that pain and bruising wasn't from deep tissue massage??  FML.

Oh, I didn't tell you about that, did I?  Well, I really like her.  She's chatty, funny and seems to really enjoy her job.  We were gabbing away as she was working on my right leg (not the problem leg but has problems of it's own) and then she moved on to the left leg.  When someone stops in the middle of a conversation, gets quiet and then says "oh my God" under her breath, you know it's bad.  It was confirmed when she said "this is bad."  Yep.  Something tells me I'm going to be a comparison story for both the doc and the massage lady because they both do everything but pose for a selfie beside the massive volcano of flesh that is the demon knot in my calf.

I went to the chiro Monday and he recoiled slightly at how bad my bruise was from my massage but I've been diligently dry brushing and kneading it with my shiatsu massager to reduce it so it should be totally cleared up today just in time for her to bust a vein for this week.  The difference is I reminded the doc that he wanted to laser me the day after my next massage so I'll go back to laser the pain away tomorrow morning.

My morning routine to get out of bed now takes like 15-20 minutes.

1)  Determine how spasm-y and tight my legs are.
2)  Bargain with God for 3-10 minutes.
3)  Roll arches and tendon attachment on the bottom of the foot with super hard spiky massage ball.
4)  Roll arches over hard tennis ball until tendons snap into place.
5)  Dry brush from the ankles up the legs with natural bristle brush to get the blood circulating to trouble spots.  (Really helped heal the bruise!)
6)  Use jade slab to dig into arches and bicep tendon if I slept on it wrong.
7)  Walk and listen to ankles crack on the way to the bathroom.

It makes me feel so young.  It makes me feel like there are songs to be sung!  I believe the song is "When I'm 44?"  Oh...when I'm 64!  Got it.  Even if I feel 25 years older.

I'm trying to be patient.  I told him the bottom of my foot throbbed over the weekend, the spot that was the original problem child.  We could actually FEEL the tendons click as he released them on my calf.  He was like "oh...I saw that one!"  I said "I felt that one!"  He was nice but was kind of like "yeah, so if something feels remotely off, don't assume you're going through an adjustment period, get in here and let's laser it and head it off at the pass."  Sigh...I don't think I could barely get out of bed due to the depression at that time but I bet if I knew this crap was waiting on me I would've!  Live and learn, dope.

So around 9am EDT, pray for me.  :-)

What's your get out of bed routine?

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Movie night and no love for the Mr

Happy Wednesday all!

It was a pretty low key Tuesday.  Actually, super low key.  I can barely recall much that would put a tingle in yer jingle.  We watched American Ninja Warrior off the DVR and all either of us can see now are blown Achilles on the warped wall.  Thanks Dr. B!   It is inspiring but I just can't imagine putting my body through that.  Though I'd assume someone on there would look at what I've put my body through and say they can't imagine doing that either, to which I'd have to answer "touche."

We did at an home circuit with some booty shakin' and then had dinner.

Yes, that's chili in 90 degree heat but since I make it a practice not to go outside, we're not really affected by it much in our indoor igloo.

We did rent the movie Criminal with Kevin Costner, Ryan Reynolds, Gary Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones.  I have to say it was pretty darn good but a little violent for my liking in the beginning.  But it got much less so as it went on and I rather liked Costner in this role sans the grunting.  The little girl?  OMG, so adorable.  Ryan Reynolds must like the whole mind transfer stuff since he was in this and Self/less.  We were both happy to see Colin Salmon from Limitless in there too for a short stint.  Worth a rent, I'd say if you like action packed movies.  If you don't like violence, you'll know when to look away, at least there weren't any surprises on that front.

Then it was a quick trip to the recycle bins, to return the movie and the post office to mail a special lady's birfday gift.  Since we got tired of hearing the same pop songs on Music Choice, we've been listening mostly to ambient and old school jazz most of the day.  I wanted to listen to some of the pop songs I had the Mr download while we were out last night and when we got in the car, he had his old band's album on.  I said "feeling nostaglic?" as I searched for the playlist he made of my pop stuff.  When I found it, the first song started..."Love Yourself" by Justin Bieber.  (*hangs head in shame*)  He yelled "you seriously turned off my band for Justin Bieber!?!?!?!?  Do you even love me at ALL!?!?!"  I cracked up and turned it to "Me Too" by Meghan Trainor.  Hey bub, I didn't pick the song but YOU SIR are the one that made the order so you must secretly want to hear Justin's breathy vocal stylings first...closet Belieber.

Rent any good movies lately?  Any current guilty pleasure songs?

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Food Review: Trader Joe's Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Butter & Sage

After seeing this in the freezer section for quite a while, I decided to finally throw it in the cart the other day.  Last night was time to give it a try.

Here's the blurry nutritional info.

and the cooking instructions.

I decided to go saucepan route since I thought the microwave might make it mushy.  Here it is fresh outta da bag.

I added 3 tbsp of water total and here's how it came together.

The finished product.

I made it with BBQ shrimp and green beans.

The verdict?

Holy schnikes!!  It was absolutely wonderful!  It had a nice subtle flavor and totally filling.  I don't know that I'd really say I could identify it as sweet potato though but that doesn't matter.  The Mr agreed we should get it again.  I would suggest pairing it with something like shrimp with a punch of flavor because of how subtle the dish is on it's own.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Props, YouTube torture and thanks past me

Happy Monday all!

I know Instagramer's saw it but wanted to make sure the Mr got his props here as well.  He got me some pretty flowers Thursday...

Note the rubber bands still left on in the water.  Cracks me up.

Did you all survive and not catch fire when you went outside this weekend?  I swear there was a moment walking into Hobby Lobby that I thought my left arm was going to ignite going from the car to the store.  That's how I knew it was time to reapply sunscreen when we got back in the car.

I'd love to say we had an excitement filled weekend but we didn't.

Friday the cable company was out for the second time in two weeks and the idiot reran our line to the wrong house and had to redo it.  What should've been a 30 minute visit was 2 hours.  Stooge.  We did this new to us strength video with bands that night and I must say, I think this will be perfect for vacations and maintaining our strength.  This whole ordeal has just shown that no matter how exhausted we are by the days activities that we need to do at least 30 minutes of our usual routines or our bodies are going to seriously revolt on us.

I made a mental note that I needed to make a test batch of noodles soon but I only got as far as filming Grandma making the noodle dough, I didn't go back and film her rolling them out and cutting them I don't think.  Why didn't I do that?  Sigh.  So I was looking at recipes online for homemade noodles and I started bawling.  My heart ached for her so badly.  It sucks to know she's just up the street and doesn't know me or what the hell noodles are.  F**king dementia.

We tried a new burger place Saturday and it was decent.  A little salty for my palate but the Mr loved his burger.  I'm going to give them one more shot in the future, maybe in another month so they can hopefully get the kinks worked out.  We drove around town a bit but it was just too friggin' hot to do anything outside.  We stopped by one of the groceries downtown that was having a sale on ahi so I got four fillets to the Mr's delight.  He knows I do good stuff with 'em.  It was so funny because when we walked away from the butcher he said "I wanted to tell him, you don't even KNOW how good these are going to be!"  So I guess I know what I'll be making this week at least one night!   I also saw a good sale on Pacifica eye makeup so I had to grab it!

(After reading the name of the palette, I had "Shake Ya Ass" by Mystikal in my head)

Saturday night, I kept watching YouTube vids of Grandma's baking.  I ran across Nana's Cookery and she's such a sweetie.  I sat there teary eyed and weeping watching her recipes or watching some other twenty-something going through her nana's bag for a video and she was so cute and funny.  These people have no idea how lucky they are to be able to film them.  To share a laugh with them.  For them to know their names.  Thank you to those on Facebook who said such nice things while I was in the middle of watching those...torturing myself.

Sunday, the Mr had to work from home.  He said it was 2 hours but I knew better.  It's never the amount of time allotted so two became six.  Yes, SIX.  So there went any part of our day.  We still had the last of groceries and a workout to do.  Ugh.  We did a Fitness Blender upper body strength workout and we were both toast.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank past me for Food Saving (a verb) this meal a month ago.  I set that bad boy on delayed start and when we came up the corn was almost done, I warmed up the chicken in the oven and microwaved the baked beans.  In 10 minutes, we were eating deliciousness.

I need to plan the menu for the week and get on some projects.

What did you guys get into this weekend?

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Friday, July 22, 2016

What I'm Reading This Week #29

Good Friday mornin' all!

I had my massage yesterday.  Holy ball sack!  She didn't even do deep tissue apparently.  I have never been so sore in my life!  I've got two more sessions with her and she said between that and the chiro, it should be good to go within 2 weeks.  I'll hold my applause until after next week.  I am officially scared though I do like her so I guess there's that.

But enough of my sore spots, let's get to...

I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Losing a Lot of Weight  (Very interesting perspective)

8 Habits of Highly Fit People  (All good tips!)

8 Foods That Repair A Day of Unhealthy Eating  (Love most of these!)

Surprise Diet Sabotage?: A Closer Look at Almond Milk  (Rut roh!)

4 Exercises to Rev Your Metabolism As You Get Older  (Sigh, makes me sad I'm reading this crap)

12 Ways to Make Water Taste (Much) Better  (I like anything that makes water more palatable!)

Why Your Random Eating Schedule Could Be Risky for Your Health  (Hmmm)

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Be Discouraged by the Biggest Loser Study  (All excellent points)

"Fit" Women Are More At Risk for This Type of Heart Attack  (Good to know)

The Best Places to See Fall Foliage in New Hampshire   (Yes, I'm ready!)

Paget Brewster To Return As Emily Prentiss On Criminal Minds  (I'll take what I can get!)

The Last VCRs Ever Will Be Made This Month  :-(

30 Sweet and Savory Pumpkin Recipes to Get You Pumped for Fall  (Again...READY.)

It's supposed to be disgustingly hot this weekend.  I was really hoping to go for a paddle tomorrow but I don't think that's going to happen.  We've got plans the following weekend so who knows when that'll happen now.  Pfft.

What are you guys up to this weekend?

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

And just like that...

You're back on the injured list.

I was pulled from doing any kind of leg day shenanigans for the foreseeable future.  The chiro said my Achilles tendon is sending me warning shots and if I don't back off, I'm going to rupture it and that's not part of my to do list.  He told me how he treats some people who have done American Ninja Warrior and the one that blows the most Achilles is the warped wall.  You have that hyper-extension of the Achilles on the curve and BOOM!  He didn't say I couldn't do regular cardio but I'm going to be super choosy since he said any repetitive motion leg moves would not be in my best interest right now so probably Walk Away the Pounds and more strength than I can shake a stick at for at least the next week.  When I first went in, he asked how I was doing since the last visit and I said

"you ever seen Dream Warriors?  Nightmare on Elm Street?"
Thinks for a moment and smiles and says "yeah."
"You know that marionette scene?" I reply.  (DO NOT watch that link if you're squeamish!)
"Oh...yeah.  Well we don't want you living in a nightmare!"

He cleared me for today's deep tissue massage with their lady who specializes in it and giggled when I said the other lady didn't dig hard enough for my liking.  "Oh well you won't have that problem with Tonya" he smiled.  Just 10 minutes prior, a guy in the lobby said massages with her were "torture."  Yay?  But I want this feeling of everything lifting upward to go away and I think my IT bands need released in a major way and he doesn't do that kind of thing.  He said she's going to love digging into all of the knots I have.  The Mr shook his head and said I have a high tolerance for pain because sometimes he does it and I cry but tell him to keep going.  I can see past the current pain to the impending relief.  The chiro said this could give a nice push toward healing too and I'm all over that shizz!

We did an upper body Fitness Blender strength session and while I couldn't do duck walk PT, I could do my forward leans so I did what I could handle.  No balance board for me until the tendon stops pulling.  I shot backward twice the other night and it was like being shot with a BB gun in the back of the leg.  Aces.  Dinner was mahi tacos and Brussels before icing the offending foot and getting to work on some other stuff.

Patience isn't my strong suit but I know I have to be super careful and do everything he says.  When a doctor calls one of your legs a mess, you know you'd better follow orders to get it right again.  I scheduled my next appointment for Monday and I want to try to sneak in another that Friday.

Well, I suppose I should go mentally prepare for this deep tissue thing.  I'm hoping for some serious relief but I'm also thinking I'll be sore until, oh...Monday!

Have you had a deep tissue massage?  Any fun injuries to share?

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