Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hodge Podge

Howdy do, y'all?

Yesterday was a weird day.  You ever have one of those just hodge podge days where if someone asked you what you did, you wouldn't really be able to pinpoint it?

Let's see, I scrubbed these outdoor pictures we have hanging up because they got mold or something on them.  Vinegar and baking soda FTW!  I watered our lilacs and enjoyed the scent as the wind whipped.  I did some research on blog stuff which I then forgot to talk to the Mr about when he got home.  I filmed a recipe that had to be done in parts so that was irritating because my light kept getting worse throughout the day despite being assured by the local weather team that it would be sunny all day.  Lies.  The other night at the grocery, I saw that they marked down Easter turkeys and for $12, I can't pass that up.  So I got him thawed (not gonna tell you how) and roasted his bum up because I always love the option of having turkey to grab from the freezer.  Thank you, Food Saver!

The Mr, of course, got stuck at work and had to run to Trader Joe's for a few things they were out of the other day so we got down to workout later than I care to these days.  We've been trying to make it a point to go down by no later than 5 pm now which is an hour before we almost always did.  Then I started to get a phantom gall bladder attack.  Those are rare but always so fun.  That thing has been out of my body for almost 20 years and there are still times the scar tissue will twitch and mimic an attack.  It freaked me out the first few times I experienced it but I read from people it happens all the time no matter how long it's out.  Usually, I can do a really exaggerated stretch and massage the area and it'll calm it but sometimes it laughs and says "nope, not happening!"  Oh, we got our AA rewards gift cards.  We both got $100 gift cards for Target.

We had BBQ pork chops and sweet corn for dinner.  Yum!

Today Mean Dreams comes out.  It was one of Bill Paxton's last movies.  I remember seeing a press junket and he was so proud of this movie so we are definitely going to rent it and I will try not to cry.  I recorded Nights in Rodanthe from the HBO preview so I could watch it and sob.

So as you can see, it wasn't a fantastical day but you know, any day above ground is a good one so there's that.

What movie always makes you ugly cry?

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Back to Nature Weekend Recap

Happy Monday all!

For once, I can say the weekend didn't do a swirlie down the toilet!  I don't know the last time that happened!  We were both shocked that we lost a pound each given the Easter basket carnage of last Saturday but we were both ecstatic so it was a good way to kick off the weekend.  

We went to a mom and pop store that will be shuttering while we're away and I wanted to see while it still had some items on the shelves.  It was very sad.  It's the only place I could still walk in and smell my childhood.  While the Mr didn't grow up and have childhood memories attached to it like I do, it's still been a big part of his life for 25 years because of me.  I mentioned how I wanted to get some lilac bushes since I've seen people with them planted in our area and they happened to have spring flowers in and some bushes.  We thought that would be a lovely way to remember them by planting fragrant three season lilacs and always think of them when we're enjoying their blossoms.  Sigh...I have to stop talking about it.

I felt the need to be by the water.

We sat watching the swallows skim and swoop the top of the water and the herons be creepy as herons tend to be.  Even the ducks were like "yeah, I'm not swimming by that thing unless you come with me."

It was a nice sunset and it made me get the itch to get paddling season underway.  It won't be long now!  I don't think we cleaned the muck off the paddleboards/yak last season so I'm sure a good wash down and pump up to check bladders will be in order in the next few weeks.  It will be nice to have that as a workout option again especially since we've both been working all winter on building up our paddling muscles.  *Flexes back like I'm in a fitness competition*

We went to Trader Joe's and Target for the first part of our refuel.  There was a hilarious moment in Target with a couple and their two kids.  One was maybe a year and the other was about four years old.  Well, the four-year-old was being a twit and the dad threatened to put her in the cart if she didn't stop acting a fool.  Of course, she didn't and he sighed as he begrudgingly went to his dad duties and said loud and sarcastically "have kids they said...it'll be fun!"  We went to the side and started giggling and the Mr said out of earshot "glad we didn't!"  Truth!!

Sunday was a work day for me but it wasn't too bad because we got to indulge in the fruit of my labor before boxing it up to be sent to his work for the dingoes.  ;-)  I put on a Hawaiian radio station, so it set up a nice chill day.  We still had a produce run to make and then get in our workout.  Beh.  The Mr was craving lemon pasta alfredo so I obliged with some grilled zucchini and shrimp on top...

I feel like I'm able to breathe a bit and still looking to get in some cushion on some stuff so I can try to enjoy the summer.

What did you guys get into this weekend?

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Friday, April 21, 2017

What I'm Reading This Week #16

Happy, happy Friday you sassy pantses!  (Is that how you address multiple sassy pants?) 

I hope you're ready for the weekend too.  Let's jump right into...

11 Cooking Tips Pro Chefs Swear By (and You Should Too)  (Some good stuff in there!)

39 Mindless Ways You're Wasting Money in Every Part of Your Life  (Take inventory...you could save some moolah!)

4 Weird Ways Your Body Warns You Something Is Wrong  (Pay attention!)

24 Essential Push-Up Variations for Total-Body Strength  (Because we all need options.)

4 Important Reminders to Ask for Help (Earlier Than You Think)  (We can't do it all and we shouldn't hold it in)

12 Garage Sale Items That Sell Like Hotcakes  (It's that time of year!)

Are Big Muscles “Scary?”  (Actually, when I see a chick with big muscles I always assume she can kick my @ss!  I think that's a pretty good thing!)

10 Ways to Relax Before Bed   (Please don't light incense when you're trying to fall asleep.)

Every Little Box of Jiffy Mix, Baked, and Tasted  (OMG, those fake blueberry muffins...soo good!)

Prince Harry stifled his grief after his mom Princess Diana's death  (So great he's speaking about this)

Stuffed Animals Bring Comfort to Dementia Patients  (We can vouch for this)

Smoky, purple home fries??  (Oh yeah babe...a brunch staple!)

Dog's Smooth as Hell Jailbreak Captured on CCTV Cameras  (Courtesy of the Mr.  I LOVE the cagemate next door like "dude...teach me!")

Not too sure what we're doing this weekend but looking forward to hopefully chilling a bit after having so much to do last weekend.

What kind of trouble do you have planned?

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

So what is this all about?

I have always been a very sensory, tactile person.  There are certain sounds, smells, and textures I like. For instance, I love the sound of a rotary phone...the longer the number the better.  When I was a kid, I used to sit and rub my grandma's smooth, polished fingernails for a good 20 minutes.  I always found it soothing.  I loved it when people would stroke my hair, don't touch my scalp but just stroking my hair with their hand.  When the Mr and I were dating and he'd whisper whatever sassy things teens would whisper to each other when trying to score, it would literally send an involuntary jolt through me down to my lower back.  I thought that was totally normal because you know, horny teen.  I never gave much thought to any of these things until a week ago.

People have always told me my voice is very soothing.  I don't think it is but a friend's boyfriend said he fell asleep to my voice when they were watching a video I did one time.  Others have told me it de-stresses them.  (I bet the Mr would beg to differ but now that I think about it, he may say "this is why I yawn when you speak!")  Last week, two different people contacted me saying how soothing my voice was and I would be big in the ASMR community.  AS-ya what??  I think, like a lot of people, I mistakenly thought it was a fetish thing but I soon found out it's not at all.

So I looked it up and if you're curious what it stands for, you can go here.  It basically means you get a physical (tingles from head through the spine) or psychological (relaxation/feeling drowsy) response from hearing people whisper, tap objects (I've always been a finger tapper but don't like to hear other people tapping), flip pages in a book or color or even watch Bob Ross paint happy trees. The more I read, the more I saw how much it actually helps people with all kinds of ailments and issues.  It helps people who can't relax on their own to unwind, people with insomnia to become sleepy and even people with PTSD get to sleep or relax if they're having a hard episode.

I kept seeing ASMR Darling pop up in my findings so I watched a few of her videos.  Now if you're watching them without earbuds on, it might look a little strange because she talks into each side of her microphone so it's like she's whispering in either ear.  Should you decide to check out her videos, I suggest wearing earbuds and do it close to bedtime.  You could definitely fall asleep at your desk listening to her at work.  I'm not a big fan of the role-playing videos because it's just not my thing but I guess the ones where she's just whispering are really calming to me and so many people in the comments talk about waking up with their earbuds strangling them or never knowing how a video turned out because they fell asleep!  Only a few times did I ever experience the tingly jolt I described earlier but a lot of people do with her videos.  Imagine how helpful this could be if you have insomnia, anxiety issues and need to unwind and don't want to resort to taking medication to do it.  Not all people experience ASMR like I don't think the Mr does but I guess it's taking the internet by storm.  I'm all for whatever makes people relax in this high-stress society and I'm actually thankful for those few people bringing it to my attention.  I really like this girl's channel not just because of her videos intended purpose but her personality is so sweet, encouraging and positive.  Can't we all use a little more of that in our lives?

Have you heard of ASMR?  Have you experienced any of those sensations and not known what the heck they are?

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Squared away and Movie Night

Our rental situation thankfully got settled before lunchtime yesterday but it wasn't without a nice morning full of panic attacks where I couldn't take a full breath.  Don't mess with mah vacation woman!  Thankfully that passed by the afternoon and I got some work done.  The Mr was kickin' butt helping me so we had the evening free.  We did our cardio of walking the hood for three laps because my legs were cursing me from deadlifts from the previous night's workout.  Tonight will definitely be upper body because I'm still pretty tight and I don't want to overdo it.  Dinner was BBQ chicken, twice baked potato and green beans.  Then it was time to take in some movies.

Wild Oats  (Jessica Lange, Shirley MacLaine, Billy Connelly)  A recently widowed woman (MacLaine) erroneously receives a five million dollar check instead of the $50,000 she was expecting from her husband's life insurance.  Egged on by her best friend (Lange), they embark to live life to the fullest before they get caught.  Connelly's character is somewhat endearing and you'd know why I feel that way if you rented it.  The romp in the hay scenes with Jessica Lange were actually refreshing because it was very reminiscent of her performance in Tootsie.  Very innocent and sex kittenish without trying to be if that makes sense.  It was nice to see that part of her come out again.  Howard Hesseman and Demi Moore also star.  The trailer on this looked pretty awesome, even the Mr agreed it looked good.  It's not that it wasn't good, it was just a little draggy and it was the director, not the talent that made it a little disappointing.  (Though I will say either Demi Moore has lost it acting wise or was directed to play an infantile schmuck,  It was grating.)  I wouldn't steer people away from it just know there could be some parts you're hoping will pick up a bit.

Split (James McAvoy, Betty Buckley)- This is an M. Night Shyamalan movie so you know you may sit through 110 minutes of "hurrrrry uppppppppppp" for 10 minutes of "holy sh*t!!"  While there are some slow parts, McAvoy is seriously...OMG.  Wow.  So very talented.  I don't even know who he is honestly but some split personality disorders are over-acted in movies but he makes you believe it. The back story of the main female lead, Anya Taylor-Joy, was predictable to me from the start but still doesn't make it any easier to watch evolve.  So it was enough to distract from the abduction situation.  (I'm not giving anything away, it's in the whole trailer.)  Honestly what you think is the twist was predictable as well however, you were just bracing to see "okay, is he going to go super over the top with this and make me regret renting it even though we got it for free or do it justice?"  He did it justice.  I guess the REAL twist at the end is one that only true Shyamalan fans will get because I just thought it was a famous actor doing a cameo at the end and the Mr immediately knew what it meant and it had to be explained to me.  I told him I thought it a little pretentious that M.NS presumes we all remember this character as though it's part of pop culture but whatever.  Still really liked it though and would suggest it for a rent.  Betty Buckley was also a nice surprise and played a pretty hefty role so I was glad to see her in something like that.

If this is riddled with typos, please excuse me as my editor is sleeping now.  :-)

Do you like suspense to be drawn out in movies or constant action?

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Earning it and feathery goodness

Happy Tuesday.

I got some work done yesterday which made me feel a little better.  Then I got an email from one of the places we're staying saying we still owed money.  (We don't.)  I emailed her proof through the place I booked it through that it was paid 4 months ago.  She claimed we didn't pay the security deposit (we did) and I sent her a screen shot of our credit card statement showing not only the payment she claimed she received but a separate charge of the security deposit with her reservation next to it.


I sent a follow up and we'd better be square or I'm sicking the Mr on her.  Why is it we always have to "earn" our vacations 4-6 weeks before we leave by dealing with extra crap we shouldn't have to.  It doesn't matter how big or small.  So say a prayer because mama needs a crap free vacation on all fronts.

We did our workout, a Fitness Blender lower body workout- a bit of bodyweight HIIT in the first part and then strength training for the second part and then full on PT afterward for us both.  I'm sure my legs will be thrilled today.  Dinner was mahi and Brussels.

Then it was time to catch up on the DVR.  We watched Training Day.  It's still so hard to see Bill Paxton but then he gets some great lines that are right in line with his personality and he delivers them so hilarious, we can't help but feel blessed to have had him to entertain us for so many years.  He was a big part of the Mr and I's lives both before we met and more so after we met.  Then it was time to watch the Grammy salute to the Bee Gees.  My Lord did I have the vapors for Barry Gibb.  I had the old school Bee Gees metal lunchbox...


I think it was my kindergarten lunch box.  I started young.  My Lord, look at that feathery goodness. Rawr.  So it was quite a treat to watch the special and see John Travolta and Barry enjoying the tributes from other artists singing their songs.  It also made me want to watch some Barry Gibb Talk Show episodes.

That about wraps it up on my end.

Who was on your grade school lunch box?  Metal, plastic or paper bag?

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Post Easter Weekend Recap

Good Monday morning all!  Everyone recovering from da ham bloat?

Saturday we got out and had fish and chips outside at a local eatery.  It was nice to be able to sit outside but unfortunately it was a little breezy so we had to dodge crap from the trees we were under.  I took the ducks my leftover fries and just as we were finishing up, the heavens opened up so we had to run back to our car.  We ran some errands and visited with some friends of ours who own a local store.  Of course the table I was there to show the Mr was sold.  I knew it would be.  Sigh.  We totaled our Easter baskets and our guts were full of regret.  Remember when you could demolish that thing as a kid and think nothing of it?

(I couldn't help myself when I saw his little butt after I bit it off- Lindt Dark Chocolate bunny.  Homer Simpson drool)
But I will say we did enjoy some of the treats we picked up in Canada.

The Mr loved his Oh Henry egg even if it looked like a Caddyshack turd and I loved my Cadbury egg which is packaged in the plastic casing like those Oreo eggs you might've seen and not that horrible foil that let's them get all stale because it gets peeled back or damaged.  They were the freshest creme eggs I've had in YEARS and if they don't start doing them that way here, we may be going out of the country for Easter candy.  Seriously, look at all of the stuff they had there...

We grabbed dinner later and did a grocery run.  I figured since I had half the ingredients at home, I'd also bring a fruit salad so I'd have something else to eat in addition to the turkey I was bringing.

I made our banoffee pies and put together the Easter platter my grandma used to do so all of that was done.

The Mr said he'd help me work on my rabbit lollys for the kids.

"Don't eat me, bro!!!"

The weirdo in me loves how the candy button eyes kind of makes them look like they're on something or just had their eyes dilated by the optometrist.  "Sorry bunny, your eyesight is going bad...eat more carrots."  Brrrum bum bump!  I just didn't have the motivation to put smiling mouths on them.  I think it's better they look terrified they're going to be eaten.  So all I had to do Easter day was jam a stick up their butts and we were ready to go!  That never happens!

Unfortunately we both woke up with horrendous headaches.  I think between allergies, stress and sleeping on the wrong pillow, I was a goner.  I don't know why he was so bad but we did our workout, Turbo Fire 55, grabbed our showers, packed up the truckster and headed out.  All was well and we were more than happy to be home and collapse for the night but yet again, another weekend swirled down the tubes.  How I would love one to just stretch out for once!

How was your weekend?

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