Thursday, April 2, 2020

Playing Emotional Catch Up

I guess I'll do a "trigger warning" if reading about people dealing with their new lockdown reality isn't something you want to read about right now.  You won't offend me.  I'm having to pick and choose what I read about these days too.  

I got some wood all polyed up yesterday which felt like a major win given how I've felt the past few days.

Not gonna lie, I've been a scattered mess.  The Mr and I are just starting to absorb everything y'all have had about two weeks to absorb so we're playing emotional catch up.  I'm trying to figure out if our reactions to things are overreactions or if we're about on par with how people are feeling.  I just know I can't keep breaking out into hives every day or having anxiety attacks with too much reading or I'm not going to make it mentally intact by whenever.

Last night after our walk in the hood and talking with some of our neighbors at socially acceptable distances, we saw that this is at the forefront of everyone's mind.  The one neighbor lady almost started crying and we told her where we lived if she needed anything.  She lives alone and I think the other lady does too.  The walks are the only thing that keeps us feeling normal these days.  Then the subject of the grocery store comes up and it just gets frustrating all over again.  I know they're doing the best they can but pick ups are a week out, delivery isn't even an option at some of them where I thought I was lucking out and that just leaves going into the store to expose ourselves.  I'm just going to ask...anyone else wearing a mask?  (Homemade or otherwise)  The Mr thinks we should be but I've only seen one person do that.  We hand sanitize the second we get to the car, then wash our hands when we get home.  I'm just curious what everyone is doing since no one really seems to talk about that.

We watched the 80's classic, April Fools Day because, well, you know.  We ate pizza and ice cream at my suggestion too...ask if I care right now.  I ate right the rest of the day so I'm not too worried.  During the movie, I looked up Deborah Foreman (the main actress) and saw her website and that it said "Philippians 4 6-7." 

I'm not a bible reader so I couldn't pull it up mentally so I looked it up and here it is:


It helped me to read it and I thought I'd share it in case someone else needed to see it. 

Or if you're not down with that kind of thing, here's a puppy.


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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Hump Day Poll: Sleepy Time

Happy April!

Here's a fill in the blank poll for ya this week.

I sleep with _________.

1.  A Fan/White Noise Machine On

2.  Music On

3.  A Nightlight On

4.  The TV On

5.  Complete Silence

(For me, loud air purifier.)

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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Silver Lining

Happy Tuesday! 

I'm currently looking for the motivation I had last week.  I had grand plans for Monday but I just could not kick my butt into gear.  The Mr and I got a printers drawer level and hung up finally.  You know how you have those things that you buy for one project or another, never do it and just before you're ready to let it go another purpose pops up?  I originally bought it with some scratch-off winnings from my stocking from my mom like two or three years ago.  I talked the dude down to $20 because they were going to leave soon and he was indifferent.  I was going to paint it white on the outside and then different muted colors and put sea shells we collected from West Hampton, NY,  Cape Henlopen State Park, DE, Martha's Vineyard, MA, and a few other spots.  I never got around to it because I think a few of the slots weren't going to fit the shells and I'd need to alter it so I just let it sit in the garage.  When I was poking around on Pinterest, I saw people were using them just hanging alone on the wall or with something attached to it.

(via Pinterest.  Not even giving you the link because I got a porny surprise when I clicked on it.)

I wanted to paint and poly in the kitchen but I didn't get around to it.  I think the gloomy weather just sucked my mood and motivation from the previously sunny day.  I decided to get the main armoire shelves back together and decorated.  They're not filled with everything I want in them yet but it'll do for now. 

I have to share something with you guys.  The silver lining in this whole thing.  I'm sure you've seen the video of Alton Brown showing you why using bar soap is superior to hand sanitizer and even liquid soap.  We got charcoal and lemongrass at the health food store and within five days of using bar soap 2-3x day (along with a few squirts of liquid in the kitchen) it completely healed my dry knuckles.  For the past five to six years, my knuckles on my index and middle fingers have been seriously irritated, dry and not just for winter though it was worse in the winter.  I tried maybe four or five different soaps and putting lotion on after washing my hands to no avail.  I took it as my new normal.  I couldn't believe how 1) luxurious it feels to use bar soap and definitely opened my eyes to how much less effective liquid soap feels in comparison and 2) that five years worth of misery was cured in five days.  So if you have dry hands and want to make sure that you're getting your hands truly clean, switch to bar soap! 

We went for a walk around the hood for 3 miles and it was considerably colder than the previous night's walk.  I'm glad that our neighbors are all taking social distancing seriously and while we'd love to pet you Leo or Lacey, it'll have to wait.  We came back and the Mr cut up Brussels while I made turkey taco meat to discover I didn't have Mrs. Dash seasoning or taco shells.  So I improvised with my handy dandy new spice rack and grabbed a few low sodium flour tortillas and made a tacodilla.  The Mr seemed to like it so that's all that mattered.

We caught up on the 9-1-1 we missed last week and I so regret knowing what "G Force Poisoning" is.  When the Mr turns away, it's not good.  He kept turning away every single time so I knew better than to look.  The sound effects were enough to make me want to barf.  But it was nice to flip on the fireplace and cozy know, without a piece of 24-year-old smoldering trim on the insert.

What's a silver lining you've found since lockdown other than more family time?

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Monday, March 30, 2020

Challenge Accepted Weekend Recap

It was nice to finally have a weekend where nothing was pending.  We weren't expecting a ton of dudes traipsing through the house and we could just take things at our own pace.  While we still had plenty to keep us busy, I can say we didn't do a whole lot of anything after the previous three weeks we went through.  Painting basically broke me last week and since I still have some to do, I gave myself permission to not do any over the weekend.  Challenge accepted.

(This post contains affiliate links to some cool shizz.  Should you buy through them, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.)

What I did do was get most of my spices transferred into those magnetic spice jars for the side of the fridge.

They took up a whole cubby in a small cabinet and I would prefer to use that space as a spot to keep our vitamins and other stuff instead of crammed in the plates cupboard.  I'm hoping my Container Store order ships earlier than expected.  I'm itching to organize the one "rogue" cabinet with no door into something that doesn't feel like a picture would have people up in my business.  It's driving me crazy even though we're the only people that will see it with what feels like forever.

We got the blinds and curtains hung which made us feel much less on display.  I'm happy with the way the fringe on my burlap curtains turned out.

I originally bought them in November for the World Market curtains that shrunk and were 4" too short.  I was going to use Fabric Fusion to attach it along the bottom so it would be all level looking.  Then when we decided to nix the blinds for curtains over the slider, I saw that the pattern in the top of the sheers would need to be sewn in a few places and all for curtains that didn't hang right.  Screw it.  So I got plain sheers and was going to attach it to those when I thought the burlap ones needed a little somethin' somethin' and boom...fringy goodness.  It kind of reminds me of some fringe pillows my grandma had when I was growing up so it makes me feel extra squishy.

I treated myself to an order from Dollar Hydrangea that arrives Tuesday, I think, to put some pops of spring around the house.  I've seen real bloggers get them and seem to have good luck with them after they perk up a day or so later from being squished in their box.  We'll see if that's true or I'm just a sheep that got snookered. 

The Mr got his Star Wars movie early from Best Buy and I have to say they are really stepping up during this whole thing.  He was supposed to pick it up, he switched it to shipping and then they refunded him the shipping and he got it early.  Between that and the whole not sending their dudes into your house thing (as annoying as that is for us right now), they are taking things seriously for both their customers and employees which should be applauded.  There are still far too many businesses that are clueless and their employees seem to be just as bad.    So he watched that while I perused Wayfair and he told me the pertinent parts to pay attention to.

Sunday we started getting little things hung and I got the mantel styled again so it could feel a little more homey.

We went for a 3 lapper around the hood which we haven't done in about 10 days since it was like the Ark was trying to make a comeback the previous week,  Then we had to head to Target and were able to get everything we needed except for strawberries and everyplace else was closed by the time we got there.  We came home and had chili for dinner and chilled for the rest of the night.

How was your weekend?

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Friday, March 27, 2020

What I'm NOT Reading This Week #13

Howdy, y'all.  I hope you're all doing well and staying home.  I also hope you like the space you're in because looks like we're all gonna be in 'em for longer than we thought.  Oh well, you do what you've gotta do to not be a selfish turd. 

Sorry for the lack of posting this week...something had to give and this was it especially if you read Monday's post.  That also means I had zero luxury of reading anything this week.  I was lucky enough to shower yesterday and wash the scourge of the Earth off of me.  Sometimes not being PigPen is the most you shoot for given your circumstances.

So instead of the usual, here are scenes from our week.  (Riddled with typos, I'm sure.)

When the workers finally left on Monday afternoon, we were just glad to not have constant exposure to multiple dudes who we know are not taking pandemic precautions.  I think we were actually their last job.  It's not even done.  There's one door that was not adjusted measurement wise when I added a wall covering to the side of the pantry.  I get it but I feel like we should split the difference on that one since it wasn't caught.  They allowed me to deduct the cost of the door from the final total ordered since it's not installed.  That's great but I'm not gonna lie, I will have a sinking feeling until that company is back up and running and I get my door.   They are doing the responsible thing right now which I support but "open concept" in that spot is not an option.  I'm doing a lot of praying on that one.  So yeah, until that's done, no kitchen reveal because it just looks kind of stupid right now.  (Not like it's done for other reasons anyway.)

What we were left with upon their exit was a smoothed ceiling and dangling LED recessed lights that looked like some modern art installment.

We were also left with a huge patch job from installing said lights.

Because people don't think sometimes, I had to go back and spackle and sand areas we knew were going to stick out past the lights.  Yes, that would be the heating duct which is why I told you not to drill there electrician and somehow it ended up costing us an extra $100 for the pleasure because of the lights we were forced to get.

(Note my Vienna sausage fingers,  I'm obviously not hydrating)

After my spackle and sand fest all over the ceiling with spots I knew I couldn't live with, it was time to prime.

Two coats of primer on a ceiling.  Do you know what that does to one's body?  No?  Be glad.  Because then I had to do it two more times with ceiling paint for a total of five coats with the Mr stepping in for one once my body seized up on me.

I had to paint the wall for my own mental health because seeing that huge patch just made me want to cry.

I repainted the whole first floor and while it looks nice and crisp compared to the life battered version of pre-reno, the only people that will notice that difference are us.

Then I had some sawing I needed to do:

We had the skeletons of couches in the living room but no way to sit on them so it was kind of rude the way they taunted us.  Last night we were at least able to get the slipcovers and cushions back on and the table moved back to where it's supposed to go. 

We celebrated that small victory and honored the two year anniversary of Grandma's passing with her homemade noodles which I froze at the beginning of the month.

Beef and noodles were her favorite.  I miss her so much.

My legs are pretty much done and I've been limping for 3 days now which I don't have time for.  I want to get things back in their place because our lives have been in semi upheaval for a month and total. mentally exhausting upheaval for 2 weeks.  What's going on out in the world can't even be of much thought right now and I suppose that's a good thing.  But like the Mr said last night, "I'm ready for all of this "fun" people are having in isolation like game nights or movie nights kicking back for hours."  I agree.

How was your week?

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Hump Day Poll: Pick Your Pet

I don't feel like it's fair to ask a person who loves animals more than 98% of people out there what non-domesticated pet would they pick because I want almost ALL of the animals.  (Sans reptiles and amphibians...someone else can have you.)  I want a dolphin, bison, baby, three baby bison, teenage moose, a bear cub.  You see where this is going.

If I had to choose.  I want an otter.  One like I saw at Point Lobos in Carmel, California beating an oyster open on its belly with a rock.  He was a smart lil effer and had just enough fur to snuggle up to once he dried off.  Or she.  It would be curled around my neck as I typed and when it was time to move around, it would nudge the side of my face.  I haven't thought about this at all.

What non-domesticated animal would you choose as a pet if there was no chance it would bite, maim or kill you?

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Monday, March 23, 2020

Our Life...Making You Thankful For Yours Since 2011 Weekend Recap

If you didn't see my Sunday post, swing on by for a giggle.  As we learn to navigate this temporary new normal, some things have changed for all of us.  Things look different.

Grocery shopping looks different:

Walks around the neighborhood look different:

Online shopping looks different:

Then there's our life.

This is going to sound like a whiny rant and

You know how many of us have to "shelter in place?"  

Well, here's our shelter right now:

That's right.  Nowhere to sit because the couches are in the garage, the dining chairs are stacked in the basement and we just barely got a working kitchen back by the skin of our teeth Friday night.  I say working kitchen meaning appliances are plugged in but preparing food is kind of off the table because it's a dusty mess with spacers on backsplashes everywhere you turn so it's not really usable.

Let me tell you how our week went last week to make you feel better about any cabin fever you might be getting.  Note:  I realize there are people sick with Covid or people going through MUCH worse.  I'm aware.  Yes, I know it could always be worse.  So if you're new here and tempted to make a pissy comment, I can't promise how long it'll be up because I'm that done right now.  I'm here to represent the "it could always be worse without fighting for life and death" scenario for the majority of you.  Just so we've got that out of the way.  😁

As you know, we've had this reno scheduled since the end of January and because we are us, it hit in the middle of a pandemic when you're supposed to keep 6' away from each other.  That's always the best time to have up to five dudes who don't wash their hands after touching their penises to pee running around your house.  In case you didn't know.  The Mr, by some miracle of God, was able to telework last week for training so I was quite glad to have my backup in place if needed.  He was training so he was upstairs with the door closed and I was in the basement.  You know, the remodeled one?  Wanna see it?

To say workouts in the workout room didn't happen last week is an understatement.  So when the dudes went to the bathroom, I could hear the water come down and before it even reached the basement they were already flying down the stairs.  Five minutes later, the Mr would go to the bathroom and spray down every surface.  Look, I know you guys don't give a crap on a good day but we're in the middle of a virus and we're all susceptible whether you believe it or not.  But the fun doesn't stop there.  I'm sitting on the stool in the basement and I hear what I thought was them working on installing the sink, like the sound of a faucet turning.  I was happy because I knew the Mr was anxious about being left without a sink if they pulled the workers.  Then I heard what sounds like a glass of water being poured and I see a stream of water coming from the spigot up front shooting like a hose.  I start screaming "water is coming down here!"  "What?!"  "WATER IS COMING DOWN HERE, TURN IT OFF!!!!"  They run down and look at it and said they'd been using it all morning but the difference that time was they hooked up a hose.  He says our pipes must've frozen (during the mildest winter ever) and the back pressure probably has it leaking behind the wood.  You know, the wood we just installed six months ago in the basement reno?  They went on their way because, not their problem.  The Mr pulled off the wood panel and thankfully no water.  We think it's the weld just before it.  No plumber til Monday.  Oh and the back spigot that we just had replaced in June is leaking too.  (No, we didn't have hoses hooked up to them in the winter.)  Pile it on, yo.

The first two days, when the kitchen guys would promptly leave at 3:30pm, we'd look at it and say "what the hell did they do today??"  I told the owner about adding the smoothing of the ceiling on the first floor and adding recessed lighting early enough that I hoped they would do it in the 3-week gap between doing our kitchen ceiling and doing the kitchen reno.  No such luck.  Instead, they did it all at once so there are multiple people in the house at the worst possible time trying not to trip over each other.  They moved all of our furniture to the garage except for the dining table and the TV armoire.  Do you think they're going to move that back in?  Probably not.  Because the sanding won't happen until today after the kitchen guys leave.

Recap:  The Mr has a heart condition where he can't lift over 50 lbs.

Recap:  We're in the middle of a pandemic where you can't be around other people so calling for backup isn't an option.

Recap:  We're screwed.

Thursday they did a little more between smoke breaks but we were getting irritated especially when we were told it was going to be a "1 1/2" day job when the kitchen ceiling was done, that turned into three days when I was given the schedule and was pushing into four and going into next week for sure with the ceiling but now with the kitchen.

Recap:  Best Buy is scheduled to swap the microwave and stove on the kitchen...where the dudes are working.

I send the coordinator an email after I hear the kitchen guys asking about why haven't the drywall dudes shown up and someone called in sick (the guy that had been in our house the day before).  I asked her where the drywall guys were and we needed things wrapped up by Friday because we were expecting deliveries on Monday.  She says she doesn't know "what we need to be wrapped up but they definitely aren't  going to be done Friday."  I don't respond because if I did at that moment, they would not have come back.  We were already worried about this anyway given the pandemic and would they leave us with no kitchen sink in the middle of it?  My lack of response must've been relayed to the owner.  Friday, the guys came into the kitchen like their hair was on fire and did more work in that one day than they'd done all week.

The owner showed up and is always a calming presence and told us everything would be done that day except for the grout and the window trim which would be done Monday.  He was correct about that.  When inspecting the ceiling work, he was puzzled and irritated that they didn't use a 20 minute skim set (so were my nasal passages).

It had been raining all week, like torrentially, so we couldn't even go outside for a walk until Friday night.  I'd been sitting on so many uneven and crappy surfaces day and night that my legs were shot just from that.  We walked the hood for 3 miles and that ended the use of my legs without searing pain.  We were looking forward to sleeping in Saturday as neither of us got much sleep all week.

As I just got back to sleep after a restless early morning, the Mr leaps up and says the drywall guy will be here in 20 minutes.  We didn't know anyone was working on the weekend.  I can't leap anywhere due to my legs and given in the middle of the night I resigned myself to just peeing the bed instead of walking on them if necessary.  (But given the lack of drinking fluids coupled with a few nights of take out, my body could be flown in the Macy's parade and was holding on to every drop.)  The guy's brother comes and starts yammering about conspiracy theories and at that point, we're just done.  We hole up in the bedroom and watch some episodes of Restored, the Mr gets lunch and we're just glad all of the holes are patched in the walls.  They inform us they'll be back tomorrow so no sleeping in for us...ever.

Update:  Best Buy has suspended all deliveries where requiring crossing the threshold is necessary and returns are canceled until April 6th.  *twitch*

Sunday morning, I woke to the first sunny day in a week.  I opened the windows and made some tea.  I started this post and enjoyed the tapping of my fingers on the laptop breaking the silence as I started typing.  I knew it was going to be another day of inconvenience and there would be no break for us.  Another day in the freezing cold basement since it got down to the 20's the night before.  It was the only break I could count on in the day and I was savoring it.  The Mr was kind enough to massage my legs.  I wasn't staying inside once drywall dude left with that being the only day of sun before the Ark starts its journey again this week.  I would need to get outside because I could not take one more fume induced migraine which kindly took over for the teeth grinding ones from earlier in the week.  We ordered breakfast from a restaurant up the street because the kitchen was unavailable with him here.  We got him some cinnamon biscuits for coming by on a Sunday especially since that put us two days ahead from where we thought we'd be Friday night.  We went into the freezer downstairs and ate breakfast while watching Sunday Morning and probably shouldn't have.  We should've taken a Corona break but whatcha gonna do?

We worked on getting our kitchen cupboards back in some kind of working order, at least the ones that won't be close to the grouting being done today while I listened to The 1975's first album.  Then I made the mistake of putting on Kenny Rogers and ugly cried for 20 minutes.  We knew we should probably go ahead and get paint for the living room and kitchen because we want to be done done.  Can I just say Lowe's and Home Depot are sucking hard at this whole Covid-19 response thing?  The most they're doing is a sign on the paint counter saying to keep a 'safe distance.'  TONS of people, I mean like Saturday crowds on a Sunday.  They make you sign for pick up orders with their germy pens.  The younger staff is giving attitude.  It's a sh*tshow for sure at the home improvement stores.  We were huddled in outdoor furniture with our AirTamers on away from people since absolutely NO ONE was giving space.  We trucked it over to the least crowded grocery store and got our produce for the week and pandemic pint of Tonight Dough.  I think we're home for the night and just have to get the counters cleared back off so our dude can do his thing today.  We're exhausted, stressed beyond belief, one of our doors is screwed up and I swear if the woman gives me lip today about the pictures I sent, it will be the last straw for my nerves.  I am just trying to focus on the little "luxuries" where I can now to keep myself from going into breakdown mode.

At this point, my only luxury is this:

The tiny one cup of tea I get these days crammed up on a queen bed trying to maintain my sanity.  I start my day with it on the weekends and end my day with it on the weekdays.  I find myself constantly muttering "I've reached the end of me, Rita" from Groundhog Day because I truly feel at the end of my mental rope.  The Mr was having a mass mental moment all last week because the man started a new job, had the reno and the pandemic all on his plate so I didn't have the option to cry, scream or even get in the damn tub to soak without fear my legs would seize up and I'd stroke out from the pain and call it a day.

Again, I know there are people going through much worse but that doesn't mean it isn't a different kind of hard for us in addition to the new global hard.  (I somehow said hard all of those times without making a dick joke.  Progress.)  But when all I keep seeing are updates from people about how they are sitting inside and are bored, I want to smack them and tell them to sit on their couches because at least they have one to use!

*whine over*

How was your weekend?  

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