Thursday, October 8, 2015

A yummy week so far

Happy almost Friday!

This week has been dragging.  The poor Mr has been put through the wringer at work and if we were drinkers, I'm sure he'd be passed out by now.

Last night we did a hellacious new upper body workout from Fitness Blender.  Damn that thing killed!  My right shoulder is in need of a good rolling.  I'll have to think of a good cardio workout for tonight.

One good thing about this week is dinners have been yummy.

BBQ country style rib and roasted carrots.

Langostino roll with brussels sprouts.

Chicken arancini alfredo (light) and asparagus.

Sorry for the crappy phone pics.  With it being dark so much earlier, no light in the cave.

I was perusing the Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer trying to see what pumpkin stuff I want to grab before they're gone.  They aren't known for keeping some of their seasonal stuff around very long.  Pumpkin bagels perhaps.  We rarely have bagels on hand but these might be worth a try especially since the Mr has their pumpkin cream cheese.  Pumpkin Cornbread Mix could be good for an impromptu side dish for a work potluck or even to use in stuffing for Thanksgiving.  Hmmm.  They also have Pumpkin Body Butter but I know I'd have to grab it quickly because they keep those for two weeks and they're gone.  We'll have to head over Saturday morning before they pull the body butter.

What's been your favorite dinner so far this week?

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Grocery games

The other night when we went to see The Martian, we knew we weren't done for the night.  Before we left, our time ran short and we didn't make it to the grocery store to refuel on produce for the week.  By the time we got to the grocery store, it was 11:30pm and it almost looked closed from the outside.

It's kind of awesome because there was literally two other people there plus the stocking workers.  But then the awesome turned to a bit of sadness as we recalled this used to actually be our usual shopping time on the weekends when we were at our highest weight.  The last thing we wanted to do at 455 and 494 lbs was make the rounds at the grocery store for all to judge during the day.  It wasn't even that we had a ton of junk in the cart either.  People tend to think the morbidly obese just fill their carts with Ho Ho's, Nutty Bars, frozen pizzas and ice cream.  Our carts were filled with fruits, veggies, Lean Pockets, organic tortilla chips, Snackwells, microwave popcorn and stuff like that.  Not the greatest compared to what we get now but not what most would expect to see either.

Then we'd have to go through the self checkout because they don't have cashiers on lanes that late.  It would take forever but we liked shopping in peace.  It's not like anyone ever said anything to us.  The Mr said he remembered a few side eye looks into our cart from Judgey McJudgersons but I never saw it because if I had, I would've said something.  "Eyes on your own cart!"  I have never looked in someone else's cart, it's not my business and frankly, who has the time to do that?

Actually one thing I do remember from those times was how invisible we were.  We had people cut us off with carts, walk into us, barrel down the aisle at us as though we were going to move (we didn't) and I had no problem saying right at them (but to the Mr) "are we f**king invisible???  Because I know you can't miss me!"  It would get no reaction because I think they were surprised the fat girl would stick up for herself.

Please do me a favor.  If you see a morbidly obese person in the grocery store, please just give them a smile and some compassion like you would anyone.  It likely took everything in them to even go and they may feel like everyone is staring at them.  There is nothing worse than feeling like an outcast and nothing better than someone smiling at you and making you feel normal and that you matter.

When do you usually go to the grocery store?  Be honest, do you judge other people's carts?  I won't chastise you.  ;-)

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Scary burger, late dinner and DVR catch up

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Oh, I forgot to tell you yesterday that the Mr tried that Halloween Whopper from Burger King over the weekend.  We saw it a few years ago when they debuted it in Japan I think and the bun was made with squid ink.  Supposedly they won't reveal what it's made with here in America but I'm thinking still squid ink and they just don't want to admit it because they think Americans can't take it.  They're trying to say there's A1 steaksauce baked into the bun and perhaps that is what gives the bun the color.  Mmm hmm.

I'll let you decide if what we got looks remotely like what they advertise.  I took one bite of bun and burger only.  Not a hint of A1 flavor.  The Mr tasted some A1 flavor...when he hit the puddle of A1 on the bottom.  It tasted like a regular BK burger, nothing different about it really.  There, we can say we tried it.  Oh yeah and if you've been reading the rumors about it, the Mr can confirm it's true.  Two days of toilet fun followed.

We went down to workout and I made the mistake of waiting until we went down to ask the Mr how his day was.  Forty five minutes later, we got started with our strength workout.  I like hearing about his day but I need to ask after decompress and before workout time.

Then because I wasn't smart and forgot my carrots needed peeled for dinner, we ate pretty late, but it was still good.

BBQ country style pork ribs and roasted carrots.

Then we hunkered in for The Voice.  I've been bad about watching.  I think we watched the first two and now last night was the last picks for full teams.  Then it was time to catch up on the DVR and off to bed.

Tried any hyped up food items lately?  Did they live up to the hype or fall flat?

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Testing the waters

Weekend's over again, eh?


We had to take my kayak back out on the water because we're planning a paddling trip soon and that would suck to relive the great Lake George disaster.  So we set out for the lake.

Since our last excursion, they've lowered levels.  To give you an idea, this bird is sitting on what used to be underwater.  Where the sticks poke up in the back is where shoreline was.

I remained buoyant for the trip as I saw more feathered friends.

Certainly better than before when I didn't even make it off the beach.

While I was paddling the shallows, someone took a nap break.

We had a pretty decent wind going out and as always, we had a hellacious time on the way back in.  I was tempted to say screw it and just let the current eventually maroon me on shore.  But we had things to do so I scrapped that plan.  The Mr kayaked on his way back.

We got home and I hopped in the shower and noticed my heinous tan lines which have the look of dirty ankles between the stop line of my water shoes and the hem of my neoprene pants that make me look like a seal.  Not a pretty look.

I made dinner of mahi mahi, thai lime rice and mixed veggies.  The Mr got his clothes ready for the next day, made his lunch, we enjoyed our Sunday night hot chocolate and then boogied out the door to go see The Martian with Matt Damon.  (Well, we didn't go see it with Matt Damon, it starred Matt Damon.)

That will bring us back to now.  Do, Re, Mi, La, So, La, Ti, Do!

What did you do this weekend?

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Friday, October 2, 2015

What I'm Reading This Week and Beekman Cookbook Winner

It's finally Friday!   Yeee hooo!!  This week was a bit too draggy for my taste.

It was quite nice settling in and watching Sleepy Hollow last night.  I had to be very vigilant about not reading any spoiler posts from related websites.  I hate how they give away waaaay too much these days before a season even starts.  I'm hopeful this season will be a good one and if its not, at least I get to stare at Tom Mison for 42 minutes each week.

But enough about my "free pass", let's get to...

9 Time-Saving Bathroom Cleaning Hacks  (Because no one wants to clean it longer than they have to)

15 Perks of Getting Married in Your Early 20s (or Even Younger)   (The only thing better than growing old with your best friend is growing up with them)

Is It Bad to Do the Same Workout Every Day?  (Inquiring minds want to know)

A Diabolical ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Tricked Alex Trebek Into Saying Turd Ferguson   (If you don't know the reference, watch the SNL video at the bottom of the link first)

11 Kitchen Storage Spots You Completely Forgot About  (Ooh, might do the in the cabinet ones!)

5 Places to Never Use Your Credit or Debit Card  (Hmm, I wonder if the Mr will change one of these habits)

Lush, Foodie Abundance in a Small Urban Garden  (Holy crap this is awesome!)

Oh, you probably scrolled past the links to see who won the autographed Beekman Veggie cookbook signed by the fabulous Josh and Brent, didn't you?

Yes, that's your book they're holding!
I wrote down everyone's name, folded the paper and because I'm classy, stuck it in the peanut butter box I got from Amazon yesterday, closed my eyes, ruffled around the box and congrats go out to....

Congratulations Dawn!  I'll be contacting you to get your info!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered!  I wish I could give one to everyone.  For those of you who wonder what the little affiliate link commissions are used for...this book is one of them.  I don't get items for giveaways for free or have any kind of sponsorship like the big bloggers.  Affiliate links are used to help me give back to all of you who hang in there with us!

We love ya's!

This weekend we're doing an early birthday lunch for the Mr with my mom.  We've got plans for his birthday weekend so I figured if we could do it early, it wouldn't get overlooked.  Somehow he seems to get lost in the shuffle some years so I try to make his birthdays exciting.  (He hasn't been in town for his birthday since he turned 39.)

Anything on tap for the weekend?

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Horrifying the doc, turkeys and waffles

Howdy do, you beautiful people, you!

I don't compliment you enough, just thought I'd rectify that.

It's October 1st.  Can you believe that shizz??  It's time for hot cider, rustling leaves, the smell of a distant bonfire you wish you were invited to and watching the Great Pumpkin.

Yesterday the Mr finished up his training course and we had the rest of the afternoon free.  Oh how it would've been nice to go out and do something but the pain in my leg was getting worse and I was now having pain with almost every step and was afraid to bear weight.  I knew what that meant...time to see the chiro.  The Mr said to book him an appointment too so he could laser him up one last time.  
When we got there, I decided to skip the water table and the girl put the Mr on it and took me on back.  I wrote down the extenuating circumstances around this incident from the 14 mile city trek last week to being crippled for 3-4 days recovering to bowlers lunges to breaking in new shoes.  He had me lay down on my stomach and when he felt my right ankle where the pain is, he was asking me questions and such trying to get an idea of what hurt me and what didn't.  Then he moved up to my calf and practically gasped in horror.  

"I can't believe you could walk in here with that thing!"  
"Pretty bad huh?"
"Um yeah, it's so bad there's actually an indentation.  The muscle is twisted onto itself.  This is going to hurt so let me know if you need me to stop.  I'm definitely going to laser this area."

It hurt but I guess I must be used to it by now or something because as he dug in, I just felt better knowing he was working that beast out.  As I was pointing and flexing my leg to allow him to release the muscles, he gave a nervous giggle and said "yeah, I'm feeling your pain here so I'm going to use a cooling heat gel to relieve the pain."

It felt okay but honestly he'd already done his worst to me so it didn't do much to relieve it.  Just made my leg all icy feeling.  He said it might've been a perfect storm of events to just give me that horrible knot and he told me to roll the back of it to keep it from coming back and I should feel some relief soon and he'll laser me again next week.  

Then the Mr came back for his session and he said his shoulder sprain was healed up, it just had a little healing to do on the back but if he built up his delts it would help take some of the load from the back of the shoulder.  So he's basically cleared.  

Later when trying to decide what to do for a workout, I knew I couldn't do something too intense so I decided since it was cool outside maybe we'd try a walk in the park.  My ankle did catch a few times but I was able to do just over 2 miles so I was pleased with that.  We sat on a picnic table and talked and had some visitors.

Is it wrong it made me crave Thanksgiving dinner?

I knew the dinner I had planned would be better.

Chicken and Trader Joe's Pumpkin Waffles with honey jalapeno infused light syrup and mixed veggies.  I wasn't sure the Mr would like it after saying earlier how he didn't care for chicken and waffles together.  So I don't know if his raving about how much he loved it was truth or back peddling.   Oh well, I liked it!  I wouldn't rush out to buy the waffles, if it's one thing TJ's apparently doesn't do well, it's waffles.  We tried their blueberry waffles not too long ago and they smelled like blueberries but didn't really taste like them.  They just taste like regular ol' waffles.  I said waffles a lot in that paragraph.

Waffles.  Waffles.  Waffles.   Does it sound weird in your head now?  Reading the word waffles?

Sorry, I'll stop.


What word sounds weird to you once you repeat it in your head or say it out loud?

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Just say no to bowlers lunges

It's the last day of September!  Where the *&$% did the month go???

Sunday night we did a strength session of Chalean Extreme and in it were some bowlers lunges.  Now as soon as I heard the cue for them, all of these red flags went off in my brain not to do them.  I knew they did something screwy to me but I couldn't remember what.  I thought they just made my legs sore the next day and figured I could handle that so I proceeded.

Monday, I felt like my right ankle needed to crack and halfway through our workout, I was greeted with a stabbing pain that shot up the back of my calf from my ankle.  I had to stop and have the Mr kind of yank it a little like the chiro will sometimes do and it seemed okay.  I continued on and a few minutes later got a little shooter again.  Great.  So I continue on the balls of my feet and as long as I didn't put any pressure on the back of my heel, I was okay.  I rolled and did an ankle massage before bed.

We were set to do a strength last night and I knew if I didn't have a DVD guiding me, I'd slack and the Mr said he wanted something slightly more challenging so we popped in Atletica by Powerstrike.  It was okay even with the lighter weights but with all of the leg work, I could feel the back of my leg getting a little irritated with me.  It backed off when I did a zillion squats and then my right knee was like "is there room for another at the pain party, yo?"  I cut out the last two exercises, which frankly, I could've done but I was over it and it'd been 40 minutes so I was done.  I went to get on my balance board to see if my ankle could take it.



Guess not.

Cue Simon and Garfunkel...

"Hello Achilles Tendinitis my old friend...."

I iced it as soon as we came up and it was mad at me just standing to make dinner so that was fun.

Mahi fish tacos and Brussels

I put the ice back on it after dinner and sleeved up with the compression gear.  I did some ultra sound on it before bed to help speed healing.  I know I can get this under control within a week if I'm good and I don't have a choice, we've got places to go soon so I need to be healed up.

So under no circumstances am I to ever do bowlers lunges again.  I want to, they feel challenging when I'm doing them but bottom line is my ol' bod just can't take them.  Rat bastard.  I hate feeling limited by some moves like that.

Now I have to figure out what cardio I can get in the rest of the week.  I might have to break down and do yoga on Friday instead of cardio so I can pair it with Saturday's rest day.  Then if I do upper body strength Sunday it'll be like a 3 day rest for it.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm listening to this.

On another unrelated note, tomorrow is Sleepy Hollow's season 3 premiere.   HELLS YEAH!  Tom's dropping the wig and while I wasn't a fan at first, his longer than Tom's/shorter than Ichabod's hair hath grown on me.

What exercise moves don't agree with you?  (Or is it just me?)

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