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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Is it just us? Hump Day Poll

**Reminder, Sunday is the deadline if you want to be included in the Christmas lights post!  Set a reminder for yourself for later tonight if you're reading this in the morning.**

Now, onto the post.

It's two weeks from Christmas day.

I feel like we haven't gotten to really enjoy the season at all.  I thought it might just be us or my projects in the living/dining area over the past weeks.  However, I've heard other people out in the wild say there's just something weird about this holiday season that they can't put their finger on.

How about you?

Is this holiday season running as usual for you or do you feel like there's something askew that has nothing to do with a late Thanksgiving?

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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

That Sinking Feeling

When I left my job of 12 years, a few of the ladies who had retired wanted to do a"ladies lunch" a time or two a year.  We kept it up for a few years consistently and then it got more inconsistent for the larger group of us as time has passed.  Last year, we finally scheduled one and I told them the only way I would cancel was if my grandma passed away on that day.  We buried her two days before.  I wasn't going to cancel it because I needed something to keep my mind off of the culmination of seven years of suffering our family endured at dementia's hands.

Two of the ladies are in their 70's and one in her 60's now.  It's like lunch with your mom or grandma and nice to have ladies of different ages to commiserate with.  When they asked what I'd been up to and how my grandma was, I told them we'd just buried her two days prior.  They were so empathetic and I didn't think to tell them because it wasn't on the top of my list since I had a eulogy to write.  As we continued with the lunch, something became very apparent to of the women in her 70's was in the early stages of dementia.  I fought back the tears and looked skyward and said "really?  I can't even get an escape at lunch from it for ONE day?  Thanks."  I was so sad when I left.  I know that confusion like she was experiencing can also be the sign of other medical issues so I didn't want to jump to conclusions.  That was 18 months ago and I forgot about it because out of sight out of mind.  Then I got my Christmas card from her and it all flooded back.  We get an email with what we'll be getting from the USPS that day and I saw a scan of the envelope.  There was the telltale slanted scrawl that my grandma got in the beginning.  It's still hard to see those birthday or Christmas cards from her knowing what we know now.

When I opened the card from my friend, instead of having the side of the card filled out with a long recap of her year and her love for the dog, it was a shaky signature of her, her husband's and her dog's name.  It was slanted which is an early sign of cognitive decline.  My heart broke.  I know that dementia is taking her even if she has not formally been diagnosed.  (I don't know that she has or hasn't and how would you begin to bring that up to someone you're not exactly close with?)

How can you tell if someone you know and love may be going through the beginning stages of cognitive decline?  Here are some of the signs to watch for and be ready to have a serious talk.

1)  Memory Loss

Obviously, memory loss is the main symptom most people think of with dementia.  It's more than walking into a room and not remembering why you went in there, which is typical as you age.  This memory loss is more, they can't recall things newly learned.  Say they've moved, they may not be able to remember their new address or how to get to their newer favorite restaurant.  They may rely on planners or post it's to aid their memory much more than before.

2)  Difficulty doing tasks they are familiar with

With my grandma, it was her noodle recipe she made for 60 years or serving an almost raw inside turkey because she didn't turn the oven to the right temperature.  It can be forgetting how to make coffee when they've made it every morning their whole adult lives or forgetting how to get to the hairdresser they've been going to for 25 years.

3)  Not being able to tell time

One of the first tests a neurologist will run on someone suspected to have dementia is the clock face test.  They will have them tell them the time on a clock face.  (IE;  It's 3:40 so draw that on a clock face.)  They will also have them draw a clock face.  Often someone with dementia will put all of the numbers on one side of the clock, skip some or bunch them up very small.  It is imperative you know how to tell time on a clock face and not digitally since this is used as a diagnostic tool!

4)  Misplacing things in odd places

We all lose our keys or that piece of mail on occasion but when you find them in the freezer or fridge or the linen closet, then it's time to consider a doctor's visit.  If you can't find the missing object right away, you could be accused of stealing which leads to...

5)  Paranoia

Many in the early-ish stages misplace things and accuse family or friends of stealing.  They can also get paranoid thinking you are trying to take their money, put them in a home or want what is theirs.  If this happens, they need doctors care immediately.

6)  Isolate themselves

If you have someone who was always on the go, in all kinds of clubs or traveled a lot, you may notice them pulling back from activities they once loved.  If they had a scare with getting lost or not remembering something, they could no longer trust their judgment and be scared to bring it up for fear of the disease or being put in a home.  It's up to their family and friends to keep an eye on those things and talk to them calmly about your concerns.

7)  Personality changes

A person can go from very outgoing or funny to agitated, belligerent, paranoid, and/or fearful.  This can change not only day to day but minute to minute depending on the kind of day they're having.

8)  Can't find the words

My grandma always said "whatchamacallit" but when that and thingamajig became her main forms of communication, the family noticed. We all search for our words from time to time but when you look at an everyday object like a skillet or car and don't know the name for it or can't write the name for it, it's time to see a doctor.

As the holiday season approaches, you may see some of these signs in family or friends you don't see all of the time.  How do you bring this up without ruffling feathers?  If they have children, consider pulling them aside (or emailing/texting them) and ask if everything is okay with their parent.  Note some of the things of concern and you just wanted to make sure they are okay.  It is because two people did this with our family that they went from "wait and see" to "we need to make an appointment."   Your observation could be just the push the family needs to make a decision.  If there are no kids, you could pull them aside and ask if they've been feeling okay, they seemed a little off today.  Don't bring something up in front of other people where they may feel embarrassed or ashamed and get defensive.  Just express your concern in a kind, compassionate way and you could say you just made your doctor's appointments for the year and you want to make sure they're taking care of their health too.

It's never easy to come to terms that someone you love may be suffering from cognitive decline but putting your head in the sand delays treatment which allows them to slip away quickly.  Knowing the signs could give you more time with the people you know and love.
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Monday, December 9, 2019

Stinky McGee and Crying in my Wine Weekend Recap

Good Monday morning everyone!  I hope you had a fun, productive or completely lazy, self-care weekend.    We had an interesting kick-off to our weekend.  I ordered a new mantel to hang our stocking by the gas vent fireplace with care because I was tired of our 23-year-old mantel.  Originally, I was going to take the mantel down myself and even scored it.  But when I slipped and cut a sliver of drywall, I didn't want to screw it up so we decided to hire out for it to be removed and put up the new one.  It was bittersweet.  We were excited to have a fireplace and mantel of our own when we were 21 and 23 years old.  We hung our stockings there for 22 years and our pup warmed her booty under it when she was chilly.  But we were tired of builder grade and I wanted something big, chunky and rustic.

(Notched back so it could be hung on a 2x4)

The dude who showed up opened the conversation by saying "well, I was on my way home but my boss said "no you're not.""  The last time a worker opened up a conversation that way, we had a gas leak and almost exploded because he wasn't paying attention and was more worried about telling his girlfriend why he was going to be late.  I wasn't having it.  I said, "if you have something you need to get home to, I have no problem rescheduling this."  He wasn't expecting that and he's like "oh no, that's okay."  I said, "because we need your full attention on this because we can't do this ourselves like we were going to."  He started stuttering a little and was like "no, I was just kidding."  Mmm hmm.  Then we showed him the instructions that came with the mantel and corbels and twice he was going rogue and creating issues that were addressed in the directions.  I promptly would say "yes, in the instructions it says how to do that."  After the second time, he said "you're probably like "if you'd just read the instructions.""  I just smiled and didn't disagree.  He also REEKED of cigarette smoke to the point I was coughing the entire time.  I felt like I'd just smoked a carton.  We had to air out the house for an hour then run the diffuser for 6 hours to get his "essence" out of here.  He was quite skilled but still, why do we get the whiners?  (He went off about his boss for five minutes at the end of his time and overcharged us by a quarter-hour because he stopped doing his job to tell us stories and we got to pay $22 for the pleasure.  Thanks a lot, Stinky McGee.

In the end, we were SO glad we treated ourselves to having someone else do it.  I easily could've gotten that mantel off the wall doing exactly what he did but scared myself with that drywall nick.  Besides that part only took 10 minutes so it wouldn't have saved us money anyway...stopping him when he'd say "long story short" with "too late" would have.  I'm going to do a proper before and after post for you.

The mantel looked so good, it made our pathetic pass-thru shelf to the kitchen look like crap.  Well, it's looked like crap for 10 years.  The wood is super soft and even sitting a mason jar on it dents the paint.  Yeah.  So something needed to be done about it anyway.  I wanted to make a shelf facade to cover it that matched the mantel.  Sounds simple enough, right?  I got a primitive planer from an antique mall but there was no way that thing was touching the oak since it barely made a dent in soft pine.  We went to an old school hardware store that had a block planer and that looked like it would do the trick.  The problem is, despite expert measuring on the notch we had to work with on the pass-thru wall, we could not account for the crap show that is the unevenness of the wall itself.  The Mr was doing the best he could and when he was done with the 20 cuts/re-cuts, we had a bit of a mess on our hands.  I seriously have NO IDEA how the crappy builders here were able to build that thing.  I was in tears out of frustration on something that should've been relatively simple and I'm sure he was like "why didn't I marry the chick my mom tried to arrange a marriage with in high school?"

At this point, we finished up what we could, got it glued and brad nailed until we could bring it inside to sit overnight.  I'll work on staining and polying it today and hopefully be done today since we've got a delivery coming tomorrow and I won't be able to deal with it then.  Let's just say the day ended with this...
(That is called mulled wine.  The Mr didn't like it so I took his.)
I'm not a drinker, therefore after one mug, I was walking sideways.  Thank you, Aldi.

Don't forget the deadline for sharing your favorite holiday lights (your own or others) is Sunday!  I've got one submission so far so run outside tonight and snap those pics!  You can either email me at mrs{at}successalongtheweigh{dot}com or message me on the Facebook page.

How was your weekend?

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Friday, December 6, 2019

What I'm Reading This Week #49

Good Friday to you all.  The first full weekend of December, how the heck did that happen?   We were happy to find a Salvation Army tree at a hipster store we wandered into earlier in the week so we could get a few teens their Christmas gifts.  (Everyone goes for the smaller kids.)  Does anyone else have a hard time finding those trees now?  I remember they used to be everywhere until about 10 years ago.  I can't find those adopt-a-senior trees anymore either.  I really loved doing those.  I'll have to look into that sooner next year since this year seems to be swirling down the drain.

But first, let's look into...

The Official 2019 Guide to Holiday Shopping Deadlines  (Plan for your out of staters)

This Is When Your Cold Stops Being Contagious  (Well, it looks like I've got 6 more days to go.)

Why You Struggle To Stay Awake When You're Stressed  (I have been a ZOMBIE this week!)

15 Christmas Decorations You Won't Believe Are Made Out Of Paper  (Get the kids/grandkids involved!)

6 Little Things You Can Do For Someone Who Is Grieving At The Holidays  (Good tips)

Why Am I So Angry?  (Have you been out there lately!?!)

16 Clear Signs You’re About to Be Hacked   (DO TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION!  I've gotten two notifications this past week alone from a-holes trying to hack an email account.)

37 Best Country Christmas Ideas for a Down-Home Holiday  (Swooooon!)

How to Decorate a Room with Limited Natural Light  (Like our cave?)

7 Versatile Kettlebell Exercises to Include in Your Workout  (More kettlebell)

Here's Why It's So Hard To Unpack After A Trip  (Oh good, it's not just us!)

Domino's Pizza Delivery Hero Saves Guy From Psycho Ex   (Language but good on them!)

It's finally Friday and I'm ready for the weekend.  It's been a week of trying to get back on track with our routines.  Since we came back from New England our exercise routines have been off a little.  I was sick when we got back so I had to ease off on intensity, finally got well and back to it full(ish) force and then got sick again after going to Toronto and have had to pull back again.  I almost fainted during Wednesday's workout.  Whoops.  Each cold is zapping my energy and the Mr has aggravated a shoulder injury.  We've both been guilty of skimping on our PT the past few months and its caught up to us.  Now he needs both his PT and mine and his body is protesting.  So we're trying to get back into whatever groove our bodies are allowing. 

What are you grooving into this weekend?

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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Setting the Record Straight

When I first came into the Mr's life at age 17, it was our first real relationship.  Through a series of unfortunate events and betrayals on the part of people the Mr trusted, our relationship was threatened...literally.  Lucky for him I'm stubborn and called him on some crap he was coerced to say in a drunken stupor to make others happy.  Needless to say, that didn't go over well when their plan failed.  Because no one ever bothered to ask our side of the story, many assumptions have been made even some 28 years later.  Don't you love how people will take other's words on something about YOUR life?!  Fast forward 10-ish years later to the Mr's sibling marrying a woman who is no less than a monster.  I don't use that term lightly.  The mental and physical toll she took on various family members throughout her tenure as a member of his family was great and still lingering even 6 years after her official leave.  We have not talked to her in 15 years, immediately cutting ties with that branch of the family tree after some unforgivable things were said and done.  I called her on her crap, told her where to go and where she could shove all of the things we've done for her over the years.  I never felt so free in my life.  Toxic emotional vampire is far too kind a term but they haven't invented anything else as close to the deplorable things this woman has put our family through.

The problem is, in that time from the moment I gave her the peace sign/middle finger, she has continued to mind f**k anyone she can including my mother in law.  There were times in the beginning that she and I would vent to each other about the in-laws if they were being irritating like anyone does.  I never said anything to her that I wouldn't say to either of them if asked.  I told her this when she tried to essentially blackmail me by threatening to tell them things I said about them.  I told her I would gladly print out every communication we ever had between each other because I had them all and unlike some of the things she said, I had ZERO issues saying these things to them if pressed.  She immediately backed down and never mentioned it again.  This marked the time when she would begin chiseling away at the fracture that was already between my mother in law and I from when I was 17.  Since his family doesn't like emotions they are experts at sweeping anything under a rug, jumping up and down on it and living with the lumps.  Yeah...not how I operate.  Once I was diagnosed with my stress disorder in the late '90s and told to cut out all forms of unnecessary stress, that unfortunately included some of his extended family events.  We would basically be ignored and it brought up a lot of old trauma for both of us and we figured if you're damned if you do and damned if you don't, then don't.  The sister in law used that as a way to drill into my mother in law's head that I hated her.  She literally said those words.  "Anele hates you, that's why she doesn't come around."  Because they don't talk about feelings, she knew that my MIL wouldn't ask me.  She did this for years and even though she's technically out of the family, she's not.  She is FAR more involved than an ex has ever been and has zero reasons to not still raise a ruckus because as Dr. Phil would say "you teach people how to treat you."

When the Mr would come home from lunches with his mom a few times a year, he always mentioned how she'd bring up that I hate her.  Finally, the last time he mentioned it was last month and I broke down.  I told him not to tell me that anymore.  I'd just sent her a gift for no other reason than I was thinking of her (he didn't even know I'd done it) and it was my idea to take her out for her birthday every year for the past 6 years.  What MORE did I need to do to show her I don't hate her and to kick that monster b*tchwad out of her head!?!?  He'd told her constantly all of the things she said and how it was my idea to do this or that but none of it sunk in.  It made me not even want to try with her anymore because what good would it do if she still only believed the word of a literal psychopath?  I decided I needed to just tell her and if she didn't believe me after that, there was nothing I could do.  I felt like if she died tomorrow, this would be something I wished I'd set the record straight on.  I asked the Mr what he thought and he said it was fine with him.  We took her out earlier this week for her birthday and since I'm sick, I gave myself permission to just not do it if I didn't feel like there was a natural in.  I didn't want to make it weird but I also was not mentally sharp since I'm just over everything going on in daily life right now.

I found my in when she'd just talked about Vampira and said "the one thing that always breaks my heart after your lunches with the Mr is how you tell him you think I hate you.  I have NEVER in my life hated you no matter what that woman ever told you" and we hugged.  I did tell her about the SIL's threat to "out" me to them about things I said in emails and I told her we vented to each other on occasion about stupid stuff that I don't even remember like you do about inlaws.  I told her I didn't say anything I wouldn't say to her face if asked and could she say the same because I had email proof of some whoppers and that was when she started working on getting into her head.  She said she knew I didn't really hate her, how nice I am to her and how happy I make the Mr.  I told her I knew we got off to a rough start but I was 17 and I understand regardless of his age that was her kid and she wanted the best for him.  She thanked me and told me she wanted me to know she had nothing to do with the ultimatum given to him early on in the relationship.  I told her I never thought she did.  She said she told the people involved he should work it out with me on his own.  (But wasn't too pushy about it because honestly, it would give her her 'baby' back if I were out of the picture.  Two people had the chance to stop it and didn't but that's neither here nor there now.)  She said she knew I had a boyfriend and I stopped her and said "I didn't though!!!  That's the thing!"  The Mr interrupted.  "The guy is was a non-issue when it all came down to it but the ONE TIME I confided in a friend, he betrayed me and told everyone what he wanted them to believe to manipulate them!"  She mentioned again about the supposed other guy and I said: "I wasn't even there alone on the night in question, I was with three other girls and it was a group house, not one singular guy but no one ever absorbed that part."  I told her if she ever has any question about what I think, the person to ask is ME, no one else.  She said the same for her.  She mentioned one time she said something and she thought I was offended by what she said and she wished she could've told me she didn't mean it that way.  I don't know what she was talking about but always feel like she can say "I think that might've come off wrong" or whatever so there's no stewing on it from either of us.  We went into some stuff with the person involved in the betrayal and details the Mr didn't even know came out about his supposed best friend back then that ticked him off.  This jerk went around his old hometown telling a completely different story to every family member who would listen that still lived up there.  To all of them who never got to know me, I'm the problem and the ex-friend is the victim who of course, left out several major details that would've painted him for the lowlife scum sucker he is.

It doesn't matter to me what extended family thinks of me, they've never treated the Mr well and I've had zero problems pushing back to those who disrespect him in front of me.  The ones who did accept me for who I was from the beginning have passed away so the only person I care about is his mom.  I used to get so sad thinking of all I potentially lost going into that relationship because a few people were afraid to lose the easiest person to manipulate to do what they wanted.  (Don't worry, the Mr totally agrees that's how he was then.)  Everyone I knew before them always loved me and that situation was the first one I ever went into where they didn't so it was quite a blow to my mental health.  A lot of my anxiety and rejection issues amped up to an 11 after all of that and the Mr knows that.  I was pretty self-confident before then but then felt like I spent 15 years kicking and screaming to be accepted by them until one day I just stopped.  I set my boundaries, gave up on having the perfect inlaw situation and focused on the people who mattered most to me, which were his parents.  Now that it's just his mom, she is really the only one we see in person.  Others have scattered and moved and they don't get together like they used to.  I do wish that things were different for the Mr and the one brother that was involved in the initial betrayal.  I don't necessarily blame him all these years later for looking out for his brother but his motives were selfish and his methods deplorable; still, I have forgiven him in my heart for it.  Unfortunately, his family is still very emotionally hands-off.  No one wants to admit their part in anything and answers to emails tend to be short, often times a sentence before months go by.  I know from experience with people in my own family that you can't force a relationship with people who don't want it and you have to be okay with that.  You can mourn it but you can't let it consume you, which is what it did to us for many years, decades even.

In the end, I do want a relationship with his mom with boundaries intact that honor us both.  I can only hope that telling her I love her and that every time she hears that voice telling her I hate her, the SIL wins.  At this point, I've done all I can do and if the ex-SIL creeps in there, that's something she needs to work out, not me.  I can only continue to hug her and joke with her when I see her and listen to her stories and comment with an honest heart instead of what I think she wants me to say.  It shouldn't have taken 28 years to set the record straight but it did.  There's that saying "the truth shall set you free" and that applies here.  I hope she heard the truth and the nearly three decades of what she thought happened can begin to fade.  I feel free in knowing there is nothing left unsaid on my part to her.  So many times we're afraid of how people will react or that we'll make them uncomfortable but I'd rather have several uncomfortable minutes than a lifetime of regret.   I felt like it could be the best birthday present I could give her...and that top we bought her.

Do you have anyone you need to set the record straight with?  What's holding you back?

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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Hump Day Poll: This Little Light of Yours

I know I usually ask if anyone wants to share their Christmas trees in a post later in the month, but this year I thought I'd do something different.  How about sharing either your or your favorite holiday lights?  Send me a pic at mrs{at}successalongtheweigh{dot}com of either your holiday lights on your house, a neighbors house that does it up in a way you have no desire to or a town display.

Show us what makes you smile this holiday season!  The deadline is December 15th.

If you need address numbers blurred out, let me know, and I can do that for you.  Feel free to share any details and/or stories to go with it.  Let's spread some holiday cheer.  Lord knows we need some good vibes!

Who is in?

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Monday, December 2, 2019

Seriously? Holiday Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!  I hope you guys had a great holiday weekend.  If you didn't get a chance to swing by on Black Friday, you can see our Toronto trip recap.  Forgive any typos, I forgot to have my editor look this over before he went to bed.

Welp, I'm sick again.  Seriously!?!?!  I started and ended November sick from two different cruds.  I felt it the day before Thanksgiving when I was in the throes of baking and getting war scars.  (Burned my hand on the effing coil in the oven.)   It was one of those deals where my throat felt irritated but not sore like the previous cold, you know,  four weeks ago at the start of it.  One nostril was stuffed but not the other.  On Thanksgiving, I felt like it was getting slightly worse so I was probably at 50% smell/taste capacity which is not good on the one eating holiday of the year.  By that Saturday, complete shut down of all senses. 

Thanks a lot to the Canadian hoser that gave me the international version.

Thanksgiving was better in some aspects and irritating in others.  Better in that the flaming d-bag one person was dating is hopefully out of the picture because they are no longer a couple.  I had a lot of anxiety about being in the same room with them again because he's a lot like my dad's side of the family which is my way or the highway and had a condescending tone to him.  The irritating part was that my grandma's husband showed up with pneumonia and was coughing all over EVERYTHING food wise that was on the table without covering his mouth and saying "you can't catch it" and I said, "yes we can."   Seriously!!?  Of course, there's the poor Mr. sandwiched between him and I just waiting to see what he was going to catch.  He started catching mine the next day but fought it, as usual, so no sickness for him.  Jerk.  It was quite nice once the drama llamas left and the rest of us were there to laugh and chat.  I was telling my aunt, who is also very into signs from the other side like me about the ones I got from Grandma that I didn't tell her about yet.  She was so happy and in awe, because some of them were so blatant we cracked up laughing.  I helped her daughter put the tinsel on the tree.   It's become a bit of a tradition for us the past few years.  We're both tall and it gave us a chance to chat alone for a little while.  I used to put the tinsel on the tree with Grandma so it's kind of like carrying on the tradition.   It's the only one that is carried on since they didn't make her noodles...again.  They did frozen.  Look, I get that it can be a pain in the butt to cut them but grandma did it for 60 years, half of us have expressed it's important to still do them when we were asked and there were a ton of the frozen ones left.  The Mr and I boycotted them and didn't take any home and other people didn't eat them or take home leftovers either.  I think if I can bake 4 pies from scratch, do 10 lbs of mashed potatoes and homemade stuffing with bread I dried myself, they can roll out eggs, flour, and salt and let it dry for a few days ahead of time.  Just throw it in a covered bowl until it's time to plunge them into the broth.  I know some of you might have opinions on that but when the majority of us want the homemade version and you bothered to ask, then please do it.  I'm going to talk to my cousin who lives in the same house and see if she'll do them since she's made them before and grandma taught her how.  I won't put pressure on her to do it but I'd like one last Christmas with them since that is actually what we have for Christmas...beef, and noodles.  Otherwise, it's going to be beef, mashed potatoes, and gravy and that's just called dinner.   That night when we got home, we put lights on the new tree.  We both just kind of stared at it.  It's MUCH smaller and doesn't feel very Christmasy to me.  It's gotten a lot of side-eye the past four days. 

Friday night we went to see a Christmas show.  I think it's probably the last time we'll do that.  It always sounds good when you buy tickets in July but then when the time rolls around, it's like "ugh, this is the last thing I want to do right now" especially if you're sick.  Or if you go and you're not sick, you're gonna get sick because that's all that's around you.  It was nice to be out but glad it's checked off the list.  With Thanksgiving being late, it always feels like December is somehow shorter even though it's not.  But you do get one less week of "holiday season" of the last week in November.

Saturday, the cold took me over completely and zero sense of smell or taste.  That really sucks because it's a tradition we do a big appetizer spread the Saturday after Thanksgiving and watch college ball.  Well, I was willing to bake everything up but I admit, I would've been quite the pouty poop to deal with.  Thankfully, he said we could do it this coming weekend, assuming I'm better and not all football is over.  I don't watch the games anymore, I'm just there for the food anyway.  It was a low key weekend.  We listened to our new to us vinyl for scratches, later went out to a store then did all of the grocery shopping so we wouldn't have to Sunday.  We came home and lit the tree and candles and watched the tube until we conked out.

Sunday, still no taste or smell so I wasn't going to make a big breakfast I couldn't enjoy.  Cheerios it is.  I did switch out my sheets for the season.

Obviously, I'm not getting Great Pumpkin flannel sheets and not get the Christmas version as well!  Plus they're so warm without being overbearingly hot.  I only wish we could've gotten them at the Vermont Country Store when we were actually there but they only had this pattern at the online warehouse.  I made grilled cheese and soup for lunch.

I took a midday nap and the Mr wrapped my Christmas presents.  When I woke up, I was in no mood to do a "formal" workout so we walked the neighborhood in the spittle.  Then we walked to the grocery and picked up a few things we needed for the week.  We came home and I made jalapeno chicken over polenta which didn't get the sinuses flowing like I'd hoped.  I told the Mr to bring up Christmas boxes or I probably wouldn't decorate this year unless it was in my face.  We decorated the tree and it did go a long way in making it feel more like our tree.  I'll post pics once I've got the place up to snuff.  We turned down the lights, turned on the tree and watched A Christmas Romance  (affiliate link)  with Olivia Newton-John. 

How was your holiday/weekend?

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