Friday, August 26, 2016

What I'm Reading This Week #34

Good Friday morning all!

It has been one helluva week around here and you top it off with the SicroMoft fiasco that I am mostly up and running from and it makes it even more glorious to have the weekend upon us.  Of course there is no rest for the wicked and I am going to have to work at least tomorrow but I'm hoping it'll pay off.  Jazz hands for productivity!  (I don't know why I just did that!)

But enough of my twitching insanity in the form of moves no one should do, let's get to...

What To Do When You Feel Like Your Body Has Betrayed You  (I'm pretty much there.)

7 Poop Questions You've Been Too Embarrassed To Ask, Answered  (As my LMT and I discussed, it all comes back to poop)

15 Ways to Get Rid of Negative Energy in Your Home  (I can't wait to tackle the clutter after my current project!)

Milk, Not Plastic, Will Protect Food in the Future  (There's an interesting concept)

Is Muscle Confusion a Real Thing?  (Very good point)

45+ Crafty Ideas for Home Decor You Can Make Yourself  (Break out the paints and saws!)

If you want to see what your meal would look like before you make the selection on your next flight, check out this site  (This actually helped us on our flight to Hawaii for breakfast and thanks to the pics, we chose wisely!)

10 Things Pro Landscapers Do to Their Yards Every Fall  (If I had a lawn, I'd do this)

Chip and Joanna Are Not Happy With Past "Fixer Upper" Clients Renting Out Their Homes  (I saw the price of the "Barndominium" and said "no thanks.")

30 Effortlessly Beautiful DIY Fall Centerpieces  (I may or may not be TOTALLY ready.)

The Best Places to Spend Christmas   (Ideas in case this year turns out to be amazingly awesome!)

I want to take a moment to thank the Mr for all of his patience, hard work and general awesomeness this week.  He's put up with a lot on work and home and it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. When you both end a day screaming "eff this day, one hour left of this crap @ss day!" without taking it out on each other, I call that a victory.

I don't know that we have too solid of a plan for the weekend other than sleeping in before obligations take hold.

What are you fine folks into this weekend?

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Thursday, August 25, 2016


A bit of saucy language enclosed.

I am so glad when companies push an update that has a TON of bugs in it that is going to screw your life if you try to uninstall said update.

{Dripping with sarcasm}

This company, we'll call them SicroMoft, decided to force their anniversary update to my laptop.  In doing so, they basically rendered my sound useless.  The Mr knows a fair amount about computers and was pretty certain we could back it out until patches were issued and we'd reinstall it.


Backing it out basically fried my laptop rendering it a block of plastic and parts.

*insert weeping wife and twitching crazed husband here*

After putting in an already longer than usual workday, the Mr got to come home and deal with the clusterf**k that was this update.  It fought him for every bit of 9 hours.  NINE, people!  He didn't get to bed until 3am with an 8am meeting he had to be on.

Then what does it do overnight?  It reinstalls the same effing update that bent me over to begin with!!
(To those saying "this wouldn't happen with Apple"...not even an option on principle.  It's better to not even get me started on that subject.  LOL)

So I basically just have web right now.

I woke up this morning with some issues that I brought on myself (overstretching) so instead of wallowing, I said I was going to just go into the day with a good attitude and ice down and then deal with the computer issues with a level head.  Then he told me about the update re-installing and that kind of shot my mindset.  So I'm trying to get back into it by attempting to install as much as I can without his assistance because the fact that he had to come home and deal with a whole other situation is just not fair and qualifies him for computer sainthood.  I will learn the lesson that I need to stop being an electronic hoarder because I got some serious side eye at the amount of files he had to back up.  This is not the first time this issue has come up so I need to address the amount of stupid chit I keep for no good reason.  Digital detox time, yo!  Silver lining?  (Trying to see it that way!)

A BIIIIIIIIIG thank you to The Mr for his tireless efforts in getting my 'puter back to normal.  I probably owe him stuff out of Fifty Shades of Grey now.  Well, he's not into that kind of thing so just insert any 80's T&A movie and that should cover it.  Sorry for any typos as my proofreader has done enough for me and I'm not asking him to do that too!

Have you had a major computer meltdown?  How did you recover that didn't involve booze and illicit drugs?

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Product Review: Silver Palate Low Sodium Marinara Sauce

We don't have Italian often but when we do, I like to pair it with a good marinara.  Pasta sauce is so hard to find in something that doesn't have enough sodium to keel a horse.  When we were in a local health food store, I looked at a new to me pasta sauce and thought it looked really good and decided to give it a try.

I usually get Trader Joe's No Salt Added Marinara which is sodium friendly at 35mg per half cup but on the bland side.  I always have to heavily doctor it with spices before making it palatable to us.  Here's how this stuff stacks up...

While 115mg is more than Trader Joe's version, it's still considerably less than most pasta sauces that can run anywhere from 500mg on the lower end to closer to 900mg on the high end.  For that little bit extra that makes it taste better, I will take it!

We love to use it on our whole wheat chicken parm!

I also love to use 1/4 cup of it split on an English muffin when I'm craving pizza on the caloric cheap.

The verdict?  LOVE. THIS. STUFF!

The olive oil they use gives it a nice, high end mouth feel and the San Marzano tomatoes really do make a difference in taste.  It tastes, to us at least, as close to restaurant quality pasta sauce without the choking salt content.  I rarely have to doctor it up either.  If I do, it's usually just a small hit of fresh ground black pepper.  If I have fresh herbs on hand, I might add those but it's more for visual than adding something flavor wise that I feel is missing.  When it's on sale, it usually runs about $3 with a regular price of $3.50-$4.00, though I did see our local big box store try to sell it for $9.99 and about fainted in the aisle.  I could get three jars at the health food store for that!  But I did see it on sale there for $3.50 last time so someone must've said "y'all are on crack!"

If you should happen to see a jar, give it a go especially if you want to indulge in a little Italian and not feel the sodium bloat later!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Strike that, reverse it

(I can't be the only one to think of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when I hear that, right?)

The reason I say that is because while I had grand plans to paddle on the coolest day of the week, I did too much during the day to be able to be up for it come the evening.  So I suggested we walk at the park.  When we got there, there were a gaggle of high school girls (likely track) that were stretching and I could tell the Mr was like "yeah, I want no part of them running past us on the trail."  Luckily they were stretching post run so we never encountered them.  We took a different way onto the trail to avoid them and instead of taking our usual route, I turned onto the trail so that our usual end was now the beginning.  It is so crazy how different it looked from that small change!

Like that hill is one we're usually coming down and we have to hold hands so I don't tumble head over ass or hit a gravel patch that will send me unwillingly into the splits.  But dang when you're going up it, it's like "please God, don't let me encounter someone else" and He's like "you mean like this lady?"  Then you have to regulate your breath for a moment as you smile when you pass to not look like you're sucking wind.  I wasn't sucking wind, it actually wasn't bad, I was more worried about how hyper-extended my left leg was and was just trying to push up the hill without blowing my Achilles on nature's warped wall.  (I see American Ninja Warrior is taping right now so that came to mind.  LOL)

It was SOOOO nice out.  I think maybe 80ish and the lightest of breezes and in the shade it felt even better.  So even though we took the harder route, it was nice to see the trail from the reverse angle and it felt like a whole different park!  I can't believe in all the years we've been walking there that we never walked it in reverse...DERP!

When we got home, I immediately got ice on the leg and got to work on dinner.

Orange Mahi with sweet potato gnocchi and roasted carrots.

The Mr combined my love of old ladies and his love of his new game and found some elderly lady who games and streams her gaming sessions on YouTube!  She's like 80 years old and she was ranting about how some commenter was trying to tell her how to do something and it didn't work and she got pissy.  It was kind of funny.  But after listening to her be kind of hostile all through dinner and 10 minutes after, I was at my limit.  Still pretty cool that at her age she's a gamer!  The Mr worked on a project for me and I hopped on here to talk to you guys whilst listening to The 1975 and jacking up the heating pad on my back.

Oh and I looked at some Christmas gifts that came in too.  So I've got one person done, my mom is about 40% done, once the Mr gets some more affordable options on his list, I can click away and be done with him in 5 minutes.  In about a month or so, I can ask one of the grandma's what she wants and thankfully she's always very specific and expects I'll get her what she asked for but I always throw in a trip to her favorite candy shop for her sugar free chocolates and then I bake a loaf of whatever she wants.  (That's the problem when you post you're baking banana bread or something like that on social get requests from multiple people!  LOL  But I'm well stocked this year with about 20 mini paper loaf pans so bring it on!)

It's supposed to be low 80's today and sunny.  Quite a welcome change from the past 10 days of doom and rain but I'm not complaining because we needed the rain.  Oh yeah that reminds me, I should water the plants since God isn't going to now.

Have you ever walked a different route in the same place and had it feel totally unfamiliar?  Anyone start their Christmas shopping yet?  :-)

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Copper love, working weekend and mediums

Monday huh?  Wow that weekend went by quickly!

It was a working weekend for me so I didn't see much of the light of day.  Well, I take that back, it was grocery weekend so we had to brave the crowds.  We went to this restaurant and I changed my mind on my order and got chicken and waffles.  The texture of the waffle was probably the best I've ever had but there was no flavor.  The chicken was juicy and well cooked but again, no flavor in the breading so it was kind of a big fail.  I still ate it of course but there's just nothing worse than when you take that chance on a dish you say you're going to get every time and when you finally do, it's a crapper.

We went to Williams Sonoma because I've been heavily crushing on these measuring cups...

They are weighty and high quality but mama's gonna have to wait for a sale.  They're not a need, they're a want and I have things I need to be saving money for right now so yeah.  They are in my future but at $40, a 20% sale is going to need to happen first!  We hit up Pottery Barn too and the associate was saying something about the couch in front of us and I said we already bought it 2 years ago.  She said she was considering buying it and asked our opinion.  I told her the aesthetics are beautiful but there is this slight tilt to it that makes it a little uncomfortable and it's not a great napping couch either.  HA!  I told her we like it but I don't know that we'd recommend it if she's looking for a nice, relaxing couch to kick back on.  I did note though that pretty much all of PB's couches have that tilt so we're definitely going to think long and hard before making that purchase again...but damn it looks good.  I saw Sur La Table had their Fall stuff out and dammit, when that pumpkin loaf pan I've been frothing over for like 2 years goes on clearance for $10 like it does every season, I'm GETTING IT dammit!  I can't pay $30 for it but $10 is right up my alley.  So we did get to have a little shopping fun (for me) before tackling Trader Joe's and Target.

The Mr spent his evenings playing No Man's Sky again.  At one point, he was on some planet and I was up there and there were animals walking around that looked like Donkey from Shrek so I made him name them Eddie Murphy in the database so if other people land there, they'll see him.  I returned my mom's phone call and we talked until the battery died.  That has NEVER happened to me before!  It was good to catch up and just talk about life.  Like so many of us these days, our conversations happen via social media so it's nice to hear people's voices from time to time.  Too bad the call ended at like 2am!  I was dead on my feet and can't believe I didn't fall asleep.  Well past my bedtime.

Sunday I got a lot of business crap knocked out with a lot more to go but felt like there was some progress.  I feel so lucky to have a hubby that is talented and supportive of the stuff I choose to do and can help me out in ways that are foreign to me.  Then come 5pm he reminded me it was time for one more grocery store so we had to go out and finish up the produce run.  The Mr cut my fruits and veggies for the week while I got dinner together.  Because I needed some serious freezer room, I pulled out the Boudin Bakery sourdough bowls I Food Saved and we ate an obscene amount of sodium in the form of this deliciousness...

Their clam chowder in their sourdough bowls are heaven and I wanted to save this for September or October but they were taking up too much real estate in the freezer so they had to go straight in our bellys.

Then it was settling down for the night so I could write y'all and we could catch up on Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry.  Hey, I've gotta record a couple guilty pleasure shows to watch, right?

What did you guys do this weekend?  Do you watch Tyler Henry?  Any experiences with mediums?

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Friday, August 19, 2016

What I'm Reading This Week #33

It's been a long, busy week.   I am ready for the weekend, yo!

Let's jump right into...

The Secret to Grilling Flavorful Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts  (Sometimes it feels a little redundant)

What You Need To Know About the New GMO Labeling Law  (Good info)

5 Foods that Slow Your Metabolism  (Well one of those is a big pisser for me...apples.  I've only been able to find organic pink ladies a handful of times)

What’s New at Trader Joe’s This Month  (Hmm, not impressed, they better not have yanked some of my usuals!)

6 Cleaning Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Stuff  (I read this and then proceeded to accidentally knock over about a tablespoon or so of vinegar on my granite.  *face palm*)

The Optimal U.S. National Parks Centennial Road Trip  (Flippin' awesome!  Wish we could take a few months off to do this!)

Kindergarten teacher sends student note nearly 30 years later   (My heart!  Such a cutie!)

How to Prepare for Old Age When You Don’t Have Kids  (Very good info for people like us)

She ‘loved life:’ A grieving father wrote openly about suicide and mental illness in daughter’s obituary  (This is heartbreaking but this message NEEDS to be heard)

Amulets With 'Binding Spells' Found at 2,000-Year-Old Roman Burial Site  (Holy crap, didn't Katrina do this to Ichabod on Sleepy Hollow)

Ina Garten's New Park Avenue Home Has More Than Just A Great Kitchen   (It's faaabulous)

This Is What Happens When A Roomba Meets A Pile Of Dog Poop At 1:30 AM  (This is hilarious!  Well, because it's not me.)

45 Fall-Flavored Things You Need to Get Your Hands On  (The list is finally out!!)

Nothing planned for the weekend, I don't think.  Lots of business stuff to take care of in the coming weeks so I'm sure that'll creep in.  No one likes a working weekend.  Pffft.

What are y'all into this weekend?

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Quick snack: Cocoa Coated Almonds

The Mr used to get these cocoa coated peanuts a few years back.  They were about $2 more than his normal peanuts and I told him I could easily make them for him with a few quick shakes.  He was more than happy to let me shake what my mama gave me.

Since then, I've upgraded a bit in cocoa powder and nuts and these bad boys were born...

Here's what you'll need:

1/2 cup (60g) organic raw almonds (or nuts of your choice)
1/4 tsp Valrhona 100% Pure Cocoa Powder
1 packet stevia
Coconut oil cooking spray

Just to show the difference between Valrhona (left) and Hershey's unsweetened cocoa powder.  It's a preference thing but we like darker chocolate so we go with the Valrhona.  

Spread the nuts on a cookie sheet.

Give a quick squirt of cooking spray so the almonds are coated and set aside.

In a separate tiny bowl (with lid), add the 1/4 tsp cocoa

Add the stevia packet.  (I use Trader Joe's stevia)

Put on the lid and give it a shake to combine.

Like so

Put the nuts in a container with a lid.

Add the sweetened cocoa powder.

Make sure it's spread out as much as possible then put on the lid and give it a goodly shake.

When you're done, the nuts should be thoroughly coated.

Makes two servings of deliciousness and it's basically the same nutritional info as the nuts but add 5 calories.

A nice little chocolaty, protein kick when you need it!

* This post contains an affiliate link for chocolate goodness.

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