Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Product Review: Unreal Candy Bars

Happy Halloween all!

This product review seemed appropriate given the candy centric holiday some are celebrating today.

A friend of mine told me about these candy bars that are supposed to be healthier versions of some of our old favorites.  They tout "no corn syrup, no partially hydrogenated oil, no artificial ingredients, no GMO's and no preservatives."  Well if you tell me I can get a Milky Way, Reese Peanut Butter Cups and a Snickers "knock off" for lack of a better term and with less sugar and no artificial ingredients!?  Pssht, you can bet I'm going to try them.  It's all in the name of research I tell you!  These are the ones we tried.

Unreal 5 which is their version of Milky Way, Unreal 77 is their version of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Unreal 8 which is their version of Snickers.  Let's dive in, shall we?

Unreal 5.  Milky Way is one of my all time favorites (well they all are) so I was excited to try this.  I took one bite, chewed thoroughly to attempt to let the flavors develop and decided it wasn't worth the calories to research it more.  It was very bland and to me, tasted nothing like Milky Way.  I expected there to be some subtle differences but if you were to blindfold me, I couldn't have told you that there was even chocolate on it.

Unreal 77.

Another favorite I was anxious to try.  Taste wise, there is no other way to describe this than flavorless.  I was so disappointed.  I wouldn't have been able to identify there was peanut butter in these and it was dry to boot.  Again, one bite and I was done with it.

Finally, Unreal 8.

Of the three, this one had the most flavor.  Now I'm not saying it had a Snickers flavor but it had flavor which I suspect came solely from the peanuts and maybe a bit of nougat but the caramel didn't taste like caramel and the chocolate didn't taste like chocolate.  One bite and done though of the three it was definitely the best.  (The Mr had the same opinion on all three as well.)


While it would seem pretty clear what the verdict is for us, I still would not steer people away from trying them for themselves to see if it's a way that they can still indulge from time to time without putting something overly processed in their bodies.  Food is a matter of taste.  I like brussels sprouts whereas 60% of people out there probably don't.  So if you see one in a store, I say give it a shot and see for yourself!  They might just be your new favorite indulgence.

Have you heard of or tried Unreal's products?  If so, what did you think of them? 

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  1. The only place I've ever seen these for sale was in Staples. When you mentioned how bland they were, my first thought was "no wonder they were at Staples, they're made from paper!".

    Personally, these would never appeal to me. I dislike the marketing ploy of "healthy" junk food. Some junky things just are junky and that's the way they must be. Candy is one of those items.

    That said, I've found some good candy that is less processed (or more "natural" if you will). Made with real sugar (not high fructose corn syrup and such). My recommendations:

    Nectar Nuggets (peanut butter cups)
    Newman's Own PB cups (they have caramel and mint too, but I'm all about the PB)
    Justin's Chocolate Almond Butter (spread it on a toasted english muffin and it's just like having candy)

  2. Don't get the M&M versions. You have been warned. Gross. I also tried Unreal77 and liked it the best of the bunch.

  3. Never heard of these and can't quite wrap my brain around them. I'm in the camp of "if I'm craving a Snickers, I'll have a REAL Snickers" and cut elsewhere.

  4. I've never heard of them, but if I run across it, I'd give it a shot!

  5. I think I'd rather have a small size of a regular one that pay extra to get less taste.

  6. I guess I am in he minority here, but I really did like the PB cups and M&M's. Once we got used to the stange color of them. But then due to allergy I have not been able to eat "real" chocolate in a while, so that might be why

  7. I dont know if I care for "natural" bars or candy anymore. if I am craving reese's I will have one and burn it off by working out..why waste the calories on something that does not satisfy the craving..thanks for the review though:)

    take care

  8. Since none of the originals are on my favorites list, I wouldn't have purchased these anyway, but I am curious whether they have carob substituted for chocolate. My grandmother had an allergy to chocolate that I have unfortunately inherited to a degree, and carob was her substitute of choice. I never found it very 'chocolate-y' myself. I can eat chocolate in moderation but if I go overboard it triggers cold sores of all things. Lucky for me, I only really like dark chocolate, and a bite is plenty.

  9. I think I agree with everyone here. I am not into the healthy versions of things for the most part. If I want a Snickers, it is better for me to have one, get it over with and move on. The "false-ness" of something being healthy only makes me think I can eat more of it no matter how bad it tastes and that is never good. Because no matter how many I eat, it is never going to be whatever it is I crave and the craving will remain AND I will have all the calories from something potentially healthier but of no use to my mind. But, I do appreciate you and the mister trying them out and giving us the results! Only serves to support my thoughts.

  10. I'm curious as to how many calories these "candy bars" contained. Usually you give up a lot of taste and really don't gain much calorie-savings. I have bought some of the Russell Stover sugarless, as well as the Weight Watcher candy. I eat a piece now and then, and it tastes okay, but they're not all that low cal, between 40-50 calories for one little piece of it. That can add up fast if you don't limit yourself to ONE LITTLE PIECE. Can you tell I don't always limit myself??? I'm really going to quit buying that stuff.

  11. I've never heard of I definitely appreciate the review! I may be willing to give them a shot on a whim if I ever happened upon them, but I definitely won't be searching them out. For me I've found that I do best when I let myself have 2-3 pieces of a real indulgent candy (AKA - feeding my addiction for See's Candies! LOL).

  12. I had never heard of them before and now, thanks to your review, I won't have to worry about them! Thanks!!!!

  13. I haven't heard of them and appreciate the 'heads up' on what to expect. I'll join the line for buying limited amounts of the real thing. (But no one says I have to be happy about that 'limited' part.)

  14. I've heard that these aren't too great and you confirmed it. :) I'm of the opinion that I'd rather have a small piece of GOOD chocolate than a big piece of a lower calorie version that doesn't taste right.

    Oh, and Happy Halloween! :)

  15. They look like they were issued along with "Tron". That's a super 80s computer graphic right there.

  16. I've never heard of these before, but now that you say they aren't that great I really want to try them. Ha!

  17. I've seen these, and have been curious about them; but thanks for the review, now I won't waste my money!


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