Friday, August 17, 2012

Chopped + {Giveaway} CLOSED

**This giveaway is closed.  The winner has been announced**

It's finally here!  Our friend Sam Choy is going to be on the Chopped Grillmaster's Finale Sunday night!

We would love for you guys to watch and support him along with us.  It airs Sunday, August 19th on Food Network at 9pm EST/ 8pm CST.  (Check local listings)  

To give you a little incentive, how about I give you a chance to win an autographed copy of Sam's best selling Hawaiian cookbook, Sam Choy's Sampler, Hawaii's Favorite Recipes.

Here's how to enter:

If you want to be entered into the cookbook giveaway, leave a comment with the words "GO SAM GO!"  (One entry per person)

Contest ends Sunday, August 19th at 10pm EST (after the first airing of the episode).
Winner will be announced Monday morning.  Don't forget to check back to see if you're the lucky winner!

What four "mystery" ingredients would you give someone in their Chopped basket?

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  1. Ooh! A cookbook and a Chopped challenge? Hell, yes!

    GO SAM GO!

    What four ingredients would I give someone? Hrm...that's a hard one because if I was a judge I would want them to make something super yummy so I could gobble it nothing too "out there". I love when they give them things like lemon candies and somehow the chefs find a way to boil it down or something and use it as a sauce or dressing. Super fun to watch!

  2. GO SAM GO!!

    We are missing Maui and would love love love to have a Hawaiian cookbook!!

    Ingredients for the basket...I'm not sure. I love it when they give them four really obscure things. I love coconut so I would like to see then use that for sure.

  3. GO SAM GO!

    Wow this is exciting! I hope I am somewhere Sunday night so I can watch! (on the road taking my son back to Ohio State this weekend.)

    My chopped basket. Hmmm. Chicken. Pineapple, in honor of your friend Sam. Chipotles, one of my favorites. And then the one ingredient that you can't possibly see them fitting in...cracker jacks! There. Try that! Really probably not that hard but it sounds good.

  4. GO SAM GO!

    Well if they're cooking for me I'm gonna say chicken, coconut, pineapple and chocolate.

  5. GO SAM GO!

    I was just thinking the other day that I must have missed the episode with him on it. I hope we're home from our little weekend roadtrip in time to see it Sunday. I love watching Chopped and have always marveled at what they come up with to put in the baskets. Hmmm, I would put in Salmon, King's Hawaiian rolls, asparagus and something crazy like red twizzlers.

  6. "GO SAM GO!"

    Sauerkraut, bananas, gummy bears and liver

  7. GO SAM GO ! ! !

    My basket would be Brussels sprouts, black licorice, bananas and Milwaukee bratwursts.

  8. GO SAM GO.

    hmmmm venison, kiwi, turnips and jalapeno

  9. go sam so

  10. GO SAM GO!

    My basket would have chicken, pineapple, coconut and bananas. Mmmmmmm....

  11. GO SAM GO!

    shrimp, garlic, and apples

  12. GO SAM GO! In my basket, I would put pineapple, chicken, red and green bell peppers!

  13. Go Sam Go!! Love Chopped, they come up with the most interesting things with the oddest ingredients. That's a hard question...Pineapple, Dark Chocolate, Chili Powder, Pork Tenderloin.

  14. GO SAM GO!

    I'll be watching Sunday!!! I love Chopped :)

  15. GO SAM GO!

    Hope I can watch, that would be great to see him! I'd probably include something like red snapper, chocolate, mandarin oranges, and maybe habaneros.

  16. "GO SAM GO!"

    Hmmm.....ingredients.....Cabbage, venison, Sriacha and coffee. Yes, that's the ticket.

  17. GO SAM GO

    My ingredient list would include pig cheeks, coconut, chipotle and curry paste. If they need another ingredient - black licorice. I don't have any idea what they'd do with those but it's always interesting to watch!

  18. GO SAM GO!

    Four ingredients....hmm, since we are talking Hawaii I'd say Ahi, Papaya, Macadamia Nuts and Soy Sauce. Now I'm hungry.

  19. GO SAM GO! I watched this episode....was cheering Sam the whole time. Can't wait for the finale

  20. GO SAM GO! I'm going to set the DVR to record it right now, in case my feeble brain loses it before tomorrow. Ingredients? Avocado, just because I've never seen anyone actually COOK with it, mmmmmm...pork tenderloin (a favorite), dark chocolate of course, and grapefruit--just so they'll have to bring all their chops to figure it out--pineapple's too easy. <>

  21. GO SAM GO!!!
    I have been watching and I was SO excited he won- and he should have. He is also super inspiring. I am not sure I had actually 'seen' him before even though you talked about him- so now I'm even more excited. Can't wait for Sunday.

    I'd like something with pork, dark chocolate, pineapple and chipotle...

  22. GO SAM GO!

    duck breast, green onions, ginger, honey

  23. GO SAM GO!

    I have no idea what I'd put into a basket but I'm always super interested to see how they put everything together. Good luck to Sam!

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