Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pineapple Sauce

I was reading The Novice Chef's post for pumpkin applesauce and wondered if I could make something similar. I only have monster vats of pumpkin right now that I didn't want to open but I did have 8 oz of pineapple I froze the week before and thought the combo of that with the granny smith apples I had left from an overzealous trip to two grocery stores would make a good pairing.  I was right.  Ker-pow did that baby hit the tastebuds!

It was nice to make my honey something homemade that he usually spoons out of a jar for his lunches.  I packed all of them up into five 4 oz cups for his lunch so he'd have a little sweets from his sweet.

You can make it for your sweetie too...for the printable recipe, click here.
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  1. I actually have all these ingredients! Yaaaay! Thank you.

  2. You should definitely make some! There's obviously the added benefit of your house smelling like heaven. Mmmm.

  3. I just wanted to let you know that my family health issue has reared its head again and I'll be gone a while.

    This may not be the place, but with your other site temporarily down I didn't know where else to let you know my disappearance is only temporary.

    I hope your week is getting better, and your recipe helped you out of your funk.

  4. I love this! I just got an over abundance of apples from my produce coop delivery last night. I've given a lot of them away, but I'm thinking applesauce is in our future. Thanks!!!

  5. I'm not a big pineapple fan but this does sound yummy. How sweet of you to pack it up for your sweet! You are a great photographer too, btw--I love your creativity.

  6. So, I haven't been here, nor there (on SP) for a looooong time and I just went back this week and realized you're not there! Whered you go!? I missed something!

  7. Definitely trying this - it sounds delicious!


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