Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Giveaway: Running Goals Sticker (CLOSED)

I'm not a runner but I know plenty of 'em and plenty of people who want to train for all of the races that can come along with doing that activity.  One of the most popular items in one of my Success Along the Weigh shops is the running goals oval sticker.

You slap it on your car or your training journal or wherever your little heart desires and as you complete each race you've run, you check it off the list with a sharpie to show off your running prowess.

I'm giving away one of these stickers to one of my fine readers.  Whether you're a runner yourself or you know someone who is working toward these goals and want to give it as a gift, this could be a great stocking stuffer.  (Yep, holidays are coming faster than you think!)

To enter, answer this question in the comments:  What is your favorite form of exercise?

Winner will be announced Friday.  Tell your friends, share the link if you know anyone who would be interested.

Good luck!

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  1. Great giveaway! I have to say my favorite exercise is Zumba. Music is a HUGE part of my life and it's so much fun to do those dances. Bonus, the hour flies right by and it doesn't feel like you're actually working out.

  2. Cool sticker! My favorite exercise is running!

  3. YOGA!!

    The more I do it, the more I love it. Power, flow, hot, in studio or from a dvd/tv show, I love my yoga!

  4. You already know this is true...but it's, of course...RUNNING! :-)

    My two current magnets are: 13.1, Been There, Run That; and Running is a Mental Sport, and we are all INSANE

    I know you will definitely agree with that second one! :-)

  5. Ditto my sis...RUNNING!! I have the same "we are all insane" magnet and a 13.1, but the my other is "Race Day Strategy:Start slow then back off". Extremely true for me :). I am slow, but I still call myself a runner. Great Sticker!!

  6. I used to play rugby when I was 13 - broke my knee - no more rugby.

    Then I played squash until I was 25 - broke my ankle - no more squash.

    Got FAT - really FAT (like the Violent Femmes song)

    Did Couch to 5K - NOW I RUN!!!!

  7. Ohhh, how did I miss seeing that in your shop? ME ME ME, pick me!

    My favorite form of exercise is (duh!) running. I started to lose weight; now I'm totally and completely hooked on it. Just happens that I've completed two of the three distances and have my sights set on the third, so this'd be perfect on my car. Oh yeah, and on my husband's, too--he wasn't going to run and now he's crazier about running than me. ;D

  8. I have to laugh because I just had a funny discussion with my teen. We saw a "13.1" sticker and she was sure it was some prison reference (she is thinking of the 13 tattoo that prison inmates get)

    Since I will be running my very first half marathon in November I would love a 13.1 sticker!

    Favorite torture.....running of course!

  9. LOVE the sticker. My fave exercise is running trails with my dog.

  10. I can see why it is a favorite :)

    I love to run, you know that and ZUMBA!!!!

    I better be able to complete mine in two weeks but I'm thinking more and more that may not happen because of this dang knee :(

  11. I love water aerobics, mostly because floating in the water makes me feel like I've reached goal weight. :)

  12. I would love to be a runner. Maybe I should get one of these stickers in an attempt to guilt me into it :)


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