Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crickety Crack (Don't talk back)

Oh man am I sore today.  It's been that kind of week.  It started Sunday with ChaLean Lean Circuit 2which is one we've never done before.  My upper lats right under my armpits are still screaming from the plank with a side fly move.  Not cool...but that's what happens when you work muscles that don't usually get touched.  Maybe I'll work that area more so the side bra chub will slim down.  That's always so pretty isn't it?  What would that be called?  Cupcake top since it's on the side of your cupcakes?

Then Monday was 50 minutes of jumping around on the Dance Dance Revolution metal pads and last night was 55 minutes of Turbo Fire in which I'm pretty sure the Mr came close to blowing his knee out trying to rocket into the air on squat jumps.  Lesson kiddies...modify...don't injure!  ;-)  But between all of that jumping around and sad to say the weather is rainy so I think old person joints have set in prematurely so that makes for interesting sounds as I walk down the stairs and groans.  Ibuprofen will be my friend today about 4pm so I can do tonight's old school Power 90 and strength session.  Okay, are we the only ones that mute Tony Horton?  I just cannot take his cheesy condescension.  So we turn on a playlist and mute his ass while we workout without hearing him brag about keeping up with the kids since he's 42 (at the time, he's 52 now) or listening to him compare himself to Bugs Bunny whilst hopping.  I'm a really focused exerciser.  I don't like distractions when I'm trying to bring it and he distracts me.  So I'll need to pick out a good play list for tonight.  Tomorrow is thankfully rest day and my joints can take a wee break. 
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  1. I love that...cupcake top! That made me giggle a lot :)

    That is such a good idea to mute them and put music on. I don't know about Tony since I don't have any of his workouts but I have a few that I could do without. I know on my biggest loser DVD's you can do the workout without them talking and just music but I've never tried since I don't mind Bob or Jillian.

    Hope you get that rest day and give those joints a break :)

  2. I love the list of videos you workout with! I'll have to get some. Uh, I guess first I have to get a DVD player. I love that you and your Mr. are doing this together. I hope once my husband sees some of my results that he'll decided to join me.

    Enjoy your rest day!

  3. Cupcake top! Love it!!! I can't wait to be rid of my own cupcake tops...they are just so not pretty! LOL

    Okay, can I just be blonde for a DUH! How come I never thought to put a playlist on OVER those annoying people leading some videos?!? I might actually be able to do a Denise Austin if I didn't have to listen to her...but seriously - thought never entered my mind. D'OH! You are BRILLIANT!

    Enjoy your workout missy! Keep a creakin'!

  4. I do like Denise Austin, but only if I don't have to listen to her.

    I hear you on the crickity crack though. Why is it I can jump around like a crazy person at Zumba, but then barely make it up like 6 stairs when I get home?


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