Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weigh in

Week three of goose egg.  PLEASE GOD let this new pill be my answer.  I start taking it NEXT Sunday and I know it'll take at least a month to get used to it and by then I'll be on vacation where I'll be eating pseudo crappy, have one week to get the water weight off and hope nothing extra hangs on, if so add another week to hopefully get that off and that'll take us into Memorial Day weekend!  Hope I like this weight.

I am full of sunshine eh?  Anyhoo...

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  1. LOL you have it all planned out! I'm sending "good pill" vibes your way. Enjoy your vacation time. It might be the break you need to get things going again!



  2. Sorry to hear you are still at a standstill.

    Best of luck with the new pill and enjoy your vacation!


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