Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to roast garlic

I love roasted garlic.  I used to think you had to use olive oil on the cut tops to turn out right and knowing how much fat and calories are in a tablespoon of that stuff, I didn't make it often.  But I saw some cooking show (I want to say Cook Yourself Thin?) and the girl just put the garlic in the oven with no oil.  I didn't know if it would taste as good but I was excited to find out!  I tried it, loved it and now it's the only way I do it.  I will say it's not quite as spreadable BUT if you're looking to put them on crustini's or something you can add 1 TEASPOON of olive oil and save on the fat and calories but add to it's spreadability.  (Sassy word eh?)  Here's a little step by step slideshow for your viewing entertainment.  (FYI- There's music so turn down the speakers if you're at work!) 

4 medium sized bulbs got me about 4 oz of usable roasted garlic.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

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  1. I NEVER thought of being able to roast the garlic without the EVOO...thanks for sharing! I have recently fallen in love with roasted garlic, but haven't really been making it because of the whole fat content deal...I really liked the slide show and the music was so classy!

  2. I didn't either! I thought it would burn or something but it works great and I love being able to throw real roasted garlic in whatever I want! WOOT!


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