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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Just in (tea) time

I don't know if it's because I'm forcing the water down during the day or what but my cravings during the day (thusfar) have not been anywhere near as bad as they have been in the past.  I expected stabbing pit hunger as our stomach acclimated back to normal portion sizes and insane cravings.

Aside from the haunting deja vu Reese's peanut butter cup commercial taunting me no matter what channel I have on in the background.  I've been doing well.  The Mr hasn't faired quite as well at work as his hunger kicked in a few times and the co-workers are working on getting their homes cleared out of crap so they're bringing it into work.  Chocolate cake...special darks (his favorite)...truffles, etc.  But he hung in like a champ and resisted temptation.  Go Mr!

While my days may be smooth sailing so far this week, the evenings are becoming my issue.  The Mr and I are obviously on different hunger schedules!

We'll have our snack and then like an hour later out of sheer boredom, I want more.  I've been turning to green tea to help fill up the belly and give my hands something to do other than blog.  Specifically, this is the tea I've been having.

We found this roasted green tea in Hawaii and I was over the moon to find it on Amazon and ordered a buttload of it.  I gave a box to my cousin who drinks a ton of green tea and he LOOOOVES it.  It has the health benefits of regular green tea but because it's roasted, it has a richer flavor.  It's perfect to help with that  little boredom gnaw I get in my stomach as I get back to normal.  It's better than slamming my face in a bowl of cereal or rip off a hunk or two of cheese that would both equal a couple of hundred calories.

What tricks do you use when you want to eat but you're not really hungry?

(This post contains an affiliate link.  Should you buy through it, I'll get a few cents and you'll get some of the best tea you've ever're welcome.)

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Back to Basics #1

#1 implies there could be follow ups.  I don't know if there will be but let's be optimistic, shall we?

One of the big things we did when we first started losing weight was to chew our food thoroughly.  Sounds pretty simple eh?  In this rushed, go go go pace of life, we tend to be a nation of 3-5 chews per bite and swallow.  We make our systems work twice as hard to break things down when we're swallowing chunks of unchewed food.

I've started making sure to consciously chew each bite about 15 times not only to help my system out but to, you know, actually savor what I'm eating?  I know it seems like a small thing but I think most people underestimate how many chews they actually take before swallowing their food.  Give it a try.

What one basic weight loss component have you slacked on?

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Comfortably exercising while obese

I got an email from a reader who asking for any tips for exercising comfortably while obese, specifically how to keep the stomach from flopping around.  The Mr and I both wear compression undergarment when we exercise.  I wear something similar to this and the Mr wears compression shorts by Under Armour.  We have several pairs of both and wear them every time we exercise to keep the ol' guts wrangled.

Not only do we wear them so we can comfortably exercise but to help prevent hernias.  The pulling and tugging that goes on when you're doing jumping jacks or running can eventually make you prone to them and I have no desire to go through that.  There was a time I thought I was getting one, I had a burning, searing pain in my lower stomach that would happen after exercise and when I mentioned it, several people said that was exactly how their hernias began.  So after some research I saw that wearing compression underwear/shorts was the best way to help lessen the chance of that happening.

As far as any other tips, it's the same as it would be for anyone.  Keep hydrated, don't subscribe to 'no pain, no gain' (Discomfort, sure.  Pain?  No.) and keep variety in your routine.  If you need some recommendations to keep variety in the mix, check out our workouts that in are rotation.  As the Mr pointed out in his comment, make sure as you lose weight that you go down in size on the compression garments as well so you get optimum compression and your schtuff is all neatly wrangled.  ;-)

Do you wear compression products while you exercise?

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Keeping up with the gift cards

My grandparents, probably like yours, have everything.  When you get to be in your 70's and 80's, you've accumulated all of the stuff you want and need and say things like "gift cards will be fine."  The problem with that is when you tell someone that you go to Olive Garden all the time, then people will think they're all clever and get you a gift card there...all three daughters and a granddaughter.  Italian food for life!  I've been making sure I get them gift cards that can be used at multiple restaurants so they at least have an option.  So between each daughter, us and their friends, my grandparents really rack up the gift card count year round.  Her birthday is in the spring, his birthday is in the fall and then Christmas.  They're a lot to keep track of.

As I was watching my grandpa open his 7th gift card at his 80th birthday party, I pulled The Mr aside and joked that I was going to get them a recipe box to put their gift cards in to keep track of.  I decided to go through with it and bought a nice bamboo recipe box to organize the gift cards and I even filed their Christmas gift cards in there for them.

What I love about this recipe box is not only is it pretty and something they can keep on the counter but this particular model has a card holder on the top!  Let's say the grandparents want to go to Red Lobster for dinner, they can grab the gift card out of the box and slip it in the slot on the top so they don't forget it!

Love it!  When the lady at the store asked if I was organizing my Christmas recipes, I told her no, what I was going to use it for and she about lost it telling me how awesome that was and I thought, "hmm, I should probably share that one."  I know I'm not the first person to think of it but you'd have thought I was given how the cashier was going on not just to me but the lady behind me as I was leaving.  Of course the grandparents loved it or if they didn't they did a great job faking it.  So if you find yourself with an abundance of gift cards that you don't want to keep in your bulging wallet or dig out of the abyss of your purse, this recipe box is a great way to keep track of them!

(FYI- If you click on the link above for the recipe box, be aware the low reviews are because it doesn't fit certain recipe cards well but this does not apply to gift cards since they're so small.  They fit easily into the box)

What was your favorite gift you received this year?
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Every little taste counts

How many times have we spread a condiment on a sandwich, cream cheese on a bagel or stirred spaghetti sauce and without thinking licked the utensil?  Or you're making brownies or cupcakes for a potluck and you lick the big spoon or the bowl?  Most people don't track those calories but believe me, they add up!  You can have 100 calories just in licking the delectable brownie batter off of that big ol spoon.  Most don't pack that kind of punch but 10 calories here, 20 calories there can end up making a bigger difference than you might think over the course of weeks, months and year in the form of an extra pound or two.  (More if you're a taste as you go cook or chef)

Licking the spoon was one of the first habits I broke.  When I am preparing something I turn the hot water on and get the bowls and utensils immediately washed off or soaking so I'm not tempted to sneak a taste.  In the olden days, there was no way I could have extra anything lying around.  Frosting?  Forget it.  A spoonful here, a spoonful there which is at least 100-150 cals depending on how heaping.  As I was trying to get things together, I would put chili powder in it when I threw it away because I honestly didn't trust myself not to take it off the top of the heap if I was having a desperate moment.  Now?  I rarely have it in the house but when I do, it often ends up in the back of the fridge and forgotten about for months.  I never would've believed you if you'd told me that a few years ago.

So as the holiday season approaches, try to break this habit if you find you're a taste-as-you-cook/bake person.  Your waistline might thank you for it!

Are you a member of the clean utensil club or is it not a temptation/reflex?

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Pie face

I made pumpkin cookies last night.  They were puffy, good and needed cloves next time.  That's not the point.  I had about 2-3 tbsp of pumpkin left and didn't want to throw it away.  Then I remembered this facial recipe I'd heard of about a year ago.  Did you know pumpkin is a major source of antioxidants and not just when you eat it but it can be used topically as well.  Yeah, like on your skin.  People actually pay $95 for that crap!  You don't have to.

Grab 2-3 tbsp of pumpkin, 1 tbsp of plain or greek yogurt and 1 tsp of honey.  Then mix it all together until it looks like a cute little crustless pie you want to throw in the oven.

Then dig in baby.  Slather it.  Feel the cool, refreshing antioxidants doing what they do best.  Getcho pie face on!  Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off and pat your face dry.  This is a nice way to use some of that leftover pumpkin and get a refreshing beauty facial on the cheap!  It's really a matter of being green.  Reduce, reuse, recycle and all that jazz!  Or maybe you just want to put pie on your face without the judgment of a face print in the Thanksgiving version!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Might Be the Last Person to Know This

I was watching the crazy white haired man on Food Network and he gave me a tip that will keep my fingers in tact...put a paper towel under your cutting board to keep it from sliding.

I thought it was a load of ca-ca until I was cutting sweet potatoes the other night to make sweet potato fries and was about to cut off my digits when my plastic board was sliding around.  I put the paper towel under there and movement and all fingers are happily tippy tapping to you now! 

So remember that kiddies!  Sliding cutting board...paper towel to the rescue!

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Learn to take a compliment

I'm saying this as much as a reminder to myself as I am to you.  I think for many of us with weight problems, negative self talk is a common thing.  When you don't feel like you look pretty or you might feel because you're overweight or obese that you couldn't possibly look good, well, ever.  When someone compliments you, it can almost feel like they're being sarcastic even when they're not.  Our brains seem to process something different than what is actually said.  Instead of saying thank you, it's much easier to point out your flaws ("That top looks so cute on you!"  "Thanks I just wish my arm fat didn't hang out of it though.") or make a joke ("You look really good today!"  *looks around*  "I know you can't be talking to me, I'm pretty sure I look as bad as I feel!"). 

Not only is this chipping away at our own self esteem by feeling like we don't deserve compliment because we may not be the perfect weight for our height or whatever but think of how it makes the person giving it feel!  You keep rejecting compliments or coming back with some smart aleck reason as to why you don't deserve one and people won't make the "mistake" again!  So even if you're uncomfortable getting one and everything in you is tempted to give your usual, say thank you and know that the person meant it so you should believe it!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Death by Lycra

Um yeah.  So I got my tank top shaper thingy yesterday.  I almost noosed myself with it trying to get it over my shoulders.  Why?  Because ol' walnut brain here ordered the size I wear.  Apparently a big big no no!  You are supposed to order 2 sizes up which I would've known if I had bothered reading the reviews before ordering.  So instead of sending it back I'm going to keep it for when I got down 2 sizes (aka-2 years from now at this rate!) and I ordered another sucker top so that I can tame the middle roll for special occasions.  I have to say it was pretty freakin' comical though to watch the attempt.  I'm pretty sure I burned 50 calories from both attempts...bonus!

So there's your tip for the week kiddies, if you're going to buy shapewear of the lycra/spandex kind then make sure you buy 2 sizes up or you're going to have a fabric rubber band shoved in the back of the dresser drawers!  I'd say another week to 10 days before I can review it and show pics.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

A tip from The Mrs.: Hard Boiled Eggs

We recently started adding a whole hard boiled egg for an extra protein kick in the morning.  We feel a little better about it since new studies show it's safer than first thought to eat a whole egg.  Now I'll admit, it was pretty hard to not want to put a little dash o' salt on it as I always have but I've gotten used to it. 

My eggs always had that 'beautiful' green sulfur ring around the outside of the yolk and I always envied those people who could do perfect boiled eggs.  Now I'm one of 'em!  How?  Get a saucepan of water going to a rolling boil.  Gently put your eggs in the water and set a timer for 4 minutes.  When it goes off, turn off the heat and reset the timer for 20 minutes.  When that timer goes off, it's time to dry them and put them in the fridge.  You'll have a beautiful, perfectly cooked egg every time without that nasty green ring!

Bonus tip:  Choose white eggs when hard or soft boiling eggs.  For some reason brown eggs are a lot harder to peel.  Weird but we've found it to be true!  Enjoy!

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