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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Hump Day Poll: Goal Check In

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We're three full weeks into the new year, and if you're old school where it takes three weeks to make a new habit or new school where it apparently takes 66 days, then you're either hitting your stride, or you're only 1/3 of the way into your new habit.  Sorry.  :-\

Whether you call them resolutions, goals, hopes for the new year or building upon what you already did, a lot of us at least tried to get mentally pointed in the right direction.  Initially, mine was to walk daily again and to adjust my mental attitude in uncontrollable situations like I did on vacation.

We did the walking daily our first week and those counted as our workouts that week.  My thought on that was that we were already inflamed from coming off of sugar, sodium and general crap and exercise also inflame the body, so I wanted to give a week for the food inflammation to come down before introducing even more.  It made sense in my head.  The second week, while I intended to walk daily, I decided to listen to my body first after reintroducing "formal" strength and cardio back into the picture.  In the past, I try to jump back in with both feet even though I know that's not smart, but you know, I'm different, that doesn't apply to me.  🙄  So, I backed off the idea of walking on the regular until February to allow my body time to adjust back to being as active as we were before.

Even the mental part has been quite difficult.  I don't know if it's post-vacation blues or being overwhelmed with the purging I started doing knowing that every inch of this house needs it done, but my mental health has taken a plummet.  I just feel like I can't focus on one task, complete it and get it on to the next thing.  Multitasking is a fool's activity, yet I try to do it all the time and fail miserably.  So I'll need to find some way to make all of this work.

I feel like I'm tanking on my "goals" for this year so far.

How are you doing with your goals for the new year?

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  1. I didn't resolve to do anything but I have a stronger will to stay on track and lose weight than I had last year and I need to keep strengthening that because we have a lot of things going on this year that would most certainly benefit from having some weight off.

  2. On the cleaning thing. Several years ago, maybe a decade ago, I cleaned a very cluttered garage one summer with “ten things a day”. It worked like a charm.

    I have had spells there I just take care of one thing a day. One drawer. One box. One trip to goodwill. One trip to recycling. Posting one thing to Facebook marketplace. And that works for me also.

    It is overwhelming to think “whole house” I agree.

  3. I am not doing anything health wise, except not gaining any weight. I have a bigger plans. 2020 I turn 50 and will be married 25 years. So 2019 is preparation year. We are paying off as much as possible so we can have a bunch of spendable cash next year. So the only thing we are actively doing is no frivolous spending this year.

  4. Terribly. I haven't made it to my gym at work yet, or avoided growing roots in the sofa after I get home from work each evening, or resuming using my treadmill each morning before work. The treadmill is still covered in dust and all of my housework is completed on the weekends.

  5. Terrible on the lose weight front, but better on the getting organized. I got a bullet planer and have two to three things I write down that have to be done a day. I break down tasks and then finish them in parts. If you have it too big it gets too much.

  6. My stress levels have been very high due to work stuff, but I've taken measures to help with that (although I know how my mind works and it'll take me a while to let go and decompress). My food has been subpar, but with my changing my hours at work, I'll be able to dedicate time to actual meal prep, and I'm looking forward to that. My exercise has been very good and I'm feeling good about that. Taking care of the mental clutter is my main priority before I delve completely into the physical clutter, although I'm making strides there, just not as much as I want. Like you, I want it all done now. If I could get away with a dumpster in my driveway I'd do it. LOL


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