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Friday, June 8, 2018

What I'm Reading This Week #23

I've got a secret to tell you.  Don't go spreading this around or anything because it might cause mass hysteria if it got out but...

*looks both ways*

It's Friiiiiiidaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I'm a dork.

It's been a glorious week weather wise and that all basically changes today.  So I guess I'm relieved we've got a new A/C system that we can properly break in with a little more energy efficiency.  We so lucked out that with the windows open it was 69 degrees when they started working.  I actually had to make us some hot tea to warm up!

But enough of our home improvement adventures, let's get to...

Do These 3 Things to Speed Up Your Metabolism (Not These 3)   (I'm tryin'!)

This Is What It’s Like To Be A Man With Binge-Eating Disorder  (Interesting perspective and so sad the way the people closest to him reacted.)

My Body Size Does Not Determine My Ability  (Word up!)

30-Minute Fat-Burning Pilates Workout  (Looks like a butt kicker!  I don't know about that cross legged plank thing but the rest looks good.  Video starts on landing)

Brain Power: How to Protect Your Mind From Future Disease  (Get on 'em!)

The 5 Biggest Reasons You Wake Up Exhausted  (It is not lost on me my latest bout with sleep issues started when I put up those blackout curtains but other stuff too.)

Grab 1 Kettlebell to Do This Trainer's 3 Ab-Shredding Exercises   (I can't wait to add these into our routine!  I want to up my strength game soon and core strength is essential!)

Ryan Reynolds shares his technique for dealing with crippling anxiety  (It just goes to show even the person that appears the most confident on the outside can be dealing with anxiety too.)

7 Ways You Can Save $1,000 by Christmas, If You Start Now  (It's only 28ish weeks away ya know!  *ducking*)

The 25 Craziest Things People Have Found At HomeGoods  (I'm naming my girl band Disco one take the name.)

I don't think we have any specific plans for the weekend.  I got a memorial flag for Grandma's grave so we'll go put that up but other than that, we're open.  I suppose it'll depend on how stinking hot it's going to be which at this point looks pretty stinkin'.

What are your weekend plans?

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  1. Happy Weekend! Mine looks to have me leading a meeting tomorrow morning, going to the bank to sign papers dealing with the fraud on my account and activating my new card, grocery shopping, laundry, and house stuff. The hubs has to work on Sunday so I may cut the lawn that day if it grows (kind of dormant right now). One pooch is at the groomers now before I head in to work. The other one goes on Monday for her bath and mani/pedi. LOL

    Have a great weekend and enjoy that a/c!!

  2. TGIF everyone! Great walk this morning and so happy for a weekend.


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