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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Hump Day check in

Happy Hump day you fine folks!

I must say, the past few mornings of walking have been glorious!  Low to mid 60's, low humidity and it's made hauling my cookies out of bed much easier knowing I'm not walking into a wall of swamp.  I haven't been sleeping well and could've very easily said screw it, but I'm kind of proud of myself for not giving in. 

I recorded Dietland and watched the episode and the aftershow with Aisha Tyler.  Anyone else watch it?  (I didn't read the book so no spoilers, please.)  I recorded the series but thought I'd watch the first one just to see if I wanted to bother going forward, and I must say it hooked me.  Since all of our regular shows have finale'd out for the season, it'll be nice to have something to watch.  (I didn't even bother showing the Mr because I know he'd probably glaze over on it so it'll be my guilty pleasure.)

We're trying to move forward with patio plans.  While I'm not jazzed about dropping $4700 on a patio after paying $7200 for a new HVAC... 

Sorry, I just added those two numbers in my head for the first time. 

*gets dizzy* 

Huh?  Oh 


Yeah.  So they said we could put down a deposit so we could set up a tentative start date and at least get on the books and then if they come back sooner we could see if it can be adjusted up at all since he's about 2 weeks out.  So I think maybe we set it up for the 28th or July 2nd.  Either way, whatever has me grilling for the next holiday.  You know, the one that'll be too hot to want to be outside until late Fall. 

*starts rethinking patio and just digging out the garden area ourselves and saving $4300*

Speaking of HVAC, they should be on their way in an hour or two.  We are blessed with the coolest day of the week today so to be without air will be much better today than say Friday when it's going to be 90 degrees.  Is it weird I cried when we signed the contract because I felt like I was forcing an elderly person into early retirement?  Don't answer that.   I think after having two freon refuels, we'd be pushing our luck this year and given how hot it's already been, t'would be bad for it to quit when it feels like it and then we're like 2-3 weeks without air.  I remember that when we had a massive storm and were without power for a week, it was about 90 degrees inside, but the basement was at least still cold so that's where I'd be.  Working, playing and sleeping in the basement.  At least it would get cleaned. 

Who am I kidding?

I am hoping that a check on the wind for today last night means we will get to paddle for our workout tonight.  First one of the season.  Monday looked like a good day but the wind was 13mph, and that does not make for a good first paddle.  Lord, I remember last years first paddle.  My friend came with us, the one that is scared of water, and she went overboard.  She panicked, but we immediately were on top of her assuring her nothing was going to happen.  I thought about seeing if she wants to come with or if she was permanently scarred.  We'd definitely go to a no wake zone a little higher up the lake.  Please keep your fingers crossed our install goes smoothly today, and I wouldn't mind ahead of schedule either but beggars can't be choosers. 

How's your week going?

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  1. Is that both heater and a/c?
    I would definitely do the patio myself. I just relined and reassembled my pond. Local company wanted $4g! Enjoy the day!!

    1. Yep, both. They're both 22 years old and while the furnace hasn't given us any issues, I did a lot of research that showed it would be better to replace both at once and save anywhere from $1000-2000.

      Trust me, I'm considering it. They wanted $4000 for a pond!?! What is it like a quarter acre big!? That is insane!!

    2. That's good you got both. I just did the a/c a few years back and wish I had done both. My furnace is at least 25 years old and keeps me on pins and needles every year. The pond is 12 x 10. I'll try to send you a pic in fb messenger. Enjoy your day!

  2. The week has been going pretty well. Although I'm on the phone with my bank right now because my debit card had all kinds of fraudulent charges today that they called me about. So before I go into work I'm dealing with this. But the weather is beautiful this morning and even though the temps will go up there's no humidity so it feels wonderful. The dogs enjoyed a ride to the post office this morning. =o)

    I hope all goes well with your HVAC and you'll have cool air flowing through your vents by the evening!

    1. Oh no!! Rat bastards. Just earn your own money and stop stealing other peoples. So glad the bank caught it in time.

  3. We had our heat/air replaced a couple years ago because the blower motor in our 20 plus year old furnace went out and took the air with it. It was a hit to the budget for sure, but, the cool air in the humidity is nice and I will pay the price for comfort. I am way too old to be suffering anymore LOL

    1. Oh yeah, mama needs her A/C for sure! We run it longer than anyone we know in the fall/winter and start it sooner than anyone in the spring. So I know it's a good investment. I'm just glad we don't have a 2000+ sq ft house or it would've been a lot more expensive!

  4. Sorry so late but as you know the HVAC installers were here and between that, our morning walk and my work I did not get a chance to comment so here I am! We just got back from a great paddle and what a gorgeous day for it to be the first of the season and to mark officially 3 years as paddlers now. So proud!


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