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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Whisper to a scream

Too late.

Last week was a building block of stuff to bring me to this cluster stage.  You remember how I was raving about HIIT's last week?  Well, I think between two of those, then a hellish lower body Fitness Blender workout that super stretched my hammies and then a 3-mile walk around the hood left me a hobbly mess Friday.  Saturday was a rest day and I started feeling a little better.

We had a ton of crap to do Sunday and for some reason, I thought a walk in the park, you know, up and down hills for 2 1/2 miles sounded like a good idea.  By the time we went to the flats...with no arch support...walking on the gravel parking lot, I was basically toast.  By the end of the night, I had pain shooting up the front of my ankle.  There's this spot where two tendons meet on the bottom of your foot and basically anytime I put weight on it, it sends horrible pain all around my ankle and foot.  I've used heating pads, iced the front and bottom, taken ibuprofen and it's just wicked crappy.

I had to WAY dial back the strength workout last night by doing light PT, no lower body and light on the upper body (15 pounders.)  Now that I think about it, I sucked on water so I need to do better on that because my legs were pretty swollen hopefully trying to repair things.  So I need to aid it along with ze agua.  I must listen to my body right now and thankfully I have a chiro appointment scheduled for Thursday.  I'm wondering if this other therapy for circulation and healing they started using recently would help.  Hmm.  Might have to call and see if they can squeeze me in this week. 

I'm hoping I wake up feeling able to at least put some weight on it today because yesterday I felt like I was 80 years old.  I can't have that going into this weekend because mama's got stuff to do so while I want to HIIT like a maniac it won't be in the cards this week.  Womp womp.  I know what not listening to your body gets you and I have no intention of taking that trip again!

What's your body trying to tell you lately?

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  1. I think we always reach a point where it becomes clear that we need to take a rest day or lighten up on the harder workouts for a bit until we can heal up again. Maybe we were overtraining a bit there, not sure, but when our bodies tell us to pull back a bit we should be fine in the long run as long as we listen, which is the hardest part because you want to keep going when you get some momentum.

  2. My body has been telling me I need to get back to the myofascial stretching that really did make me feel better, both in my shoulders, IT bands, and Achilles. My problem is I lose patience since you have to hold the stretch for five minutes and my mind starts to wander. But wonders never cease, and when I actually do what I'm supposed to do, I can literally feel that body part releasing and it is awesome. Why I don't do this every single day is beyond me. I make no sense sometimes.


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