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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Comfort from an unlikely source

I don't know if I'm the only one obsessed with medium shows but...there you have it.  I used to love Celebrity Ghost Stories and there were some serious actors spilling their experiences with the paranormal.  There's an off shoot of that show called "The Haunting Of" and they take people's celebrity ghost story and medium Kim Russo and the celeb go back to the place of the haunting to get answers as to why they were there.   Every time, people who have passed that are related to or friends of the person always make an appearance.  I'd been waiting for one rerun that I'd missed to come up and it finally did...The Haunting of Anthony Michael Hall.

As the Mr and I were watching, Kim asked Michael about his grandma.  She referred to his grandma by name and as passed.  He said no.  
She said, "when I feel them as passed, does she have dementia?"  
He answered "I hope not but it's a concern of ours in my family.  We think she may."
She replied, "to me, as a medium, when they have or start to have dementia I will actually feel part of their energy on the other side.  There's a sense of her in between worlds."

When she said that, the Mr and I both gasped and turned to each other.  The hair on my arms stood up and I got goosebumps.  We reacted this way because in the past two years, I would have dreams about my grandma and I only have dreams about loved ones who have passed.  I've had it all my life.  I'm not talking about some psychic ability or anything but I'm very sensitive to energy.  (Stop rolling your eyes.  LOL)  Like if the Mr is anxious about something in bed, I can feel his bad mojo.  (The odds of me getting any sleep the night before a road trip, especially a big one is basically nil because of Mr. Anxious Overalls.)  There have been times I've had to say, "stop worrying about X, I can feel your juju" or I've just gotten up and left the room until he goes to sleep because I can't rest when I can feel his anxiousness or stress pointed my direction.  I know, weird.  

When I would dream about grandma, I was always able to talk with her and we would laugh and have a good time.  At some point in the dream, I always remembered that "OMG, I'm talking to her.  She has dementia and I'm able to talk to her."  The second there was a realization of her situation, she would leave without me.  Like one time we were talking on her husband's old boat that he had when they got together.  We were laughing and talking and when I had that thought about the dementia, I stayed still over the water and she went in the boat without me.  It happened every single time.  The second the reality hit, she'd leave.  I felt so comforted being able to talk to her but so sad at the thought of my realization making her leave.  One day I asked the Mr if he thought souls of people with dementia could leave their bodies like when someone dies.  He said, at the time, he didn't really think so but hadn't actually given any thought to it.  Then he began researching and a few days later said the recurring theme he kept seeing with reputable mediums was that their soul actually could leave the body even though they were still alive.  One medium discussed talking with family members and their dad showed up and suddenly the mother started talking and kind of arguing about something that the family had wondered about.  Thing is, mom wasn't dead...she was in a facility across town with dementia for the past 2 years.  You can imagine the family's surprise and relief.

So to hear that the souls of those with dementia are in between worlds, to us, was somehow comforting.  It meant that maybe she isn't continually trapped in herself and there is some part of her that can communicate with those she loves even though her body can't.  It's been too long since I've had one of those dreams and it's not something I can will myself to do.  I have never dreamt about someone who has passed because I was thinking about them or said: "hey, it'd be nice if you came to visit." That basically guarantees nothing will happen.  Even in times of great need when their solace would be such a comfort, I get nothing.  When I do get them, it is at times when everything is fine for the moment and I wake up remembering they were there even if I don't remember everything that happened.  It happens at a time they deem I need it and just enough to keep me faithful.

Look, I know that to many people this is a bunch of, as my paternal grandpa would say, horse sh*t. It's totally fine if you laughed or rolled your eyes through this post or uttered "whatever helps you sleep at night, sister."  I get it.  Some people need to see something or have something happen to them that is just so major there is no other explanation.  But for those of us who have had different experiences and find comfort in the unexplained, who does it hurt to believe?  I feel like I was meant to see that episode of The Haunting Of and I'd sought it out because I only caught the end of it once.  I believe there's a reason for that too.  Maybe at the time, I saw it originally I had no questions and the lack of "activity" on the dream front lately lead me to wonder if I was wrong.  I think sometimes the universe, God or whatever you believe in puts things in your path to answer your questions but it's up to you to be open to hearing/seeing the answers.  It's nice to get comfort from an unlikely source.

What unlikely sources do you get comfort from?  Or if you prefer- Believer or non-believer in the afterlife?  

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  1. I have to say it was a very comforting feeling when she said that. I didn't use to believe in all that stuff but lately I've been researching it more and it has changed my mind quite a bit. It fascinates me and the more I read about it all the more it makes sense to me.

  2. I definitely believe God puts things in our paths at a time when we can understand them... all in His time, not ours. I remember talking to a pastor several years ago when we lost our beloved dog. I had all these questions about animals going to heaven because the Bible is vague about it. So I emailed back and forth with him for weeks and I remember him saying that God wants to give us joy, and if having Shamrock in heaven when I die would bring me joy, then why wouldn't God give me that gift? I was very comforted by that. Faith is a very personal thing and my beliefs are far different from others, but it's my personal relationship with Jesus that brings me great comfort on a daily basis. I guess that's why I'm not afraid of dying. When He's ready to call me home, then that's my time. His timing has always been a lot better than mine anyway. lol

  3. I'm a believer in communication between souls. I had something happen this year regarding this, but it involves food and sounds ridiculous in writing so I will keep it to myself.


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