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Monday, July 10, 2017

Relaxing/working weekend recap

Happy Monday all!

As promised, we took Saturday to chill.  I didn't get a ton of sleep the night before so I was wiped out to start the day but once I got in the water I was good.  We usually seem to fry out there and the sun feels so much hotter regardless of the temps.  Thankfully we had a lot of clouds for the sun to hide behind and give us some shade.  I even took time to lay down and soak up some peace and quiet in my favorite spot.

We stopped at a deli and grabbed some subs, chips, and drinks and threw them in the collapsible cooler and strapped it to the Mr's board.

I must say it was quite a workout though because we were into a headwind so our core and upper body get a helluva workout!

It was nice to get away from our 3rd straight week of home projects.  I spent Thursday and Friday "dressing" our doors and found out that my project made our trim and doors look cruddy so I got to repaint doors and trim.  Lucky me!  But it looks amazing and that project will be coming soon.

But I couldn't take the whole weekend off because once I saw how good that project looked, I wanted to do it on many more spaces.  So I measured, we hit Home Depot and got my materials and got back to work.  I'm happy to report that next Tuesday our bathroom countertop will be installed and we're so excited because that'll mean we're totally done with the bathroom reno.  The Mr put up the new light last week and I got the perfect bulbs to go in them so it's not long now until we can put the stamp of approval on it.

Of course, I have a whole other project in mind but work stuff is gonna have to come before that.  I think.  Though I may end up not putting it off because y'all know my propensity for procrastination.  I ran it by the Mr yesterday and he laughed and said "I knew this was coming."  We'll see if it actually does.

What did you guys get into this weekend?

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  1. That was a great day and I had a blast. Sure the paddling was tough at times but having the picnic was awesome and we still had some good relaxing moments in there too. Definitely crashed hard on the couch later on though. How is it Monday already?

  2. sounds like a spectacular weekend! I love the lake you were on. I saw a bunch of paddle boarders at the state park on Saturday because it was so nice out.

    Weekend was good with errands and some nice country drives. Did not sleep well last night but that's because I have a lot to do today and that always gets me hinky. lol It's going to be hot and humid all pfft.


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