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Monday, July 24, 2017

Productive weekend recap

Howdy do all.

Is it Fall yet?  This whole walking into a wall of humidity has got to go!  My plans to go on a baking spree Friday and Saturday were thwarted on the level I wanted to do but still got a few things made.  We visited a friend of ours who is closing their business due to illness and I brought him some of the goodies I made with a card.  I thought he was going to cry at one point but I had to change the subject because he still had customers.  We ended up buying a cute little sailboat that will go perfectly in the bathroom and their Christmas tree!  No friggin' clue where we're putting that thing.  It's smaller and kind of thin but I've always wanted one that size to put our ornaments on to the places we travel to on vacation so this should come in handy.  I might be able to put it in my closet.  My heart breaks for them because I know this decision comes two years sooner than they planned.

We stopped by a vintage/repurpose store close to them and perused some items.


If I had the room, there were a couple of cute things I wouldn't have minded.

We stopped by my mom's house to drop some stuff off and to see her new flooring.  (We were doing reno's at the same time.)   She had a family member paint the inside walls and was pointing out all of his mistakes.  Luckily I found some things were easy to remedy.  We were horrified by the caulking job the guy who laid the floor did and there were some spots that needed spackled and a few things that needed tweaked so we rolled up our sleeves and got to it.  It was probably the easiest thing I'd done in a month but given the limited mobility she can have due to knee issues, what we did helped her quite a bit.

Sunday we got some organization stuff, did our grocery refill, did our strength workout on the Total Trainer  (affiliate link) and of course before we knew it, the day was gone.  Pfft.

What did you guys get into this weekend?

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  1. It was an interesting weekend in that I expected to get way more done on our own house but we didn't end up being home much. That was tough saying goodbye to our friends' store but I'm glad we have a couple of mementos from it. Ready for fall here too!

  2. Restful weekend. Got in a 5 mile walk Sunday and strength training Friday evening. Saturday we saw Pretzel Logic, a Steely Dan tribute band. They were awesome. Waiting for our staycation to begin. Hoping to reno our back garden:)

  3. That towel is so cute! My weekend was spent baling water and drying mud off of dogs numerous times a day while using flashlights and candles. ROFL


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