Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Put a fork in me

Wait, Funkytown just came on.

~*~*~DANCE BREAK!~*~*~

Okay, back to the chaos that was yesterday.  I was so busy from dawn to well past dusk, I can't even remember everything I did.  Oh yeah, I wrote copy, did voiceovers (thanks so much to all the people who keep complimenting my voice!  LOL)  then I filmed grandma's butter ball recipe.  It will be the first on a playlist I will dedicate to her and all of the recipes on that playlist will have all ad revenue donated to charity at the end of every year.  I'm excited to be able to focus more on that as weeks pass.  Oh funny side note...I sent Day 7's treats into the Mr's work and one of his co-workers just raved on and on about how everything I make is so good and I should open a bakery.  He then said he just had one but had a "tingling" to get another and we both cracked up at that phrasing.  My treats make people tingle?  Sounds like a personal issue.

In between making/filming that stuff, I also baked a big arse turkey.  It always turns out so perfect.  I think I may even Food Save mom some of it.  

Topless pic

I mean does that look like the perfect bird or what?  I stuffed it with cut clementines and thyme as well.  Today I'll Food Save it and it'll be one of our Christmas week dinners and some leftovers on Sunday.  I also have to make turkey gravy today.  I worked on copy and the Mr was upstairs editing all night after our 2 mile lap around the hood.  Bless his soul.

My voodoo appointment had been moved to late afternoon which means I'll get to drive home in heinous rush hour traffic at dusk.  Aces.  Since adding the side squat thingy's, my legs have locked up every single time.  I've even used the softball for trigger point release and my shiatsu thingy but relief doesn't last long.  I know this is an adjustment period.  On the upside, my next 3 appointments were approved by insurance so that's good.  I'll be saving $30 from their cash rate.  I cringe thinking of that rolling in.  Before we leave for the holidays, I want to settle all of that if possible so we don't come back and be like "here's your $600 bill!  Happy New Year!"  (That's actually being low because it's out of network so yeah but if it goes into the new year, I get 6 covered automatically so who knows.)

If this is riddled with typos, my apologies.  No way was I going to stop the Mr's roll upstairs to proof the post and I'm in an exhaustive haze so I'm surprised I remembered to hit publish.

Do you have all of your Thanksgiving items bought?  Turkey thawed?  What do you bring/make?

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  1. I just read it live and found no mistakes, but I'm tired this morning so take that with a grain of salt. As someone who's had the pleasure of eating the turkeys you've made over the years I have to say that anyone who wants the best tasting and juiciest bird this Thanksgiving should be checking out your recipe and video!

    1. I wanted to slam my face into that turkey last night. Droool! But I know it'll be Sunday's dinner so I can hold out! :-)

  2. Your turkey is gorgeous!! I need to look at your recipe and video because I just have never had good luck with turkey. I finished up my shopping last night. This year I am in charge of the corn/oyster casserole. That joined our lineup after I met my fiance and learned to make it because it's one of his favorite things from childhood. I'm also trying a skillet apple pie to practice for the dinner we serve at our house on Saturday for his kids. My mom already has a full dessert line up for Thanksgiving day so if this isn't great it's not a big deal. I just didn't want to have a practice pie sitting around in our household of 2 begging to be eaten. The friend I got the recipe from said it's always a crowd pleaser so I hope mine can live up to that!!

    1. Thanks! I got the turkey at Trader Joe's (no antibiotics or hormones, raised on a farm with unicorns and minotaurs holding hands, etc) but there was no instructions on it!! So thankfully the Butterball site came through for me.

      That corn/oyster casserole sounds good! If you're in a sharing mood, I'd love to try it sometime! Let us know how the test pie turned out!

    2. Of course I will share with you!! It's not a very specific recipe, his grandma didn't really use recipes so I got the directions from his cousin. You will need oysters (I use the whole canned ones, not smoked), creamed corn, crackers (I use Ritz), melted butter and evaporated milk. Amounts of each will depend upon how big your casserole dish is.

      Spray the dish with cooking spray or butter it. Start with a layer of crushed crackers, then corn, then oysters drizzled with a little bit of the oyster juice and melted butter. I usually do 2 sets of those layers and then finish with more crushed crackers. Pour evaporated milk over the final layer until it is moist (but not soupy). Bake at 350 for 45-60 minutes. Like I said...not very specific but it turns out pretty good. I hope, if you give it a try, that you like it :).

  3. Can you post a link to the recipe and video for that beautiful turkey?

  4. Yeah, not even close to done shopping. When I get back in town tomorrow I have to go to Safeway and I know that they will be crazy busy and people will be dumb. I thought I only needed a couple things, but my list keeps growing. Sigh.

    I'm not surprised your Mr's co-workers enjoy your treats. I've liked all of your recipes I've made, and I'm sure when you make them they are way better.

    I hope all this pain you're dealing with now means your legs will heal and you'll be recovered by the time you go on your Christmas get-away.

  5. Scrumptious looking turkey! You have certainly been a busy bee and are rolling with the videos. I'd like to think that getting your legs worked on yesterday would have been a nice break from all the editing, but alas, I have a feeling it was more like torture and you woke up this morning to more heinous bruising. =o( If she got the legs to unlock, I know you will feel it was worth it. If not, then we may have to shove her in a locker. lol

    I have all my items bought and I made the decision as I stood in the whipping rain and cold this morning with the dogs that I'm not going to the pool like I had planned and am going to work solely on my to do list and run all my errands this morning. I do this to myself every year and *think* I'll have plenty of energy in the afternoon to do all this stuff, but these are different times with that fatigue that comes out of nowhere. So instead of driving myself batty, I'm changing up my plans and hopefully I will have all my errands done, table cleaned, and food prepped by late this afternoon. Then I can watch a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving in peace. Bhahaha!!!


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