Thursday, October 27, 2016

Another Tool in the Arsenal

A month or so ago, the Mr talked about the possibility of getting a vibration plate to help with his plantar fasciitis and maybe my condition as well.  When he told me the one he was looking at was $500, that about closed the subject for me.  Sensing his irritation, I told him to ask the chiro at his next appointment to get his opinion.

He talked about it with him and mentioned what he read about not just muscle therapy but also about building bone density, boosting weight loss/metabolism, reducing joint and back pain, etc.  He said he didn't really think it would help or hurt with his plantar fasciitis but it could help me with mine.  He said he didn't know anything about the weight aspect but he said as far as bone density, the strength training we currently do probably builds more bone density.  So it didn't sound like it would be some miracle but he said it's always good to have as many tools in the arsenal as you can.  We kind of tabled the idea until after our trip.  After last week's major setback, he brought it up again and said he found one for half the price but looked powerful enough.  So we ordered it and Tuesday, this bad boy arrived.

The Merax Vibration Platform Fitness Machine was $250 and the lower end of the vibration scale is more for muscle conditioning and therapy because it challenges your balance and muscles to stabilize.  Needless to say, I stay away from that mode right now.  I don't need to be challenging muscles that are already locked.  The higher end of the spectrum tops out at 99 and shakes you like one of those old school "shake the fat off" belt machines.  I will not use it anywhere near a mirror because if you don't have body image issues before you see yourself on it, you sure as hell will after you see every inch of you from your spare tire to cheeks rattling around.  I have used it after workouts to help loosen muscles after rolling and the past two mornings, I've used it as soon as I got up just to help improve circulation (one of the other benefit claims) and shake the muscles awake a bit.

It's obviously way too early to tell if vibration therapy will work for either of us with our current situations but it did help me when I was rehabbing with TTS a few years ago.  I will talk to the chiro today to see if he has any specific things he wants me to do on it.  I think it could be good to have another tool in the arsenal, if not to heal, to maintain leg health for both of us.  I will definitely report back on if/how it helps!

Have you ever done vibration therapy/owned a vibration board?

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  1. There are people out there who think a device like this will replace all of their other exercises and they can almost passively exercise by standing on this 30 minutes a day. I don't subscribe to that idea by any means. This is meant as a supplement to everything we already do just so that we can increase our chances of building strong bones and muscles and hopefully help to rehab some of the inflammation we get from our regular workouts when we need to.

  2. No we haven't owned one but...when my daughter was little she sat on one at the fair and we couldn't get her to leave lol. She said it felt goooooddddd hahahaha

  3. I have not used one and after hearing your description I don't think I've heard of one like this either. I like the idea of shaking loose some of the muscles. So smart to do that after exercising when things start to tighten up, as well as in the morning just to loosen things a bit to get some flexibility going. Good investment!!


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