Thursday, August 25, 2016


A bit of saucy language enclosed.

I am so glad when companies push an update that has a TON of bugs in it that is going to screw your life if you try to uninstall said update.

{Dripping with sarcasm}

This company, we'll call them SicroMoft, decided to force their anniversary update to my laptop.  In doing so, they basically rendered my sound useless.  The Mr knows a fair amount about computers and was pretty certain we could back it out until patches were issued and we'd reinstall it.


Backing it out basically fried my laptop rendering it a block of plastic and parts.

*insert weeping wife and twitching crazed husband here*

After putting in an already longer than usual workday, the Mr got to come home and deal with the clusterf**k that was this update.  It fought him for every bit of 9 hours.  NINE, people!  He didn't get to bed until 3am with an 8am meeting he had to be on.

Then what does it do overnight?  It reinstalls the same effing update that bent me over to begin with!!
(To those saying "this wouldn't happen with Apple"...not even an option on principle.  It's better to not even get me started on that subject.  LOL)

So I basically just have web right now.

I woke up this morning with some issues that I brought on myself (overstretching) so instead of wallowing, I said I was going to just go into the day with a good attitude and ice down and then deal with the computer issues with a level head.  Then he told me about the update re-installing and that kind of shot my mindset.  So I'm trying to get back into it by attempting to install as much as I can without his assistance because the fact that he had to come home and deal with a whole other situation is just not fair and qualifies him for computer sainthood.  I will learn the lesson that I need to stop being an electronic hoarder because I got some serious side eye at the amount of files he had to back up.  This is not the first time this issue has come up so I need to address the amount of stupid chit I keep for no good reason.  Digital detox time, yo!  Silver lining?  (Trying to see it that way!)

A BIIIIIIIIIG thank you to The Mr for his tireless efforts in getting my 'puter back to normal.  I probably owe him stuff out of Fifty Shades of Grey now.  Well, he's not into that kind of thing so just insert any 80's T&A movie and that should cover it.  Sorry for any typos as my proofreader has done enough for me and I'm not asking him to do that too!

Have you had a major computer meltdown?  How did you recover that didn't involve booze and illicit drugs?

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  1. My computer related drama relates to work yesterday. Tuesday the work computer (register!) had a corrupted hard disk so I called the help desk and had them send me a new one. They overnighted it yesterday and I came in on my day off to get it installed and running. They said call as soon as it comes in. I did. Long story short, I worked 6 hours on my day off because that is how long it took them to call me back. Insert string of expletives here.

  2. We had a major crash here at work in January - what an epic pain in the arse that was! Lost most of our stuff - and you don't realize how much that is for months when you go to refer to something and it's gone. I hate when the updates come out for my phone and I wait until the very last minute to allow the update because it ALWAYS causes a problem - mostly I end up not being able to take pictures, etc. Sooooo irritating!! Hope you get everything worked out soon - and then you work the kinks out of your body!

  3. Oh, girl, me and the computer are tense frenemies at best. I absolutely refuse to put Windows 10 on my system and every time I do a restart it's wanting me to do this and you can't close out of the pop up screen. So I just drag it down so it's out of my way. I was writing an email yesterday and the entire thing disappeared and I have no clue why. I do not have good luck with computers and I'm not savvy with them so there are very few things that can take me from 0-B*tch in 10 seconds flat than that. I'll be a raging maniac all by myself in the office and the dogs know just to not enter the room at that point. So I totally feel ya on the cluster that is computer gremlins. They are necessary for so many things, but they'll choke the ever-lovin' life out of you some days.

  4. I've chosen to not download the Windows 10 on my system. A local talk show host discussed it one day and made the comment "Why fix something that isn't broken?", and I agree. Besides, my laptop is dying and will need to be replaced before Windows 7 goes completely obsolete. I had Windows 8 on my laptop, but it made me so mad working with it so hubby ordered Windows 7, installed it and I was a happy girl.

    I hope your computer woes get resolved!!

  5. Yep. Sicromoft tried that with me too. I have clients using outdated programs that wont work with the update. Unfortunately Inow its going to happen and these mom and pop shops I work with don't have the money to upgrade. Sad. Sorry for you loss Sweetie. Lol


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