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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

DVD Review: Walk On: Six Mile Mix with Jessica Smith

I needed a few new walking workouts when that was basically the only thing I was cleared for cardio wise as the leg healed.  I got a Leslie Sansone one that looked decent in the preview and then Walk On: 6 Mile Mix  (affiliate link) caught my eye...

I'd never heard of Jessica Smith before but I loved the fact that you could customize your walk up to six miles!  Yep, on the menu just choose the miles you want to mix and match and get moving.  If I was feeling super motivated I could do three miles of walking and three strength oriented miles.  Of course, I've never done this because my body would revolt on me in the worst of ways but we have done two three mile workouts split into strength training and walking only.

I must say, this was a great investment for a few reasons.  Not only is it nice to have new "walking" blood in rotation but the strength session is actually pretty fantastic!  Like I told the Mr "we could TOTALLY do this on vacation and still feel like we're maintaining our muscles!"  When traveling, a band workout is really one that is most likely to stick to and this would really give us no excuses not to do it other than we're just lazy bastards.  I would prefer not to be.  :-)

The miles break down for Walk On: 6 Mile Mix  (affiliate link) like so:

Warm Up- Probably one of the best warm ups we've done prior to a workout.  Lots of stretches and twists that get your ankles involved which are usually skipped in most walking workouts.

Mile 1- Steady Burn Walk- Good, brisk walking for the 15 minute time limit

Mile 2- Upper Body Sculpting- Using the resistance band, you work your upper body and halfway through you realize this is no joke!

Mile 3- Lower Body Toner- Lots of lower body work on this one with the band.  Make sure you have good, strong bands, the Mr ripped his (mine) when he was doing this side step on the band thing that was actually kind of unnecessary to use the band in the first place.  Grrr.

Mile 4- Cardio Interval Abs- Definitely a great cardio mile infusing some good ab moves.  I'm always sore the next day!

Mile 5- Total Body Tune Up-  Sculpting from head to toe.  Another good toner!

Mile 6- Speed Walk- This one is a little more fast paced so it's about 3 minutes shorter than the other miles but that just means you're done faster.  ;-)

Cool Down- A nice 5 minute cool down rounds you out!

Stretch- I haven't been able to do this yet because my Achilles is still clamped down but will throw it in for sure when I get the all clear.  It utilizes a chair for the whole thing.

The fact you can mix and match these to do a quick mile walking and a quick strength workout if you only have 30 minutes up to 90 minutes (or close to it) is just awesome.

Jessica is a perky lady but not annoyingly so which as we all know is important if you don't want the mute button to come into play.  She exercises with her mom as the modifier and another lady probably close to her mom's age but she modifies up to put a little bounce in it.  So this means you can keep it close to low impact, moderate or advanced which is a plus in our book depending on what state our bodies are in that day.

We have a ton of different exercise videos as you guys know and it's so funny because we see quite a few influences from some of our favorite instructors.  There are a few phrases that get awfully close to ones that Leslie Sansone will utter so it's pretty clear she's influenced her.  There are also a few moves in there that Gilad was doing about 15 years ago so we feel like he's thrown in there too.  In one of the miles, either abs or the speed mile, she says a few things that sound just like Amy Dixon. There's this last song on the speed mile that is a clear knock off of A-Ha's Take On Me and she says "A-ha!" like 3x when she never said it any other time.  The Mr said it's like she wants to hint to you that it's supposed to be Take On Me but it's pretty clear without her verbal reminder.

The customization is really what we love about this one and the fact it amps things up slightly from your regular Leslie walk.  We would definitely recommend it if you like walking workouts or need some variety for when the winter months come and getting outside to walk might get harder.

Four thumbs up from us!

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  1. I've done several of Jessica Smith's workouts on YouTube and loved them. This definitely on my list now. Thanks for the review!

  2. I have to say this is a really good workout. I used to think the walking workouts were always a little weak but this one really does a great job and it is like having 2 different workouts in one package since you can customize it. That customization screen is top notch!

  3. This sounds fantastic! I've heard of her but never actually watched any of her videos. The fact you can kind of customize it to what you need on that day is quite cool. And having a change of instructors helps to keep things fresh too.


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