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Friday, May 13, 2016

What I'm Reading This Week - Travel Edition

Anyone else itching for a summer vacation?  I am!

So you'll see a recurring theme in my links of...

5 Google Trip-Planning Tricks That Beat Any Travel Agent  (In case you need a place to start)

20 Ultimate Things to Do in Paris  (Definitely some ideas I'd never heard of before)

Stand-up paddleboard your way through Kauai's Hanalei River  (Can't wait!)

A Taste of Charleston: What To Do, Drink, and Eat in 48 Hours  (Man I miss that place.  Truly one of the most beautiful places ever)

Hell is in Michigan, and the Town is for Sale   (We've actually been here!  It was a cute little side stop.  I'd love to own it.  Anyone got a mill I can borrow?  I'll make you mayor!)

Travel liars, pants on fire  (I'll admit I thought about doing this when I was over 400 lbs and flew but pride and common decency prohibited it, thankfully.  Too bad others don't have the same.)

Wherefor Shows Where You Can Travel Based on Your Budget  (Cool idea!)

The best ways to travel the world for free  (Pretty awesome if you're up for something non-traditional!)

The infuriating rule American Airlines won’t tell you about until it’s too late  (Wow, really good to know!)

How to Stay Safe While Using Public Wi-Fi  (Amazes me the things people will do on public wifi.  Please stop "depositing" checks on your phone until you're at home.)

Which National Park Is Best for You?   (All of them.)

These Crazy Roadside Attractions Are Actually Worth Stopping For!  (These are the first things I look for when I hear the words "road trip!")

Alternatives to Alamo Square Park  (FYI for anyone traveling to the city by the Bay this year)

The Shaka Field Guide  (Funny!  I never really realized the Kauai shaka is true!)

Flying in the 1980s: What’s our vector, Victor?  (I sooo miss being able to go to any gate I wanted to watch planes take off and pretend we were going somewhere when green was scarce.)

What are you guys into this weekend?
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