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Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Five - Travel Traditions

The week was hectic so I didn't have enough links to make up a proper What I'm Reading This Week.

So I thought in the last few travel themes for this month, we'd carry on with it this Friday with travel traditions.

When we travel we have several superstitious things or habits we must do.  Here they are...

1.  Within 2 weeks of air travel, we must watch Airplane! (affiliate link) 

I think it was on right before our honeymoon and we just continued to make it a tradition to watch it before every airplane travel excursion.  (Since road trips have been part of our repertoire the past few years, we'll sub out National Lampoon's Vacation  (affiliate link)  for Airplane when we're driving)

2.  Visit local graves of those who have passed.

We visit grandparents, special people and even pups that have passed and ask them to watch over us as we fly.  (Making sure to add that while we love them and want to see them again, we're not ready to see them yet!)

3.  Carry a travel angel with us.

My mom got me a travel angel pin when I started flying to California to visit my dad back in the 80's.  I carry that as well as a St. Christopher coin I got at the Carmel Mission in 2010.  I figure when we travel, you can never have enough angels and saints on your side.  ;-)

4. Hold hands on take off and landing.

When we barely made a flight 10 years ago, we got on the plane, got settled and the flight attendant noticed we were holding hands.  He said "aww, are you guys on your honeymoon?"  We said "no, it's our 10 year anniversary."  He couldn't stop gushing over that.  It just feels right.  If something bad happens at that moment, I want to be attached to my man.

5. Our favorite pizza on the way home.

I know, not healthy.  But after an 8-18 hour travel adventure, the last damn thing I'm doing is cooking!  So we grab a medium pizza from our favorite local shop on the way home, eat dinner and then unload the car.  It's kind of that welcome home of something familiar you love when you're depressed that your vacation is over and you're back home.

Do you have any travel superstitions or habits?

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1 comment:

  1. We always hold hands on take off and landing. And unpack suitcases totally the minute we get in the door, so we feel like we are settled in our new place.


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