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Friday, April 15, 2016

What I'm Reading This Week 2016 #15

It's Friiiiiiiiiiii-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

A new pet peeve has popped up on my radar...companies trying to guilt you into signing up for their newsletters.  A lot of these sites I get these links from have something pop up to sign up for a newsletter from time to time.  In order to close it instead of clicking an X at the corner, you have to click some snarky sentence like "No thanks, I don't want fat burning tips", "No thanks, I'm not interested in being awesome" or "No thanks, I don't need to get bikini ready."  I get enough passive aggressive BS in my day, I don't need it from a website trying to guilt me into signing up for spam, thanks toolbags.

But enough of my passive aggressive hate...let's get to...

Top 5 Lessons I've Learned After Reading 500+ Self-Help Books  (Now you won't have to read 500+ self help're welcome)

10 Vegan Ingredients You Should Have in Your Pantry at All Times  (I've got all but chickpeas)

What Staring at a Computer Screen All Day Does to Your Eyes  (Yeah, that about sums it up)

12 Things Healthy Morning People Do Every Day  (I keep meaning to wake up to a booty shakin' song.  Might as well since I have to spend 5 minutes rolling my feet over a tennis ball and digging into my back with a contraption so I don't feel 80.)

Check Out This CIA Operative's 9-Step Hotel Safety Checklist  (I'd say that #4 is a little out there but given how many instances people who rent through AirBnB have said they've found cameras during their stay, I guess not)

Sites to Check Before You Freak Yourself Out on WebMD  (Admit it, you've done it)

Foolproof Ways to Win Friends and Influence People  (You mean saying "stop being an idiot" doesn't work?)

Super Healthy Foods High in Magnesium  (It's more important than you think)

Protein-Packed Snacks That'll Help You Shed Pounds  (Mmm, protein!)

The Beginner's Guide to Strength Training  (It's here to up!)

Should You Exercise When You Are Sore?  (Ugh, there's nothing I hate more but still need to do it)

High or Low? The Sugar in Your Favorite Fruits  (Good to know)

Parenting: Are We Getting a Raw Deal?  (Bravo!)

New Study Reveals Traveling Boosts Your Sex Life and Can Help You Lose Weight  (Let's get the heck outta here!)

Your Netflix Bill Is About to Get More Expensive, and Most People Have No Idea  (Thankfully a family member shared his PW with us so we could check it out.  Wow does their streaming service suck rocks.  The only good thing on there is Grace and Frankie)

10 Great Things That Happen When You Set Boundaries  (YES!)

15 Ichabbie Moments  (For those in the mood to reminisce)

Cookie Monster can't contain himself in Apple ad outtakes  (So cute.  One of my new favorite commercials)

It's supposed to be in the low 70's this weekend and they claim the snow is done for the season.  I have to imagine we'll get out and about at some point.  We do have some house stuff that needs taken care of but maybe we'll save that for the evenings so we can enjoy that big ball of light in the sky that has come out after hiding for 2 weeks.

What are y'all into this weekend?

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  1. TGIF indeed! Great links today. Everyone have a great weekend!

  2. Always love to see what you've been reading. I loved the hotel security check article...good to know. Along the lines of your rant, I hate it when you have to watch a commercial before you can get to the good stuff. Most will let you skip them, but not all. Have a great weekend!

  3. It's in the 70's here too! We have got to cut the lawn this weekend from all the rain, but it looks very green and pretty. I did a lot this week so I'm giving myself a day off today. I just need to do one small load of laundry and one project and that's it. This weekend I'm going to enjoy sitting on the deck listening to the beautiful wind chimes I was given as a memorial gift. I may be meeting up with a friend tonight who needs help with insurance stuff, but I'm waiting to hear back from her. Our internet has been intermittent at best the past few days due to the Dept of Trans. doing some kind of construction so it'd be up for a few minutes, then down for a few hours, back and forth, back and forth. But I think yesterday was the last day because I haven't had any issues today...except for AOL Mail being horrendously slow! It's been like this for a couple of months and it's just awful to deal with. I emailed them and got zero help (already explained that I cleared my cookies, cache, history and he tells me to clear my cookies, cache, and history). So annoying, but if that's the worst thing I have to deal with, I can handle it. Enjoy your weekend with that big ball of light and gentle breeze. I do believe Spring is FINALLY here! xoxoxoxo


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