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Monday, April 18, 2016

Damn vampires and giving a finger to 'the man'

Well, we saw our new doc on Thursday.  We both liked her.  She was down to Earth and actually reminded me a lot of my friend SB so I felt really comfortable with her.  I do wish that it hadn't taken as long as it did.  Our insurance is the worst and along with them just being knobs in general, they are particular about where blood is drawn and collected, what address the claim is sent to and to make sure it's printed on 24 lb organic cotton ultra white letterhead.  Okay so I made up the last part about the letterhead...they don't care if it's organic or not.  So the nurses were on the phone with them for a while getting confirmation of how they were going to arrange the pickup and get their reimbursement.  Look, can you hang up with Jason Bourne and draw my damn blood already?  Fat girl fasted for going on 13 hours and while I know I can live off the fat of the land for now, I'm getting hangry...


They actually took the Mr's blood before they took mine!  Luckily the woman was pretty fast and it was relatively painless at the time of extraction.  When she was done, I told her I came from a family of nurses so I know using the term "deep veins" is code for fat so I'm glad she didn't say that.  She cracked up laughing and said she was going to remember that.  All in all, we really liked everyone we encountered and hope to get our results back of our blood work soon.  That will already be light years ahead of the doc who refused to give us our results and said that if there was a problem she would've told us.  Mmm hmm.

I kept my band aid in the crook of my arm for most of the day because it was hidden and I forgot about it if I'm being honest.  But I also felt a little sore from it too.  When I finally took off the band aid later that night, I was greeted with this...

"Use the whole syringe, lady?"
Damn vampires!  It morphed as the weekend went on.  I felt like I got some side eye at various places.  I could've been paranoid.  I suppose I should've worn a band aid until it wasn't barf inducing...mainly for myself.  In all the times I've had my blood drawn, it's never looked like that...the Mr?  Yes. way.

By Saturday night, it looked like this...

A wee less gruesome thanks to some Vitamin K Cream (affiliate link)  and trying to ignore it for 2 days.

Sunday was just a total time warp.  I even got up at 8:30am and the Mr shortly after.  We got to talking about some stuff as he was proofing some posts for me and then before we knew it, it was 10:30am and time for me to start on brunch.  We tried a new pancake mix (review coming soon) and I made Ramsay eggs so the Mr was happy.  We started getting some techie and paper organizing stuff done but when you're still sitting in a messy house, it makes you feel like you haven't accomplished much.  But the Mr took it upon himself to get together some bags and boxes we've had ready to donate and take them to Goodwill.  He must've read my mind because it was one of the things swirling in my mind keeping me from going back to sleep.  Props to the Mr for doing it without being asked yo!  Hubby brownie points.  Then it was suddenly 5pm and we still had a grocery store to hit.  We decided to workout first or it would be that much harder later so we did our upper body and tabata workout.  We grabbed our showers, ate dinner then off to the store at 8pm...when we were supposed to be starting the movie we had planned for the night.  *face palm*  We got home around 9pm and he cut my veggies for the week and then the night was kind of over.  Womp womp.  He's taking an online class this week so he'll be home but up in the office.

Oh yeah...Facebook's algorithm has done it again.  My reach on there is about as low as I've ever seen it and given I'm not a big time blogger, I've got no money to "boost posts."  (I'd rather save any commission money I do get to do occasional giveaways and stuff to give back to you guys.  Speaking of which, I'm due soon.)

So if you want to get notifications on FB as to when I post, go to my page, where it says LIKED, click the little drop down beside it.   Where it says IN YOUR NEWSFEED, check SEE FIRST.  Then under that it'll say default and just click ALL ON.  What does that do?  It gives "the man" a big ol' finger to them trying to take away your access to me.  Access that you fine FB followers chose when you so graciously hit "like."  That is something I don't take lightly.

I only post twice a day (a RARE 3x at most) so I won't flood your feed with irritation because I don't like that myself.  Treat others as you'd like to be treated is my motto where social media is concerned.  So if you FB'ers want to make sure you're still getting notifications, do that and you'll always see when I post in the morning and when I update my dinner and exercise at night.  There is a set of directions in the cover photo right now too so you don't have to go back to this and FB to see how to do it.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. I feel relieved that we've found a doctor given the circumstances we were under, especially since she was literally your 6th choice and was the only one accepting new patients. Let's at least just hope she stays at it for a good solid decade or so before we have to change again. I am surprised your arm looks like that as that always happens to me and not you. I guess it's all in the technique or something. Since she did my blood first she must have gotten cocky.

  2. I am so happy to hear you guys liked your new doctor! That is such a good feeling and it sounds like the entire staff is nice and friendly. I just sent my doctor and her staff thank you cookies this morning, and I so understand how important it is to have a good doctor who communicates well with you. Congrats!!!

    This weekend was pretty good for me with not having that crushing fatigue. I managed to run some errands and with the gorgeous weather was able to sit on the back deck with the dogs and just enjoy the breeze. The hubs cut the lawn so that looks super nice now. This morning I managed to do an entire grocery store run and had no fatigue nor back pain (due to my big gut) so that was a real victory for me! Oh yeah, mom's taxes are done with the accountant and I already got our refund in the bank account from doing our taxes, so it makes that 4 hours of insanity feel more worth it. =o)

  3. FB = done! high finger to The Man


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