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Monday, November 23, 2015

Stocking stuffers, bad lighting and Quasimoto

Christmas exploded this weekend.

We went on a little road trip and went to this store that usually has pretty good deals on items for stocking stuffers.  I wasn't overly impressed this year but still managed to drop $75 anyway.  We looked all over town for a newly opened restaurant and by the time we got there it was super crowded and a wait.  No thanks.  So we went to this other place the Mr went with co-workers and it wasn't bad.  We stopped at an antique shop but it wasn't the one I thought it was so I was really bummed because I know a few dealers in that place always have some good vintage Christmas stuff in there this time of year.  But we had no time to waste since there was football to be watched so we couldn't go to the other place right behind it.

After the hoopla was over with, we stopped by World Market,Michael's and Lowes to grab a few things and grabbed dinner on the way home.  We started watching the Muppets Christmas Carol and fell asleep on each other and woke up at 1am with a kink in my neck.

Sunday I woke up at 6:45am as usual.  I seriously hate it when I can't sleep in despite being able to and getting to bed later.  Grrr.  It was time to clean the table of all of the craft crap on it and the Mr got the dishes going.   I made brunch of pumpkin pancakes, eggs and bacon.

I love brunch...brunchy, brunch, brunch.

Then it was time to bring up the tree and get that crap going.  I made the mistake of buying a storage bag for the tree branches and it made the whole thing stink and I'm highly allergic to the stench it gives off.  I was sneezing and itching all friggin' day.  Then of course we were having light issues and I just wanted to say forget it this year.  The Mr ran to Home Depot and got a Light Keeper PRO (affiliate link) to see if it would fix the strand and I'll be damned if it didn't!  Let the decorating begin!

We took the tree from bare to fully dressed...

We still have some more to go but the majority of it is done.  When it came time to workout, I was so NOT into it.  I was laying on the ground with my head on the foam roller and closed my eyes.  If the Mr can't see me, we can't workout.  Apparently when I close my eyes, I can't see him but he can still see me.  He stood up and I inflicted 25 minutes of Shaun T Focus Cardio on us.  I was glad we did it and we high fived in celebration.  Then I broke my back wiring the skis.  I had to re-roll to crack my spine back into place.  If I am not Quasimoto after all of that and my DIY project I finally finished this week, it'll be a miracle.

I have SOOOO much to do this week.  I'm sure you guys do as well.  Speaking of which...

What did you get into this weekend?

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  1. I started putting my holiday stuff out too. DH wanted to put tiny wreaths on all the windows, so I spent a good hour fighting with suction cups that didn't want to suction. lol

    Saturday morning was Christmas photos with the kiddo. My brain thought 830 am was a great time to get photos taken when I made the appointment, but the day of.. rush rush rush. But, in the end they came out pretty cute. My only complaint with those photo places is they have 2 levels of paying, a) the package where you get more photos than you know what to do with.. or b) a la carte which if you get 1 sheet of each of the few photos you want.. you end up paying more than the package.
    I would've taken them myself with my nice camera, but, first kid, first Christmas and we didn't take any new born photos sooo, gotta knock out that experience.

    Sunday I ran all my errands. Lucky for me my husband is a football fan, so I can convince him to stay home and clean the house while he's watching the game in exchange for me taking the baby with me on my errands. I asked my mom to tote along, which she was more than happy to for grandbaby time. So.. win-win for me!

    I'm looking forward to seeing some of your holiday recipes in the next few weeks!

  2. I watched the Muppets Christmas Carol too! Gonzo was cracking me up. Your tree looks beautiful!! I have zero patience for t prep work and take down of decorating but I sure do love it when it's all up and lit. I was hunkered down this weekend with all the snow, but got a lot accomplished. Paid mom's bills, my bills, cleared paperwork, laundry, dishes, etc. Saturday was far more productive than Sunday which was by design. Yesterday I cooked some and then watched football and Nascar in the afternoon. Funny, I look around the house and think of all I got done and yet it doesn't look like it because I still have piles of stuff in the office that I didn't get to. Maybe I'll just shut the door to this room for the day.... lol

  3. Beautiful tree!!! I can't wait to begin decorating this coming weekend... :-)


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