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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Little by little

Is it Friday yet?

This week seems to be dragging...or is it just me?

I picked up in the bedroom a bit.  I still had boxes, piles of crap and remnants from a media storage catastrophe.  We had an over the door CD holder that held a poop load of CD's.  When I was getting stuff out of the closet and hit it slightly with a box, the metal fatigue finally kicked in and I got this.

The metal hooks were totally bent up and relying on them to hold 150 CD's wasn't going to be possible.  Of course they no longer make this model so we can't get replacement hooks.  So we got an under the bed storage box but of course it doesn't fit them all.  Always something.  But I felt the room closing in on me and I felt like it was affecting my sleep.  I need to get the office cleaned out but have no idea where to start.  You literally can't see the top of the desk in there.  But I got the few bags of trash condensed into one bag and got 2 big boxes out of there to be recycled.  Little by little I made small progress for sanity.

I was thinking of making it a rest day but the Mr seemed to be feeling okay so we went down and did Powerstrike.  Man it was hard because it's been a while since we've done it.  But that's good.  Plus I needed to earn my dinner.  We had real spaghetti, no hybrid this time.

I remember the days when our servings were twice that size.  That's a salad plate.  I tried Paul Newman's Garlic Pasta Sauce.  It was pretty good and I'd probably get it again especially since all profits go to charity.  Between that and the garlic bread, my breath was killing vampires left and right.

We watched the Home Free finale.  Anyone else watch that?  Mike Holmes giving away houses to unsuspecting deserving families that helped renovate the homes.  Man, now that is reality TV I can get behind.

If I were smart, I would work on the office today.  Let's see if I'm smart a few days from now.

What spaghetti sauce do you use?  Do you clean all at once or little by little if it's a low traffic room?

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  1. I make my own pasta sauces.
    Hubby's woodshop is what I am currently trying to rescue. I set my timer for 15 minutes a day and it is really shaping up.

  2. This week is dragging big time. It should be Friday already but isn't that how it always feels when you get a holiday at the beginning of the week? What is it with that!

  3. In my last apartment, I had a spare room that I made my office and I had the door shut so it pretty much looked like a disaster. In my current apartment, I keep the door open to my spare room and it doesn't get as bad. So I just kind of tackle it all at once. I might shut the door this winter for heating costs, it's an interior room anyway so it shouldn't be too bad...

    I typically buy red sauce since I don't overly care for it anyway, I don't feel like making it. I've done it a few times though

  4. My low traffic rooms are a disaster. I'd like to tackle them all at once, but I just can't. Like you, I don't know where to start. I really need to start taking little bites every day or every weekend.

    I used to buy this really great kind with sun dried tomatoes and black olives - but they stopped making it so for the last year or so I've been experimenting and haven't found another sauce I like as well.

  5. I like Classico sauce. You're guilting me into attacking my office as well. It's really quite disgusting in there...

  6. I did some serious cleaning this past weekend including baseboards and always feels so good tackling those bigger projects once you get started! (And I spy Def Leppard in that pile) I use Barilla pasta sauce and it is Italian hubby approved after years of me making the sauce from scratch).

  7. Since we moved in to our new house, I made it my mission to empty one box/day. That way I feel less overwhelmed. So far, so good. If I do one box/day until the end of the year, no boxes! Little by little, I'm sure you'll get it done. :)

  8. DEF LEPPARD!!! I'm going to their concert in 3 weeks!!!! I don't actually have anything of substance to say :)

    1. Yeah, that's the Mr's. They were my best friend's band back in the day so we traded off putting up with each others her Def Leppard and she my Poison. ;-) (Now I can't listen to either! HA!)

      Have fun! I wonder if Vivian Campbell is on this tour. I can't remember if he's still being treated or not. Bring a pair of sassy undies to chuck on stage! ;-)

  9. I like Newman's Marinara and the Sakarooni (sp?) sauce, but for the most part I'm a Traditional Ragu girl. I don't like chunky sauce as much as the plain smooth stuff. As for cleaning I used to go gung ho and do an entire room and I swear it would take a solid 8 hours. Now I break a room down into four corners and only tackle one corner at a time. I feel much calmer and less cranky when I do it that way instead of constantly moving crap back and forth from one side of the room to another. By just focusing on a small portion I find I'm actually better able to make decisions and either find permanent homes for things or get rid of things.

    1. I don't like chunky sauce either. If I find any, they take their place at the side of the plate. That's a smart approach to cleaning! I'll have to try that with the office!


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