Monday, August 24, 2015

The suckiest of weekends is thankfully over

I'm just going to warn you now, this is going to be full of sailor talk so if you're one of those delicate sensibility types, just go to a happier blog elsewhere where they pretend their life is bubbles full of unicorn kisses and moonbeams of cotton candy.  I'm writing about Saturday on Saturday in the throes of all that is going wrong so it's raw but I'll likely still stand by it today.

You ever deal with people so friggin' inconsiderate of your time that you want to hex them with a fire ant infestation in the armpits and short hairs?  If not, consider yourselves lucky.  This basement project was slated to be Thursday and Friday.  Because half of our possessions were down there, we moved our front door cam to the basement in clear view of one part of their working area.  We could keep an eye on them without being in their way and yes, the one dude noticed it.  Don't care.

He was supposed to arrive at 9am and of course at 9am we get a call that he will be late.  45 minutes later...  So he's down there caulking up the cracks and doing a bang up job when he's not on his phone.  Seriously, his phone was ringing every 2-5 minutes at one point for over an hour.  Let the guy do his damn job so he can leave and move on to the next thing.  Some dude shows up during the last five minutes and he's of no use so I don't even know why he was there.  The Mr says "same time tomorrow, right" and gets a major stall response and when he finally spit it out it was like "I'll call if I'm going to be later."  Shock of shocks, the next day he calls past the time we were expecting him and says he'll be there closer to lunch time.  Okay, so you've basically set us back a minimum of 3-4 hours because this is the stuff that can cause death with too much exposure so we need to determine how bad it's going to be and whether we can stay in the bedroom or need to get a hotel.

11am comes and goes.

12pm comes and goes.

1pm and I am so friggin' flaming it's not funny.

I have the Mr call to ask where the hell he is and he says 10 minutes away and starts giving excuses again like he did before he left the night before.  The Mr basically hangs up on him.  20 minutes later, Larry, Darryl and Darryl show up.  As things are being set up, "Larry" says "now we may need to come back tomorrow to do a second coat."  The Mr didn't even look up and Aunt Flo, Uncle Red and I shot him the death stare and I said "well, we're in and out tomorrow so yeah..."  He said to call him Saturday and let him know what would work with our schedule.  Whatever dude.  So they start doing their thing painting on the epoxy.  We stay in the living room as long as we can before the fumes start giving us both a headache and burning our throat.  Luckily, I had all of the windows open and the upstairs doors were closed with towels covering the cracks and I shut the vents so the smell was not infiltrating the upstairs.  We went up there until they said they were done.  They set up a big fan to bring in the "fresh" air from the back lanai.

Here's the problem, 5' from that fresh air was the 'bad' air output from the basement so they were recirculating the same rancid air out of the house back into the house with the basement door closed.  I'm sorry, how is the air supposed to circulate ever if the door is closed?  Seep through the 1/2" crack at the bottom?

As soon as they left we went to check on things and make airflow adjustments that made actual sense.   We went downstairs and turned on our fan to point to their fan that was pointing out the back window.  You know, the window they took out and then left completely open so that 50,000 bugs could fly around down there?  (And I threw away the pop cans they left down there on our shelves.  *smack!*  Our basement is not your trashcan, assholes!  Especially when a trashcan was literally one foot from where they left them out in the open.)  We grabbed a plastic drop cloth and taped up the window hole then we closed the back door and put the big fan in the kitchen pointing toward the basement stairwell.  We decided to let it do the 2 hour cure with the door closed so the stinkiest part would be contained and we went to see The Gift with Jason Bateman.  We came back, I made dinner and opened the basement door to let the air circulate and we could tell we would be okay to sleep at home.  So we went ahead with our relaxing paddling session and enjoyed a nice sunset.

When we got home, you couldn't even tell anything had been done, only if you were in the basement.  We didn't run the A/C but thankfully it was a chilly evening so we made it just fine without it.  

Then comes Saturday, the Mr leaves a message saying we'll be in until 11:15am if they're in the neighborhood like they said they'd be.  Nothing.  He calls again two hours later.  He makes an excuse and says probably later and the Mr said we'd be home after 3pm and he said that was fine.  3pm comes and goes with no call and our calls are now going to voice mail.  Oh no you did'ent!  I march downstairs and grab half their crap and take it straight out to the garage.  He calls the Mr and says he can't do it today, can we do it Sunday on a message.  Seriously dude?!  The Mr calls, leaves a message saying no, it won't work and we're leaving at 5pm so if he wanted his stuff it's been moved to the garage.  (But in that nice Mr kind of way that the man did not deserve at this point in his dicking us around.  I wanted the Mr that just had his Camaro hit by the dealership guy when he was 20 to show up but apparently he was on hiatus.)   He returned the call and said he'd be there in 20 minutes.  Yeah, something tells me having your work done for you will motivate a person.

Matter of fact, I was typing this when he came in so that my laser glare did not kill him instantly when he walked in to check the basement before gathering his wares from the garage.  I swear if he would've even said hello to me it would've taken everything in me not to wing my water bottle at his head with the brute force of a woman on her worst ladies day. But he got in and out without incident and hopefully I won't have to see that dillhole ever again.  We definitely know who NOT to call should the need for a contractor arise.  On someone elses dime where it's all paid for, whatever, but on ours...never.

Then we decided to go grab a pizza at this place we hadn't been to in years.  It's like cracker thin crust to the point of being like an appetizer.  The place was small so we figured we'd eat in and I could get rid of the headache I'd accumulated during the day from having my blood pressure skyrocket from the basement dude.  We walk in to a screeching mess of children not being parented, running amok, banging on video games and should've just turned around and walked out.  But honestly, the fight in me had been wiped so I raised the white flag and succumbed.  Pizza wasn't even good.  *twitch*

We ended the night with a visit to a family member who just moved into their new apartment to drop off a housewarming gift.  I won't go into detail but I'll just say it was the appropriate end to the day I had.  By the time we went to the store afterward, I couldn't turn my head to the left so the weird week of sleep coupled with stress had finally beaten my body into submission.  All I could do was pray Sunday was better and throw on some jazz.

It was grocery refill day so we were off earlier than I wanted to be.  As we rounded the corner in Tarzhay, it was apparent the sights of Fall were in the air...err...on the shelves.

When we came home, it was time to get the basement back in order so we could have our workout space for later on.  The Mr spotted something awesome...our 19 year old faucet dohickers for the washer and dryer both decided to give out and start dripping.

Look, I know we just got the basement waterproofed but we don't need this right now.  So a trip to the local hardware store was in order.  We got the replacements and despite some seriously scary moments in the loosening of the originals including me getting a nice spray, the Mr got them replaced.  We got all of the shelving units moved back and I got some things organized that I've been putting off.  The amount of dust and my allergies already acting up was ridiculous but we still had to workout.  The Mr was practically dead on his butt but I wasn't going to condone skipping.  I said it may not be the most productive Turbo Fire but we should still do it.  Then I thought, nope, can't go in with that attitude so when the music came on, I moved my booty, pretended I was being taped for a video and got my energy.  I burned 1060 cals so yeah, pleased with that.

Then it was time for dinner.

BBQ pork chop, small sweet potato and grilled sugar snap peas while latin jazz was serenading us.  So we began to chill out a bit and I popped in The 40-Year-Old Virgin so we could have some laughs to wind down a stressful weekend.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Glad to hear the basement is finished!
    I left work Friday with the intention of getting a lot done. My newly widowed neighbor who didn't ever say a word when hubby died has glommed onto me and thinks I am his new bff. He wandered over while I was cutting the grass and yakked until 11:00 pm. I am in a tough spot as I feel badly for him so I don't want to hurt his feelings yet I don't want him over here all the time. Seems he made that tragic mistake of living in a cocoon with his wife for the last 40 years and now finds himself friendless. How do you kindly get someone to leave without being rude? Saturday I attended an engagement party for my brothers-in-law and the hostess faceplanted on the cement stairs a half hour into the party requiring an er trip and 11 stitches. Got home at 11:00 and was out cold in the lazygirl in 5 minutes flat. Yesterday I did laundry, cleaned my house and emptied my "rock garden" to lay new weed barrier. I noticed my screen needed replaced in the middle of things so I switched gears. Neighbor showed up to help me and then proceeded to say " yep, there's another thing you wouldn't have been able to do without my help"! That really peed me off as I have done SO much to this house by myself since hubby died. He finally wandered off and I finished putting all the rocks back. I don't think there is an easy way to remove and replace the rocks that I could figure out anyway. I sat down to rest and cally son to catch up and my dog somehow broke his tie out leash and had escaped! So in my filthy state wearing yoga Capri and worn out work liafers, I trudged through the forest behind the house and luckily the lead had him trapped around a tree! I treated myself to a steak and taters on the grill but unfortunately the taters turned out more like potato chips! A long hot Epsom salt bath and 6 hours later, tIme to get ready for work.
    Got any ideas on shooing the neighbor away? I do feel for him but have things that need to get done around here.
    Have an awesome day, you deserve it

    1. It sounds like you had quite the weekend as well! Oh man, I feel for you on the neighbor. I mean I know he's probably lonely but if you don't nip it in the bud, you're going to end up being a prisoner in your own house. (The house that YOU'VE done quite a bit of things on by yourself thankyouverymuch! Oy, I have a feeling he's a man of that generation that thinks if you have a vagina that you couldn't possibly turn a screwdriver or lift a rock.) I had to actually look up your question because in my current mood, my answer was going to be leaving a bear trap out front. (I know you know this but for others who may not get it...that was a joke)

      I hope you can get him to keep a respectable distance. You may need to get firm if being nice and trying to set boundaries doesn't work. "No offense but I don't get much down time and I have a schedule so I'll tell you the same thing I tell family and friends, no unexpected drop by's please." Then pray you don't have to get more firm than that. Oy.

  2. My weekend was a lot better than yours. Seriously, that contractor was a dickhead and I don't understand why I hear about so many of them being this way. It's like they don't want to make money. I'm sorry your weekend sucked. Hopefully it can only get better from here.

    1. Yes, he was. It sucks because the owner seemed nice, was on time so we were impressed but it all went downhill after that. It is like they don't want to make money but they know if the HOA is paying for it, they'll get their money regardless. Problem is, they won't get return customers. I know we won't be!

  3. My weekend wasn't nearly so interesting. I'm pretty grateful for that. At least your basement is done and I'm glad you were able to stay in your house after all. I know your were worried about having to get a hotel. I've been fortunate in the people that came to work on my house this summer - they showed up at the agreed time, and finished within the estimated time. Plus they did a great job. They are both small businesses in a small town which means that word of mouth makes or breaks them - maybe that's the difference? I'm just glad your basement is done now and that you caught the leak before you had to test out the waterproofness of your basement.

    1. I would love for you to have those contractors available to me at my whim please. :-) I did think we found a decent electrician the first time so we used them again and it was a disaster. Now I'm leery about using them again.

  4. If I were sitting in front of you while you tell this story my mouth would be open the entire time. Glad it worked out in the end and you persevered and got your burn on. Seems to be a lot of business owners getting the jobs they need to keep afloat and then their workers just doing what they need to do for a paycheck.

    1. My mouth would've been agape as well if I wasn't so busy clenching my jaw. Ridiculous, eh? Yeah, that seems to be the case. Then today the owner calls to see if he can stop by to see the work. Um, no. Now YOU can see how it feels to not get any calls back!

  5. Boy oh boy did you have the weekend from hell or what?! What a nightmare all the way around. I so hope this week is much calmer and smoother for you guys. This weekend was quiet and low-key for me. Had a great meeting on Saturday morning then was home the rest of the weekend aside from 2 rides out to the country with the dogs. The temps were only in the 70's (will be all week too --woot!) so it felt wonderful to open all the windows and have a strong breeze coming through the house. Didn't even manage to get to the grocery store so I'll be doing that after work and then will cut the lawn with the hubs for my evening workout.

    1. I should've known given how smooth the first part of the week went that we were going to be in for it at the end. Jerkwads. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Enjoy your grass cutting! :-)

  6. It was a crappy weekend but I am very glad we were able to stay in our house at least. Glad it's behind us and extremely happy that those water hookups are NOT leaking!

    1. Me too. I didn't want to have to spend any money for this at all. Thanks for fixing the water hookups!


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