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Friday, May 9, 2014

What I'm Reading This Week: Travel Edition

I wanted to start by acknowledging my late father in law's birthday.  Happy Birthday and miss you!  We'll try to do something awesome today in memory of you.

I thought I'd do something a little different.  Not a permanent change to this feature but I'm feelin' like changing things up a little.  Summer vacation season is coming up!  I thought it'd be fun to share some travel related links from destinations to tips!

Let's virtually vacay!

19 Truly Charming Places To See Before You Die  (3, 5, 8, 9 and 12 please!)

6 Ways to Find Amazing Travel Deals

Beautiful Wyoming: 30 picture-perfect views  (Gorgeous views!)

14 Ways To Make Air Travel Far More Pleasant  (While I agree with most, I'd advise skipping #9.  If you've got a long travel day and you start sampling "regional cuisine" in a connecting airport, you may find yourself stuffed in a small box unable to wipe with intestinal distress at cruising altitude.  Regional cuisine is best enjoyed anywhere but the airport location.  I assure you, they're rarely up to par.)

52 Places to Go in 2014  (If you insist!)

Storybook Cottage Charming Dreamy Retreat on 8 Acres in Leiper's Fork  (I don't remember where I saw this but I'd stay here just for the decor alone.  Stunning!)

41 Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius  (For those who prefer "roughing it" but don't mind a few creature comforts)

Is the airplane making you sick?  (I beg to differ with the findings.  I used to get sick every time I flew and ever since I began wearing a personal air purifier and wiping down all surfaces with Clorox wipes (seatbelts, tray tables, armrests, buttons above you, etc) I haven't gotten sick.  The first time we went to San Fran, we didn't do those things and we both got sick two days after flying.  I don't care, this lady isn't giving up her air zapper and wipes!)

26 Stunning Destinations You Can Drive To

How to Make Your Flight When You're Totally Screwed  (Some good ones in here)

29 Embarassing Things You Should Absolutely Avoid While Traveling Abroad  (Good to know!)

The Way to Go:  A visual guide to how planes take off, navigate, approach, and land.  (This is interesting as well as terrifying to think of, so I won't when I travel!  LOL)

Where we wish we were right now  (We stayed at this house a few years ago on Kauai.  It's in a great neighborhood and while it's on a golf course, it's still private.  The pool was divine.  Heaven on Earth!)

Tipping tips for travelers: when and how much depends on where you are  (Interesting notes for your international travelers)

Any vacations planned?  Where would you vacation if money were no object?

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  1. Haven't read the link about getting sick on airplanes, but I totally agree with you. I used to always get sick every time I flew, until I read an article about all the germs on airplanes. Now I carry clorox wipes and hand sanitizer and haven't gotten sick since! I also was super paranoid last falls when I flew (during flu season!) and took one of the respiratory masks from the hospital that I work at. I looked like one of those people who were all scared of SARS a few years back, but I didn't care. Ended up being totally worth it to me - our plane was sitting on the tarmac delayed (with us in it) for like 30 minutes and a lady two rows behind me was hacking up a lung. No thank you, germs!

  2. No summer vacation plans, probably stay close to home, making use of the boat, beach, and my boyfriend's father's camp on an island near by. However, I am thinking Turkey in October/November for two weeks. Spring/Fall are my favourite times to travel, as all the sights I am ususally interested in are less crowded, flights/hotels are cheaper, and the temperatures are ususally much closer aligned to my ideal walking temperature.

  3. Vacations are out of the picture right now with funds being what they are, but it's still fun to look at. My favorite of the links was the cottage in Franklin, TN and the picture of the enclosed porch/dining area. I LOVED that entire room!! My ideal place is a big cabin in the woods (secluded) where the dogs are welcome and can roam. A pontoon is a must as well. I'm not an itinerary gal (although I like to see sites, just don't like to be 'scheduled' because I have too much of that in my life as it is), so being surrounded by books, pine trees, and an outdoor fire-pit (for those wieners and marshmallows!) is peace personified for me. I've been to Europe and on 2 cruises (Europe and 1 cruise I took by myself--loved that) and nothing compares to the woods and a big ol' lake for me.


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