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Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend full of antiques, animals and finding the perfect tree

What a weekend!

It was time to road trip and we hit some antique stores on the way.

It took a lot for me not to buy this Strawberry Shortcake clock.  It was berry, berry grand.  (Shortcakers could hear her voice in their heads)

One of them even had a sweet kitty who wanted some lovin'.  We found her twice and she came right up to us both times.  I'm like the 3 year old obsessed with the roaming animal and always seeking it out.

So true!  Buy it when you see it because you're not the only person who thinks the item is awesome.

Yuletide festivities aren't the same without some hot chocolate!

Oh and the item of squeeworthiness this trip?

We finally found a ceramic tree that we like and it warmed the cockles of mah heart when it was all plugged in over the fireplace.  I'm going to have the Mr rewire it though because the plug isn't polarized and I'd rather be safe than sorry.

We're working on getting the house cleaned up today and trying to get some order to the house before we start decorating.  I hear we could be in for some snow which point I will load my drawers or explode with glee.  Not sure which option I'm rooting for!

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Pretty kitty, I love stores like that with a roaming pet. It's like the store owner is doing a public service as well as selling "stuff". I wonder if there have been studies about if people buy more in stores with a pet because they feel more relaxed?

    I'm nowhere near ready to decorate. The way my cats tore up my tree last year I'm in no hurry to go back down that road. The little guy will start chompin' at the bit here pretty soon though so it will go up then.

    1. I love stores that have pets too. It gives you a warm fuzzy and it's smart to do. Only problem is the Mr is allergic and so are a lot of people so that can cause issues sometimes. Plus the shedding one cat did on the antiques when we were in TC was like "ugh, I wonder how many people bought a clump of stray cat hair with their items?" LOL

      People swear by the curved scat mat for kitty Christmas tree acrobats. Some people are against it but it should only be a short term learning curve. ;-)

  2. Great weekend and, as always, a great way to kick off the holiday season!

  3. Every time I read a post by you...I swear we were separated at birth. I too grew up with that same tree in our house. I recently went to an antique store in Rochester, IN that had this same tree and I bought it. Along with those ivory plastic candles that we used to put in our windows. Just reminds me of Christmas' past.

    1. LOL...who knows, maybe we were! ;-) I've got the candles in the window too! Actually you just reminded me that the light is out on the one in the kitchen and I need to change it. Anything that reminds me of Christmas' past is exactly what I'm looking to recreate!

  4. sounds like fun!!!

    My weekend was a blast as I said goodbye to my IN laws!! hehehe

  5. Seeing that tree made me get all misty eyed. My grandparents had a tree like that and to me THAT is Christmas. I need to find one...

    1. Yes, definitely get one. It makes us smile all goofy like every time it's on. The funny thing is, we both remember a normal green Christmas tree with multi-colored lights and both of our parents said we had white trees! Weird how kids memories get skewed but we both agree this one feels most like "us." :-) Check Etsy. They have lots of great trees there!

  6. This looks like fun! And yum. Marshmallows in hot cocoa is just the best, isn't it?


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