Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 11: Christmas Cheer Mint Bark

I've always been intimidated by bark for some reason.  I guess it looks so pretty and I was sure I'd screw it up and when I made my first batch in Halloween, I did.  It looked like it had already been consumed if you get my drift so I peppered it with candy corn and the Mr's co-workers still ate it and loved it.  Those dingos will eat anything so long as it tastes good in the end.  This time I was determined to make something prettier.

This is so yummy and addicting, so as with everything I've posted, moderation.  I say take piece for yourself then gift it to others in a cute mason jar and be a hero of the season since people might be getting sick of cookies or bars.

Christmas Cheer Mint Bark

1 bag Wilton Vanilla Melts (or comparable vanilla bark)
12 mini candy canes or 4 full size
6 mint sandwich cookies, chilled in fridge
1 cup mint chocolate M&M's

Take 9 mini or 3 full sized candy canes and pulse in a blender until broken down into small pieces and chips.  In a microwave safe bowl, heat the melts for 1 minute then stir.  Heat for 15 seconds and stir until it comes together smooth.  Add the candy cane pieces and combine thoroughly.

On a medium sized cookie sheet, lay down a piece of wax paper the spread melted chocolate as evenly as possible so it's thin but no parts of the sheet peek through.  Get chilled mint cookies, crumble and distribute as evenly as possible.  Do the same with the mint M&M's.

Break down the final candy cane(s) and sprinkle the dust/pieces over the top.  (You could also throw in some Christmas sprinkles for additional color)

Cover with foil and refrigerate for an hour to 90 minutes.  Break up into random pieces.  Store in airtight container.

Nutritional Information:  Because the pieces will not be even, there is no way to accurately calculate this info however figure on 150 calories per normal sized piece (1 oz) and 200 for a big honkin' piece.

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  1. You don't often see "big honkin' piece" on the nutritional label. That made me laugh, but something like that is really hard to make a standard size and it would absolutely take away from the festive look to even try.

  2. like my technical terms? I think "big honkin' piece" should be on more nutritional labels if you ask me! :)

  3. I like how you photograph your cooking, looks so neat and delicious!

  4. this just screams festive, doesn't it? Thanks for the instructions!

  5. OK, looks beautiful...has to be tasty with all the ingredients...and it looks easy to make! I know another treat that's making it's way to friends, family and the old folks home!

  6. I've never made bark, might have to give it a try. LOVE the mason jar idea...very clever!

  7. Heaven help me....I can actually eat and consume these without modifying! :)
    They look yummy.


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