Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This is seriously a "small?"

We go to McDonald's about twice a year. We usually regret it every time because the concept of hot food through the drive thru is apparently a concept long gone by.  (At least at the one by us)  This time we got pipin' hot fries and a lukewarm burger. Seriously, did they outlaw heat lamps in there?

Anyhoo, I'm not here to gripe about the quality of the food but the size of the drink I got. I ordered a small value meal with unsweetened tea to drink. This is what I got:

Um, that's 32 ounces...with a SMALL value meal!!  What happened to the 12 oz cup I used to get when I ordered smalls?  The Mr's small Coke was 16 oz. I think.  That used to be a medium.  I drank about 8 oz of it and dumped it out.  The Mr took a few sips and dumped his so as not to be tempted by it.  Do people drink this much?  What size do you get if you order a large?? *shudder* I mean if you order a small and get 32 oz do you really feel like you're getting a "deal?"  Do your hips?  Because if that would've been filled with pop/soda it would've been 450 calories minimum in drinkable calories that are just going to make you even more thirsty.

I hear they're revamping the happy meal to offer less fries and add a fruit.  How's about you go back to 1950's sizes for ALL of your food and drinks.  I was just completely appalled by the sheer size of the new "small" for tea and not quite sure why someone ordering pop would get half the size.  Whatever.

Does a larger drink entice you to drink it all or do you just drink what quenches your thirst and throw the rest out?

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  1. The sizes are beyond ridiculous. I know at Wendy's they'll ask what size you want your fries...and that coincides with your drink. So my hubs ordered a large fry one time and the drink that came with it was so big it didn't fit in the cup holder! If I go anywhere that has a combo-type meal, I usually ask for a water. I've never been able to drink big cups of pop like that (even in my "heyday"), but water I can do better with.

  2. Did they get your order right? I worked a drive-thru for years in college and I know that if we "oopsed" and poured a larger drink than ordered we usually just handed it out anyway. People generally only complain if they get less than they ordered not if they get a larger size for the same price. The small, medium and large sizes were always the same for pop and tea.

    I am amazed at the sizes for a kids meal though. A kids meal used to be 6 nuggets, a small fry, and a 8oz drink. Now though a happy meal is only 4 nuggets so to get 6 nuggets you have to order a "big kids meal" and that comes with a much larger drink. My little guy is 5 now so 4 nuggets won't cut it, but he so doesn't need that much pop.

    You can order a small fry and a large drink with a combo or the other way around. You just have to be really specific about what you want. I know b/c one of my last remaining vices is diet cola (no lectures please, I'm working on it) and when I order a "small" meal I want a huge drink to go with it.

  3. The size of fast food is astounding! A small used to be small! I don't get drinks at fast food, because I WILL drink it all because I don't want to waste food. Stupid, I know. I just get the free thimble full of water they give you if we go to McD's. They're supposed to downsize the kids meals, but it hasn't yet happened here. I agree, 1950's sizing please!

  4. I also wonder if they just goofed and gave you the wrong size.

    I'm in total agreement with portion sizes, especially when it comes to nutrient-free empty calorie bombs like pop. A rational serving of pop is 12 oz (the "can" size). But try to find a vending machine or convenience store that sells loose cans. And even the fountains don't sell that small a size (usually 16 oz is the small).

    And we wonder why everyone has gotten so fat? We have no clue what a normal portion should be.

  5. I beginning to think they gave me the wrong size too even though we said twice a SMALL drink. But even so, it doesn't negate that the sizing IS whacked out.

    On their website, they list a small as 16 oz and I remember from being on a diet 10 years ago that their mediums were 16 oz because I had to change my database when I got serious 3 years ago.

    Sizing is out of control!

  6. At our local McD's the size of tea you received is the dollar menu size indicated for their tea or sweet tea. The cup received is only used for teas, and the dollar menu tea is less than what you would pay for a small size drink. So it is possible that they thought they were doing you an upgrade by giving you the value menu sized drink. By the way, you can still get low fat milk or chocolate milk in regular size servings- that's what we get our kids when ordering the happy meal, instead of the 16 oz small pop.

  7. I drink so much water that I rarely finish any kind of drink. I have earnestly considered buying those little half size cans of Diet Pepsi for the days when I just want a soda. They're more expensive but I wouldn't be throwing it away. Larger size drinks and free refills are never a draw for me.

  8. They gave you the large because the "Tea" size is different from the "soda/pop" size....

    did you notice on the value menu they have a seperate "soft drink" and "tea" for 1.00.

    Its kind of ridiculous.

  9. Grrr! Why would there be different sizes for tea? I mean thank goodness I didn't get sweet tea because that would've been almost 300 calories.

    I know I might sound like a caloric-drink-a-phobe but this girl could chug a 2 liter over the weekend and it just kills me I used to drink 800 calories in a weekend (and then another one possibly scattered throughout the week).

    I didn't try to cut out pop, it just kind of happened once we started watching our calories. I just wish 1) the restaurant industry wouldn't make it so easy to order something so huge and 2) people wouldn't get suckered by the theory that more for less money is actually a "value." :(

  10. Seriously, serving sizes at most restaurants (fast food and otherwise) is insane. It's why I eat at home so much more these days than I used to. I do tend to drink all that I'm given, but then I don't usually order a beverage that has calories in it, either--more often than not I have water, occasionally unsweetened tea or diet soda. I can't see drinking my calories, that makes NO sense to me unless it's something spectacular and only then on rare occasions.

  11. I agree with everything. We don't eat out very often because I like to cook. When we do though, I have just been appalled at what the sizing has come to. I worked at Dairy Queen when I was in high school many moons ago and our small cone was smaller than current day's kiddie cones! I about passed out one day when I wanted a treat and ordered a small cone--it was the size of the larges we used to serve! Absolute craziness!

  12. I will admit that I do not drink pop as a rule. Never have as I do prefer the taste of water and yes, I think it has a taste! But I LOVE iced tea (unsweetened) and if they gave me 100 ounces of it I'd try to get it down before the day was out. I rarely buy it out though, but I do notice sometimes when we are out my DH gets a drink that doesn't even fit into the holder, and we have a fairly new car. They are getting too big all the time.

  13. They sell extra calories by the gallon!

  14. I didn't realize the tea came in a different cup than pop, but since they've been really promoting their "new" tea and sweet tea line I guess that makes sense. I'm sure they did think they were doing you a favor - everyone likes an upgrade right? That's exactly what I always thought when I worked fast food.

    Whatever size a fountain drink is, it's actually less ounces than the cup size. Unless you get it without ice. Most places fill the cup halfway or more with ice so you're not really getting 12, 20, 32, or a million ounces. I don't know if they take that into account with the calorie counts online though.

  15. I think right now they are doing a deal where any size drink is the same price so they probably thought they were doing you a favor by giving out the big one. I usually drink a bit and throw out a whole bunch, but nowadays it doesn't feel like im being wasteful. It feels like Im being smart.

  16. Maybe since all drinks are $1 they figured a big tea was better than a tiny tea? My hubby gets that size in sweet tea and the bottom is always coated in sugar --he sucks it off the ice cubes. Oh to not have to worry about the waistline- not to mention cavities, lol.

  17. I remember the first time I went to a Burger King and ordered a Whopper Jr., but didn't want the fries so ordered just the burger and a drink. They asked what size, so I told them (thinking how it was alllll the other times I had went) a medium. They gave me the cup after I paid. I told them they got it wrong since I had wanted a was (to me) a large cup. Nope, that's the medium and this (the medium cup) is the small. Astonished, I asked what the large was. I don't remember the ounces, but it was ginormous (a small bottom to fit in a cup holder though).


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