Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shepherd's Pie

I have always wanted to make shepherd's pie but for some reason just put it off.  One day I decided to just go for it and the loveliness below ensued.  Hearty, comforting and leftovers are best microwaved!  Gotta love that!

If you're in the mood for what awaits for Fall without slaving over a hot stove for too long, click here for the recipe.

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  1. This looks really good! I've seen it in many cooking magazines, but have never tried it. I think I'm going to give this one a shot!

  2. I love-love-love shepherd's pie! This recipe looks really good. I make shepherd's pie with an old Weight Watchers recipe and it is delicious. Funny, I think it's the only WW recipe that I've ever made that I actually like.

  3. It's very yummy and definitely will be a Fall favorite in our home!

  4. Mmmm, shepherd's pie--love it, and the recipe sounds delish! Good thing I'm eating lunch right now or I'd be scouring my stock at work for something to munch on after seeing this, LOL!

  5. One of my very, VERY faves!!


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