Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Might Be the Last Person to Know This

I was watching the crazy white haired man on Food Network and he gave me a tip that will keep my fingers in tact...put a paper towel under your cutting board to keep it from sliding.

I thought it was a load of ca-ca until I was cutting sweet potatoes the other night to make sweet potato fries and was about to cut off my digits when my plastic board was sliding around.  I put the paper towel under there and movement and all fingers are happily tippy tapping to you now! 

So remember that kiddies!  Sliding cutting board...paper towel to the rescue!

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  1. The things you miss when you don't have cable/dish/an antenna-lol!! I am now the last person to know the paper towel tip. Now, I just gotta find a way to have paper towels on hand-lol! Constant lack of paper towels was just one of the many things I failed to take into account when having three kids. I've watched the roll unwind more than once as a small hand failed to detach the towel from the roll before running through the house-fun stuff-lol! Wonder if a dish rag would do the same thing or make it worse? Wonder if it depends on which towel I use? Hmm something to test out while cutting something really soft with a not so sharp knife-:).

  2. I've always done a slightly damp paper towel....I haven't watched Food Network in months because I just don't have time for TV lately. What crazy white haired guy???

  3. Oh...and yes a damp towel will work just the same. :)

  4. Nope, now *I* am the last person to know this.

    - Hugmonkeymom :)

  5. The crazy white-haired guy is Guy Fieri from my town, Santa Rosa, CA. I've even had a chance to eat at one of his restaurants - good food! Because he is crazy they now have him as the host on "Minute to Win It" on NBC (I think) - it's a game show of some sort. I'll admit that I haven't seen it. I have seen his "Diners, Drive Ins & Dives" show where he goes around the country exploring foods served at a variety of places. For me, it's food porn, which I enjoy thoroughly.

  6. Glad I could pass on the tip to others! :)

    Yes, it's GF I just didn't want to promote him because I'm not necessarily a fan. I figured crazy white haired man was able to be narrowed down pretty easily! LOL

    We had the opportunity to go to Johnny Garlic's when we were in Napa but it didn't get the most glowing of reviews on Yelp so we passed.

  7. Remember that I am married to an executive chef turned ship captain. I cannot cut uniform sizes and shapes to save my life. lol I bought a veggie cutter that, with one swoop of the handle, cuts up a whole potato or sweet potato or turnip or parsnip or whatever into uniformly sized and shaped fries. Voila! I'm so happy you are keeping your fingers safe. Losing a digit is the PITS, and losing a finger would be SO much worse than losing a little toe. *groan*

  8. a silicone thin pad also works quite well

  9. Awesome - I am totally going to give that a try!


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