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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Naming the Baby"

I am trying to make a decision on something.  I do not believe in setting numeric weight loss goals.  I do pretty much everything right 90% of the year consistently which those of you who have followed me know.  We're going back to Maui (to Maui...Maui...sorry, LL Cool J moment) for our anniversary trip next year and I would LOVE to zipline.  I do not want to be anywhere near the weight limit because I know their scale could differ from mine and they weigh you before they hook you up and don't refund your money if you've eaten a bit too much loco moco the night before. 

I would be comfortable with a 20 pound cushion.  That means I would have 50 weeks to lose 83 pounds or 1.66 pounds per week.  Easy!  Totally doable!  Not.  I burn a TON of calories during workouts (800-1100 minimum) and I am vigilant about tracking my food paying special attention to fiber, sodium, calories and water intake.  Despite never missing a scheduled workout, doing strength training 3x week, being an angel 6 days a week and having the numbers work out to a 3-4 lb loss even INCLUDING high cal days, I consistently average 1 lb per week in weight loss.  It is beyond frustrating.  The only other adjustment we can do is cut back the high cal days which we have both agreed to do starting twice a month where I'll be cooking those days just so we can be sure what we're taking in instead of guessing. If this has been the missing link then we'll be all the better for it.

So while I would LOVE to say "I'm doing the 83/50 challenge!", I am petrified if I name it, I will jinx it.  I'm not sure that I want to throw out an official challenge declaration and put the additional pressure on myself.  I know how that goes from numerous failed attempts in the past and I end up feeling like I failed even if I did everything right and I've really tried to take unnecessary mental constraints off of this journey.  Conundrum.  I desperately want to be one of those people who can do that and at the end of the month/time period say "goal reached!" but history says that's not who I am regardless of effort or motivation.  Boo.

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  1. So don't name it. Honestly, I find that when I tell too many people about my working out or eating right or the like, that I always end up 'failing' so to speak.

    I do better when Eddie and I are the only ones who know. I don't know why that is, but it's happened enough times to recognize a pattern.

    Let me know how the cooking vs dining out goes for high cal days.

    In the end, you don't have to name it. You know what you're doing and why you're doing it, and that should be enough.

    I'm always amazed by people like Jen ( who have a different challenge each month and consistently loses and rocks each one so hard. I use her a lot for motivation. I'm pretty sure you know her as well.

    I've gone off track: name it or don't, but if you work your ass off, then your ass will come off.

    That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

  2. Perfect title. The Mrs. hits another one on the head. I have not been a dutiful sparker lately, and so I uber appreciate being able to read you over here. Helpful all around. Hope you and the Mr. are doing great!

  3. Okay not to sound dorky like "those" people that are always positive sounding (because I'm not always so pleasant) no matter what the end result is I think you will be successful. I'm torn with naming it though. I agree with not letting it all out there so to speak. I've done the same with one of my major goals. Purely because it is MY GOAL not anyone elses. I don't need their opinions, I don't need their so called input, etc. On the flip side some say when you speak the words they become reality. Which I have done to myself too. Negative talk results in negative outcome, believe me. So I say go for it! Do what you feel you should do, how you think you should do it and screw everyone else!!!

    Looking forward to reading about the amazing results you will have and seeing the Maui pictures!!!

  4. Speaking for myself, if I don't make things official - fear of failure and all - then the chances of me following through are slim to none. I think I need that fear of embarassment at not accomplishing the goal to push me. What's the worst thing that failure can bring?

  5. What Lindsay said-lol!! Don't name it. You already have the goal, you know what you want to accomplish and you have a plan for accomplishing it. It is what it is...your life. I have a tendency to name and forget-lol! If it is just a goal, not a project or operation or whatever, I am more likely to just go about life trying to accomplish my goal. Doesn't mean you won't find a title on my page again sometime soon-lol! However, this is not a train you necessarily need to ride on :).

  6. That's a big bite to chew at this stage (having lost so much weight and built so much muscle already), but if you don't go for it, you'll be miserable. The very WORST that can happen is that you get close, make uber good progress, and have to (oh, darn) return to Maui to give it a try on your next visit. I'm glad I'm not superstitious like you. *knockwood* lol New Orleans is big, BIG on superstition, and I'm careful about what I speak out loud, too, lest I jinx something. Whatever you call it or not, you have set a very ambitious goal and I am cheering you on toward meeting it! Now I'm off to Google what on earth ziplining is. lol

  7. That is hard. I mean there is so much that is different this time a round from your previous tries so maybe it could work to help? But I can see where it might not. What if you try out the high cal day thing and see what that does for a month or two. If it seems you are on target maybe then you can declare it. Or maybe you can declare a smaller goal?

    Personally I have been thinking about my own challenge but there is no time frame for me. I want to call it Operation Back Fat because I have these rolls on my back and I want them to go away. The name makes me laugh but reminds me of one of the issue areas I sorely want to go away. We'll see :)

    Good luck to you. I know no matter what you decide you will rock it.

  8. Like others have this stage in the game that is a tough tough goal...however...If you want it bad enough, you will fight for it. I know you know how to adjust and tweek your routines and you know your body at this point, inside and out (sometimes literally). need to name it. Maybe make a vision board of you ziplining through the rain forest...don't put the pressure of the pounds on yourself and get all stressed over it. Just picture yourself zipping through the trees and LOVING it!!! Focus on what you will be enjoying and keep doing what you are doing.

    You rock, girl...and I can't wait to see those pictures of the back of your head zipping past some wild bird or something. LOL :)

  9. I say don't name it. I think it puts too much pressure on you. You know your body and you know how to adjust what you do. Maybe make a collage of people ziplining through the forest and put it up on your exercise room.

    Maybe if you try giving up the high-cal day a couple of days for a few weeks then if that works for helping you to lose more weight then you can name it.

    I wish you lots of success either way!

  10. I'm a terrible goal person so I don't know what to say. I hate making goals, and the few I do make start with "I hope" or "I'd like" instead of "I will". Do the best you can (like you'd do anything less) and see where it takes you. If a couple months before your trip you are on track to make it, then sign up. If not, then not. You've talked so many times about learning to accept and be patient with your progress (different words, but same message), this is just one more example.

  11. I think it would be exciting to have such a terrific challenge!! I was given a date for a very important event in July, and it LIT THE FIRE!
    You are freshly back from your San Fran trip, and are just yearning for Maui, where you belong!! :) Why the heck not start working toward something you want to do so badly, on your beloved island with your beloved Mr?!
    Is it a big goal? Yep! Are you absolutely up for it? Sounds like you are TOTALLY up for it!
    I think your "cooking your own hi-cal day" will ultimately be something you wish you'd done sooner. let's face it; eating out is a crap-shoot. Enjoy some of your favorites at home and then get out of the house!
    How about a fun phrase to use:
    Zippity-do-DAH!! It will convert nicely to Yippity-do-DAH!!! when the time comes.
    I belive in you. Rock on, girl!!

  12. Just do what you know you can and definitely let it be a "nameless baby"! I have much confidence that you will be zipping down the zip line next year--WOOHOO!!!!!


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