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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lycra Revisited

Okay, so I didn't kill myself this time trying to get into the new shaper.  It wasn't the easiest thing I've ever done but I worked my way into it.  I think next time I will bend over and lift the ta ta's higher into the tank top because I felt like I was trying to tape my boobs down in it.  Here are the results:

Click picture to enlarge

You'll be able to see better if you click the picture.  It does flatten slightly from a front view but you can't really tell here.  The side view is where you see the most difference.  In the first pic, the boobs and upper tire area stick out a little more so you can see gathers that cling to them.  In the second pic, everything just looks smoother.  The only thing I don't like is I look like a carpenters dream...flat as a board and...oh.  Well again I think I'll lift the breastages into the tank top portion up top to attempt to give some shape in the right way instead of being smooshed down. 

Would I recommend it?  Sure.  It's not necessarily the most pleasant thing you'll wear but it's not uncomfortable; you can breathe in it.  It's not a waist cincher so if you're looking for an hourglass shape, this isn't going to give you that.  It's gonna suck you in as much as possible and quarters will bounce off of you.  This was a reasonable price from One Stop Plus and they ALWAYS have a coupon code floating around out there so look for one.  Remember to order 2 sizes larger than what you currently wear or you will never fit into it!
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  1. You look great! I'm so envious that you can wear short sleeved shirts. My arms are horrific and even the elbow length sleeves tend to be spandex, so that just looks even worse. The shaper does a great job and I'm glad you said it's comfortable. The trouble I have is my boobs are so big that I can rarely find a one piece to fit well (J cups). I might give this a try for a wedding I have coming up Memorial weekend.

  2. Awesome! Glad you liked it (or liked it well enough to warrant wearing it again :)). I think you are right if you lift the girls into the tank part you will be good to go. Otherwise it will just smoosh them down.

  3. My arms are too awful for short sleeves, too. You pull that off with no problem at all and that is awesome! You are looking GREAT.

  4. Definitely a noticeable difference and if it's not terribly uncomfortable that's kind of a bonus. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Looking smokin' hot woman!!!! :-)


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