Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fun Poll: Which do you prefer?

When you exercise, do you prefer:

A) At home exercise

B) At the gym

C) Outside

D) A mixture of some of the above
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  1. Personally, at home exercise is my favorite if we're talking strictly 'exercise exercise'. You know, the kind that you think of when you think of the word exercise? How many more times can I say exercise? Exercise, exercise, exercise.

    But, my prefered workout is a workout that's not like a workout - lawn care or chopping wood or cleaning or hiking or walking a million miles in the mall.

    So, in conclusion (that's my newest phrase), I would say it depends on the activity.

    I'm NOT a gym person though. I've joined a gym (actually, I belong to one now), but I don't go. Which, reminds me that I need to cancel the membership before the 17th! Thanks for the reminder.

    Peace out girl scout.

  2. Mixture. When the weather is nice and I have time my exercise of choice is to walk outside or swim. Most of the time what I have time for is Curves, Zumba class, or the Wii.

  3. Pretty much anything that's NOT a gym is my preferred exercise. Oh, and NO dancey type cardio (too uncoordinated and impatient).

    In warm weather, the easiest way to get my cardio is bike commuting. Double bonus, I don't have to take the bus and smell all the strangers!

    While I prefer solo exercise, I can't speak highly enough of yoga classes. Practicing yoga with others bring such great energy to every pose.

  4. Being that I do triathlons, I prefer to run and bike outside but if the weather is ucky then it is inside for me. Although I have raced in some terrible conditions. I love the gym to do my strength train but we have a set up at home that I can use and have when I can't make it to the gym. So I guess I would have to say a little bit of all three.

  5. I would have to say "D" a combination. I love my videos at home, nothing beats a really crisp morning for a nice walk and I LOVE the gym's ST equipment!

  6. D - Mixture!!!

    The key word there for me lately is WHEN...when I exercise I like to change things up. However, I'm not an at-home exerciser. I will play with my kids outside, but to put in a DVD or something is pure torture for me. I like group fitness classes at my local YMCA or else walking on the trails near my house or at the park. :)

  7. I'm going to have to say "D" - I think.

    The reason for the hesitation is that right now everything is at home or outside (there's always plenty to do-yard work, gardening, hiking & biking trails). But, and for me it's a big BUT, we just had a warm spell (high 80's)and I'm reconsidering joining a gym to have an air conditioned place to workout during the summer and fall. The heat does a real number on me and I'm not looking forward to working out in 90+ degree weather and just a fan! I'm already using the fan and it isn't that hot yet.

  8. I'm definitely a mixture of outside and at the gym. I love being able to go for a run, a walk, or a hike outside, but I am a fair weather exerciser. When it is too cold, too wet, or too slippery I need to move my exercise indoors and it has to be away from my home for it to actually be accomplished. Group classes are great, as I put them into my Outlook schedule to block off the time required and I set reminders to ensure that I will get there on time. I procrastinate if I plan to work out at home. I also have a very small house, so trying to work out to a DVD in front of the TV or laptop is very difficult without having to completly rearrange my living room to ensure that I do not trip over anything or bump into a piece of furniture.

  9. Definitely D. I love now that it is warmer and I can run outside, but I also do work out DVD's at home. I did go to the school gym a little in the winter so I could still run but otherwise I stayed home and did workout DVD's. Oh and then there is Zumba class :)

  10. D, but not the gym. Liked the gym when I had a membership, but saving those $$$ now and doing my workouts at home or outside :). Cardio outside, strength and yoga at home :).

  11. As you know (because I whine about it often lol) I hate exercise, truly hate it. My salvation is the pool. I ADORE water aerobics and strengthening exercises in the water, anytime, all the time.

  12. Definitely a combo because I burn out easily on one thing.

  13. A mixture of some of the above! I just don't feel right if I don't go to the gym...even for a little bit. But lately we've been walking every night and it's really nice to do that. When winter is here, I do inside exercise when I can wii or a dvd of some kind.

  14. Some of each. I like being able to cut grass etc as part of my routine and I do wear the heart rate monitor - we have a good sized yard so an hour plus of cutting grass with a push mower is work - well at least it was last year - this year I am hoping to get it under an hour

    I like have workout dvd's and some free weights as I don't always find the time to get to the gym

    And I still like the gym as I seem to push myself harder there

  15. Definitely a mixture. Depends on my mood and how busy I am. I like having options!

  16. Definitely D; however, with the qualifying statement that it would be a mixture of at-home and outside. I don't do the gym as it just isn't in the budget and I'd rather spend the $ on new clothes! LOL


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