Monday, May 23, 2011

Bento Egg Mold Giveaway (Winner Announced!)

What say you random generator?

Comment #6 belongs to Jessy with a "Y"!  Congratulations!  I'll be getting a hold of you!

Thank you everyone who participated and look for more giveaways in the future!

You think I went on vacation and didn't bring my awesome readers anything back?  Pssht!  Whilst shopping in Japantown in San Francisco at Ichiban Kan, I spied some cool bento stuff and decided to do a giveaway when I returned.  You may remember one of the first posts I did here using my egg mold for bento.  Lots of people thought it was cute and I thought how's about sharing that cuteness with you?

This is a 2 pack bento egg mold set.  A rabbit and a bear.  (Did anyone else just think of the Eddie Murphy joke from Delirious?)  You put a peeled hard boiled egg in the mold while it's still hot, close it, put it in ice water (or the fridge) and pop it out about 20 minutes later and bingo...adorable animal eggs!  Think this one is only for the kiddies?  I think not!  Much much more fun is it to eat eggs when you can bite off bunny ears or bear noses!?

Rules of the game:

If you want to enter, you must enter a comment below telling me how you make or keep your food interesting.  (A follow would be nice too but who am I to push?) 

The contest ends Tuesday, May 24th at 6pm EST and will the winner be chosen by a random number generator and the person whose comment number is chosen.  Check back here Wednesday morning to see if you're a winner and to give me a way to get ahold of you if I don't already know you.

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  1. Those molds are adorable!!!!

    Let's see, I think I am making the most progress in food presentation. You know, that extra brocolli florette placed on the top of the omelette, or nice arrangements with the vegetables so it doesn't look ho-hum.
    I am REALLY trying with my food phtography (channeling you, JSchultz, etc. - some nice food pictures there!) because pretty pictures of healthy food help with the overall motivation package!

    Have a great day!

  2. First comment - long follower :)

    I can't be part of your giveaway because I live in Germany, but I still want to share my tip: don't always follow the directions!

    As soon as I feel more-or-less confident about a dish that I make, I switch it up a little. I add chicken or tuna or extra garlic or (my favorite) safran. The small chances are many times improvements on the dish - sometimes not, but ya go with the punches - and it keeps them interesting.

  3. Those are adorable! I'm in!

    I keep my food interesting by always searching out new recipes to try out. I love experimenting and trying different recipes. Just this week I'll be making three new-to-me recipes for dinner.

    I love mixing it up.

  4. Adorable!!

    I'm in a big "try new things" phase right now. Soups and vegetarian items are my current "thing".

    Dear Random Generator-PICK ME!! PICK ME!! :)

  5. Those are A-DOR-A-BLE! My girls (as well as myself!) would love that!

    Anyway, I keep things interesting by always trying new recipes and by making up my own. I try to add more veggies and get my family to branch out a little more. My husband always says "We'll never have this again, will we?" when I try new recipes because I rarely make it the same way twice!

  6. Girl, you are stuck with me for life...I'd follow you anywhere. That's different than stalking, right?

    Haha! Anyway, you know how much I love food so to itself is interesting. However, when on this journey it can get boring when eating the same ol' things day in and day out. So...I guess I would say that to keep it interesting I don't do that. I change up my menus and try not to have the same things all the time. Several months ago I got a panini maker and that's been fun, playing around with different flavor combinations...all in handy dandy sandwich form. Love it!!!

  7. Love the egg molds, those would definitely make things fun! I try new recipes pretty regularly, particularly ones that combine things I like in a different way. I do have a bento box I was using for awhile, haven't in awhile so it is about time to pull it out and use it again--it encouraged me to make meals 'pretty' as well as nutritious.

  8. These are sooooo cute!!! I've never seen anything like them. I can honestly say that for several years I dressed up our Thanksgiving turkey in a "tuxedo". I used pie crust to make the shirt, black olives cut in half to make the buttons and red peppers to form a bowtie. My mother was mortified (which just encouraged me). Oh yes, and I basted the pie crust with butter/oil so it came out nice and brown like the bird. It was the silliest thing, but I had fun with it! =o)

  9. I think those egg molds are fabulous and I'd love to have them!

    I try to keep things interesting by being open to change. Sometimes I'm looking for veggie meals other times it's a way to get more veggies into an old stand-by. Some I create myself and some are from TV chefs or friends. I like to cut up my fruits and veggies in different shapes (especially those I'm eating raw) just so it isn't the 'same old thing' even if it is. I hope you understand that...

  10. BENTOS! I've been SLOWLY trying to get cute stuff together to have great bento boxes for my daughter who starts pre-school in the fall and will need to bring a lunch a few days a week.

    My daughter is my inspiration for keeping my food interesting in general. It needs to be well rounded, healthy, taste delicious and look great.

    For my daughter, I try to take meals kids really like, but recreate them in a super healthy way - kind of like the sneaky chef, only I REALLY like to have a great presentation. So, I go to ikea and stock up on colorful plates, flatware and cups in the kid section. I put the food in cool little designs on her plate, etc.

    For the grown ups, I like to pick a new product each week and then search the product name and recipe to come up with new meal ideas.

    This week, I'm using Curry paste and we are having a blast trying out new foods that are really healthy and kind of "exciting" to the taste buds.

    Last week it was turnips and next week I think I'm going back to veggies and trying Kale, after seeing it on Dr. Oz and realizing I have NO IDEA what it tastes like or how to use it in a recipe.

    So anyway, forcing myself to try something new gets me cooking more, and slowly adds new healthy meals in to my rotation. It makes "dieting" way more interesting and keeps things fresh.

    This is a_belle from Spark :)

  11. These egg molds are so cute.

    I make my food more interesting by trying different foods. Lately I have been experimenting with different types of fish. I had wild red snapper today. It was so good.

  12. Haha!!! YAY!!! THAnks for sending! I'll post pictures of my boys eating off the little animal ears. :)


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