Monday, April 11, 2011


After the weekend's 1 lb gain for both of us, we weren't going to let it get us down.  Lord only knows why it did what it did but I'm done trying to analyze every move my body makes even in some of the best circumstances.  We're pretty sure a few foods were contributors in slowing everything down so this week will be full of fish and chicken.  Over the weekend we made sure we got in more fiber and water than normal.  (Which isn't much on the fiber front but the water was good)  We bought these fibery fruit leathers from Trader Joe's that I just could not force down, neither of us could so those ended up in the trash.  Bleck!  We had a meal that I thank God I got a 30% discount on the gift certificate I bought there.  I don't consider meatloaf made out of sausage,'s sausage loaf which some people (raising hand) cannot digest well.  I only ate half I was so grossed out and another place we went that is usually reliable, wasn't.  Boo!

Yesterday we went out to the pup's graves and put spring flowers on them and grabbed my cousin to take him to this antique toy show that was in town.  We took pics with the people all dressed up but I was disappointed with the freak to geek ratio.  Things like that are more about people watching though the boys did love seeing toys from their childhood.  It wasn't really a chick thing but it was better than sitting at home on our butts.  There was a slave Princess Leia that was so pale I think we all temporarily went blind.  Then we took him for a scoop of gourmet ice cream he never would've had, went to these condos that were half a mil (priced right in the right economy but this isn't it) and then went to the botanical gardens, another place he'd never been in his 20 some years.  So he got a little broadening of horizons which is kind of our hope when we take him out and about.  He's a country boy through and through but it's never bad to get a little culture every now and then!  ;-)

We had about a 6 hour day and spent about 4 of them lollygagging around but man does that lollygagging add up on your joints and muscles!  We had to stock up on fruits mid-grocery haul so we got watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, clementines, apples and lettuce for the Mr.  By the time we got home, we were dragging ass BIG TIME.  We could barely walk anymore but knew that Atletica was on the schedule.  This night, of all nights, would've been the night we would've said "let's skip."  Moving around was difficult enough but doing 4 rounds of this torture just didn't seem in the cards.  But we did it...well, we did the first 2 rounds because at that point, we'd both reached failure and the form was getting really bad.  25 minutes and 640 calories later, we were done.  I made whole wheat spaghetti and garlic bread and sucked down a ton of water.  So my water was really good yesterday (though probably due to dehydration!) and the fiber was decent for a weekend at 28g.  The Mr cut up my melons (that sounded bad) and then we collapsed on the couch for the rest of the night, fell asleep on the couch and were upstairs by 11:40pm (early for me) and slept like rocks all night. 

This morning I feel like I was dropped out of a building and I think there might be some ibuprofen in my future to get through tonight's workout which is about the only way I'm getting through an hour of Tae Bo.  Thankfully tomorrow is a rest day so we can fully recoup and be rarin' to go for the rest of the week.  Time to get the orange roughy out of the freezer and start thawing for dinner.  I hope everyone is ready for a great week!
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  1. That is too funny. Sorry to hear about the gain but glad you are taking it in stride. Sounds like another fun filled weekend. Glad to hear you toughed out the workout even though you weren't feeling it.

    Hope you have a great day and it picks up for you :)

  2. Well the melon comment made me laugh! :)
    Sounds like a full weekend and you are ready to move forward. I think my Tae Bo should come today, so I'm sort of waiting to see if I survive that. I have to work a 10 hour day today and then DH is hoping to squeeze in a walk, so even if it comes it may have to wait till tomorrow. I'm not sure I can try an extra challenge at 9 p.m. right after I ate a late dinner and still get to bed by 10. When you're go to bed earlier! lol
    Later, chicky.

  3. Dayum Woman!

    That's pretty much all I have to say...LOL


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