Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Water Bottle Talk: Girl Booted from Front Row of AI for Being Too Fat!?

Since we can't gather 'round the water cooler to gossip, let's gather around our respective water bottles.  Maybe this will be a regular thing.  ;-)

So the Mr pointed this article out to me and I was appalled yet not really surprised.  Granted, I know it's from a real reputable site but I'm sure it's only a matter of a day or two before one of the gossip shows sniff it out.  For those who can't go to those kinds of sites at work, the gist is this 19 year old girl who is a little chubby went into American Idol with her friends and had front row seats kind of behind the judges so they would be visible quite a few times during the broadcast.  A production staffer told her she was too big to be in the front row and then they stuck her in the back row and the ticket taker said "'this makes sense why you're not with the skinny girls. You're in the last row."

Oh HELL to the no!  I can't imagine how many kinds of stink I'd raise for that kind of blatant discrimination.  I don't watch that show but I have to imagine the point of having an audience is to represent that these are 'typical' fans of the show.  What, chubby and/or fat people don't watch the show?  Now if you do watch the show, try to think about the audience shots you you ever remember seeing a chubby or more importantly an obese person?  If not, that would kind of confirm the discrimination.  I'm not saying discrimination in the context of she should sue because I think our society is way too litigious as it is but this is absolutely a form of it and I think at minimum she should be apologized to and given tickets to the finale front and center for the chisel mark this took out of her self esteem.

What do you think?  Is this acceptable?  What do you think the resolution, if any, should be?

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  1. This is totally unacceptable! I think I would be making a total stink of it now and probably would have said something then. It is bad enough that I struggle with self image and to see what is out there that I hope my pre-teen daughter knows how beautiful and perfect she is no matter what size!! People can be so mean!

  2. That is complete crap. While the girl is not skinny she is not that big and I thought she is super cute! I'm an inch taller and had 20 lbs on her at my heaviest. Jerks! I don't watch it anymore so I can't really say but it would make sense by the comments they would say to contestants when they were on. Why couldn't they just say that her appearance was unacceptable and that is why she couldn't be in the front row. At least then she could have thought something was wrong with her outfit rather then her self. I agree about the lawsuit but she deserves an apology for how mean they were to her.

  3. This is ten shades of unacceptable and highly ironic...I'm not a fan of American Idol, in fact, I've never watched an episode. But correct me if I'm wrong, haven't some of the contestants...even finalists been technically obese? What kind of message does that send? You can be obese and compete, but if you're not a size 0 you can't be anywhere near the camera in the audience? What a bunch of bullshit. I feel really bad for the young girl. Way to help promote negative body images Fox, way to go.

  4. I know they ask audience members to wear certain types of clothing at a lot of shows, this however shocks me.
    It reminds me of the shallow people that freaked out because fat people were making out on Mike and Molly. God forbid you see that fat people like to live too.

    I am thrilled this girl is saying something about it.

  5. "What, chubby and/or fat people don't watch the show?"

    By this small sample here on your site, apparently not. I don't watch either, I watched one episode one time when I was at a [skinny] friend's house and couldn't avoid it. I do seem to remember that one of the judges was well over weight as well as some of the contestants. I think they have new judges now though.


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