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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The importance of choosing what you love

If there is one thing I've learned over losing 175 lbs, it's that I couldn't do it by blindly following what all of the "experts" say I should be eating.  Reading food labels is one of the most important things you can do and if you're not, you really don't know what you're putting in your body.  Now, everyone has their own ideas about what people should and shouldn't eat and their plan is better than the next guys plan.  Then you've got the camps of people who are passionate about their plans whether it's high protein/low carb, vegan and it's various offshoots, low fat, low cal, following self professed diet gurus and any book they release or even pills.  This is why the diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.  Society is so desperate for the next big thing that will warrant quick results with minimal work that they'll try anything regardless of whether it's healthy for them long term or not.  The truth is, the best plan you could ever be on is...*looks side to side* ready for it?  Because it's a big secret the diet industry doesn't want you to know.  Okay, here goes...the best plan you could ever be on is one you can do for the rest of your life.  That means making decisions you can live with and eating things that are inspiring, not eating it because a book tells you to.  I can't begin to tell you how many times I forced down God awful soups or salad after salad because a book or misinformed diet information back in the day said I was supposed to.

The other night, the hubby was thanking me for taking control of our food habits at home because he knows he can count on me to measure everything out and stay within our calorie ranges but he also gave me a great compliment..."I've never once felt like we're on a diet."  I make sure that we eat things that we love and have always loved, just smarter versions of them.  The other night we had these amazing chicken tacos.  Well tacos are supposed to have cheese right?  Mine don't and the thing is, you don't even miss it.  If I were to close my eyes and try the taco, I would've told you there was cheese on it.  Why?  Because I use a yummy enchilada sauce that easily fits into our sodium range and I spread 2 tbsp of chipotle hummus over 3 sodium free (but awesome) taco shells.  These two things give more than enough flavor to make the hubby's eyes roll in delight when crunching away.  I also added spinach leaves instead of lettuce for an extra kick of nutrition.  I did that with an ear of roasted corn with roasted garlic rubbed on it and it was amazing; that does not sound like a diet - which in most people's eyes equates to deprivation.  Deprivation does not work and we usually rebel against the things we resent which is why we tend to gain back any weight lost on a diet and then some. 

Choose foods that inspire you and don't dine on what the diet industry is trying to sell you.  Make your own decisions even if it's not necessarily a chock full of uber anti-oxidants, fiber and protein superfood.  If you eat what inspires you and what you can maintain and look forward to the rest of your life...THAT is when what started as a diet becomes a *lifestyle!*

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  1. Awesome advice. I am jealous and want a chicken taco right now!

  2. Amen sister! We've all been victim to those "diets." Thankfully I came out of my low carb, low fat, cabbage eating, soup sucking, no taste diet haze and am now enjoying all the foods I want in different ways. 85 lbs lost and still going.. I can't be doing too many things wrong!

  3. Right on. I am not on a diet, I'm changing my lifestyle. I eat healthy foods in reasonable quantities, and I do not feel deprived, and I enjoy some not-so-healthy treats from time to time, too. Balance, that's been the key for me. Well said!

  4. You could not be more right on this...but shhhh - you're right - it's a BIG SECRET!! LOL

    I also have never felt like I'm on a diet. I'm eating fun, healthy foods and I'm so happy!

  5. You're so right! I've been lifestyle changing for 2 years now and still eat all of my favorite foods (can never live without cheese!! And never will!). Just all in moderation. I also don't feel like I am on a diet. Because in a way, I am not. I truly enjoy every meal I eat. Like you said, I am doing this for the rest of my life. I think I am doing a pretty good job too, cause I have maintained my new healthy weight for almost a year now.

    PS: Love your new layout! Very pretty! :)
    PS 2: Your chicken taco sounds like heaven!


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