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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter carnage

Well, that wasn't pretty.  High cal day was fine...we planned on having Easter candy as our sweet treat since it comes once a year.  Here are a few of the things I indulged in presented in the cutest Easter basket ever by the Mr.

The top left are called Kinder Bueno bars and if you like nutella and heaven in a bite, these are for moderation of course.  There are 2 sticks per bar and each is about 122 calories so they're easily able to be worked in.  Cadbury eggs are my weakness but I can only take so many of them before I want to barf.  That Hello Kitty Easter basket is about the cutest thing I've ever seen aside from the Mr and I will happily adorn our home with her every Easter.  So why the carnage?

Despite careful planning and even taking a stand when I was asked to make dessert by making angel food cake so it was more figure friendly for not just me but everyone, my mama gave me an Easter basket.  It doesn't matter how many times you tell a parent not to bother, it's one of the small joys in life for them to give you a basket, even if you're an adult.  Inside was a milk chocolate bunny, Reese peanut butter bunny (my fave is Reese anything) and a few Cadbury eggs.  I did well at Easter dinner.  I had turkey over ham, very small servings of cheese mashed potatoes, baked beans, asparagus, green beans, fruit salad and even just 2 crackers worth of the cream cheese ball I made and water to drink.  (It has to be noted that people kept telling me this was the "best cheese ball ever" but what they didn't realize is I cut back the amount of Hidden Valley Ranch powder I usually add to 1/3 of the package.  Heh heh. That coupled with the lite cream cheese and the hint of salt Ritz crackers and they're eating healthier and they don't even realize it!  I love it!)  So I did well at dinner but because we ate earlier than usual for a dinner, when we got home I was getting seriously hungry.  2 eggs and one Reese bunny later...I felt like crap about myself.  That plan to freeze them went straight out the window simply because it was available.  That hasn't happened in a LOOOONG time.  The Mr did the same so I suppose you could say I was in good company.  I sent the remaining chocolate bunny and he donated his 3 cadbury eggs (which he doesn't like) to the "dingo fund." (aka- his co-workers)  Let them get fatter. 

So needless to say we will NOT have a rest day this week, we will be doing an extra workout to compensate for the carnage and pray the scale throws us a bit of a bone for our sins.  I'm beginning project drown out today and will be drinking myself silly with water.  I'm shooting for 150 oz which is only 20 oz more than I get on a good day so I suppose I should start drinking...bottoms up!

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  1. Hey you!! I LOVE your Easter Basket from the Mr!!
    Glad to hear, through both places, that you had a nice Easter and nodded through the "I had a plan! Hit the brakes!" You have a sistah-in-H20 today (and tomorrow and the next day) and I am right back on plan. I know you are too!
    (Oh, and those seat-kickers? Get Up and Move, girl! I absoultely cannot handle that! On airplanes I get (how do I say this nicely?) VERY FIRM with the parents of offensive-loud-seat-kicking kids. If that brings no joy, I get VERY FIRM with the flight crew till SOMETHING HAPPENS!)
    Happy WaterFest - swimming together today!

  2. Hello Kitty!

    We ended up doing a cookout yesterday. No bunnies or chocolate were harmed throughout the day. I had 5 twizzlers, but that was it as far as candy goes.

    It was beautiful here yesterday (in between thunderstorms) - in the 70s. I hope your weather was as warm.

    I'm re-upping my water intake as well today. I've been slacking, and I need to switch back from the diet soda to water.

    What is this cream cheese ball you speak of? I made a crab dip thingy that is literally: cream cheese, old bay, crab. You mix it up in a bowl and then flip it over (so it's all pretty and round-like) and then dump cocktail sauce on it (I make mine, but you can dump the shiz you have in your fridge on it). I don't make it often, because my thighs like it too much.

    Anywhoddle - way to trick those family members. If you can't get joy out of pulling one over on family, what can you get joy out of, I ask you!

  3. Squeeeee I love the easter basket!!!! So adorable.

    I hear you on the easter goodies from mom. I had my half the package of peeps and half the chocolate bunny, felt like crap and threw the rest away. I obviously cannot be trusted.

    On to making up for it this week. Have a good one!

  4. Love, love love the basket! Mr done good!!!!

    Well - good for you for throwing the leftovers to the dingos and for moving ahead by working that candy off this week!

    Glad you enjoyed your Easter holiday girlie!!!

  5. Easter actually went better than expected for me. Amazing, but true. Easter morning I found out that by a series of crappy events, I would be hosting dinner. Go me. So hubs and I threw together and awesome (and healthy) spread.

    Then as a "reward" we went to the new Chinese buffet on Monday. WTH? Super good food, but still. So I'm drowning myself in water and hoping the scale will be forgiving on Friday.

  6. I am excited to see this blog because it seems to reflect more of who you are than on SP (or maybe it is all perception lol). Check out my real life blog too if you have time.
    Ashley (ashley1977t)


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