Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Skoopz Natural Sweetener- Food Review

I'm a sample girl.  I am all over it baby.  I have saved from buying full sized versions of things many times over by going to money saving websites that specialize in coupons and samples.  This is another saver for me.  I'm always looking for all natural, zero calorie sweetener alternatives when possible because I drink 2 glasses of decaf tea per day with a few Sweet and Low's.  I've tried Stevia, Sun Crystals, Purevia and Splenda and none of them are near sweet enough for me.  See I grew up on sweet tea and something that delivers a wimpy punch isn't gonna cut it.  I got my sample in the mail.  Skoopz is made from Erythritol, Maltitol, Maltodextrin, Xylitol and Stevia.  All ingredients that diabetics should be able to use but should check with their docs first before using.  The other night my hubby added some of the Skoopz to my dinner tea and I took a drink, winced and said "did you add anything to this!??!" and he said he put 3 packets in.  Okay, if I need 3 packets to taste like nothing has been added to my tea, that's a big fail for my personal tastes.  I tasted a packet straight up and had to wash my mouth out.  I've never tasted anything so bitter which was quite the surprise given they tout there is no aftertaste.  This might be fine for some people but it is certainly nothing I'll be purchasing.  (And honestly, I wouldn't be jazzed about buying something that spells their product with a "k" and "z" like they're trying to put some hip spin on it.)  I wouldn't tell you not to buy it but if you can get a sample of it first to see if you like it, I'd go that route first.

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  1. I love my tea with pink stuff and lemon!!!

  2. I love sweet tea. I make my green tea with some honey and Splenda. It's what I came up with after breaking my habit for Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey.


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