Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I love homemade fries.  It's one of those things that makes you feel "normal" and like you're not on a plan.  You almost feel naughty but no need, these babies are only as many calories as the potato.  Mine are super easy because well, I'm lazy.  So here's my little tutorial along with pics (with music for those at work!) for those who need the visuals. 

Take 2 potatoes (or 1 potato per person) and wash them well.  Put them in a microwave safe dish and get a corn cob holder.  Poke each potato with the corn cob holder 3 times.  These are the perfect length to poke through and vent the potatoes properly so they don't explode in the microwave.  For two 7 oz potatoes, microwave for 6 minutes.  (Adjust as needed)  When they are done, cut each potato in half to let them vent for a minute.  Flip the potato half cut side down on a paper towel or cutting board and cut the half in half and then that half in half so you have a total of 4 fry wedges per half.  Give them a spray with cooking spray or olive oil spray (you're gonna add calories with that option).  Season with your favorite salt free seasoning.  I like to use Mrs Dash's Fiesta Lime or Spicy Chipotle.  Put them cut side down on a hot skillet with a little cooking spray.  After about 3-4 minutes, flip them over to cook the other side.  Enjoy! 

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  1. Hey, early bird! I'm a Mrs. Dash fan too. Hmmm, our Shaw's doesn't carry Fiesta Lime.
    Great "recipe card" and GREAT soundtrack! I am a total expert on this subject matter because I had to groove to the music through multiple viewings :) (Was that Joe Sample, by any chance? LOVE jazz)
    This will be a popular one for my husband, too. Thank you for the idea and the relaxation time on this rainy Wednesday morning!! Enjoy your day!

  2. woohoo...THANKS! They look so delicious. I will be adding those to my repertoire of side dishes. Have a good week. Always enjoy your post.

  3. Melly- No clue on the artist, Smilebox gives you 3 choices on your music of "generic" artists but I loved that one.

    Brandi- Glad you'll give 'em a go. We love them!

  4. Wow, those look good! I'm a huge fan of easy yummy recipes. Will definitely try this one out!

  5. That music was sexy, but then so is a potato! Whew...I'm all hot-potato and bothered. OMGosh...someone stop me!!! No really! I love this! You can still eat fries and be on plan people!!!

    You can also have chips!!! Slice your washed and raw potato into thin rings. Season to your taste. Line your microwave with parchment paper and lay the rings in one single layer. Microwave for approximately 6-7 minutes. when finished, take out and let cool and crisp up for about two minutes. Viola' FAT FREE potato chips!!!

  6. Definitely something I'll try out! They look great and I am going to go on a shopping expedition to find that Mrs Dash version, I haven't seen it here but they may have it in SLC..sounds good! Thanks.

  7. Loved the soundtrack! I see that it was only one of 3 choices. But I kept expecting those wedges to get up and start groovin'!

  8. You are a genius! Finally got around to trying these. Don't have Mrs. Dash so I sprinkled a little garlic powder on them. One small/medium potato was enough to split with the little man. So easy. Thanks for sharing.


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