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Monday, February 21, 2011

A tip from The Mrs.: Hard Boiled Eggs

We recently started adding a whole hard boiled egg for an extra protein kick in the morning.  We feel a little better about it since new studies show it's safer than first thought to eat a whole egg.  Now I'll admit, it was pretty hard to not want to put a little dash o' salt on it as I always have but I've gotten used to it. 

My eggs always had that 'beautiful' green sulfur ring around the outside of the yolk and I always envied those people who could do perfect boiled eggs.  Now I'm one of 'em!  How?  Get a saucepan of water going to a rolling boil.  Gently put your eggs in the water and set a timer for 4 minutes.  When it goes off, turn off the heat and reset the timer for 20 minutes.  When that timer goes off, it's time to dry them and put them in the fridge.  You'll have a beautiful, perfectly cooked egg every time without that nasty green ring!

Bonus tip:  Choose white eggs when hard or soft boiling eggs.  For some reason brown eggs are a lot harder to peel.  Weird but we've found it to be true!  Enjoy!


  1. Great tips and that looks awesome. Thanks!

  2. I've found that if you add some baking soda to the cooking water, it helps the peels come off nice and easy.

  3. That is a great tip. I do something super similar but I put the eggs in the water and wait for them to boil. Then when they boil I turn off the water and set the timer for 20 min. If I let it go too long then it can get green. You know why it does that? I guess if you have too much iron or something in your water it does that. Weird.
    Anywho I will definitely try the 4 min next time. Thanks.

    And don't feel bad about the egg. I read somewhere that you can eat up to one egg with the yolk a day and be fine.

  4. HUGE!!!! Thank you!!!!!!
    Warning: Rambling comment.
    Hubby & I live overseas at the moment (his job) and have not had decent (i.e. cooked through and through) since living here. That's three + years. I have sooo missed them that we broke down and got Eggies at a local store. They were rather tedious (i.e. quite a bit of work), but they worked. We used them only once, but did about a dozen. I have wanted to do 6 here and there, but didn't want the hassle. Then.....I came across your blog. I tend to read from the beginning of blogs and if I don't like the writing a month (per the blog that is) in, I stop reading. Since this is comment #2 (rare for me), I have to say, I like your writing. (Nope, don't give random compliments either).
    OK...random rabbit trail....anywho....
    When I read this post a couple hours ago, I figured....why not. I have 6 eggs in the fridge that want to go bad soon, so what's the harm? Well, just shelled and cut in half the first of those. OMStars! It was perfect!!! Granted, I tweaked your directions a tad. I started out with eggs in pot, added cold water, & boiled for 5 minutes (which USED to work before this country/house), but then....20 minutes later. *Sigh Perfect light yellow fluffy center. My taste buds thank you!!!


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