Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Taking advantage

I'll admit that after almost 2 years of never having missed a scheduled workout that you get pretty comfortable in your routine.  You can find yourself going through the motions and punching your time card so you can log your minutes/calories.  When you're over 400 lbs, there are some modifications involved but I could absolutely do 80% of the moves in Tae Bo or any other intense kickboxing workout.  But thankfully you can try to do them correctly as more weight comes off and put a little more effort into the workout when you realize you can do it.  I always had a tendency to baby myself on some things and take advantage of long winded instructors on DVD or the breaks between songs on Dance Dance Revolution.  I'd just kind of barely move and let my heart rate come down only to have to build it back up again. 

Thankfully, I started doing TurboFire. I had done ChaLean Extreme and Turbo Jam but something in her conviction and urging in Turbo Fire in that it wasn't nailing all of the moves more than it was bringing the intensity changed something in me.  I was guilty of dogging it and not bringing my all.  I did 6 weeks of Turbo Fire recently and was getting a little burned out on it so I decided to mix it up for February. But I took that lesson learned in Turbo Fire forward with me.  Monday we did Dance Dance Revolution and thanks to pumping my arms in the air and closely watching my awesome heart rate monitor, a workout that would've netted me about 600 calories burned if I was lucky, grabbed 950 calories burned.  By keeping my heart rate up and not taking advantage of the little breaks, I was able to get the desired result by...gasp...putting in the work!  (Every second, not just when the instructor or song told me to)  I am so thankful to have learned this lesson because there's no going back now and I really should thank Chalene Johnson for teaching me, thanks Chalene!


  1. Awesome! I think the heart rate monitor really plays a big role too because it doesn't lie (when it works properly) and there is no self delusion when you just aren't anywhere near your zone and you know exactly what has to be done. No excuses!

  2. I love having and using my HRM in workouts; it definitely pushes me and keeps me accountable to ME...what a concept! I'm glad you're leveraging the power of this simple tool. Holy Fat Burn, Mama!

  3. I love my heart rate monitor too! It tells the whole story and makes no excuses. :)

  4. Is it wrong to feel lost without my HRM? I got to the gym and realized I forgot my HRM and drove all the way home to get it. I get soooo excited reading those little numbers in the "data" files on the HRM of calories burned, and average HR.


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